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Singles prepare to be Skouted

Skout, a free Android and iOS app, steps up to the plate to bat for #1 social networking app on the market. To some, Skout may seem as another simple dating app that competes with the other popular ones: Match, Tinder, or Plenty of Fish, however, Skout is much more than that; It provides users with a unique point system. The points are used as an in-app currency and can be purchased or earned during various in-app activities. For example, you can use currency to send out a barrage of winks to users’ profiles. This will result in a large amount of attention, and is the first app to feature this. Want to see who has been checking out your profile? You can redeem points to accomplish this as well.

Skout allows you to register a profile, fill it with personal information and preferences, then search for that special someone. The overall process is relatively quick and easy. You will only need an email or Facebook account to get started. And of course your profile pictures, but be warned: Skout completely outlaws bathroom selfies! Finally, an app that scrutinizes against this. Skout was bold to implement this feature and shows how the company isn’t afraid to be innovative.

Perhaps you are just interested in just expanding your social circle. Skout has even went so far as to make an official international friend day for its users. The company’s findings were that many of the app’s users have friends from all over the world. The app is versatile; not just specifically meant for dating but for meeting people. This places Skout in a league of its own. Most social apps today are not geared towards meeting friends but finding dates. It is apparent that the developers of Skout put forth tremendous effort to provide a versatile app which can be used for both dating and friend finding.

Someone who has recently relocated to an area might find that Skout’s “Buzz” feature allows them to easily find locals. You can add users to a “Favorites” list to be alerted when they come online next. The users that show up in your initial search are already online so you have the choice to instant message them through Skout’s chat system. Another interesting feature, is the “Shake to Chat”. What this does is it starts a random conversation with someone and just as you are caught up in the conversation with this person, their profile is revealed.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to your app store(ios or Android) and download Skout, for a truly unique networking experience.

Igor Cornelsen Gives Great Investing Advice To Everyone Who Needs Help

Igor Cornelsen has learned all about investing through the experiences that he has had in his career. He went to college in Brazil for engineering and then economics and the jobs that he had when he first got out of college taught him a lot. He worked in management and investment banking and did well in his work. He has made many great decisions during his career and all of the jobs he has held and decisions he has made have helped him become the successful entrepreneur that he is today.

Igor Cornelsen enjoys sharing his investment advice with others and he does that through public speaking and in a variety of other ways. He believes that there are many great opportunities for investment in Brazil and encourages others to invest in his country. He also knows about the investment opportunities in other countries and what the currency exchange rates are like in them. He knows how to help investors generate passive income and much more, and he wants to help as many people as he can to succeed in their investments so they can have the money that they need to have good lives.

Igor Cornelsen knows that he has to use his personal experience when advising others about investing. He got his experience through his education, the first few jobs he worked, and through all of the investments that he made with his own money. The thing that he believes is the most important for anyone who is going to be investing is to listen to the advice that someone like him has to give. People have recognized his potential and all of the good things that he can do for a long time, and Igor Cornelsen’s advice about investments comes from experience and a lot of research. Find out more about Igor Cornelsen: http://frenchtribune.com/teneur/25704-igor-cornelsen-giving-three-valuable-tips-invest-growing-foreign-market

Jason Hope

He is known as a qualified futurist by Jason Hope. With his enthusiasm for technology and his straightforward understanding, he utilizes this knowledge to look to the sector and to predict where technology’s future lies.

Jason Hope thinks that the Internet of Things’ energy (also known as IoT) could be an significant player in contemporary culture in terms of future technological developments, as increasing numbers of machines develop connected devices.

Jason Hope’s advice and insights into technology are useful for contemporary enterprises and people who look to make best use of the technology in future. Jason Hope, a native of Arizona, graduated in finance from the University of Arizona and obtained an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business.

From where did you come up with the concept for your program?
I know it is hard for young learners or entrepreneurs to get a business idea off the ground. Some young people have incredible ideas, but they wouldn’t save sufficiently cash to start with the state of the economy. Even the $500 I donate to SENS has gone a long way.

I use my official website to select company thoughts and cherry select the most exciting thoughts I see. The future of the technology sector is determined by the great ideas our young entrepreneurs have developed.

How do you make it productive? What is your typical day like?
A good breakfast and physical activity begin every day. When first logging in to my laptop, I have a regular checking routine of my emails, posts and social media. I regularly take breaks to keep composure from the laptop.

How can you give life to thoughts?
I like to begin by maintaining fundamental stuff. Excessively complex concepts will waste time and promote failure. I also convey my thoughts to individuals very close to me for feedback. Each job or project on which I operate is step by step.

What is a trend that excites you so much?
I am really excited that IoT technologies are becoming feasible (also known as the’ Internet of Things’). It won’t be long before each house in the developed world depends on its IoT systems. Many excellent goods are already in preparation for release in 2017.

