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Singles prepare to be Skouted

Skout, a free Android and iOS app, steps up to the plate to bat for #1 social networking app on the market. To some, Skout may seem as another simple dating app that competes with the other popular ones: Match, Tinder, or Plenty of Fish, however, Skout is much more than that; It provides users with a unique point system. The points are used as an in-app currency and can be purchased or earned during various in-app activities. For example, you can use currency to send out a barrage of winks to users’ profiles. This will result in a large amount of attention, and is the first app to feature this. Want to see who has been checking out your profile? You can redeem points to accomplish this as well.

Skout allows you to register a profile, fill it with personal information and preferences, then search for that special someone. The overall process is relatively quick and easy. You will only need an email or Facebook account to get started. And of course your profile pictures, but be warned: Skout completely outlaws bathroom selfies! Finally, an app that scrutinizes against this. Skout was bold to implement this feature and shows how the company isn’t afraid to be innovative.

Perhaps you are just interested in just expanding your social circle. Skout has even went so far as to make an official international friend day for its users. The company’s findings were that many of the app’s users have friends from all over the world. The app is versatile; not just specifically meant for dating but for meeting people. This places Skout in a league of its own. Most social apps today are not geared towards meeting friends but finding dates. It is apparent that the developers of Skout put forth tremendous effort to provide a versatile app which can be used for both dating and friend finding.

Someone who has recently relocated to an area might find that Skout’s “Buzz” feature allows them to easily find locals. You can add users to a “Favorites” list to be alerted when they come online next. The users that show up in your initial search are already online so you have the choice to instant message them through Skout’s chat system. Another interesting feature, is the “Shake to Chat”. What this does is it starts a random conversation with someone and just as you are caught up in the conversation with this person, their profile is revealed.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to your app store(ios or Android) and download Skout, for a truly unique networking experience.

Richard Dwayne Blair: A Successful American Investor

Richard Dwayne Blair is an American entrepreneur and investor who is based in Austin Texas. His main objective is to persuade the public to invest in a lot of investment options, while at the same time informing them about the risks. He is honest in stating that not all are optimistic when it comes to investing their money, but he would always tell them about the positive effects when they do trade their money. He established the Wealth Solutions to help the people decide which type of investment plan they would have to choose. Wealth Solutions has a comprehensive planning that Richard Dwayne Blair is applying. Being in the business since 1994, the financial planning firm owned by Richard Dwayne Blair managed to grow tremendously, and they have acquired a huge number of clients through the years. He also stated that it is his passion to see the people that they help become successful, and he revealed that this inspiration came from his family who were mostly teachers. He wanted to teach the public how to be financially literate, so that they can succeed in life. Richard Dwayne Blair introduces his clients to three pillars that will allow them to do successful financial planning.

The first pillar talks about the financial roadmap that his clients must create. They would need to have a definite timeline and a target amount of the investments that they wanted to start. For example, the client should be able to pertain how much money he would want to make in a certain period. Knowing how the stock market works, Richard Dwayne Blair can advise him on where he should be putting his money for it to grow.

The second pillar talks about the different strategies that an individual must apply when he or she would be investing in long-term investments. Richard Dwayne Blair would always tell his clients that the profit made from investments could not be created overnight, and it requires a huge amount of patience. He would direct his clients to different investment options that would surely give them huge profits after a certain amount of time, lasting for years.

The final pillar from Richard Dwayne Blair talks about the strategies that would ensure them to reach their financial goals, either by monitoring their investments and working with professionals in guiding them how to become successful.

How the Academy of Art University Has Transformed Local Neighborhood

Different people have a passion for different careers in life. If one follows their career in the right way, they end up happy and with exceptional fulfillment. However, the passion you have would be fruitful, and more productive if coupled with professional training. When looking for a college or university to go to for your training, it is important to ensure you choose one with innovative systems. The Academy of Art University is the place to be for everyone passionate about liberal arts, fine arts, entertainment, and design. Since 1929, the university has been on the lead when it comes to offering quality training on these careers.

