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Women And Their Concern For Hair

One thing that could be said for women is that they often have some of the best looking hair out of the two genders. A lot of it comes from their pride that they take in caring for their hair. However, while a lot of people may admire the hair of women, the women themselves may be frustrated with the appearance of their hair because it does not look the way they want it to. For one thing, they may notice frizz and breakage as well as other forms of damage in their hair. A lot of this is because of the hair care product they use with all of the chemicals placed in it. Fortunately, there are hair care products that are made from natural sources.
This is where Wen hair by Chaz comes in. A lot of people that have tried this new product line have noticed a difference in how their hair looks. As a result, they have found themselves very attracted to the product. The advertising and marketing has shown how effective this brand of hair care is. Women that tried the Chaz Dean product have found that their hair is better looking than before. It has more of a shininess to it as well as an extra bounce. As a result, women have healthier looking and feeling hair that they could show off to their friends.

Wen By Chaz is available in many different forms (see, There are plenty of different varieties that women can choose from so that they can make sure that they get the right product for their hair type. One of the reasons that Wen is so effective is that it provides five different formulas in one container. Among these formulas are shampoo and conditioner. This makes it so that women’s hair is under greater control as opposed to looking damaged. Check out the Wiki page of Wen hair for more info.

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Mike Baur The Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur is the co-founder and CEO of The Swiss Startup Factory. In 2014 The Swiss Startup Factory was born with the idea of creating global companies that are unique to the prevailing norms of business models and products. They offer a three-month accelerated program that will assist early stage startups with financing, coaching, mentoring and office space. They offer their clients access to the entrepreneurial and investment world.

The office space offered is where like-minded individuals can work and share connections. Your office space will include your own desk, access to the lunch room, free Wi-Fi, a fitness room, extra storage space, a conference room and espresso bar. These amenities are made affordable to their clients who are offered a package that is designed for his or her needs.

Financial services provided by The Swiss Startup Factory include bookkeeping, proper invoice and payroll management, financial statements, cash flow reports, tax & VAT reporting and overall financial health reviews. These financial services are important to any company whether it be a well-established firm or a startup.

Located in Zürich, Switzerland The Swiss Startup Factory has become the number one totally independent and privately funded ICT Startup Accelerator in Switzerland in less than three years. They have already launched several successful startups such as Struckd, Blinkers, Carhelper, and Beaconsmind.

Mike Baur makes his home in Fribourg, Switzerland and is strongly connected to the region. As a teenager, he was already fascinated by the world of banking and finance. Mike Baur feels very fortunate that he was able to turn his early passion for finance and banking into his lifelong profession. After receiving an MBA from the University of Rochester New York he attended the University of Bern and earned an Executive MBA degree.

Mike spent the next 20 years working in the Swiss Private Banking industry. He started as a commercial apprentice working for banking giant UBS and eventually served as an executive board member for one of the biggest Swiss Private Bank’s the Clariden Leu and Sallfort. Not being satisfied with what he had already accomplished Mike Baur decided to leave his position and began investing in startup companies, even before he co-founded The Swiss Startup Factory with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer. The three partners decided it was time to provide a platform that would offer young talented Swiss entrepreneurs with ambitious goals the tools and expertise it takes to be a successful startup.



Don Ressler, The Brain Behind JustFab

Update: JustFab becomes TechStyle Fashion Group

There are a number of successful business start-ups that owe their success to Don Ressler. Many of these start-ups, including, are always sold to the willing buyers. Alena media, which was part of the intermix media-buyer of FitnessHeaven generated lots of millions and become the main profit centre at intermix. The division was later sold to News Corp, which later ignored it, leading to the departure of Ressler and Goldenberg to seek for other opportunities.

Their departure from news corp led to the formation of Intelligent Beauty an online advertising platform, which could be executed independently. The platform, which mainly deals with beauty products, saw the creation of DERMSTORE, which is mainly a marketplace for cosmetic and skincare products. A weight-loss system called SENSA was launched two years later. Intelligent beauty is profitable, although it does not release its financial reports to the public on In 2008, the group got a funding of 43 Million dollars from technology crossover ventures.

