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Guide on Ethically Editing Wikipedia

Wikipedia is an open source community. This means that anyone is allowed to make an edit already existing Wikipedia pages as long as the pages are nor protected. Editing Wikipedia pages is meant to add value to the articles through Wikipedia services. However there have been several cases of vandalism where some editors have added or removed information among other changes maliciously. There are various factors that editors should take into consideration when deciding to edit Wikipedia. The editors should understand the importance of being neutral, having information that is verifiable and follows the Wikipedia manual of style.

Editing Wikipedia pages
Before editing any Wikipedia, one should create a Wikipedia account using an email created for the sole purpose of Wikipedia business. The email should not contain your own domain name but preferably Gmail or Yahoo. In choosing a user name for the Wikipedia account, you should not use your name or a variation of your name. Instead use a username that is unique and does not describe or define you. It is also essential that you familiarize yourself with Wikipedia’s policies and guidelines especially the Wikipedia community, standards and policies.

The editing process begins with logging in the Wikipedia account. In case where you make an edit before logging in, you reveal your IP address. In such a scenario, contact the Oversight team through sending an email so that you can receive the necessary assistance. Once you have logged in you can begin to make your edits. However one should avoid making edits on favorite topics to avoid being biased. One should edit topics which he or she does not have strong feelings for. When making an edit, ensure that you are not tired, angry, or sick since these may affect your judgment on issues you are discussing. In a situation where another editor returns an edit you made, read the edited article to determine if he or she started a discussion on your Talk page or the articles Talk page.

Get your wiki
The pages it creates ranks either as first or second or third in the search results. The monitor the articles they write to ensure no malicious editing is done to them and when editing is necessary, they offer the editing services to the clients. Get your wiki are also recognized for following all the guidelines and policies and leave the controversial topics to an independent Wikipedia community. With the efforts of veteran editors, they produce the results that the clients desire, providing reliable sources of information and following the Wikipedia manual of style.

Skout App Overview and How to Resolve Concerns

Skout is a location-based dating app and social networking website. It was among the first dating network people discovered that can generalize where the user is located. It is possible to access Skout from iOS and Android smartphones. In 2013, Skout announced that through its app, over 500 million connections had been reached. Some of Skouts properties includes; nightlife app, Nixter, and Fuse a messaging app for a group that lasts only for a short time. To enable its users find other users, Skout employs a system of phone global positioning. The system helps users discover other users within a certain radius.

One of the interesting features in Skout is that it does not give the exact location of its users. At the same time, users can freely decide not to use location tracking aspects of the app. With Skout on, they only allow GPS location for the adult community. When searching for people using Skout, users can be able to look at the profile of the other users as well as their recent activities. With the app, users can send instant messages and virtual presents to each other. The app is also able to separate teens from adults. Presently, Skout is available in fourteen languages in 180 nations.

In the event that their users are experiencing difficulties with the app, Skout has developed a precise way to resolve such concerns. Users can access Skout assistance through an email address. To help their users resolve their concerns, they many ask for more information from their users. They may also send messages that contain the instruction that users can follow to resolve their problems. Their customer service team or anyone from Skout do not ask the user to provide their passwords or sensitive personal details. The following are some of the details that Skout may request their users to supply in the event that they encounter an issue with the app.

• The email address used during the registration of the account.
• The Skout name
• The users Skout ID
• The version and the OS of the user’s mobile device.
• A description detailing the problem the user is experiencing
• Any other relevant information that can help Skout resolve the concern as fast as possible.

Skout was established in 2007 as a mobile web for social networking. Its founders are Christian Wiklud and Niklas Lingstrom. In 2009, the two re-launched the network to become a dating app and discovery application, after they recognized that 80% of the users had been using it as a dating platform. Currently, the app is available for iPod Touch, iPhone and Android smartphones.

Frans Schoeman’s Unrivaled Experience in the Field of Law

Frans Schoeman on was born and raised in South Africa and attended the schools in the area. Growing up, I saw the need for sound and legal representation for the local entrepreneurs. This kind of advice from a law expert was missing in a society that was facing court hearings on a daily basis. Moreover, the few lawmakers at the time would impose exorbitant charges on their clients. Despite these unnecessary charges, people continued to fall victim because they there were no alternatives.

