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How Yeonmi Park activism came to be

The North Korean human activist, Yeonmi Park, narrated of the brutality she endured while growing up. Park was born in North Korea where they were denied freedom and made to understand there wasn’t anything much to the outside world than what they had in their country. Following the abuse of their human dignity, Park and her family would not put up anymore and escaped to China to seek refuge. They however left behind her dad who was ailing at the time of escape to join them later. China was not any better and both of them were made to survive with frequent physical abuse. Parks dad joined them later but unfortunately wasn’t well yet and succumbed to colon cancer. Left alone with her mother, Park didn’t lose hope to have her freedom one day even if it wasn’t a certainty. This was highly because of the situation they were currently exposed to. They flee from China and settled at South Korea where freedom was all at their disposal. Park lives to tell her story of all she had to go through. She recently released a book, In order to live, where she tells her story on The Daily Mail with great levels of depth. In her story, it has taken much strength to come out honest about the awful things she had to endure. In her book she makes people understand the lengths she had to go in her quest to survive and live freely. Half of Park’s life, she didn’t take any rest following her struggles to survive. She makes it clear of how time was even limited for a moment to be emotional. In each and every count of her life’s minute, she was all in struggles. Later on after she gets her freedom, Park says on youtube that she holds a great desire to save North Koreans.

How Internet Searching Is Changing From Text To Visual

When the internet exploded upon the modern world, many ways we do daily activities where drastically changed. From communication to shopping, the internet connected us in different ways to people all over the world as well as how we deal with media and simple things like shopping and ordering pizza. A new wave of change has been approaching since visual search was implemented in huge search engines like Google and Bing. Visual search on has evolved from it’s original form as most technology does and the innovation behind it has enhanced how and why we use visual search technology.

Online shopping was a big boom when it originated but a new shift reveals the rise in visual searching over texting. This prompted the widely known and used site, ‘Pinterest’ to implement visual search for their users. Pinterest is already mainly visual and users can ‘pin’ things that they like such as recipes or outfits. When they launch their new feature you’ll be able to click on an item in the picture, for example a lamp, and be able to find that lamp or similar products available for purchase. This massive change not only shifts the way people shop online, it also changes the relationship with stores and consumers.

Slyce, a visual search developer, has been ahead of the curve since visual search engines started taking over text search. Slyce has had a few apps out for a couple of years that allow its users to snap a picture of something and find items that highly match or are an exact replica of the picture, and purchase it. This creates an easy on-the-go way to shop. Say you’re sitting at a bus stop and see an advertisement next to you featuring a designer purse you love, but don’t want to pay that price. Slyce’s universal scanner will take the 2D picture and search through thousands of stores,deals and coupons to find you matching products.

Slyce has been probing visual search technology for years in order to create consumer based products that enhance the way we shop and purchase things. Their advanced technology is based on their understanding of the fast paced world we live in. Smart phones have become a personal assistant, able to help us find food, directions, friends and allow us to shop anywhere. Slyce’s advancement in visual search not only aids shopper but saves them money too.

Slyce Acquires SnipSnap a Digital Coupon Company

Earlier this year, Slyce acquired SnipSnap for $6.5 billion dollars. The deal was made through stocks and cash. Sylce is a visual image recognition provider and SnipSnap is a mobile digital coupon company. They had plans to integrate the two technologies with a new application called Scout. SnipSnap has a popular mobile couponing application for consumers.

SnipSnap’s mobile application works with restaurants and retailers not supermarkets. Recently SnipSnap debuted Scout, a applications, that works like a virtual assistant. It helps consumers find savings using a chat based interface. With this application, you can type in a product name, scan bar codes, and take photos. The launch of this new product comes at a time when there has been an increase in similar applications.

Scout builds upon the Snip Snap community of bargain hunters by offering an new feature with the SnipSnap application. A button at the bottom of the screen activates Scout where users can talk with the Virtual Assistant.