The company launched a third subsidiary in 2010. JustFab was launched as an online fashion retailer by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, enabled with subscription options. Matrix partners gave a funding of $33 Million dollars to the new company in 2011, the same year that saw Kimora Lee Simmons join the company as its creative director and president. The company did well in its first year, and by December of 2011, a total of 4 Million subscribers had been registered on the company’s website. By March 2012, the company had crossed its 6Million mark. It managed to secure a funding of $76 Million from its parent company’s intelligent beauty, crossover ventures, Matrix partners, and Rho Ventures.

The impetus of the first years gave JustFab the motivation to seek more opportunities. It bought Fabkids, a subscription service that deals mainly with children’s fashion after they realized their existing clients were mainly parents. In May 2013, the company acquired another entity called FabShoes, an e-commerce site with its origins in Europe. This new acquisition was advantageous because it brought with it, existing 500,000 members in Spain and France. This strengthened the group’s European presence to 1.5 million plus membership according to Don Ressler. After the completion of its 40 million dollars funding, the company launched Fabletics to cater for the needs of athletes. A rival group known as ShoeDazzle was acquired in August 2013, and by September; JustFab opened their first offline store. The company got another funding of $85 Million dollars in August 2014, which brought its total capitalization to 250 million dollars.

Don Ressler of Fabletics

FreedomPop Wins In A Comparison To Other Wireless Providers

Those who are customers of popular companies like AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint may have many things in common, but one thing that many can agree on is the fact that all of these companies have different prices for their services. Two of these companies had gotten rid of their unlimited services for cell phones in the past, and after reintroducing those services, the prices have only gone up higher. When companies like Sprint and T-Mobile can lower their prices, Verizon and AT&T have found ways to make their prices higher, especially when it involves unlimited cell phone service.

A FreedomPop review reveals that FreedomPop, a company under the Sprint network, has lower prices and the same great quality as many of the wireless giants out there. Since Sprint is the hosting company for FreedomPop, it allows a lot of customers to be able to use FreedomPop, even if they are in an obscure part of the United States that many other companies may not have phone service. The other great thing about FreedomPop is the fact that they’re also offering Internet service, and this is good news for anyone who needs Wi-Fi service, home based Internet service, and portable hotspots.

The FreedomPop cell phone services vary in price, but there are several unlimited plans that will simply add additional 4G LTE data to the plan when additional funds are paid for the plan. Since the unlimited phone plans start at only $20 each month, anyone who chooses to get one of the higher-priced plans will simply get additional 4G LTE data but will still be paying less than many other companies charge for the same plan. Unlimited talk, text, and web is included with the $20 plan and above, so a user can feel free to splurge when they’re using these services.

FreedomPop has Wi-Fi service available, and the service is only going to set the user back five dollars each month but allows the user unlimited access to the service. As long as the Wi-Fi user downloads the application for the service, they can sign up for the service and use it as much as they want to. Those who want access to FreedomPop’s home Internet service must purchase a hub, but they’ll be able to get Wi-Fi in the home as well. Those who want to use a portable hotspot from FreedomPop can purchase it as well as adding a data plan to it.

How To Have A Reliable Reputation Management

Are you concerned about what information is being distributed about you online? Want to know how to build a good online reputation? With an efficient monitoring and management system in place, you take control of the search engines.

People see what the search engines present about you or your company. Any person or company can publish derogatory information about you or your company and tarnish how you Brand Yourself and your reputation simply by assuming control of your online presence.

A great online reputation is what every business person or professional desires. Sometimes you can get lucky and nobody gives you a bad review, but when they do it can have a devastating impact on your sales and revenue. You need to talk to the experts in the field of reputation management to find out how they can protect your reputation online.

Taking measures to monitor or manage your personal or business online reputation is extremely important. You need to have an effective solution to fix damaged personal profile or brand reputation and establish positive reputation for yourself or your company. It is advisable to take a comprehensive approach to repair or manage your personal or business online reputation. This approach involves removing derogatory content and publishing positive content to establish a more positive, impressive reputation online.

Consider hiring a team of dedicated professionals to help build your reputation online. With the services of a reliable reputation management firm, you will receive a complete set of services that are designed to enable you to take control of how search engines present you to Internet users. A good team of reputation professionals will use their expertise to help you manage and build a positive online reputation.

The sooner you take steps to take control of or manage your online reputation, the better prepared you will be for the unexpected. You can have a customized solution designed to fit your needs. You can also consider a system that works well for individuals and businesses alike. You can make sure that search engines are showing the content you want the world to see.