IoT systems are available which monitor and adjust illumination and room temperature with sensors. In addition, there are IoT devices to track biometrics and fitness –I see IoT as a major factor in our culture. Jason Hope loves sharing his knowledge and kindness with the world.

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SudhirChoudhrie Life Characterized By String of Business Successed

In 2013, British MP Theresa May, who would one day become Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, awarded SudhirChoudhrie the Asian Businessman Lifetime Achievement Award. It was a distinct honor for the Indian-born entrepreneur who had become a British citizen in 2010. Born in 1949 during the tumultuous days of “The Partition” in India, SudhirChourdhrie faced numerous challenges in addition to the political upheavals that followed Indian independence in 1947. He lost his father while still a boy. He was also diagnosed with a heart defect, a condition he would struggle with for the rest of his life. But nothing would prevent SudhirChoudhrie from pursuing his entrepreneurial dreams.

After graduating from the University of Delhi with a degree in economics, he established an export business along with his brother. The business involved buying television equipment in the U.K. and selling it to the burgeoning Indian broadcast industry of the 1960s. SudhirChoudhrie’s early success with bilateral trade between the U.K. and India would become a lifetime pursuit. But he would also expand his trade activities to many other nations, including the former Soviet Union. Mr. Choudhrie facilitated a robust import-export trade with the Russians for agricultural equipment. By 1975, he had founded the Magnum International Trading Company, a firm which is still thriving today more than 44 years later.

In the coming years, SudhirChoudhrie would expand his interests to a variety of other sectors. For example, in 1995 he established a joint venture with Taj Hotels Resorts to create Taj Kerala, one of the most successful resort complexes in the world today. He also delved into the aviation industry. In 2003, Mr. Choudhrie liked what he saw in the potential of Air Deccan, the first airline in India to operate on a “budget” model. When Mr. Choudhrie came in as an expert investor, Air Deccan had just a single plane. Five years later, the aviation firm has carried more than seven million passengers and conducts 200 flights per day. SudhirChoudhrie is recognized as among the most innovative and successful international businessmen in the world today.

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James Dondero and Courteous Actions

James Dondero is a man who fully comprehends just how challenging life on this planet can be. That’s the main reason that he consistently goes above and beyond to do beneficial things for the other individuals who roam the planet alongside him. Jim Dondero was wise enough to score a well-rounded education in Virginia at the prestigious University of Virginia several decades ago.

Dondero’s professors gave him insight that aided him greatly with all of his career pursuits later on. Jim Dondero managed to get coveted positions with a number of major players not long after finishing his degree at the school. He got a desirable job with JP Morgan, a prominent name all across the United States and planet.

Jim Dondero after that got a job that was just as desirable with American Express. American Express is equally influential in the nation and elsewhere. It’s a company that’s associated with credit cards and with financial topics overall. Go Here to learn more.

Jim Dondero doesn’t let his chaotic workload interfere with his penchant for assisting humankind. He’s the head honcho of a Dallas, Texas company that’s known as Highland Capital Management. That’s the exact company he set up in the nineties alongside Mark Okada. Okada is redolent of James Dondero in that he’s also an investment banking powerhouse.

Highland Capital Management was initially in bustling Los Angeles in Southern California. Jim Dondero and Okada realized that they should switch up its location once 1994 rolled around, however. That’s the reason that it’s presently in Dallas, Texas or “the Big D.” View Additional Info Here.

James Dondero is fond of animals of all kinds. That’s why he wants people all throughout vibrant Dallas to be able to check them out regularly at the acclaimed Dallas Zoo. He likes to give monetary donations to all sorts of renowned non-for-profit groups. He admires charity and its sway.

Visit him on http://www.dougsandler.com/news/jim-dondero

Steve Lesnard – The North Face Product Release

FUTURELIGHT products by The North Face company are revolutionizing outerwear. This light fabric, created with nanospinning technology, was designed to keep the user protected against harsh elements, while still maintaining a level of comfort and flexibility. The apparel collections are named Summit, Steep, and Flight Series. Each includes jackets, pants, and bibs that provide constant waterproof protection. It took several years for the development team to create a garment that was soft and flexible as well as durable and sustainable. Over a dozen members of the company’s athletic team tested these products against frigid temperatures and unforgiving environments.

Hilaree Nelson, The North Face team captain, along with her partner, Jim Morrison, the company’s alpinist, personally tested FUTURELIGHT apparel. The duo tackled mountains Everest and Cho Oyu and even made history when they did a descent down Lhotse Couloir. Nelson said, “In all my years in the mountains, I’ve never experienced a product that moved and performed as well as FUTURELIGHT. It is creating a new paradigm for what I expect out of a waterproof material.” And a new paradigm may be exactly what The North Face is ultimately creating here.