This prompted Frans Schoeman to join the University of The Free State where I studied law. While pursuing my degree, I developed a strong calling to join the student’s law society. Here, I acquired numerous skills on leadership, teamwork and public speaking. These would later help me in arguing my case before a judge and the prosecutor. The club often invited established lawmakers to talk to us about law and such forums further increased my passion.

Over the years, I have worked with several commercial enterprises and seen to their success. This has built the trust that often misses in such deals. I value my client’s reputation and works tirelessly to guarantee victory whenever I am presented with a case. My efforts have paid off greatly because today, I handle millions of clients who prefer working with my firm to any other. Customers in the state are willing to pay for my services as they are of exceptional quality and remain unrivaled.
In bid to meet the demands of my growing client base, I joined forces with other professional lawmakers in the industry who had the same vision as mine. Like me, they have been in business for decades and therefore, understand the challenges and uniqueness of each and every case. As a firm, we wake up daily to ensure that our clients are satisfied with our services and communication skills.

Legal skills are acquired from years of practice and probably some failures along the way. These equip us with the relevant knowledge needed in the corridors of our courts. Therefore, this is what I bring to the table whenever a client contracts my services. I am capable of analyzing a case thorough to determine if it needs to go to court or if it can be arbitrated upon. I have had success with solving cases outside court by engaging both parties. By doing this, they are able to evade the expensive compensations likely to be imposed on them by the judge.

In 2006, I was appointed the director of Phatsima Diamond Corporation a company dealing in mine concession in the country of Angola. With this new position, I have worked extremely hard to improve the laws that govern the industry. Furthermore, I have been able to improve the face of the company by introducing new and unheard of ideas. These major steps have catapulted the industry to greater heights.

Being in charge of several firms might be a challenge to many experienced lawyers in my field. However, this is not true in my case. With my years of practice, I have mastered the art of meeting set deadlines. Moreover, I have taken it upon myself to employ upcoming lawyers who under my close observation have grown into knowledgeable lawmakers. This personal achievement has enabled me to focus on other cases and businesses while my employees assist.

The Many Facets Of Doe Deere

The name Lime Crime came from a love of the color lime green for Doe Deere and she has taken this love and the name to new heights with her online makeup line. Bold, bright, and unusual makeup colors combined to catch the eye along with a wild, purple hair color and zany personality make her unique in her particular field. (See original release on

It all originated from her love of music. She started out in a band and needed a certain look for photo shoots and could not find exactly what she was looking for so she started sewing her own special outfits and incorporating the colors that she loved. One of those colors was lime green. The Lime Crime clothing line started taking off and she decided to open her own online store in 2004. Feeling that her fair looks made her look washed out, she started experimenting with makeup in different colors to brighten her features. She would put tutorials on her website of her makeup experiments and people started following it and requesting more and more. She liked the way the makeup made her feel and the freedom it gave her to transform herself so much that it changed her forever. Apparently, her followers thought the same as her makeup tutorials took precedence over the clothing line. She changed her website to focus solely on makeup in 2006.

Her music background was not taking off like she thought it would and though she was saddened by this, Doe realized that makeup gave her the opportunity to express herself completely. She realized that there was not a makeup on the market that had the bold, bright colors that she loved so she decided to make it herself. She has worked in the lab with a chemist to come up with several new lines of lipstick that she is very proud of. One is a liquid-to-matte lipstick that does not crumble and stays on, totally transfer-proof. She is also really proud of the Velvetines-this lipstick contains no animal-derived ingredients.

Doe has had some serious security issues that resulted in some of her customers information being stolen by a cyber-thief in 2014. This has been one of the hardest situations that she has found herself in and with perseverance and help from her team they were able to get their customers needs taken care of and cleared up. She now feels that her website and information are totally protected from hackers. They have set up a call center, email accounts, and hired more customer service representatives to assist with any inquiries or problems that may come up.

Doe said her role model is Kimberley Gordon, another young lady whose clothing line, Wildfox, has a vintage twist and was launched around the same time as Lime Crime.

