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A Changing New York Real Estate Landscape

The New York real estate market is rapidly shifting with a new demand created by growing tech companies and new startups in the last decades. According to the Huffington Post, increased demand and shrinking supply is quickly driving up prices in many of New York’s most popular neighborhoods and creating new “hot” neighborhoods throughout the city. Even areas that had been overlooked in the past are being snatched up for office space for many of these new and growing businesses or as homes for the aspiring, educated professionals that accompany the tech industry.

Town Residential is a group of professional realtors that has recognized these market shifts and is prepared to meet the demands of the shifting landscape, offering quality service especially in the luxury real estate market. Town Residential serves clients in many of NYC luxury real estate neighborhoods, ranging from the Upper East Side and Upper West Side to the Financial District and Battery Park. The experienced team at Town Residential understands the real estate industry and is ready to guide clients in any situation, specializing in both leasing and sales, and boasting a quality marketing department.

Although Town’s success has been built in the residential market, Town is bringing its success and experience to the commercial market with the establishment of Town Commercial. Town Commercial offers the same exceptional level of service to the business market with a vast field of real estate professionals to meet the needs of new, changing, or growing businesses. Town Commercial is proud to serve the commercial real estate market in a variety of ways, including tenant or landlord representation, and acquisitions or dispositions.

The Purina Advantage

Feed a dog nothing but condiments and lettuce. In no time flat that dog will be incontinent, yowling, foul-tempered and ugly. But the same thing happens when a human being isn’t properly taken care of. There’s an old saying everyone knows which pertains to this situation. That old saying is “you are what you eat”. And, while people who eat hamburgers don’t eventually end up shaped like a beef patty between a couple wheat buns, they do often begin to have problems in their blood hearkening to increased adipose tissue and the like, depending on which organization they purchased burgers from. For example, people buying food from McDonald’s are far more likely to have digestive problems than those who have purchased the same kind of food from a chic restaurant. That’s because McDonald’s, as a multi-national billionaire corporation like Amazon, has vested interest in providing food for its customers as cheaply as possible. And, in like manner, there are many pet foods out there mass-produced by organizations that have zero regard for an animal’s health, and are only interested in protecting their bottom line. Thankfully, Purina is not one of these companies.

Purina respects not only pets, but pet owners; so it is their prerogative that food should be available for the four-footed furry family members in a household that is entirely healthy, and sourced from solid ingredients. Real ingredients.

This is one of the many reasons dogs just love Purina. Canines have an exceptionally developed sense of smell. In a lot of ways, smell links to taste. The Creator has given dogs a natural ability to tell whether or not a food or foodstuff is natural. So when a dog tastes Purina food, that dog immediately knows that the good stuff has been found.

One brand that Purina produces is called Beneful. Beneful uses only natural ingredients, and is formulated such that puppies and adult dogs alike can be sure all their nutritional needs are met in a single formula. Beneful not only comes from real ingredients, not only does it have a bevy of vitamins and minerals designed to ensure a canine’s health and vitality; but it has been specially formulated by Purina to taste delicious to any canine palate. This is because in 2013 Purina spent over forty million dollars ensuring that the formula used in their Beneful solution was put together just right.

There’s a reason Purina is the premiere dog food option in the United States, and the second best dog food solution worldwide. That reason is quality. Purina brings quality to its products, so that its customers can trust in what it produces. For a dog to have a long, happy, healthy life, it is only sensible that the animal should be properly fed and taken care of. Purina makes this easy.