The university has a wide range of specializations when it comes to designing smartphone applications, video games, as well as, other interactive applications. The students from this university presented their work to the Chief Innovation Officer using augmented reality. On 28th November, he visited the School of Game Development in The Academy of Art University to discover a new smartphone application. The name of this new application is Tenderfeels. If this application will be adopted, Tenderloin District in San Francisco will be safer than before.

Some people have described San Francisco as disgusting and unsafe despite having Downtown and Nob Hill as its neighbors. Within the area’s quarter-square mile, about 25,000 people live there. The neighborhood is said to have the highest violent crime and poverty rate. The Tenderloin District is known to be rich, and with a fascinating and seedy history. The Academy of Art University is located in the heart of San Francisco, and it is offering many youths with numerous opportunities to utilize their artistic talents. This way, the university ensures the classic locale is properly refurbished.

Tech in the Tenderloin had organized an event whose main aim was to use virtual reality or augmented reality. This was meant to get social and civic solutions, which were to be specific to Tenderloin District in San Francisco. Students from The Academy of Art University had an opportunity to compete with students from other universities such as Penn State University, California Berkeley University, and Stanford University. The School of Game Development in The Academy of Art University helps the students to succeed in visual effects, rigging, animation, UX/UI design, concept art, 3D modeling, and in other emerging technologies.

Top Charitable Organizations for Migrant Rights

There have always been charities that help with human, civil, and migrant rights progress, but recently, with the Trump administration targeting immigrants and the freedom of the press, these organizations are needed more now than ever. Read more: Jim Larkin | Twitter and Michael Lacey | Twitter

The Frontera Fund

The Frontera Fund is a somewhat new organization, dating back to 2013. In the 5 years that The Frontera Fund has been active, they have partnered with dozens of organizations in order to make a change in hundreds of immigrants lives.

Michael and Jim, the founders of The Frontera Fund, aren’t Hispanic, but they focus their organizations efforts on the grounds of common enemies.

Joe Arpaio treated Hispanics horribly during his time as Sheriff Of Maricopa County. Sheriff Joe also targeted Michael and Jim with illegal arrests and unjust subpoenas. This is why Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are helping Hispanics.

The Frontera Fund works with charities such as the ACLU. The official Frontera Fund website also houses a variety of information an immigrant may find useful.

Make the Road New York

This organization is another charity that works in order to advance migrant rights. Make The Road New York specifically addresses the Trump administration in its mission statement, creating solutions to deal with Trump’s harsh policies towards immigration.

Make the Road New York is fighting for the rights of migrants with the organization of mobilization efforts. They also provide legal representation for immigrants and provide housing. Over 17,000 people benefit from the altruism of Make the Road New York every year.

Make the Road New York also has adult literacy programs, children’s education programs, and encourages leadership development by providing skill training and mentorships.

Mariposas Sin Fronteras

This organization’s goal is to assist detained LGBTQ immigrants in being released from these detainment facilities. The title of this organization translates to Butterflies without Borders. In the last six years, Mariposas Sin Fronteras has worked to release 27 detained immigrants from custody. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Michael Lacey | LinkedIn

The International Refugee Assistance Project

This charitable entity brings together a network of lawyers to provide pro-bono representation for refugees. The International Refugee Assistance Project is doing all they can to keep these refuges away from the dangers of their own country.

The International Refugee Assistance Project cites its values as accountability, innovation, and candor.

About Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

Philanthropy is not the only noble venture of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. For years, at the Phoenix New Times, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin worked to expose the brutal Sheriff of Maricopa County. In addition to owning The Frontera Fund, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin currently own Front Page Confidential together.

Malcolm CasSelle – Meshing Gaming with Cryptocurrency

The world of gaming and cryptocurrencies collide in one major aspect: virtual assets. The application of gaming assets was introduced with amongst many different gaming platform genres, with role player and progressive games marketing the two biggest competitors for virtual assets. These assets consist of map packs, experience boosts, and other such unlocking capabilities that further the game play experience for the user. The cryptocurrency market was a little further behind in development, but the full circle showcasing has brought this influence to life. Users can exchange funds, sell virtual assets, and trade from their virtual wallets. Malcolm CasSelle, the owner and operator of OPSkins, is bringing his WAX technology to the gaming platform.

