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WEN by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner is an Extraordinary Hair care Product

Wen hair by Chaz Dean is a hair care line that has revolutionized the beauty industry by deploying to the market a series of innovative hair care products. These products are accompanied by amazing commercials. Emily McClure was curious about the sephora healthy hair care kit and opted to try out its cleansing conditioner.
First trial

Emily decided to begin experimentation of the WEN conditioner after an eventful day. Her hair was greasy, but after showering and apply the conditioner as per the instructions, it appeared bouncy and shiny.

Second trial

Her hair was unusually greasy in the morning, but she still skipped the morning shower. During the evening hours, she washed her hair, applied the WEN conditioner, and blow-dried it. Emily’s hair regained its shiny and voluminous look.

Third trial

In the morning of day three of experimentation, Emily’s hair looked great. After applying the conditioner, other styling products like texturizing paste, and blow-drying, her hair looked prettier.

Fourth trial

She did not clean her hair in the morning. Instead, Emily used ordinary shampoo and other styling products in her salon. Her hair appeared greasy and messy. Trial four was her bad hair day.

Fifth trial

She showered in the morning and applied the cleansing conditioner. Emily not only loved the result, but she was also confident about her hair.

Sixth trial
Emily discovered that the only way to have pretty hair was to use the WEN conditioner every morning. During a night out with friends, they complement the shiny appearance of Emily’s hair.

Seventh trial
She applied the conditioner and loved the result. Emily’s hair retained a shiny appearance for the part of the day.

About WEN by Chaz

The conditioner consists of a perfect blend of specialized ingredients such as herbs and natural botanicals. The cleanser does not contain harsh chemicals or sodium laurel sulfate. A celebrity stylist known as Chaz Dean owns WEN product line. He sells this brand on


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Choosing the IAP Worldwide Services

Searching for a company to assist with plant management, global-scale logistics, and advanced technical services and advanced professional is a tiresome task. This industry has many providers and finding a competent one requires you to carry out a market survey. IAP Worldwide Services are available to both the private and public sectors.

Staffing and services delivered

The company has branches in over 20 countries and more than 1,600 staffs. Their teams respond to emergencies, plan, organize, and carry out complex technical and logistical challenges. They manage, maintain, and operate military installations for small towns, remote survey laboratories, and civilian facilities. They deliver technologies, people, and program management needed for the flexibility of the customers workforce around the world. Their services come at affordable prices.

For the many years, the entity has been in the market it has accomplished a good reputation that has made many clients procure their products. They carry out segment survey to identify the needs of the buyers. The establishment tailors their resources to meet the market demand. The firm has set themselves apart by taking up the missions of the customers as their own, channeling their passion, experience, and conviction into the exceptional results and inventive solutions.

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Operations and growth

The purpose of this enterprise is to solve the most challenging conditions of their clients using proven technological, ingenuity, and expertise skills. They will not leave your plant until you achieve your objectives. The mission and vision statements provide a particular milestone that they adhere to when handling such projects. Experts of IAP Worldwide Services are personally committed to their partners and customers.

From the past, this organization started as a supplier for the generator appliances to the United States Army that was in Saudi Arabia. The management passes the culture of the company down to its workers to ensure they continue delivering quality services. They work with the current U.S military as the supplier for transport, emergency disaster relief, and power generation.

Over the decades, they have reported a remarkable growth in the market. The acquisitions made increases the capabilities they meet their segment. They integrate the acquired businesses into a new department. Your premise will receive the ordered services since the outlets fear to tarnish their name and image.

The organic growth strategy about customer-focused plan and lean operations in government services has also made their services outstanding among their competitors. From the above, it is clear that this entity is capable of meeting your specification. You will enjoy satisfying services without having to travel for long.

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Advanced Big Data Technology Delivered by Securus

Securus Technologies has ascended to another level in their criminal justice technology solutions. Securus Technologies is a 30 year old company with its main headquarters in Dallas Texas. They specialize in inmate and prison communication technology. In late December, 2015, Securus released an upgraded software platform to its already state of the art analytical system, to track “Big Data.” The upgrade is called THREADS 3.1. Full story covered by PR newswire.
One major highlight to the advanced THREADS 3.1 operating system, is the direct integration between THREADS 3.1 and other Securus products, specifically SCP, or Secure Call Platform. SCP is a call management system that provides instant facility, on-site control on all inmate communications and inmate activities, that can assist in ongoing investigations of suspicious activity.

The relevance of this technology can be appreciated by reading the testimonials on the Securus America website, One testimonial describes the elimination of a long standing criminal organization, smuggling drugs into the prison facility by using SCP.

The ability of THREADS 3.1 to listen to Secure Call Platform calls and to receive guided real-time analysis and context sensitive reports, allows investigators to recognize call pattern habits of certain inmates, that can link criminal activity inside and outside the prison’s walls. SCP, one of the industries best, most innovative tool, just got better.

Apart from the advantages to law enforcement, Securus Technologies, helps connect inmates and their loved ones through their Video Visitation options. This amazing technology comes in 2 forms, both described to save time waiting in long lines at the prison facility.

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First is the On-site Video Visitation option which is very similar to a normal visitation where the inmate and the family member sit on opposite sides of the glass, but in this case, the interaction is through video at the prison. The benefit is that a time is scheduled in advance and wait time is eliminated.

Secondly, Securus offers the option for Video Visitation from the comfort of the family’s home. The obvious advantages to this process is that the family members don’t have to drive to the prison, saving time and money. One additional plus is that this process saves the inmate’s family the exposure to the negative aspects of prison, which may be desirable, especially when children are involved.

Securus Technologies is already servicing more than 3000 facilities and 1.2 million inmates and their families across North America. Their commitment is to serve, connect and make our world a safer place to live.

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Shelters Choose Beneful

As the primary worker at the local animal shelter, I have used every dog food brand there is to better the pups’ quality of life. Donations are often dropped off, and I began to see a facebook likely trend. The dogs responded better, looked healthier, and were livelier when I fed them Nestle PurinaStore‘s Beneful.

The smaller dogs and puppies prefer the Beneful Prepared Dog Meals Dog Food. The easy to eat and the natural flavor draws them all in at once. It disappears fast. But they seem to enjoy the Beneful Puppy Healthy Dog food as much as the soft food. Depending on the Amazon sold stock, I vary between the two for their meals.

They crave the large bites and filling flavors that only are offered by Beneful. Whether the Beneful Adult Dog Food, Healthy Radiance that has rice and fish or Beneful’s Adult Dog Food, Healthy Weight, they run to the row of bowls at the same speed. As I do for the younger dogs, I tend to shift between the flavors and brands both for variety and also for the weight control formula that works wonders on the larger, lazier future adopters.

Beneful also provides the best treats for my shelter friends. Beneful’s Baked Delights Dog Snacks is perfect for dogs of any age. When they start their yapping, I merely have to walk the hall, and they know what is in my utility pockets. The snacks are not only healthy but naturally tasty if they make dozens of dogs go decidedly quiet at the notion of having one.

An official notice went out to our no-kill shelter’s sponsors specifically requesting Beneful products. Our loyal supporters load us up.