What You Can Learn About Success From Ken Griffin

This is something that has been overlooked in many ways and people should come to terms with facts that can help them run successful ventures. As much as everyone wants to run a successful business, the search for invaluable information has been rife and different people have been able to set up strong businesses. Achieving success is something that may not come overnight and this is something Ken Griffin has clearly emphasized. It takes dedication and time to ensure one gets the right results. The learning process is also endless and each day one needs to adjust to fit with the needs of the market. Ken Griffin is a well trained professional and CEO of Citadel who has maintained his influence in the business world. His decisions and guidelines have been instrumental in offering different solutions for business stability and success. Ken Griffin is a great scholar and a graduate of economics, something that has placed him among well established professionals who are dedicated to offering the best to their clients. He has helped many young entrepreneurs to get facts about the market and to match up with the ever increasing rate of competition. He has been an active participant in different forums that have helped to address business challenges and his input has been noted by many and appreciated. Among things that have contributed to the success of Ken Griffin is research and constant zeal for learning new concepts. From the time he joined school; he has been inquisitive and sought to find the reason for certain behaviors of the market.  Ken Griffin spent much time reading about successful entrepreneurs and upcoming businesses. He gave much emphasis on information that touched on market changes and how one could adjust to ensure a business does not lose due to changes. After he completed high school successfully, Ken Griffin joined the Harvard University, where he would open up his dream and explore different business options. He took this as a prime chance that would help him understand about different strategies that are relevant to the business world, and which could help make life more interesting. In his pursuit for knowledge, he came across an article in the Forbes Magazine, which sought to address different questions young entrepreneurs want addressed. He realized that most of the issues addressed therein were relevant to the kind of business he wanted to start. This offered him motivation to launch his first hedge fund investment, which was funded by classmates through sale of shares. Having received some experience in the business world, Ken Griffin was able to get the strength to face a bigger market. When he graduated, he proceeded to nurture his dream and established Citadel, the most reliable hedge fund that has been awarded severally for the great service and management they have managed to offer.

Kenneth Griffin Is Living His Dream

Ken Griffin on valuewalk is the founder and CEO of Citadel LLC, a hedge fund that is based in Chicago. The firm has acquired more than $26 billion of investment capital. They have designed strategies that cover fixed incomes, commodities, equities, quantitative strategies and credit. The Citadel hedge fund is the second largest multi strategic alternative investment firm in the world. The firms’ financial sensors’ for investments are wide and long, and they reach into managing the assets of university endowments, pensions and sovereign wealth funds. Their offices are located in London, UK, Central, Hong Kong, Shenzen and Shanghai, China, Dallas and Houston, Texas, Denver, CO, Toronto Canada, and San Francisco CA and Boston MA.

Citadel Securities were launched in 2002, and this sector makes the trade executions for the institutions and the retail markets. The company charges you less so you can get more for your money, are the reason for using an automated system. The spreads are tighter and the cost of the trade is lower, because the information is obtained quickly.

The state-of-the-art tech, accompanied by thorough research, and a strong risk management team, results in successful ventures.

Citadel Technology is owned, operated and is an affiliate of Citadel. Its investment management technology was introduced in 2009 and is used by various funds and financial firms. The inventive imaginations at Citadel, designed and developed this technology. The company continued to strengthen their investment capabilities.

In 2013, Citadel Technology announced a partnership with REDI, a high speed trading platform.

Citadels Order Management System coupled with a REDI’s trading platform, will increase the number of investments to become limitless and at the company and clients’ fingertips. This is an ingenious coupling that will cross all the time zones, manages the risk during the life cycle of the trades, and access to more than 150 execution brokers across the globe. These systems can collect information for equity, index, spreads and what options are available on futures.

In 2014, the Chinese investors were allowed to invest in an overseas hedge fund due to a yuan fund-raising event as part of a program that Citadel developed.

Ken Griffin earned his degree in economics from Harvard University in 1989. The $265,000 he raised from friends and family, enabled him to start his entrepreneur career in trading in 1987.

Immersing himself in the trading business, he was hired by Glenwood Partners, which was another hedge fund that was based in Chicago.

The Citadel firm believes in helping the community. The company gives contributions to the Greater Chicago Food Depository, and lends their help to children and families with severe medical needs. The National Museum of Mathematics is one of Citadels’ partners, and the museum has developed a program to support math and science students from low income communities, tutor, and prepare them to enter universities and the business world.

