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Handy Is Now Offering All Kinds Of Plumbing Services

When most people need plumbing services, they look for the closest plumber that may have reasonable prices. The problem with plumbing services is that they can be expensive, and not every plumber that advertises themselves is insured or licensed to perform plumbing duties. Those who have never thought of Handy as a plumbing company should change their thought process because has plumbing services in many areas. Those who need plumbing services can create an appointment for the service, and the appointment can be fulfilled the next day unless the customer wants to put it for another future date.

One very common plumbing service that people want is to have a garbage disposal installed or fixed. Many garbage disposals will cause problems over time, especially when the holidays come around and it’s used excessively. Those who have a garbage disposal may use it a lot around Thanksgiving and other food-based holidays, so they may need to call a plumber to have the disposal unit fixed if it chips out and stops working. Those who want a garbage disposal installed because they don’t currently have one can also ask a Handy employee to do the installation for them.

Drains are always a problem because they can constantly get clogged by anything that goes down them, especially when a person chooses to dump oil or any type of grease down the drains. Since drains have to be cleaned and snaked once in a while, a Handy employee that does home cleaning NYC and plumbing services will be able to get the drains clean, so the drains will be flowing freely again. Who doesn’t have a problem with their toilets at some point? Since toilets are in every home and business, they are constantly used and are easy to become stopped up.

Any stopped up toilet may need the help of a plumber, which may require plunging or snaking. Plumbers that work for Handy will have their background information checked to make sure they are eligible to work for the company. A plumber also has to have a license to conduct plumbing jobs, so this means that Handy doesn’t just hire a person that has plumbing skills but a licensed plumber that has the right credentials. Handy isn’t only known for cleaning services anymore, especially when so many other services are needed in a home, including the great plumbing services that they offer.

Save on Lights with Gooee LED

You have probably heard about LED lighting in the past but we’re not sure of what it could do for you and your home. One thing you will find about LED lighting unlike anything else that is currently on the market is that it saves people a lot of money. By switching to specific LED bulbs in every single light fixture with in your home, you can actually save hundreds of dollars at the end of the year just by the type of lightbulb that you are using. This is why people are switching to Gooee LED lighting and are thrilled with the product that they are able to receive from this specific type of company.

It is a good idea for you to consider LED lighting for yourself right now because of the fact that this is a great way to save money. If you are not sure which company to choose for yourself when it comes to the LED lighting that you are purchasing, Gooee is a great company for you to go to because of the quality of their products and the fact that they can help you choose the one that is right for your home. You will also find that a lot of business owners are actually making the switch to LED lighting because this is simply a better option for them and their offices. Saving money is something that every homeowner once and it is easier to do when you simply switch out the light bulbs that you are using on a regular basis.

Thor Halvorssen: Fighting Against Injustice and Oppression

When it comes to safeguarding and protecting the human rights against oppression, the Human Rights Foundation has proven to be very successful. This organization is considered as a small organization that only goes after the big fish. The organization has managed to uncover some of the injustices facing humanity such as the Tabaco’s Hidden Children and investigating the Guantanamo Bay detention camp.

The Human Rights Foundation is well known for the Oslo Freedom Forum. Some of the major donors of this organization include Peter Thiel who is the co-founder of PayPal as well as Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

Thor Halvorssen was born on 9th March 1976 in Venezuela. He is well known for uncovering corruption in the Venezuelan government, a move that led to the torture of his father in prison and the death of his mother during antigovernment protests in Caracas.

Thor is known to oppose Latin America dictators, and his opinions about leadership and governance have featured on various platforms such as the New York Times, the Washington post as well as the Wall Street Journal. Thor has also made appearances in various media and television outlets such as BBC News as well as Fox News Channels and Al-Jazeera to explain his ideologies and beliefs.

According to a Youtube video, Thor Halvorssen considers himself as a classical liberal and refuses to be referred to as a conservative liberal. As for Thor, he doesn’t mind about the political inclinations of the people he chooses to work for as long as they have the same mission.

Thor Halvorssen loves people and has a special adoration for the rebels who opposes dictatorship and authoritarianism. People who work for the Human Rights Foundations comes from all walks of life as they include dishwasher Democrats to very learned people. A notable member of the Human Rights Foundation is the attorney Javier El-Hage.

Thor’s cousin is in prison in Venezuela for opposing the Venezuelan government. Thor comes from a long line of royalty as his father descends from a Norwegian king while his mom comes from the family of the first Venezuelan president.

Other former and present member of the Human Rights Foundation include the late Vaclav Havel as well as the Russian human activist by the name Garry Kasparov.

EOS Lip balm offers a great packing, a sweet smell and a wonderful taste

The EOS lip balm came with a totally new different lip balm concept. The product directors never wanted to make something that would be another fad. They wanted to engineer a product that would provide a test of all time. They managed to do this through a proper packaging and proper ingredients. Today, the EOS lip balm has beat most of its competitors. It has proved to be an extremely useful product for a very long time. The lip balm has been constantly pleasurable. It is effective and provides a consistent pleasure when used.

The EOS product is meant to engage all your five senses. It has a soft round packaging that engages your eyes and hours. The colors of the orbs and its smells create a significant flavor you will always want to have. Even the talk of it from a friend makes you want to engage with the lip balm.

EOS lip balm has managed to beat other products in the market due to the perfectness in the product. According to Fast Company at, the product has managed to beat other products due to the perfect nature of their product. This has seen it receive a massive social media following. A simple google search reveals talks of the amount of press the business has received in the recent past.

The product success is also highly attributed to the pricing and packaging. The round idea of the lip balm came from customer research. Women initially never found a product that could be placed in their backs without worrying about having them roll off a dresser. The company then decided to make a product that had a natural roundness. The natural roundness is something that women appreciate instinctively. The exclusive ingredients that come with the product helps one hydrate their lips through sealing its moisture. EOS products are available on Walmart and can also be bought online thru the ULTA website.

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Allegations and the Rebuttal

In the technology world, changes and new developments are constantly happening. With all the changes and new technologies, patents come into play. Holding a patent allowing a company or an individual to have the rights to create and market a specific product or service. When multiple companies are working within the same industry and are working to create the same technology, patents and who has access to them can become very competitive.


This is the case between Global Tel Link, or GTL, and Securus Technologies. GTL recently put out a press release claiming that Securus Technologies is violating many patents and that the have no rights to them. They also claim that Secures is too willing to sue anyone who challenges them.


Within days, Securus Technologies fired back and made many corrections to the press release put out by GTL. Securus went issue by issue and stated their case on how the allegation was false. They used facts and a lengthy explanation to back up every correction that they were making. Securus Technologies claims they have done nothing wrong and that they are well within their rights to be using the patents that they are using. They also stated that they are anything but sue happy and that they only bring lawsuits when they feel it is absolutely necessary. View the company profile on


All that is playing out between Securus Technologies and GTL may take many years to resolve. Patent litigation can take years to try in a court of law and Securus Technologies is ready for that battle.