WAX stands for Worldwide Asset eXchange. This company was developed by Malcom to operate as a blockchain marketplace for trading virtual assets. Originally run as a cryptocurrency agency, this platform has now been transformed to meet the gaming community. The same properties, security measures, and blockchain capabilities will crossover into the gaming platform for the very first time. Users will be able to trade assets within the pace of play, preventing from having to pause or stop a campaign to make these transactions. This type of fluidity keeps the system working in a consistent basis and the blockchain protection reduces upon the notion of fraud and security breaches.

This recent creation comes from a long list of accomplishments for Mr. CasSelle. Malcolm majored in computer background allowed for Malcolm to takeoff in the field of entrepreneurship. He has been featured as the Chief Operating Executive for companies that helped bring a Groupon comparison to Japan. His history of science, obtaining degrees from prestigious establishments like MIT and Stanford University. Holding a well-versed schooling achievements shine bright in the online and virtual space, allowing for his latest creation to takeoff and stun the marketplace with the new features and opportunities it allots for users.

Susan McGalla Providing Tips for Women to Become Successful in Corporate World

It is a well-known fact that the glass ceiling problem in the corporate world does exist and even though the feminism wave across the globe is trying to break the walls of differences between men and women, there are still issues that need to be addressed. The number of executive positions filled by men in the corporate world is still more than those filled by women, and it continues to remain so. There has been a massive improvement in the last few years, but women still have to struggle a lot more than men to up their ranks in the corporate world. Susan McGalla, Vice President of Creative Development and Business Strategy at Pittsburgh Steelers Inc, feels that women should plan their career accordingly to ensure they can move up the ranks in the corporate world with ease.

Susan McGalla is one of the most successful female executives in the industry, and over the years, has worked at various companies at top positions. Susan McGalla also started the consultancy firm named P3 Executive Consulting that provides business consultancy services to the companies as well as executives. Susan McGalla’s career journey has been impressive, and she believes that other women can follow her footstep as well to replicate her success and beyond. One of the things she suggests that every girl much focus on from the very beginning is to study thoroughly and get a good education. Susan McGalla says that getting a good education is a must for everyone, but it is seen that men are more qualified than women.

Susan McGalla says that to enter the corporate world, a good education is a must. Susan McGalla also emphasized that the corporate companies should have sponsorship programs so that the deserving women get the mentors to help them make the right career move. It becomes easier for women to move up their ranks in the male-dominated corporate world when they have a mentor who has their back and guides them to make the right move at the right time. Susan McGalla attended Mount Union College in Ohio, where she did graduation in Business and Marketing.


Rodrigo Terpins is a prominent rally driver on the Brazilian circuit who has excelled in this competitive sport. When describing Brazilian Rally Driver Rodrigo Terpins, using the words wild or extreme would perhaps be an understatement. Rodrigo Terpins takes after his father, Jack Terpins, in many ways. Just like the father, Rodrigo Terpins is committed to the rally. Rodrigo Terpins races for the Bull Sertoes Rally Team alongside his famous brother Michel Terpins. The team includes Bull Sertoes, Xarla, and MEM, the car manufacturer among others. Rodrigo introduced his younger brother, Michel, to car racing when he joined the Bull Sertoes Rally Team as a navigator. The Bull Sertoes Rally Team consisted of Rodrigo, his brother Michel, and nine other members.

Rodrigo Terpins was born in Brazil, and he attributes his success to teamwork. In studying Rodrigo, you will find that he does not contribute his success to himself. The success of Rodrigo Terpins was fueled by the success of his father. Now A São Paulo celebrity, Rodrigo Terpins was influenced by the business and athletic success of his father. Rodrigo Terpins is part of a family that has a passion for sports. He is a hard working rally driver who will stop at nothing until he achieves his dreams. Check out crunchbase.com for more details.

