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Kate Hudson Takes Over The Internet One Yoga Pant at a Time with Fabletics

In the fashion world, it has become harder to be successful when Amazon reigns 20% of the fashion industry of the e-commerce market. For Kate Hudson, she was not going to let that rain on her parade. The Fabletics business is ever growing and this has not caused her $250 million dollar business to be halted. For more than 3 years, there has been a popular movement of active wear. For consumers, this market is popular among all age groups.


If you are not familiar with Fabletics, you might not know that this popular movement has allowed consumers to receive new active wear through a monthly subscription to the Fabletics monthly subscription. You will receive new active wear at the beginning of each month and these will continue on until you either decide to cancel your membership or if you choose to skip a month or two of your membership.


Fabletics is much like the rest of your monthly subscriptions. You either will opt to purchase or not purchase before the deadline of your monthly subscription is due. If you decide to purchase something, you will receive your monthly allowance and you can either continue to receive them or you may cancel your membership.


Kate Hudson worked very hard to make a name for herself and this is no different. Kate is a active workout and yoga participant and therefore she knows what it takes to be comfortable in your workout gear. She knows what it feels like to be constricted and how uncomfortable you might be in certain types of active gear and therefore knew what needed to be done in order to feel comfortable and confident in her active wear. The yoga pants are ideal for someone who wants to bend freely and be comfortable while doing downward dog or other yoga positions. If you want to have beautiful and comfortable active wear, Fabletics is one way for you to do so.


Fabletics offers a great deal to get you started and when you signup, you will receive your first set of yoga pants for $25 dollars. This will get you started and from then on out, you will either need to accept the next shipment or opt out of the next shipment. You can either make a phone call to tell a representative what you would like or you may visit their webpage to opt out. Either way, you wont be displeased with your new active wear.

Don Ressler’s Life and Entrepreneurial Journey

About Don Ressler
Don Ressler is an entrepreneur behind the success of a series of startups. Don Ressler is instrumental in the success of Intelligent Beauty and its affiliates. Don Ressler’s first start-up was FitnessHeaven. In 2001, it was acquired by Intermix Media prompting Ressler to team up with Adam Goldenberg to start Alena Media. Alena Media’s performance advertising and e-commerce division generated revenue to the tune of a hundred millions. Nonetheless, the firm was acquired by New Corp in 2005 leaving the dual without an option than to explore new opportunities.

Intelligent Beauty
Leveraging their skills in the thriving online performance industry, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg decided to create a brand that they would execute autonomously. They gathered a group of former Alena workers and held a brainstorming session at Goldenberg’s home to develop a new brand. As a result, Intelligent Beauty was formed. Intelligent Beauty is a direct-to-consumer brand building business specializing in online cosmetics and skincare and weight-loss systems. The formation of Intelligent Beauty brought in the founder of Intermix Brett Brewer as the CEO and Dr. Alan Hirsh as product developer. Although Intelligent Beauty does not release its financial report, its weight-loss system and online cosmetics site seem to be highly profitable.

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JustFab’s funding history
JustFab is a subsidiary of Intelligent Beauty that specializes in subscription e-commerce fashion retailer. After bootstrapping most of its funds within the first two years, JustFab received $33 million in funding from Matrix Partners. Kimora Lee Simmons served as JustFab’s head of creativity, and by the end of 2011 they had over 4 million subscribers. After reaching the targeted six million subscription mark, Adam Goldenberg Don Ressler raised a second round of funding. As a result, they secured $76 million from JustFab’s parent company, Intelligent Beauty, Matrix Partners, Rho Ventures, and Crossover Ventures.

Benefiting from the success of its first two years, JustFab decided to expand its addressable market. Recognizing that most of its existing customers were parents, JustFab acquired FabKinds, a children’s fashion subscription. Later on, JustFab acquired Fab Shoes, a European fashion e-commerce site bringing with it 500,000 subscribers from Spain and France. As of December 2013, JustFab had over 3 million subscribers across Europe. In October 2013, JustFab teamed up with Kate Hudson to start Fabletics, an athletic wear site. Furthermore, it acquired ShoeDazzle, a rival shoe subscription in August 2013. Besides diversifying its services to European markets, kids’ wear, and athletics, JustFab took its services offline by opening a flagship store in September 2013.

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Bruce Levenson’s Role In Sports Ownership

Antony Ressler is working in conjunction with the ownership group for the Atlanta Hawks regarding the sale of this team. Ressler is best known as an investor with access to equity in the billions.

The group Ressler is working with includes Grant Hill, a previous player with the NBA and Jesse Itzler. They are purchasing the Hawks from Bruce Levenson and other assorted investors for a total of $850 million dollars. The owners are expected to give their approval to the team’s sale.

Ressler made a statement saying becoming the Hawk’s new stewards is both an honor and absolutely thrilling. He fully respects the process the NBA goes through and is sending plenty of luck to the Hawk’s for the playoffs. The amount the team is selling for is said to be a very strong number in regards to the current market.

The NBA has an extremely strong product in todays market and are a reflection of what the market may become in the future. Levenson along with other individuals purchased not only the Hawks, but the Atlanta Thrashers of the NHL and the rights to use Philips Arena for a total of $250 million back in 2004. They then sold the Thrashers in 2011 for $170 million.

Ressler was interested in purchasing the Clippers from Los Angeles previously but Steve Ballmer’s price of $2 billion dollars was more than his team was willing to pay. Ressler also has a small ownership in the Brewers from Milwaukee. Hill decided he wanted to be a part of Ressler’s group and did join. It is believed Hill will also have a very small stake in the ownership but according to the NBA’s new rules it must be a minimum of one per cent.

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James Dendoro Joins The Executive Board Of Cox School Of Business

Southern Methodist University has appointed James Dondero to the executive board of Cox School of Business, a branch of the Dallas-based University. The appointment was announced earlier last month. It is an indication of Dondero’s growing commitment to the private university.

Before the appointment, Dondero’s was connected to the company through his company, Highland Capital Management. The company has been engaged in financing the university’s George W. Bush Presidential and Museum program. James, who also serves as Highland Capital Management’s president, founded the investment-banking firm.

Dondero was particularly pleased with the appointment and termed it as an opportunity to support the business school’s contribution to the vibrant business community in Dallas. He also pointed out at his many talented employees, who studied at the University. James asserted that he would redouble his efforts to enhance the various growth and excellence initiatives that have been started by Cox School of Business.

The executive board of business school is made up of about 100 appointed members. A member of the board can be either an academic or non-academic. Currently, most members of the board are non-academics. The board meets thrice every year to advise the business school on its strategies. These meetings are held in fall, winter, and spring.

James Dondero is an entrepreneur, trader, and expert in credit and equity markets. His 30 years career has seen him transform the industry by providing innovative solutions to different challenges. His most outstanding contribution is the development of Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO).

James Dandero co-founded Highland Capital Management to provide its clients with unique services. They are tailor-made to the specific need of an individual. This strategy has enabled the company to be on a growth trajectory and establish itself in the industry.

Apart from his leadership responsibilities at Highland Capital, James Dondero is also associated with numerous undertakings. He is the chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare, NexPoint Residential Trust, NexBank, and CCS Medical.

He is also an active member of the board of MGM Studios and Jernigan Capital. Dondero is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). He holds dual majors in Accounting and Finance from the prestigious University of Virginia.

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