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Beneful Rises to the Competition

Anyone who wants to create quality food begins by using quality ingredients, and Richard Thompson is no different. As the chief executive officer of a manufacturing company, it is his job to make sure that all the products being sold to customers is meeting the standards of fresh ingredients he would want for himself as well. Instead of seeing words like, “pyridoxine hydrochloride” listed on the ingredients list, Thompson looks for ingredients that provide great flavor and equal health benefits such as long, healthy fur, great dental cleansing, and high energy for man’s best friend.

Of course, Thompson’s main focus here is creating excellent dog food, but he treats it just as seriously as if he was making food for a french chef. While companies such as Blue Buffalo are upping up competition in the marketing game, other companies such as Beneful has upped their game as well. Beneful has been using more quality products in their standard dog food recipe, so that they can ensure the quality of their food products against those in competition with them.

Purina, the parent company of Beneful, has recently purchased Merrick Pet Care and other healthy, organic pet food manufactures. Beneful is investing in these companies with the intention of improving the quality of food they provide. With each new inquisition, Baneful takes on new manufacturing techniques, new knowledge, and new recipes that all contribute toward one main goal of providing healthy food that animal lovers can feel proud to feed to their pets. Now,Beneful offer their health benefits to dogs of all ages, breeds, and dogs who have special dietary needs like those with skin issues or animals that are seniors.



Organic Pet Food Sales Surge

Over the past decade it has become increasingly apparent that the average person is far more health-conscious than ever before, particularly when it comes to the types of food that they buy and eat. Recently it has also become clear that the health trend is also spreading to pets.

The dog and pet food market is a large one, with around $24 billion in sales each year. Since 2009, the percentage of pet food that is considered a health or organic pet food has increased dramatically, up 45% in that time. In the next couple of years, it is expected that health and organic pet food will account for more than half of all pet food sales.

The types and range of pet food has also continued to increase. There are more speciality and organic varieties than ever before and many healthy pet food stores are opening up in strip malls across the country. Some of the more recent trends are refrigerated pet foods and those loaded with healthy proteins, including lamb, chicken, and salmon. The major pet food chain, Purina, is also expanding into the market with their purchase of the Merrick Pet Care brand, which was one of the first organic distributors of pet food and supplies.

For those that are looking for a healthy version of dog food for their pets, a great option would be to purchase some Beneful dog food, which is available in many different retail locations. Beneful is a product of Purinastore, one of the international leaders in dog food and pet food sales.

There are many different types of Beneful products available to consumers today. The most common type of pet food is the base dog food, which is ideal for dogs that are more than a year old. However, there are types of pet food that are available for puppies and even much older dogs. The product line also includes dry pet food, wet pet food, and some pet toys. Those that are looking for organic options will also have several Beneful brand choices to choose from.



Unfair Eviction of Nuns Running San Francisco Soup Kitchen

No one knows the cost of helping the poor more than nuns in San Francisco. The soaring rent prices there have made it difficult for anyone less than wealthy to afford housing or even food. To help the community, Jon Urbana and a group of Denver nuns work tirelessly in a soup kitchen run off of donations and a small income earned from the sale of baked goods that they sell at a local market.

Because they cannot afford separate housing, the nuns sleep in a spare room in the back of the soup kitchen. Though the building they live in and use as a soup kitchen is modest, they are charged well over three thousand dollars a month for renting it.

As if that price wasn’t already high enough, they now face possible eviction because of an enormous recent rent hike, which will increase their monthly price to pay about fifty percent. With such limited funds available, there is a chance that the soup kitchen might be closed down for good. Hopefully, a prayed for miracle will arrive to help turn their situation around and save the soup kitchen.

Innovation in Telecommunications, Coriant Inc.

Coriant is a independent telecom company focused on utilizing edge to core networking services to cater to online video, mobile or cloud platforms. Coriant’s business model revolves around the improvement of several different fields of networking construction and management, namely, mobile back hauling, long haul transport, fixed mobile convergence as well as legacy SONET and SDH migration. The company services leaders in the telecommunication industry in well over one hundred different countries the world over and bears over thirty five years of distinguished telecommunication service experience. Coriant is based primarily out of Germany (which houses it’s R & D, manufacturing and operational center) as well as the United States, Finland, Portugal and China with several other smaller operational centers all over the rest of the world.