Rodrigo Terpins lives in São Paulo, the most prominent metropolitan center in Brazil, and his role as an entrepreneur and business operator has improved many brands in the country. Terpins received his academic degree from Saint Hilaire, and’s been developing his career path since he graduated from it. As an effective business visionary, Rodrigo Terpins is famous for assuming a colossal part in the success of T5 Participacoes. Rodrigo Terpins is the director of T5 Participacoes, a holding company situated in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Rodrigo Terpins works for the T5 Partipacoes as the company’s senior director.



Reference: http://rodrigoterpins.com.br/

OSI Food Group Increases its Share of the Commercial Food Market in Europe

OSI Food Group is a major international food production company that provides processed meals and foods to restaurants, grocers and local markets. The company is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois and it has been in business since 1909. OSI had been acquiring many food production plants that have been lagging in sales for an extended time or going out of business. OSI had recently purchased Baho Foods in the Netherlands.

Baho Foods is a Dutch based company that has operations in Germany as well. The company has been in business for 60 years and it markets everything from deli meats to convenience foods and snacks. The company provides their products for 18 European countries. Baho’s purchase by OSI Food Group will give the company a broader reach into European markets.

OSI will not change anything in terms of its employees. They will tweak Baho to meet the current demand of the market while retaining its original customer base and service track. This organization will ultimately help OSI Food Group to increase it market revenue as well. The purchase of the Baho plant is a part of the bigger picture for OSI. They have been steadily increasing their market share in foreign markets.

Tyson foods was purchased in in 2016 and they opened new plants in Portugal. The consumer food and restaurant market changes frequently. Many companies are not versatile enough to keep up with the changes. However, OSI has the resources and capabilities to handle the demands of the market. More European consumers are demanding chicken-based dishes from restaurants. People are also eating more of these products at home.

OSI Food Group is becoming one of the biggest and best companies in the world. They are steady increasing in market presence and steadily beating back the competition. This company provides many food supplies to restaurants such as Pizza Hut, Papa John’s and even Subway. OSI Food Group has become a rock solid company that is poised to do great things in the future.

To know more visit @: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OSI_Group

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff- A worth while 2018 read

In deciding to become a writer, Sean Penn has given upon his long career in the Hollywood industry, or so it seems after watching his recent interview with Vogue magazine. In a sense, Sean is doing good for himself by bringing out his hidden skill in writing with his new novel called Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. In other words, it all seems like he is looking for an exit strategy from all the controversies and rumored talks he has been involved in and made headlines about lately.

And no matter which strategy Sean is following, he has been increasingly involving himself with people who are interested to hear about his new gig. They all have different understandings and misconceptions, but Sean has made it clear through this interview that his intention was straightforward and not meant to gain public accolades. Yet, he is optimistic about his new skill and do not want to return to Hollywood anytime in the near future.

Sean Penn is not put off by series of controversies that were directed towards him either, such as #MeToo movement and an interview with drug cartel El Chapo. He says it was an eye opener regarding what to say and what not to say when you are in the public eye and that he has learned his lesson the hard way. He also cites his frustration with Hollywood’s social setup as well and notes the combined efforts to tarnish his image in the industry; a need to have enormous courage to handle this leg of the journey in life. Yet he is undeterred and wants to shape his new career as a writer. A work in progress, he says he has many more novels in the making and would like to talk about them in subsequent interviews. As to his novel Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff which is a story about a man who leads a double life as a septic tank salesman in the day and hired killer in the night, he says his work of imagination is clearly depicted in the book and wants everybody to read it.



Talk Fusion’s Bob Reina Looks at Past As Future Brightens.

Running a modern business now mandates that you have the ability to reach out to your customers in effective and efficient ways. Bob Reina, the founder, and CEO at Talk Fusion, realized early on how important it was for companies to embrace the technological medium of our day: the internet. Reina is the founder of one of the more influential video marketing and communication solution companies on the internet. Talk Fusion was created in 2007, based out of Florida, and it has steadily been rising as a major player in the marketing industry. How did Reina forecast the importance of video marketing and direct selling? What is he doing to keep his spot at the top of the ladder today?


