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A New User Shares Her Wen by Chaz Experience

A recent article on Bustle chronicles a new users experience with the Wen by Chaz hair care products. Because of the price difference, the writers expressed that the common user would be unsure of the effectiveness of the product and make the purchase. After deciding to use the main hair cleaning product within the Wen hair care line, the Bustle writer proceeded to cleanse and style her hair relying only on the product. A noticeable difference to her styling routine or results were not significant, but she did note that it is recommended to use the entire hair care product line simultaneously for the best results.

Wen Hair Care products were created by hair care expert and stylist Chaz Dean. The difference between these hair care and styling products and most offered on the market is that these lack harsh chemicals and ingredients that cause damage to hair. In using only ingredients that will clean hair and nourish the scalp, the condition of the hair and scalp is improved in order to enhance the appearance of hair and build up the health of the scalp. In this way these products work with the body and hair in order to give users the best head of hair possible.

Wen by Chaz is a newer hair care product line that was created completely from scratch by its founder, Dean. After working in the industry himself, he realized that women needed products that cared for their hair while cleaning it, and opted for safe, clean ingredients. While Wen products are recommended for cleaning and nourishing hair, many satisfied customers also love that their hare is easier to maintain and style as a result of using the product line.

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The Best New Thing In New York Is The Madison County Courier

The Madison County Courier is established to guide people in New York to the perfect attorney for their situation. With the rise of cases in all areas of the law, this new service has been helping thousands of people every single day. Any New Yorker skeptical of this new service can easily go to the appropriate website and observe all the wonderful reviews that can be found there. These wonderful reviews are updated on a daily basis, and all of the individuals leaving these reviews can be contacted.


Any individual in need of a lawyer for any situation can visit the Madison County Courier website 24 hours a day and seven days a week. A quick survey like document must be filled out. This document requires information regarding the type of attorney that is needed, the amount of money that is available to be spent, and the urgency of the matter. After this document is filled out, the individual in need of an attorney will receive a full list of all available attorneys for their situation.


There is absolutely no charge for this service. It is fully paid for by the New York Bar Association. Going further, any person feeling they have been overcharged can contact the New York Bar Association, and an investigation will be conducted immediately.


At all times, New Yorkers also have the right to contact Attorney Jerry Goldstein. Attorney Goldstein is responsible for putting this program together. He fought to make sure this service would be free and available to every individual within New York. Jerry is available by phone, email, or social media. Any person in need of additional information may contact him at any time. He has a few different degrees from various well-known schools. However, he is fantastic at helping common people fully understand legal terms.

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Multiple Sclerosis’ Enlightening Research

Most of the infectious & immune-mediated diseases have a neurological connection. In most of the cases, these illnesses stems from or cause neurological damage which consequently affects the nervous systems. Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an example of the said diseases that causes physical impairments, brain lesions, chronic pain and speech difficulties among other symptoms. The most common form of this disease is relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. DR. Shiva Gopal Vasishta is one of the doctors who is committed to finding the cure and treatment options for such illnesses. Most recently, a research conducted by Immune Tolerance Network (ITN) is the closest people have come in finding a solution for the illness.

The research conducted by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases’ sponsorship was carried out over a period of five years and its final five-year report has just been publicized at a medical journal. The test subjects were 24 patients aged between 26-52 years. The doctors stripped them of their immune through chemotherapy after taking samples of their stem cells and later injected the cells back into their bodies in a process called “HDIT/HCT (high-dose immunosuppressive therapy and autologous hematopoietic cell transplant)”. 69% of the patients’ MS stabilized with a few of them showing improvements and recovering some of their physical abilities. According to the findings, this method of treatments is more effective than long-term treatment with normal MS drugs.

  1. Shiva is a neurological & psychiatrist based in New Jersey who studied medicine at the government medical college, graduated in 1979 and completed his residency at Boston University medical center. He has more than 30 years’ experience in the field and is currently part of Eastern Neurodiagnostic Associates but still works closely with Kennedy Health System Cherry Hill Campus. He is also enrolled with medicare so he can prescribe drugs to all the patients with its benefit.

Jason Hope’s Beliefs As a Futurist

Jason Hope has made a major name for himself as an entrepreneur. However, one of the areas that he has worked the most in is being a futurist. He has worked as someone who has looked at and has commented on the latest tech trends. He is also someone who makes a prediction of the best step forward towards the future.

One topic that has caught his attention and is making a major difference in the world as far as he is concerned is the Internet of Things. He is very fascinated about what this type of technological advancement can do.

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As a writer, he has written on the topic of the Internet of Things to a very large extent at He has had a lot to say about this new advancement. As a matter of fact, he has called it the greatest advancement in the technological industry. For one thing, the internet itself has done a lot more than offer entertainment and education, it has offered a lot of job opportunities for people as well as opportunities for people to more easily build their business. The Internet of Things promises to offer even more to the customer so that they will be able to experience a greater way of life.

Jason Hope has seen how the internet has made life easier for people. The internet has become a full digital world with full businesses being created online. Many people who have found it difficult to get work have found plenty of job opportunities that they can take part in over the computer. This is one of the best things that the internet has done for users. One could hope that the Internet of Things is going to bring forth some similar advancements and opportunities for people. Jason Hope is definitely going to talk about the new developments as they come.

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Patty Rocklage, Psychotherapist and Philanthropist

As an experienced, accomplished , professional, and licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Patty Rocklage of Sudbury, Massachusetts, feels that it is a privilege to assist Greater Boston Area couples, individuals, and families in working through a wide range of issues. After more than 20 years in practice, she has developed a warm communication style that appeals to those who are trying to overcome life’s struggles.


Marriage and Family Therapists are trained not only in psychotherapy but also in family systems, which allows a focus on understanding the clients’ symptoms in relational interactions that are an influence on one’s behavior. Research has been done showing that family-based interventions by MFTs are effective in a wide range of clinical issues that include relationship problems, depression, mood disorders, anxiety, substance abuse, and more. MFTs are concerned with the long-term well-being of individuals and their families.


Patty and her husband, Dr. Scott Rocklage, PhD ’82, proved on July 18, 2016, that they are also philanthropic when they gave a major gift to MIT’s Chemistry Department to help with the costs of the newly renovated nanochemistry and nanotechnology lab space. A plaque honoring the Rocklages is displayed in the lab’s vestibule, and tributes were paid to them that day.


Scott Rocklage stated that MIT gave him the foundation for his career and professional life, and he wanted to show their gratitude. He had carried out his PhD studies as part of a research group in the Department of Chemistry under Professor Richard R. Schrock, a Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry.


As a side personal note, the Patty Rocklages had sought out Sudbury Kitchen and Bath to renovate their kitchen and ended up completely changing their home over a six month period. That included a three season porch, a new farmer’s porch, a flipped front foyer, a relocated front door, and a completely renovated living area with an open area, matching cabinet finish and tiles, flat screen TV, and a new bar. The exterior landscaping included eco-friendly and budget-friendly walk ways, a new driveway, and stonewall work. Sudbury was able to complete all that in a timely manner and caused minimal disruption in the family’s everyday life.