Because of this product, the company was able to devise a three-layer garment made with 90% recycled material. “Great brands can not only have a clear point of view on who they are and how they add value but also develop products that sustain the test of time,” Steve Lesnard, VP of Marketing told The Drum. Lesnard, who serves the industry with over 20 years of experience, was the former Global VP and General Manager for Nike’s running department. He was also the creative force behind two Olympic marketing campaigns and the launch of retail stores built specifically for the female athlete. Under his leadership, the company’s brand loyalty expanded to 30 countries.

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Mark Okada To Move On To Being An Adviser For Highland Capital ManagementArticle 

A new role is emerging for co-founder of Highland Capital Management Mark Okada. He is going to step down from the founder role and move into a senior adviser role temporarily. He is doing so because he is on his way out from the firm after putting in twenty-six years of his work and life into building it up.

Highland Capital got its start in 1993 when Mark Okada and James Dondero dared to believe that they could build something that would find alternative investments that others had overlooked. The two had a good amount of experience and knowledge of alternative credit markets, and they believed that this could transform the way that a firm might want to invest. They decided to put their money where their mouth was and built out Highland Capital Management.

The thing started out small but grew quickly as their returns attracted new investors. After more than a quarter of a century, Highland has become a powerhouse in the investment world. Mark Okada decided that he might as well hang it up while he was on top of the investing world. Find Additional Information Here.

Okada has been lining up this departure for a while now. He has been training associates on the responsibilities that he typically handled himself in the past. This should make for an easy transition as Okada steps away from the founder role. James Dondero will remain on at the head of the firm, and this should also provide some stability. See This Page for additional information.

Keep looking for Highland Capital Management to make investments that others aren’t even thinking of at the moment. Highland Capital is not afraid to take a risk if it means that they could land a big score at the end of the day. With that in mind, it is obvious that Highland remains strong and stable despite these personnel changes. Highland provides a number of industry leading benefits to promote employee success and wellbeing, and has been recognized by Pensions & Investments as one of the “Best Places to Work in Money Management”.

View source article: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/mark-okada-to-retire-from-highland-capital-management-300927407.html

Niranjan Shah: Globetrotter and Philanthropist

Niranjan Shah is the founder of Globetrotters International, Inc., an architecture and engineering firm based in Chicago, Illinois. Globetrotters also provide consulting services and construction management services. Niranjan Shah grew up in India, where there was no electricity and no running water. Despite this, Niranjan Shah earned his bachelor of engineering degree from a university in India. Niranjan Shah immigrated to the U.S. and earned a Master’s degree in civil engineering. After this, in 1972, Chicago became Niranjan Shah’s home where he later founded Globetrotters engineering Corporation and was its only employee.

Globetrotter engineering Corporation has since grown to over 200 employees and is a prominent engineering firm in the United States. Niranjan Shah earned professional licenses from Indiana, Kentucky, Wisconsin, and Illinois. He has since complemented engineering education with management training from Harvard Business School.

Niranjan Shah is involved in politics and philanthropy. His involvement in philanthropy is based on providing to those who are less fortunate than he. Niranjan Shah involves himself in giving to the community, both in the United States and India. He has been involved in several fundraising activities for the Democratic Party, including Hillary Clinton and Rahm Emanuel. In 1994, Bill Clinton appointed him to the Goldwater Foundation for Excellence in Technical Education. He was subsequently nominated by President Clinton to the Institute of Building Science.

Mr. Shaw has received awards for his philanthropic and civic contributions, with the awards being from the United States and India. These awards include the Ellis Island Medal of Honor and the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman award. The Indian president said Niranjan Shah has made India proud and increased Indian and American prestige throughout the world.

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Colbeck Capital Management’s Success Hinges on their Partnerships

Colbeck Capital Management, LLP provides financial advisory services to companies that have many unmet corporate financing requirements. Their goal is to offer creative and innovative solutions to address their many clients’ pressing needs and concerns. Often, these companies have unattended requirements because these companies are struggling to stay afloat, and the traditional banking institutions have shut their doors closed. Colbeck Capital has found their niche in helping out these companies by focusing on strategic corporate loans, with the primary focus of boosting their many clients financial portfolios.

Rich Long History

The company was co-founded in 2009 by Jason Pierce Colodne and Jason Beckman. Together, they both oversee the company as managing partners. The two men both started working together in Goldman Sachs, another world renowned financial institution, in 1998. Both men have known each other through these years, and it didn’t come as a surprise when they teamed up to eventually establish their own corporation. With their rich history beginning as newbies eager to learn; now, they have both grown and matured from the many experiences and challenges that they have encountered both in their personal and work lives. The two namesakes are confident that they can continue to provide and address the many different needs of their clients at Colbeck, especially since they have one another to serve as back-up. After all, as cliche as it may sound, two heads are better than one.

