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Sanjay Shah is Allowing Autism to Gain Exposure


Sanjay Shah, the founder of Autism Rocks, has recently appointed brothers Pete and Will Best to its board of trustees. Shah met Pete Best while attending college and the two have remained friends over the years. Pete resigned from his position as the chief operating officer of investment firm Icap to bring financial expertise to Autism Rocks’ disposal. Will holds extensive hands-on experience in concert event planning, cinema production, and live television hosting skills. Look out for Autism Rocks in headlines in the near future!

Shah decided to found Autism Rocks three years after one of his children was diagnosed with autism, the fastest-growing developmental disorder in the world. Most people have heard the term autism before, but not as many are fully aware of what exactly autism is, how to treat it, and what to look for in abnormally developing children. Because Autism Rocks features world-renowned recording music artists, many people tune in to listen to the concert and become familiar with warning signs of autism and how to seek help. Catching autism early in its manifestation may be crucial in successfully dealing with autism.

Accounting was Sanjay Shah’s career choice, despite originally longing to be a medical doctor. He worked for a handful of financial institutions throughout his first twenty years of working. Around this time, Shah had accumulated enough capital to invest in purchasing companies. In 2009, Sanjay decided he had enough with working for large financial institutions and entities and wanted to work for himself. He founded Solo Capital in 2011 and hasn’t looked back since.

Solo Capital is one of the subsidiaries belonging to Solo Group Holdings, which currently oversees the operations of forty businesses across Europe and Asia. Sanjay Shah oversees both companies’ operations in their entirety. Solo Capital according to companycheckUK deals with sports team investments, stock trading, and consulting primarily. The firm is valued at 15.5 million euros and controls assets worth an astounding 67 million euros. Solo Capital is Sanjay Shah’s primary concern and will be for the foreseeable future.

Those wishing to donate to Autism Rocks can do so online in any denomination desired. One needs to choose which department of Autism Rocks will be funded, which includes autism support groups, art lessons, and other activities. Sanjay Shah will continue to push the importance of autism awareness through Autism Rocks’ operating activities and directly donating to autism research carried out at Cambridge University, the world’s leader in autism research.

Sunday Times published a brilliant article explaining Autism Rocks’ new hires, information about the charitable organization, and the founder Sanjay Shah.

Fabletics Gets Customer Attention With New Stores


The customer is always right. That is the old adage that is often associated with the relationship between customers and people that are selling merchandise. Customers were excited about the website for Fabletics, but many customers have said that they wanted to see a local store coming to their town. Kate Hudson was listening intently, and was wise to listen to what customers were saying about new stores. There won’t be a store on every block, but Kate Hudson definitely has her sites on 100 stores in the next 5 years. That is the speed of light type of growth that Fabletics is presenting. Many customers are impressed with this type of gear that Fabletics has for working out. This has sparked a level of growth that is utterly amazing.

So many celebrities have tried to start companies, but many of these companies have failed to attract the crowds that could sustain the brands. Kate Hudson realized that a brand like Fabletics could stand without any help from her own name. She didn’t see the need to saturate the brand with star power. She does model the clothes, but Hudson didn’t want to be the sole person that was locked into the brand. There are other people behind the brand. She knows that they are all equal stakeholders. She also realizes just how important it is for the brand to carry on even when she is out of the spotlight.

The opening of 100 stores is a true display of how this company is catching the attention of a growing crowd. The thing that makes this a monumental event is the way that this company is able to compete with others as more stores open. There are more than 17,000 Twitter follows for Fabletics and the Facebook Fabletics page is gaining a lot of attention as well.

The variety of yoga pants and leggings are making females go on and check out the website, but the stores play another part in the equation. Women will often shop and work out in groups. When it comes to going to a gym it will often take two people that are willing to motivate one another to keep their membership current.

Fabletics is connecting customers to stores that are going to give people access to clearance sales and holiday sales. This expansion through the physical stores will usher in a new crowd of customers that are able to see and try on some of the garments.
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Who Made The List Of Top Texas Doctors?