Saving for consumers comes from SnipSnap coupons, price matching, and instant rebates from online retailers and other mobile coupon applications. It filters the list in searches based on the policy of the store price match program.

Once an image is recognized by Scout the user has to answers some automated question to get the best deals. It recognizes images almost 95 percent of the time scanning thousands of sites to find the best deals for customers. There is a staff of 50 that helps users with the new the application.

Stephen Murray and CCMP Capital: The Growth of a Private Investment Organization

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is a private equity investment firm that has been cited as one of the world’s biggest private equity funds. Before the company adopted the name CCMP it went by many other names. The company was originally called Chemical Venture Partners, which was associated with Chemical Bank as a private equity branch of the bank. In 1996 the Chemical Venture Partners name would undergo a change and adopt the name Chase Capital Partners in association with Chase Manhattan Bank. A few years later, in 2000, the group would again change its name to JP Morgan Partners in association with JP Morgan Chase. The name Bank one was then formed in 2004, which had its own investment group called One Equity Partners which would then become the head private equity firm for JP Morgan Chase. Equity partners, which was led by Dick Cashin would allow for JP Morgan Partners to spinout on its own. On July 31, 2006 the company officially separated from JP Morgan Chase to become CCMP. The investment group has invested twelve billion dollars in growth capital and leveraged buyout since the investment professionals separated from its former partners.
Stephen Murray was a philanthropist and private equity investor, who was born August 2, 1962. He was the co-founder and CEO of CCMP Capital as of 2007. Before he would become the co-founder of the firm he was a part of the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. The company would then be purchased by Chemical Bank in 1991, which then led to the eventual buyout at JP Morgan Partners, where he was the head of the operation. Mr. Murray has also served as a board member for companies such as AMC Entertainment and Pinnacle Foods. As a philanthropist Murray would also make contributions to organizations such as the Make a Wish Foundation, Columbia Business School, and the Stamford Museum.

Nutrition, Beneful, Exercise And Hugs For Your Dog

Keeping Your Dog Healthy

Man’s best friend deserves our attention, affection and research to keep the furry pal healthy and happy. Starting with giving your pet love, every dog in the world deserves your love when you are home. Take time to pet your dog on the head, and hold the dog if this is possible. Studies show that giving your pet a hug for just 10 seconds every day can dramatically increase the livelihood and longevity of you and your pet. This only takes 10 seconds, and it can be a great experience. It is a ritual for me. Every morning when I wake up, I finish my morning routine by giving my dog a great big hug. Sometimes he doesn’t want a hug, but I hold him to it like a good father should. Most of the time, however, he tries to give me licks on my face.

Acceptance is a huge part of emotional well being. That is something that some pet owners have trouble understanding, but it can help your dog to live a longer and happier life if you can give it some thought. Do your research on what their body language means. What does it mean when they wag their tail? Sometimes it can show hostility. Other times it should appreciation. Get to know your dog’s indicators because you will spend a lot of time together.

Exercise And Nutrition With Beneful

Nutrition and exercise are the main things that I focus on as a pet owner. The morning hug we share is an easy one. I know that feels right, so I don’t do much research in that regard. However, you should give a lot of time to doing research on nutrition from Beneful on youtube and exercise. Exercise is easier to understand. You can pick up the dog leash and go for a run. This is great cardio. Dogs need the workout just as much as you if not more. Your dog sits around in your home when you are at work or at school, so they are in need of the exercise. You can make it a daily routine. Your dog will get so excited to see you pick up the leash and go for the door. They will jump and wag their tail.

Nutrition takes a bit more research to get a grasp on it. It depends on your dog’s breed really. You should take into consideration how much food the eat, what time of the day to feed them, how many times each day you should feed them and what food to get for them. I use Beneful by Purina. My dog loves the taste of it. Every time I pick up a package of Beneful from the counter the dog goes nuts. Find a Beneful flavor that your dog likes.