Doe hopes to continue doing what she loves with her Lime Crime makeup line. It is her passion and her glory. (

Yeonmi Park Relives Traumatic Experiences to Spread Her Message

Yeonmi Park is a university student, speaker and writer who has accomplished a great deal in her 21 years. She was just 13 years old when her father was arrested and she and her mother fled her home country of North Korea, fearing for their lives. Since arriving in South Korea as a 15-year-old, Park has been very focused on exposing the horrific details of what life is really like in North Korea. She still has many friends and family members there, and she yearns to see life improve for them and millions of others. However, there was a part of her story that she kept hidden until recently.

In South Korea, it is considered very shameful to have been a victim of human trafficking, which is what happened to her and her mother when they escaped into China from North Korea. Park was afraid that if she made it known what had happened during that dark two-year-long period of her life, she would be deemed unsuitable for marriage, for jobs and for general inclusion in society. However, she knew that if she was going to speak on behalf of the oppressed, she needed to share her full story.

Because of the extreme trauma that she experienced, it was difficult for her to piece together just what had happened to her. Park remembered bits and pieces, but her memories were often disjointed and in the wrong order, and there often seemed to be large chunks of time that were completely missing. It took great effort and the assistance of professionals to help her reconstruct a cohesive narrative of her journey thus far. This was immensely painful, as some of these blocked out memories rushed back to her with such an intensity that it felt like she was living them over again. Still, she did not shrink from this incredibly personal exploration.

Park has won the hearts of people all around the world with her passionate, articulate accounts of her own experiences and her defense of those who still live in North Korea. She also advocates on behalf of those throughout the world who have been sold into slavery, often in the sex trade. Her road to freedom has been incredibly rocky, but she has shown remarkable bravery and poise at every step along the way. Despite the attempts of the North Korean government to silence her and call her a liar, she has stood her ground, and she insists on continuing to defend those who do not feel as if they have a voice.

Park regularly records videos in which she speaks of the deplorable conditions that she witnessed in North Korea as a child. Her upcoming autobiography will include further details of what it was like to grow up in a country where most decisions are dictated and anyone who breaks the rules could face execution or a lifetime in prison. With more people like her speaking out about their traumatic experiences, real reform could come to the world.

How to Feed Much Beneful

Dogs are instinctual in everything that they do. I am not a trainer, but I do train my dogs for hunting and simple manners. I am an outdoorsman and breeder, and because of the specific breed that I own, I also train them to be rather submissive to humans to alleviate any aggression issues during the hunt to other dogs or hunters. They are a large hunting and farm breed with a long history of effectiveness at those and many other pursuits, but because I treat them this way, they all are really just big puppies. I am always asked about how I feed such large active dogs. The answer is the same way that you feed smaller dogs when there are many of them. I train them to eat together, but I use their instincts to my advantage. However, in order to achieve this, you must be the pack leader.

In no way does this comprise being mean to your dogs. It is about being a leader. It is their natural instinct to look to the pack leader for guidance. In the wild, they would follow the established pecking order. The pack leader is most instrumental in getting their food, so we as pack leaders eat first. However, you will be simply preparing their food, but first, the dog should be walked or otherwise exercised. In the wild, this mimics their natural behavior because these dogs will wake up, and on the cue of the pack leader, they will hunt the entire day and sometimes days before gaining a substantial meal. After the game is taken, they then let the pack leader eat first. It is this instinct combined with the brisk exercise that will allow you to feed the dogs at once. As you prepare the meals, and place them in front of the dogs, they are not allowed to eat yet.

This further affirms the pecking order with you as pack leader also. Any dog that challenges you at this point is challenging your authority. This action should be sternly addressed, and no dogs eat until that situation is corrected. If they are allowed to eat when a dog is challenging you, the other dogs see that dog as obtaining their food from Beneful for them and thus the pack leader. The stay command does this in early training, and it is recommended to utilize it at this point, but dogs are dogs. However, in the wild, the pack leader and some subordinates would punish a dogs for challenging their authority in the pecking order. For me in feeding, I utilize a dry Beneful brand. They have many, so it is best to choose the appropriate one for your dogs. I pour their food in a line in their feeding area, and they only eat when I give the signal. Purina has perennially offered the type of nutrition that I need for active dogs like this. Because it is nutrient dense, they eat less also.