When you are looking to find a doctor there might appear to be many options available to you. The problem is, before you go see any doctor, research is critical simple for your own mindset. It is wonderful to have confidence and faith in your doctor isn’t it? It is for this reason that lists get formulated and they include a list of top ten Texas doctors. So, who made the list? Well, before we answer, please keep in mind that there is no numeric order to this list.

Dr. Jay Burns makes the list. Dr. Burns is a plastic surgeon located in Dallas. Dr. Burns comes highly recommended in the Dallas area and in the USA. HE’s even contributed to Oprah’s show on Medical Miracles. If you are looking for top Texas doctors in Dallas,

Dr. Denton Watumull has been around since 1991 and has held many leadership positions in the community of medicine. Dr. Watumell is a Plastic Surgeon also. It is no surprise that with his many accomplishments he has made the list of top doctors.

Some people feel a woman might make the correct doctor for them. If that is the case this expert plastic surgeon is a powerful woman in her own rite. Lucky for us,this doctor also made the list of top ten Texas doctors.

Dr. Jennifer Walden comes from Austin Texas and is known as a Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon. She appeared in the American Airlines magazine and was featured as one of The Best Plastic Surgeons in America. The thing this is awesome is that each doctor was recommended by their peers. This says a lot about the level of respect that Dr. Walden has by her fellow surgeons.

Dr. Jennifer Walden was also featured in Harper’s Bazaar and voted into a team of Texas Super Doctors. According to her patients, they are thrilled to have experienced her work too. Dr. Walden has talked on every things involving cosmetic surgery. She gives her professional advice on safety during and after a procedure, celebrity plastic surgery, procedures and all types of important information. So, if you are looking for the Top Texas Plastic Surgeons, you now have all the information you need to strat the selection process.

Try Skout Out, And Try Being Kind To Others

The Top Random Acts Of Kindness From Skout’s Survey

In an interesting article from Uloop, Skout shares their top, most meaningful random acts of kindness. Apparently, the social media group has recently conducted an intensive survey of their users. The survey was part of the celebration and commemoration of the Random Acts Of Kindness Week. This week of celebrating and appreciating one another is a joyous time that is celebrated over the middle week of February, and it is an international holiday, of course. People all over the world are reminded to be kind to one another, and that kindness should continue throughout the year.

The survey that Skout conducted polled 2,700 of the users on Skout’s application. The Skout community weighed in on what kinds of activities they felt were the kindest ones and held the most meaning in peoples’ lives. Some of these kind acts are really quite sweet, and a few of them actually made me tear up when I read them. Can you imagine how nice it must feel to have your friend borrow your car and fill the tank full of gas? That’s incredibly thoughtful! Another one of the random acts was to leave a tip that is more generous than 10 or 20 percent for a server, and I think that this is often something servers deserve. That would make their day so much better.

Trying Skout For The First Time

When I tried Skout for the first time I wasn’t sure what I would see on their application. However, it was really worth it because it was a great experience overall. I found out that it is easy to meet people through their online platform. It’s a lot of fun to send and receive messages with different people all over the world.

When I first logged into their application I wasn’t sure if I could go through what it takes to meet people on their platform. However, people started messaging me after I set up my profile, and it seemed really easy to get involved in their community. I have been using Skout now for a few months, and I only have positive things to say about their platform. It’s free, it’s fun, and it’s one of the best ways to make friends online. To read the original article from Uloop’s site, go to the link provided here.

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$8 Million Donation By George Soros To Hillary Clinton’s Campaigns In 2015.

In 2015, George Soros donated $8 million to support Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaigns. George Soros is a billionaire political financier has returned to the political funding field after he failed to oust George W. Bush in 2004. Im December, George Soros gave a donation of $6 million to Priorities USA Action, a leading super PAC in Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. This marked his triumphant return to the biggest political givers in American politics list. The Hungarian born billionaire investor gave a total of $8 million in 2015 to fund the campaigns of Hillary Clinton. His donation went to pro-Clinton groups.