Mr. James Dondero and Highland Capital Management

Mr. Jim Dondero is a businessman and investor who is best known for his private equity firm Highland Capital Management. Highland was co-founded by Mr. Dondero and Mr. Mark Okada in 1993, in Dallas, Texas. Highland’s headquarters still lies in Dallas, Texas, to this day. Dondero serves as the president of Highland Capital Management to this day.

James Dondero went to the University of Virginia and graduated with a dual degree in Finance and Accounting in 1984. After graduating, he decided that he would go straight into the work force, and was able to start working at American Express as a Corporate Bond Analyst. A few years after starting there, Dondero was promoted to Portfolio Manager. It is estimated that he oversaw more than one billion US dollars worth of assets at American Express.

In 1989, Mr. Dondero decided to apply to Protective Life, where he found a job as Chief Investment Officer of the GIC subsidiary. After working there for four years, Dondero decided to branch off and create his own business. It was a risky decision, but it turned out well for Mr. James Dondero. Dondero and Okada had enough money of their own from their own business endeavors to successfully fund Highland Capital Management, which also received lots of funding from the initial investors.

Currently, it is estimated that Highland Capital Management oversees the operations of more than $20 billion of assets, ranking it as one of the largest private equity firms in the world. Highland specializes is the collateral loan obligation, which is basically various loans packaged together for people to purchase stake in, only to make more in the future. Highland also deals with many things dealing with business solutions and credit.

Highland Capital Management owns stake in many different companies, some of the most invested in include American Airls Group, Ishares TrustCALL, and Spdr Series TrustPUT.

Although Mr. James Dondero is very busy with Highland Capital Management, he serves on the board of directors of many other companies. He is the chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare Group Holding, NexBank Capital, Highland Financial Partners, and NexBank SSB. Mr. Dondero is also the director of MGM Holdings, American Banknote Corporation, NeighborCare, and Safety-Kleen.

Mr. Dondero’s most recent appointment to a board of directors was this May, when NexPoint Residential Trust, a large real estate company. James Dondero has been the president of NexPoint for a while, but just recently got on the board of directors, as well.

James Dondero has had a great career, and any aspiring businessperson should envy his career. He built his career by doing well in school, then getting a good job. Not everybody can luck up and land the jobs that Mr. Dondero did, but one can set one’s self up by doing as well in school as Dondero did. He actually graduated from the University of Virginia with the highest honors. He has also earned the titles of Certified Management Accountant, Certified Public Accountant, and Chartered Financial Analyst, which are not easy to earn.

Wikipedia Guidelines for the Rookie Editor

Wikipedia has taken its rightful place at the top of the internet’s food chain, offering free and informational content to anyone who wants to browse it. Wikipedia has come a long way in the past 15 years of its life to make business Wiki pages and now the encyclopedia stands as one of the most visited websites on Earth and one of the most important. As one of the largest socially networked projects on the internet, Wikipedia is always gaining and losing members. Keeping an up-to-date encyclopedia on the internet while fighting vandalism and breaking news is a difficult task. Many people want to contribute in order to help out and to those folks we offer a variety of simple tips.

Edit Confidently
Most new users to the editing side of Wikipedia are almost immediately taken aback by the sheer volume of work that needs to be attended to. With over five million pages of data, there is always going to be something to do. Many new editors are also afraid to put their stamp on popular articles for fear of having their work thrown out or ridiculed. This is the wrong attitude to take. All editors are equal on Wikipedia so if contend demands an adjustment, editors shouldn’t be afraid to step up and make the change. Confidence should also extend to the quality of work, as well. Unless an editor is confident in their work, the content should not be submitted.

Remain Professional and Courteous
Working on Wikipedia is an interesting experience because it is both like and unlike an actual job. Editors will have to network with thousands of other users but they’ll never actually meet them face to face or have to answer to anyone specifically. With everyone being equal, it comes down to cultivating a healthy relationship for the job to get done. Keeping a professional and courteous attitude at all times is important in order for the work environment to stay positive.