Make a Ripple in the Sea of Knowledge: Creating and Editing Content on Wikipedia

Since its inception in 2001, Wikipedia has long become the go-to resource for netizens worldwide to find reliable and comprehensive information on millions of topics. Maintaining this wealth of knowledge are dedicated teams of editors who ensure that the quality of every article stays up to Wikipedia’s encyclopedic standards. Nevertheless, Wikipedia’s premise as an open-source encyclopedia allows any user to create and edit content, which gives access to amateur and professional editors alike. Creating and editing content by Wikipedia writers are straightforward enough, yet does require some orientation beforehand, which you’ll gain ahead.

Most importantly, you should first create a user account, as full creating and editing privileges are reserved for registered users only. You’ll have access, as well, to training tutorials and a dedicated user page, where you can track your user history. Once registered, familiarize yourself immediately with the general rules all Wikipedia editors must abide by. Before creating a new article, ensure that Wikipedia hasn’t got a relevant article already, and, if not, that its subject matter meets notability guidelines; that is, third-party sources and publications on it already exist, which you must link to in the article. Only after gathering reliable and varied references can you feel free to create a new article. Use the disambiguation page to prevent title cashes with similarly named articles, and choose a pertinent topical category that the article must fall under. To edit text, there are two methods available. The wiki markup is accessed by default on the edit tab and edits with MediaWiki code, which has a steeper learning curve. The VisualEditor, which, once turned on in your personal preferences, avoids code by showing real-time edits on the page itself, and is more suitable for beginners.

Should it prove overwhelming creating and polishing an article, especially for personally affiliated topics, the writing agency Get Your Wiki can help. As veteran Wikipedia editors who have written dozens of existing articles, they know how to masterfully navigate Wikipedia’s various editing and formatting protocols to secure you guaranteed page approval backed by a full refund against any eventualities. To prevent potential malicious editing by other users, they continuously monitor all of their created articles to ensure lasting quality. Compliant with Wikipedia’s ethics standards, they neither deliberately violate Wikipedia’s content policies, nor engage in manipulative editing practices. Receive a free quote within 24 hours for your project on their website at

Andy Wirth and The Positive Effects of Clean Power



There are more options for clean power today than ever before. Clean power provides many benefits to the overall economy. In addition, the health of people living in an area with clean power is higher than those living in an area with high pollution. It is important for companies to start making investments in clean power resources for their company. Not only will this help the environment, but many companies have shown that they see an increase in revenue from customers as well. Customers today want companies to do their part to help the economy. Here are several ways that clean power helps the overall economy and the health of individuals.

Health Benefits

In many countries, health related costs are becoming a big drain on the overall budget. In the United States, hundreds of billions of dollars spent every year on healthcare costs. There is a correlation between clean power and higher levels of health. In areas with clean power, less money is going to be spent caring for people who have low levels of health.


The environmental cost of typical fossil fuel consumption is staggering. In just the past couple of decades, the world has lost a huge percentage of its forests. The way in which the world currently consumes power is simply not sustainable. In moving to clean power, the environment will be saved in many ways.


Clean power is more efficient than traditional power in many ways. Although the initial set up cost is high, clean energy vehicles and homes cost much less to maintain over the course of several years. There are even some governments that give people tax incentives to purchase clean power vehicles and home upgrades. This is a great situation for people who want to make an impact on the environment.

Andy Wirth

Andy Wirth is a great example of someone dedicating their life to clean power. There are many positive side effects of clean power in a society. The CEO of Squaw Valley Ski wants to be sure that everyone knows these positive benefits. This article was published through the Reno Gazette-Journal and is a great summary on this subject.

Remaining Fresh and True

It often can be hard to part with cosmetics that you have kept in your purse for a long time. Certain pieces can hold attachments to certain memories like a peach lip gloss for summer walks along the pier, long black lashes looking up demurely from a glass of wine, green neon nails that you couldn’t wait to take to the amusement park. Sooner or later however this attachment must end you must move on and toss out old cosmetics, even try different brands.