For Bob Reina, the life of an entrepreneur was one that beckoned to him later in his career. After spending a decade working as a police officer, Reina had a fortunate encounter with a marketing executive. This encounter led Reina to consider seriously the benefits of chasing his own business ideas and seizing control of his career and work hours. Reina, in essence, wanted to control his output by controlling his input in reference to work. Reina wouldn’t come up with the idea for Talk Fusion right away, that would come years later, but the foundation for what he wanted to do was there.


Reina first started working in network marketing and he admits that there were times when his phone bill was larger than his commission check. Reina laments these times but admits that they were important to building up his work ethic. When Reina and his partner, Dr. Jonathan Chen, created the first Talk Fusion product, Video Email, they knew right away that they had something important and effective. Reina would begin the process of marketing the product and by the time that Talk Fusion was ready to open their doors, they had already created a base of interested customers. From there profit was easy and Talk Fusion was quick to start building their brand and extending. Now, Talk Fusion is pulling in industry awards while pushing their product to newer limits. Learn more: https://www.martechadvisor.com/author/bob-reina/








Pardon Of Sheriff Arpaio By Trump A Sad EndNote To A Tale of Police Corruption

One of the most notorious and corrupt law enforcement figures in recent history was pardoned by President Donald Trump on August 15, 2017 – a move that produced widespread outrage and condemnation from a variety of civil liberty groups, international human rights watchers and ordinary citizens alike.

Before the pardon, former Maricopa County (Arizona) Sheriff Joe Arpaio would almost certainly have gone to jail after he was convicted of criminal contempt of court, a felony.

The conviction of Arpaio had been a long time coming in the eyes of many. He had presided over a virtual reign of terror, using and abusing his powers as the top lawman of Maricopa County.

The focus of Sheriff Arpaio’s gestapo-like police tactics were directed against undocumented immigrants, migrant workers and people of Hispanic or Latino ethnicity in Arizona. Arpaio established brutal prison camps for immigrants he ordered rounded up and arrested – conditions in these mass jails were so deplorable, world human rights agencies, such as Amnesty International, compared them to the POW camps set up by Nazi Germany.

A number of deaths resulted from the dire conditions that detainees were forced to live under – even pregnant women were chained to the beds while they gave birth.

Sheriff Arpaio’s dictatorial management style also found him routinely violating the Constitutional rights of American citizens, including two Arizona news men, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey.

Larkin and Lacey headed an alternative newspaper, the Phoenix New Times, which had long been reporting and writing truthful stories about the many questionable police actions of Sheriff Arpaio. That included his notorious Tent City prison and his unlawful harassment of just about anyone who “looked” like they might be Latino of Mexican heritage.

In October of 2007, Sheriff Arpaio sent plainclothes deputies to the homes of both Larkin and Lacey. The men arrived in unmarked vehicles with Mexican license plates. Jim Larkin and Mike Lacey were arrested, hauled from their homes in the dark of night and thrown in jail. The arrest order was triggered by a recent story in the Phoenix New Times about a grand jury investigation into Arpaio’s police department. Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn and Michael Lacey | Twitter

A public outcry erupted almost immediately. Larkin and Lacey were released in about 24 hours. But the unlawful arrests were destined to cost the taxpayers of Maricopa County big time, thanks to the reckless actions of Sheriff Arpaio.

A judge determined that the arrests violated the Constitutional right of free speech and freedom of the press. Larkin and Lacey sued and were awarded $3.7 million in damages from Maricopa County.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey could have used the money to take fabulous vacations, buy luxury vehicles or build new homes for themselves – but instead they dedicated the funds to creating a philanthropic organization with the goal of providing aid, support and comfort to the very groups of people that Sheriff Arpaio once terrorized.

Today, the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to dozens of organizations that support Mexican and other immigrants struggling to build new lives in the United States.