Remain Unbiased and Impersonal
Many new editors want to use their position as an opportunity to try and sneak a personal page onto the website. This is not only ill advised but it is also against Wikipedia’s Manual of Style. Creating personal content directly defies the neutral point of view. For editors that have a legitimate claim to having their page online, they should consider hiring a company like Get Your Wiki. At Get Your Wiki editors can hire a third party to make a personal page that adheres to all of Wikipedia’s standards and regulations.

CSC And Its Timeline And Success Formula

Computer Sciences Corporation was founded by Fletcher Jones and Roy Nutt in Los Angeles, California in April of 1959, and it has grown to be one of the largest multinational information technology professional services provider. The growth and success of Computer Sciences Corporation can be attributed to its quality employment hiring practices, and it can also be attributed to its amazing leadership that began with Fletcher Jones and Roy Nutt, and from those two, the quality leaders of the multinational corporation has stretched all the way to men like Eric Pulier. Computer Sciences Corporation’s success and successful leaders proves that no matter what the entity represents, manufactures or distributes, it will always need a quality figurehead.

Computer Sciences Corporation has always been strong in business, and it employs a vast number of people. At the end of March in 2015, the company reported to have about 90,000 employees that spread over the entire globe into 70 different countries. This figure also makes Computer Sciences Corporation critical to the economies of nations it operates in, vital to the families of its 90,000 employees and an overall key piece in the fabric of global livelihood. The importance and services the company provides for its employees and local economies worldwide is arguably just as important as the products and services that it offers its consumers. The continents that Computer Sciences Corporations does business in include Australia, North America, Europe and Asia. A small start up by two men in 1959 currently offers critical products, services and opportunities in four continents across the globe. That is amazing.

The structure of the business, its minor competition and its acquisitions over the more than 50 years of its operations include things like a three sector operational structure to streamline production and efficiency. In the North American Sector, Computer Sciences Corporation has been a key provider to the United States’ government and its Department of Defence, the CIA, FBI, local law enforcement agencies and the Department of Homeland Security. The next sector is the Managed Services Sector. Finally, the last sector is the Business Solutions and Services Sector. It has also had very little competition since 2009 when Xerox purchased its major competitor, Affiliated Computer Services. Computer Sciences Corporations acquisitions have also served to beef up the corporations productivity too. Two names worth mentioning for acquisitions would be Dyncorp and Covansys Corp.

Eric Pulier has been in the leadership dynasty of this critical company as well, and he did a fantastic job like all of his predecessors. He is a noted author, entrepreneur and philanthropist, and his philanthropy success is a good indicator of how well he can lead. He is an impressive human being and leader.

Slyce Mobile Commerce Application

Slyce is the most advanced product search display place that enables users to identify and purchase instantly the products that they see in person by merely taking a photo of what they see with their smartphone. Slyce is existing as a white label solution and as an independent consumer application that integrates with the existing retailer technologies. Using this advanced graphic and product recognition technology that is available in both the desktop application and both smartphones, Slyce enables retailers to be available at the customer’s point of interest. It is done while viewing items that in images on their preferred sharing site.

Slyce was founded with a keen eye to create and improve better ways to have things done in the online market. The founders thought of developing an application that can recognize images taken of goods and products and search through the Amazon and directly purchase the goods. Slyce was formed initially as a consumer technology firm, and while this consumer element still exists, the company to services that are substantial B2B Market. The companies’ marketing drive takes a primary position around building relationships and partnerships with prominent consumer brands and providing our technology as a malleable m-commerce solution. The brand marketing is entirely focused on funding, strengthening and developing relationships with retail brands.

Slyce marketing opportunity is hugely enormous. M-commerce through current generation smartphones has become the major flow of revenue and a primary focus to retailers. During the holiday season, mobile shopping has accounted for over thirty 39 percent of online traffic. Slyce creates an intuitive and seamless way for consumers to purchase and discover the things they like and love. Customers find whatever they want and wherever they are, simply by taking images. Slyce makes the Avenue from impulsive liking to ownership painless and simple. Slyce technology enables retailers to be there for their customers at the point of inspiration and fulfill their needs anywhere they may be. It makes an undoubtable attractive and compelling proposition.