Priorities USA action, the super PAC that was given the $6-million December donation, managed to raise over $41 million in 2015. In the second half of that year, Priorities USA Action raised $25 million. This half marked its biggest success in early political donations. The other portion of the $41 million was raised in the first half of 2015. The Federal Election Commission released a report indicating that this super PAC had roughly above $36 million of the donations still in the bank in the beginning of 2016. Other big wig political funders who came behind George Soros in the 2015 biggest donors are; Haim Saban, Hollywood mogul and his wife Cheryl Saban gave out $3 million; Herb Sandler and Donald Sussman, gave out $1.5 million each; Working for Working Americans, a union-affiliated super PAC gave out $1.5 million, all this came out in the second half of 2015.

George Soros started his comeback in the first half of 2015, where he gave out $2 million. This money was divided as follows; $1 million was donated to Priorities USA and $1 million was donated to another Clinton super PAC known as the American Bridge 21st Century. George Soros is currently seen as the creme de la creme of political funding among Democrats. He is known for his willingness to donate eight-figures towards political funding. In 2004, he donated over $20 million to groups that were campaigning to oust the then-President George W. Bush. In 2012, George Soros did not spend much on the political scene, he donated $1 million to the super PAC Priorities USA, in support of President Obama’s reelection. It has been rumored that George Soros has been looking forward to support Hillary Clinton some day. He said that Hillary Clinton has been her great ally who has always been ready to hold talks on policies with him.

George Soros is a Hungarian born American billionaire investor who has a passion for politics. He has over time supported democratic and visionary leader all over the world through his Open Societies foundation. He is also a human rights and democracy activist. He is also known for his deep economic skills and expertise, and has been an economic analyst for a long time.

Visit Open Society Foundations website to know more about George Soros.

The Secrets Of Investing Energy With George Soros Revealed!


When speaking energy investing, George Soros is an extremist! The multi-billionaire hedge fund brainiac, philanthropist, and serial entrepreneur thrive on successful investment strategies. In an exclusive by The Street, George Soros Fund Management surrendered all NRG Energy, Chevron and Chesapeake Energy shares. Economists still cannot make sense of this drastic move by George Soros who’s long been keeping ahead. Unfortunately, non-billionaires cannot invest this heavily. Instead, they’re accustomed to observing investment market trends and making sensible buying or selling decisions accordingly. While billionaire investors like George Soros don’t mind, economists and common market capitalists are trying to make sense of the idea.

With the prospect of pursuing markets that promise highest returns, should investors encourage such a recourse? Apparently, it’s not a rational step for every investor, but it’s a strategy that has ignited curiosity. It’s obvious Soros strategy works as he’s not been trending as Forbes top pick for the wealthiest hedge fund investor for making unwise financial decisions. The influences determining energy prices have the masses worried as volatility peaks. With oil prices skyrocketing, following Russia and Saudi Arabia proposal to freezing oil production, investors have remained hopeful, but it’s a momentary effort. Unfortunately, Iran with the fifth largest oil reserve in the world opted not to endorse the proposal. Now, the weakened energy industry stands a great risk of triggering a chain of chaos throughout economic markets should it continue on this path. Top-performers McDermott, Transocean, and Chesapeake have recently joined the losers according to recent weekly forecast. Worst of all, the World Bank has slashed prices across the board.

Hungarian-born investor, George Soros, who chairs Soros Fund Management continues to support humanitarian and democracy. Through his charity, the Open Society Foundations, Soros sponsors over 100+ countries. He’s inspired followers worldwide with his opinions on economic issues and investing. With an experience spanning over 30+ years, Soros possesses unmatched insight on investing and philanthropy. Having survived the Nazi oppression of Hungary, he sought asylum in England, where he later studied Economics before relocating to the U.S. There, Soros launched his own international investment boutique, which eventually made him extremely wealthy.

Today, Soros sponsors numerous philanthropic organizations, an initiative he’s continued since 1979. Having procured funding, Soros aided Cape Town University students that needed education sponsorship. In addition to his philanthropic duties, he’s penned numerous books, for example, “The Tragedy of the European Union,” a 2014 release. Additionally, he’s a regular contributor to global media outlets, discussing matters of economics, society, and politics. Soros also founded the CEU (Central European University), an educational initiative focused on the ideologies of critical thinking. With several news articles and op-ed submissions to different online media outlets, including the WSJ (Wall Street Journal). The official George Soros website shares the latest investment news about his life’s work.