By trying to keep a relationship going with old cosmetics you are bringing bacteria to skin, lips and eyes (this also runs the risk of acquiring pink eye). Most cosmetics lack an expiration label so here is a general guide to use to give you an idea of when to throw out cosmetics and exchange them an up-to-date group. While you are at it, consider that your look a bit and perhaps change to a brand that doesn’t experiment on animals.

Liquid foundation should be immediately tossed out if its texture or smell changes, but usually it should last one year. Since mascara and liquid eyeliner are placed so near the eyes, replacement should be about every six months. You might want to strike up a new friendship with Lime Crime’s selection of liquid eyeliners in innovative colors like Reason and Blue Milk (Lime Crime only makes cosmetics that are cruelty free and vegan). Swap lip gloss for a fresh tube yearly and if summer nears its close; opt for a darker shade.

Some feel that nail polish can last for years and years, however it really only retains its quality for about two years, then its texture surely changes. Lime Crime offers a stunning Peaches and Cream, Parfait Day and more colors to give you a carnival-ice cream shop feeling! They go on smooth, colors are true to photo, they work for males and females of a variety of ethnicities and packaging is pink and adorable.

Lime Crime founder was established by singer, designer and now business executive Doe Deere after discovering there were no cosmetics that allowed one to express their own style. As a small child, she immigrated to New York City with her parents from Russia. After singing with the band Sky Salt, Ms. Deere realized her passion for innovative cosmetics was not something she could ignore so she went to work on creating the beauty products of her dreams, filled with practically every color of the rainbow. Deere was concerned that Lime Crime focused on fanciful colors yet remained cruelty-free which is also something that she was passionate about. Plus she wanted women and men to become excited about makeup when they were youngsters, as often as we age we grow bored with our beauty rituals.

By tossing out expired cosmetics and even trying some new brands, you will always feel fresh, a bit more up to date and you will not grow bored of your make-up routine!

The importance of hiring an Intellectual Property Law expert

The term intellectual property has often been used to refer to works of the mind. Generally, the term represents any new ideas and ways of doing things that have not been seen or witnessed before. In certain circumstances, developments in old ways of doing things have been termed as aspects of intellectual property.

The intrigue surrounding intellectual property law is the attempt to protect works of the mind using legal principles. New ways and developments on how to carry out certain activities require protection because of the potential economic benefits they bear. In essence, intellectual property economic value. This is because the ideas and concepts developed by a person’s mind can be channeled to obtain some economic benefit.

The potential economic benefits that arise from a person’s mind provide the rationale for the existence of intellectual property law. This area of law outlines means for the protection of patents, industrial designs, copyright, trademarks among other components of intellectual property. Intellectual property law serves to identify a new concept with its creator and vest certain rights in that individual.

Creators and inventors face a great deal of frustration when they present their ideas to other people who end up stealing them and using the ideas as their own. You can imagine the disappointment a young doctor would have to deal with if his exceptional idea of how to cure a terminal disease is stolen by the hospital he works in. When such theft of intellectual property occurs, it becomes very difficult to prove ownership. This means that the inventor may fail to ever benefit from the idea he came up with.

In order to avoid or deal with any issues relating to intellectual property, you need a lawyer’s assistance. An individual who has practiced in this area of law for a number of years can provide you with the necessary assistance you require to protect your ideas and inventions. It is important to have such an expert involved in your invention process right from the start. The lawyer can draw up the necessary paperwork indicating that you are the actual owner of your patent or trademark to avoid any challenges in ownership later.

Frans Schoeman is one of the renown experts in this field. Frans is the current director at Phatsima Diamond, a premier law firm in Bellville, South Africa. Frans has vast experience in intellectual property law having practiced for a good number of years in this area of law. Frans Schoeman’s experience of many years places him in a strategic position to handle any matters brought to him by clients on protecting and defending intellectual property. Such experience also provides a lot of comfort to clients who have a great deal of economic benefits that are vested in their intellectual property.

If you find yourself in disputes relating to intellectual property, an expert in this area of law can also help you navigate through litigation successfully. All you need to do is find a lawyer who understands intellectual property law very well.