Slyce identified that it was not just about being good in search. The firm tried to push the wrapping further to a more complicated step by taking the users from the point of discovery to the point of purchase. Slice is ahead for the sole reason that it not only helps users find what they are looking for but also help them get linked to the retailers providing the products by forming an independent consumer application. The company takes advantage of different streams of revenue to propel the business forward. It takes the sides of both the enterprise solution and the consumer standpoint. The firm works with the business clients so as to offer a purchase platform and a visual search for their e-commerce needs.

Kenneth Griffin Helps Citadel LLC To Succeed

Citadel LLC is a globally known company that has been doing amazing things because of the dedication of those who are working for it. It is thanks to the way that those who are behind it have put their all into it that it has succeeded the way that it has, and those who depend on it to help them with their money can be grateful to the one who have worked hard to make it as great as it has become.
There aren’t too many companies that have succeeded as greatly as Citadel LLC has, and it is always a good thing to see a company start off with such ambition and become something so powerful. Citadel LLC was a company that had goals in mind when it first came to be, and it has seen those goals come to life through the years. Those who depend on Citadel LLC for all of their financial help can be grateful for that.
One man who has been behind Citadel LLC’s success is Ken Griffin. He’s someone who would never stop at anything less than success. He wanted perfection for the company, so he did all that he could to make it into something that closely resembles that. He wanted it to be something that people would trust, and so he did all that he could to make that happen, as well. He is a man who knows that it takes a lot of work to get places in life, but who is willing to give his all to getting to where he wants to be. He is a man who cares greatly about the work that he is doing and the life that he is living, and that is why he has been so valuable to Citadel LLC.
Beyond being a great worker for this company Kenneth Griffin has also been a good example in other things. He has donated much money to charity because he cares about the needs of others, and that is something that is always good to see in businessmen. He has a heart for those who are trying to get the kind of education that he was able to receive from Harvard College and he has donated a large sum to the college to help them to receive it. He is a man with heart, and that just might matter more than anything else.
So, Citadel LLC is able to do well because of the way that their employees work. It is because of ambition and smarts that the company has been able to have so much success.

FreedomPop launches free 4G mobile service in UK

As reported in the Telegraph Newspaper, FreedomPop is crossing the Atlantic and moving into new territory with the hopes of expansion and offering budget-conscious customers a chance to save on their cell phone bills. Currently, a company stationed in the US, this company offers free 4G services and will be in direct competition with Talk-Talk and Tesco Mobile in Europe.

The first initial phase has been set into place and this venture capital-backed plan looks to be a profitable one. The European people need a company that can offer those greater savings and better service, all key factors in FreedomPop’s pitch. There will be a small set up fee of £7 for all new accounts, but the free basic service will provide each caller with 200 voice minutes, 200 texts and the ability to use the internet for up to 200 MB of data. To put it in layman’s terms, that would allow each person the ability to visit about 100 web pages per month.

Many people wonder how the company will make money if they give their services away for free. The profitable side of their business is once subscribers use up all their free minutes, they can purchase a package that runs anywhere from £4.99 to £16.99 per month to get the additional minutes that they need. There will also be a chance for subscribers to receive a free allowance by using third-party marketing surveys to increase their minutes.

The company operates on what is called an MVNO, or a Mobile Virtual Network Operator. This is similar to the structure of Talk-Talk and Tesco. They are simply looking for a very specific price sensitive market and utilizing the services of the Three Network will allow them to give services away dirt cheap to their subscribers. In the US, they piggy-back onto Sprint’s Network.

FreedomPop was the brainchild of Stephen Stokols, and their current customers in the US only seem to use their free minutes with only about half buying extra packages. However, the company still remains profitable because they only need to have about 50,000 subscribers in the UK to be in a positive cash flow situation.