Coriant is well known for it’s innovative and cutting edge product package which includes devices and services for a wide array of communication platforms. Some of their most popular and well received include the Coriant Groove G30 DCI Platform for Optical Transport Solutions, the Coriant Transcend SDN Solution System for software defined networking, the 8000 Intelligence Network Management System for intelligence network management, the 8000’s Smart Router Series for edge routing solutions as well as the 6300 Managed MSPP Transport Platform for cross connection solutions.

However, Coriant does more than merely provide network access and software, they also offer a full suite of network and technical support. Support services include both on site and remote technical operation, designated, project specific support management, on site or remote technical upgrades and improvements as well as on site hardware management, replacement and upgrades.

Coriant is currently managed by CEO and Chairman of the Board, Shaygan Kheradpir, a PhD and Master’s holder in engineering who has a long and proven history within the telecommunication industry. He has worked for various companies before landing in his leadership position with Coriant, some of which include such prestigious companies as GTE, Jupiter Networks and Marlin Equity Partners. Kheradpir is also the holder of multiple patents pertaining to various networking fields and holds positions on the boards of both Cornell University’s Engineering Council and the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology.

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Securus Makes the Virtual Prison Visit a Reality

Securus Technologies is the company that has been able to provide jail voicemail and video visitation. I like the jail voicemail because it allows me to receive inmate phone calls that I can listen to at any time. I think that this is a great step in the right direction, but the thing that has been the most beneficial for me and my family is the video visitation. This has been a time saver that is better than I could ever imagine.

I am a security guard in a prison system. The visitation is always a hassle for me because there are so many people to check. It is a madhouse in the prison system during this time, but the new software by Securus really cuts down on all of that. It has become a lot less stressful for me as a worker and families because they have more convenience to log on and visit at home. There are some people that want to still come down and see their families members face to face, but this is not as often, and I think that this is good.

I believe that this is the way that software is going, and I think that the correctional facilities should all go in this direction. That is a very good idea because it will eliminate a lot of the fights that sometimes break out when a visitation starts. There are lots of people that seem to know one another when a physical visitation occurs. Sometimes things have ended badly because 2 females may be visiting the same guy at the same time. I am glad that Securus Technology has created a mobile app that prevents all of this madness.

At the other end of the spectrum, I am glad that people can visit on their phones because some people are just frightened when they visit a prison. It is like they are so uncomfortable that they cannot even enjoy the time that they are visiting. I feel sorry for them, but I make sure that I tell everyone about this Securus software. It makes it so much easier to just visit without leaving their homes. I think that this is a good idea. Security has some other products that have recently been updated that we use for things like video monitoring so I knew that it wouldn’t be long before video visitation surfaced. It’s a good thing for families.


Susan McGalla Rejuvenates Pittsburgh Steelers Fashion Lineup

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ have just upgraded their fashion line and their website, according to a CBS Pittsburgh article. The Steelers have had a fairly robust lineup for gear for fans to wear, however, many fans found the color choices always to be lacking as they generally featured the teams colors of black and gold forgoing any other colors. Today is a new day, however, as the Steelers plan to offer new jewelry from Pandora as well as big labels like Tommy Bahama and Victoria’s Secret for the clothing. Changing up the style has meant including new styles for the female fan that might want more color in their outfits including neon yellow, metallic gold and pink for some of the younger female fans. The person behind the changes is Susan Mcgalla. According to CBS Pittsburgh, Mcgalla wanted to offer men something to wear to work while offering women something more feminine. This new strategy will help dress up some items giving all age ranges and sexual orientations will have something to choose from to fit their individual style while supporting their favorite team. Susan McGalla’s position with the Pittsburgh Steelers is Director of Strategic Planning, and will be helping make decisions that cater to fans and helping the organization have a more outward facing structure. McGalla first contributed to American Eagle Outfitters’, during which time she helped buying merchandise for women’s clothing before moving onto other positions within the company. Susan McGalla showed her ability to understand current trends as well as understanding what a group of consumers want. McGalla’s ability to read and understand trends in fashion, and her willingness to find out what customers want, has helped her create growth in the past. The first steps Susan McGalla has taken at the Steelers show’s her continued ability to stay in touch with fans, and understand what different demographics want.  Source: