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Improve your business reputation

Success in the business world requires companies to increasingly be concerned with their reputation on the Internet. To understand why one must think of the way that customers and other business stakeholders consult the Internet before they buy something; the Internet has become a vetting ground for both the legitimacy and quality of businesses. Businesses must continually work to build on their reputation to continue to build up their business reputation.

One way that companies build their online reputation is with a reputation management service. A reputation management firm is a third party firm that is tasked with improving on a company’s reputation online and refuting negative comments and reviews about the business. Hiring a third party firm instead of handling your reputation management internally provides management with the ability to concentrate on growing and running the business and lets the reputation management company do what they are experts in doing.

Deciding which reputation management service to use can be challenging as there are many different companies that are out there providing these services. Start by deciding what your reputation is to start with. Companies that have a very negative reputation to start with will need a different level of care than those who are just looking to build or expand on an reputation.

Develop a list of goals that you want to have for your business reputation and how you are looking to build on your reputation. Then ask to see what tools the online reputation management company will deploy to help you to build your reputation. Examples of services they provide include search engine optimization (SEO), social media tracking and monitoring, and monitoring third party websites and reviews for the business. Each of these require specific levels of expertise and care and it is important to find a firm that is experienced enough to tackle the area in which the company needs the most assistance.

Companies of any size and scope are highly recommended to have a reputation management service review their business reputation and work towards improving their reputation online as it can greatly improve a company’s opportunities to increase revenues and expand their business.

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Norka Luque and Her Musical Career

Music forms an integral part of the entire human well-being. It implants a person’s ability to connect with others, lifts moods and creates an overall positivism in life. People love music. They also adore the people who produce music. That is why many musicians find themselves in the list of highly influential people in the world.

In this post, we are going to talk about one individual who is an embodiment of all the positive values music can bring into someone’s life. We are going to talk about Norka Luque, a promising musician with a brilliant personality. According to Luque, music should be used to create positivism in life and give hope to the hopeless. She acknowledges that it is her responsibility as a musician to make positive changes in society’s perception towards life through constructive song lyrics.

Unlike many artists, Luque’s musical journey has been a long one that spans to the time when she was a young girl. With the help of her parents, she acquired the right tools and good training to practice music as her passion. She enrolled in ivy-league music schools, which gave a her a platform to gain experience in music. In addition to music training, she enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program in France where she studied Business and Management. While in school, she did not stop her love for music. She formed a band known as the Bad Moon Rising that featured a wide genre of music. The band performed at local events and functions.

Her endless efforts to advance her career in music earned her a strong admiration from Emilio Estan, a renowned musical producer in Venezuela. She had to shift her focus from being a banker in Monaco to a full-time musician. Since then, she has managed to release several singles, which are hits in her home country Venezuela. Her single “As You Do”, which was released in 2012, topped the charts in the country for 14 weeks.

Norka Luque currently lives in Miami, FL where she manages her own record label known as NorkaMusic Productions LLC. She is also a regular performer in events. She recently performed alongside Elvis Crespo, Seroussi and Victor Gonzalez at the Billboard Bash, which was presented by State Farm and hosted by Guad of mun2. Norka is yet to release another much anticipated single “Tomorrowland.” People expect it to become one of the best songs released by a Latino female musician this year.

Igor Cornelsen’s Message to Investors: Stay the Long Haul

Legendary investor Igor Cornelsen has always maintained that the key to investment success is focusing on the long term as opposed to quick wins. Investors who come into the investing came without long term strategies, essentially playing the market for fast dollars like the lottery, are destined to fail. Like Igor Cornelsen himself, it is always best to plan for results down the line and not panic over the peaks and valleys along the way. As one of the most successful investors alive today, anybody looking to play the stocks should seriously consider Cornelsen’s advice.

A Lifelong Commitment

Anybody looking to dip into the markets, strike it rich quick, and then walk off into the sunset is almost assured to fail. Igor Cornelsen has stated that a true investor looks at the market as a commitment what will last a lifetime. Any investor wishing to see true generational wealth will need to sit on the markets for many decades in order to see a true profit of 500% or even higher, which makes investing a true career as opposed to a sometime hobby. Anybody not ready to make this commitment is urged to remain on the sidelines.

Cornelsen has always been quick to point out that the stock market is not a get rich quick scheme. A truly smart investor will put their money into sound, intelligent stocks that will make their return on investment far down the line on, reaping much huger profits than you will get just chasing the latest hot stock. What you want as an investor is the highest possible ROI, and you must be patient enough to wait for it to come in over time.

Diversification Matters

Another top tip often espoused by Igor Cornelsen is to spread out your money on a number of small investments as opposed to just throwing it all into one stock. The issue with putting all your money in one place is that you open yourself up to high losses should that stock take a fall. By spreading your investments out across a number of stocks, you are essentially protecting yourself from major losses. Plus, with a high number of stocks on your portfolio there is more chance that at least some of those stocks will be successful.

The true message that Cornelsen and his fellow successful investors often point out is to always look for companies with proven track records for producing returns. Never get caught up in hot new companies or highly tipped stocks. Instead, focus on investing in a number of sound, dependable stocks that have decades under their belt in providing steady returns.

As one of the top investors in the world with many years of success, it is safe to say that Igor Cornelsen’s advice should be well heeded by anyone looking to enjoy long term gains on the markets.

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Securus Continues to Modernizes Prison Technology with New Automated Forms

Securus announced in August 2016 that forms and grievance applications can now be submitted electronically on their ConnectUs platform. Each correctional Institute will decide which forms will be available, but typical forms include inmates’ requests to file grievances, medical and sign up forms. According to’s article, the automated process will save clients time and money.
Online access to forms will also improve inmate’s jail time experience. They will be able to independently file, change, view the status, accept and appeal their forms. Improved transparency of the entire process, will revolutionize communication between inmates and institutions.
Likewise, the automated process will alleviate demands made on correctional officers. Securus projects a whopping 65% savings of correctional officer’s time that previously had been spent entering, changing and filing inmate’s requests. Correctional officers will have more time to devote to the security and the safety of inmates. Institutions that have already implemented ConnectUs automated forms have reported thousands of dollars of savings in paper.


Securus is excited to provide this new service. They boast, “The Inmate Forms and Grievance application on ConnectUs is an example of how we are modernizing our customers with the latest, most effective technologies.” It shows their commitment to their customers, reinforcing their return to their BBB A+ rating earlier this year.

Make Your Online Presence Shine

It’s no secret that online reputation is important, especially as people go online more and more for looking up information. Those who want to get the best information will generally always go online. They know that’s where the best and most accurate information is at.

If you are worried about your online reputation, here are a few things shared by that you can do to take charge of it:

* Set up your social media accounts as soon as possible. Many people simply ignore those businesses which don’t have an online presence. Even if you are a small business, that is no excuse; set up your online media account as quickly as possible. You will be able to compete competitively with all business that way.

* Manage your online feedback. Respond to your online reviews. Claim your Yelp account, claim your Google plus account. Don’t pay for online reviews, though; this is the best way to get noticed in a negative way.

* Own multiple domains for your business. You’ll want one main website that you will direct all traffic too, but you can own multiple online businesses that have options. Many domains are cheap and you can get some for less than the price of a cup of coffee.

* Get into search engine optimization. If you don’t know a lot about search engine optimization, hire someone to do your search engine optimization for you. This will ensure your online presence looks absolutely fantastic and draws customers straight to your door.

* Interact, interact, interact. Never stop interacting with customers, this is by far the best way to gain businesses. Keep your sites updated and polished, and you will have customers attracted to your business faster than you can ever imagine.

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Doe Deere: A Leading Force in the Unique Makeup World

Doe Deere is the creator behind Lime Crime, a beauty supply that focuses on the unique items that people can use to express their true self. The Lime Crime makeup brand is one that has grown exponentially in the past few years, with many finding makeup colors that are not your typical shades of browns, blacks or pinks. Lime Crime was actually launched in 2008, however, the name “limecrime” was registered on eBay in 2004 as a DIY fashion line.

Deere started the line simply because she was inspired and also felt the need to provide unique colors to the public, colors that she herself wanted to wear. Deere was born in Russia, but grew up in New York City which helped to fuel her love of makeup, sewing and other beauty related hobbies. She turned these hobbies into a hugely popular makeup line that is cruelty free, and allows a person to make their own taste individualized.

Doe Deere has several fond memories that are centered around makeup, however, her first real memory of this is at a slumber party at the age of nine. Her and her friends made their faces to look dark and mysterious to match their clothing options, which were all an effort to conjure “spirits”. Deere remembers the event fondly, stating that her friends may have thought she was crazy, but the makeup just made this that more memorable.

Due to her success, Deere is one of those women in the market who has been named to the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made magazine. It is from this role that Deere hopes she can be an inspiration to other young women out there, just as she herself was inspired to think big. Deere’s brand is based on the Internet, and this is one aspect that has helped Lime Crime to become a brand that listen to their customers. As Deere pointed out, being internet based means having instant feedback on products. And since the desire of Lime Crime is to provide products that consumers want, this allows the company to do this with ease. It is clear to see that Deere is one of those women to watch, as her ethics, desire to give the consumer market what they want, along with the way her business is ran is going to keep turning heads.

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