Company Mission and Vision

Colbeck believes that there are many investment possibilities that can be seized, as long as people are willing to look for them and work hard at making them become a reality. The tendency of other institutions is to put too much importance on the fundamental risks when faced with a pressing situation. As a result, they under weigh the significance of credit risks and these risks’ potential to generate opportunities. However, taking a risk is the core principle of the Colbeck firm because they believe it takes money to make money. The main consideration of Colbeck is taking calculated risks based on their expertise in finance. The firm’s strategy includes maintaining a wide and long term investment horizon, while at the same time, targeting undervalued niches in the market. With their team effort of strategic planning, forecasting, and analyzing risk factors, they are able to reach their targets. Their main objective is to generate consistent and manageable risks, while gaining solid returns for their clients.

Forging on In Spite of Difficulties

Colbeck’s expertise lies in managing difficult and extreme financial cases. They actually succeed in helping with stressful financial conditions like tight time frames, highly complex projects, management buyouts, multi-constituent restructuring, under-banked industries, and the like. They offer various kinds of credit opportunities with the goal of providing strategic capital and structured plans to help their clients attain their own company objectives. Some of these plans are senior secure loans, second lien, structured equity financing, flexible covenants, short or long-dated maturities, exit financing and the like.

Colbeck Capital Management’s primary strategy that has been the key to their continued success and growth over the years is their personal rapport with their various clients. They do not see their clients as a mere business transaction. Instead, they have gone on to forge relationships with their different stakeholders. By building a relationship based on trust and strong communication, together they can work unitedly in crafting unique solutions to what would otherwise have been very difficult situations. Colbeck Capital believes their success hinges on their clienteles’ success stories. Find out more about Colbeck Capital Management: https://www.abfjournal.com/dailynews/colbeck-capital-management-finances-80mm-rhino-term-loan/

Magfast: A Simple Charging Experience

Magfast is a company that’s offering simplicity in your charging experience. This small, Crowdsourced Company has met the demand for a more efficient charging space for all. So long are the days of bundling cords into zip ties or wrapping those wires up because we know that could cause them to short out. The chargers were designed by an everyday married couple who experienced these same woes, and wanted to attempt to do something about it. So, they got to work, and they have produced the most sought-after chargers the internet has ever seen. The amount of support Magfast has received is amazing, and almost unseen in small startup companies.

They’re offering chargers that are not only magnetic, but they’re also rapid charging so no waiting on your phone to go from 4% to 40% in four hours. They’ll get your device juiced in much less time. They’ve also made sure that the charger is compatible with any of your devices, so that you’re prepared for literally any inconvenient charging scenario you can think of. They tried to think of it all for you, though. The chargers also come in several different designs for a multitude of situations.

They have the Magfast Wall which is pretty much your standard charger without the cord, and it’s of course magnetic and convenient clean. They also designed the Magfast Life Extreme charger that is small and portable for emergency charging. The Magfast Road is pretty self-explanatory, it’s for charging on the go, but it’s apparently very powerful according to the designers. They’ve also given you the Magfast Air which is charging stand that is still wireless, so it takes up almost no space.

Magfast intends to begin shipping these out at the end of 2019.

About Beal Properties and Its Commitment

Beal properties is one of the largest owners of multi-family properties in Chicago. It has been in this area for more than 30 years in Chicago. Beal properties together with its staff are committed towards improving the quality of life for those individuals who are underserved in the neighborhoods of Chicago. This is achieved by giving back to the qualified organizations in the Chicagoland. There are several groups that Beal has been supporting for the past years. Some of them include the following: American Heart Association-Chicago, The Ark, Autism Speaks, Bridge to Success, Bright Start Community Outreach and BUILD among many others.

It has a wide range of attractive apartment styles in their website including high-rise, vintage, and modern. The portfolio comprises of units with dishwashers, hardwood floors, laundry rooms, air conditioning, on-site maintenance personnel, self-controlled heat, porch decks, unique floor plans, as well as many other amenities. Beal properties boasts very nice apartments located in the vibrant Highland Park, Evanston, Lincoln Square and many other places. 

Beal has also established a giving team that is comprised of committed members of the staff. This team will meet, discuss, evaluate and determines a worthy organization that can provide aid, assistance and also support to the local community members in each, and every month. Then Beal makes funds available every month to the organization that have been chosen. The company has always strived to bring change to the surrounding communities it operates in. It recognizes the contributions the community has made to facilitate their success in the market.

There are also properties that are located near CTA and the Metra public transportation which is a convenient place, and it also has great pet friendly options. The management office is located at a convenient place in Chicago. The office hours are usually 9am to 5pm from Monday to Friday.