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Airman, Photographer, Lacrosse Coach – Jon Urbana’s Life

People are looking to do more and more activities and live a fuller life than ever before with the ability to embark on a much more varied lifestyle thanks to the Internet and technology. Urbana is an active participant on Facebook and blogs like Tumblr where he spends a large amount of his time publishing and uploading his own artistic work. Music and photography play an important part in the leisure time of the man who acts as the lacrosse coach for his own camps each summer and still finds the time to remain one of the best qualified pilots in the world.

Jon Urbana has spent the majority of his life dedicating his time to his business and sporting interests, but has also been rewarded with a place on the list of the world’s best qualified pilots. The FAA publishes a database of pilots who have the skills, education, training, and good health to work as respected pilots in commercial work. Urbana is one of the latest entrants onto the database, which is generally reserved for commercial pilots with many years of service.

Alongside his abilities as a pilot, the founder of Next Level Lacrosse is also a dedicated photographer who excels in producing images based on nature and still life.

The influences in the life of Jon Urbana are many and varied, including a number of photography and musical experts who are detailed on his many social media accounts. Music is now playing an even greater role in the life of Jon Urbana than ever before, which is shown in the work he has uploaded for public consumption. Urbana has extended his musical talents beyond the guitar he has played for many years to include electronic music that has developed his largest following.

Don’t Forget the Family Pet When Planning a Healthy Meal

A recent article published by the wikipedia showcased how people’s perception of food has changed in recent times. Decades of people choosing the fastest and lower quality options for themselves is starting to show. And this had led people to make some big changes in their own lives. Suddenly gourmet food has moved from being an exotic luxury to something that many people of even modest means can plan their day around. And in return people are finding a happier and healthier life. However, the article highlights the fact that one member of the family is often forgotten when making those plans. The family dog is often left to stare in envy as his family munches down on juicy meats and aromatic vegetables. But just as people have begun to eat better, so too have dogs. The piece goes on to mention that even flavors as exotic as lasagna and beef stroganoff are now available to fill a dog’s breakfast, lunch or dinner plans. But something that might come as more of a surprise to people is the fact that dogs might have actually gotten on the trend earlier than their owners. Some existing companies, such as the high quality dog food brand Beneful, have been using only the best ingredients right from the start. Most people don’t pause to really examine dog food. But anyone with Beneful can take some out, and he or she will quickly notice the chunks of meat and vegetable within it. The reason for this is quite simple. Beneful has always used fresh and all natural ingredients for their dog food. While a lot of companies are currently changing themselves to adapt to a new market, Beneful is one of the select handfuls which could be said to have created it. They’ve long held to the idea that dog foods should be viewed as more of a meal than a single taste. As such their products contain a mixture of meats and vegetables which even human cooks might learn a thing or two from.

Brazilian Stocks are a Great Value

The Brazilian stock market is one that is only expected to continue to expand in the future. Investors who are prepared to meet the challenges of this market are those who can expect to see a great return on their investment. The Brazilian markets have been expanding as attention has turned to this part of the world and it has come into the spotlight. Brazil has been given a great deal of attention in recent years as the nation has started go gear up to prepare to welcome people from around the world as they go here to attend the Olympics. The entire nation has seen a great deal of investment both from those in the nation and those from abroad.

One investor who knows full well how to take advantage of this fact is Igor Cornelsen. Cornelsen has done a great deal of work in this field and been an essential part of the world of the Brazilian stock market. His work here has focused on many areas of the market as he has helped to locate potential investments in this part of the world both for those living here and those who wish to invest in the Brazilian stock markets from other parts of the world.

Cornelsen has shown that it is possible to invest in stocks in this part of the market and be able to avoid any potential losses. The investor here would do well to follow in his footsteps and follow his methods. The use of such methods has allowed him to enjoy a portfolio that has been expanded and helped him to have many kinds of rewards from his passion for the world both national and international markets at the same time. Many investors have found that his understanding of the market is an ideal way to learn how to invest in this part of the world. They have also found it possible to learn how to invest here confidently as he knows that is it possible for someone to learn from his skills.

People have learned that it is possible for those who choose to invest here and help expand their knowledge of various kinds of investments on findthebest in a world that is not so far from the United States at all. They know that any specific investments they choose to make in this area will be a very good way to help them expand their basic portfolio to areas that are likely to grow both in the present time and for many years to come at the same time. The world of investments here is one that is ripe for the picking for the person who is savvy enough to go for it.

Profiling Future Business Leader Jon Urbana

He is an important figure in the country’s growth and sustainable development, and we’ve decided to profile him today. Jon Urbana is an experienced entrepreneur and also a business manager. In his entire career, Urbana has achieved so much to Denver success. Jon was born on November 15th, 1982.

Urbana’s business ventures

Jon has been involved with commercial enterprises for more than ten years now. Urbana is a professional investor, a video writer and editor, and a businessperson. He has managed to start many businesses such as Lacrosse Camps that function for the benefits of Denver people. He set up the camps at Colorado area. The camps provide education training backgrounds to the youth of Lacrosse.

He currently serves as the Executive Officer of Ellipse Technologies under the business development department.

Jon Urbana Aviation career

Jon Urbana also serves as a qualified pilot being certified by the Federal Aviation Administration. He also runs charitable works to help local organizations that work for the social wellbeing of the people. He managed to pass the FAA standards interview. He was added to the Airmen Certification Database by the administration, with a copy of the certificate posted to his website.

The Federal Aviation Administration imposes special regulations for one to qualify as a pilot. The body primary focus remains to be the protection of passengers’ safety.

Holders of student pilot certification face restriction from FAA from flying at night or carrying more than one passenger.

Urbana hit the limelight after the recognition to be included in the Federal Aviation Administration Airmen Database.

Jon Urbana’s photography

Jon Urbana has a Flickr page where he got more than 1,776 people following him. He has a total of 822 posts and 329 followers. Urbana likes posting funny pictures on his blog. For instance, he recently posted a flower that looks like a bird. He also likes posting pets photos. On 3rd December 2015, Urbana posted a beautiful picture of grapefruit salad platter.

In conclusion, based on his Twitter posts, Jon Urbana has made life changes and developments to many people in Denver. He has also widely promoted and supported the lacrosse team at Villanova since his graduation.