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David Giertz on Financial Advisors and Social Security

David Giertz, the head of Nationwide Financial’s sales organization, recently sat down with Wall Street Journal’s Wealth Advisor to talk about how financial advisors are not talking with their clients about the place of social security in their retirement plan. According to Giertz, helping clients with their social security needs is essential as clients might seek out other advisors with more expertise on the subject.

Giertz added that one reason that a financial consultant’s inattention to social security could be catastrophic is timing. Signing up for social security too soon could cost a retiree up to a $1000 per month in benefits over the long-term on Ideamensch. On the other hand, individuals who decide to put off receiving benefits will see their eventual benefit amount grow by approximately 8% per year.

As David Giertz points out, too many people think they can require at the minimum age. But the minimum age is just that, a minimum, and those who take this approach will have their benefits slashed substantially, perhaps as much as 25%. For many people, waiting can mean a significant increase in benefits, which can be life-saving as one of Nationwide’s surveys found that many end up with health issues sooner than they thought they would encounter them.

David Giertz is President of Sales for Nationwide Financial. Based in Dublin, Ohio, Giertz has over 30 years of experience in the field and holds four licenses and certifications. He knows the importance of staying current and has a keen interest in retirement planning, mutual funds, and financial markets.

Giertz holds a degree in Business from Millikin University and an MBA from the University of Miami. After earning his MBA, he was recruited by Nationwide to head up their distributors channel. He is a licensed registered representative and is also certified as an industry arbitrator with FINRA at

OSI Group Superhero, Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin is the superhero of OSI Group. Coming from a strong financial and investor background, he accepted OSI’s request to become CEO in 1970. It all started out with the bank offering him an “ownership position in Otto & Sons.” ( Mr. Lavin’s business knowledge proved to be successful since a big corporation like McDonald’s requested to work full time after Lavin joined in. He helped OSI Group go from a small company to one of the world’s top food suppliers. Fast forwarding to the 21st century, Lavin has helped build OSI to a company with almost “20,000 employees globally.” Treating employees right has been one of his key focus as they have expanded in multiple countries.

Speaking of all of his successes, he was honored with a Global Visionary Award around March 2016. The Global Visionary Award is one of India’s way to honor key leaders around the world. Those leaders who have “turned their dreams into reality” during the ups and downs. They are recognized for never giving up and succeeding greatly. OSI Group has also been recognized for a wide array of awards.

Some for community involvement and others for different business tasks. Forbes recognized OSI Group for being a billion dollar company in 2011. Mr. Lavin still controls business transactions with OSI Group til this day. It is amazing to see a company with so many loyal employees and business relationships. Mr. Lavin has impacted so many people lives in a major way since he became Cheif Executive Officier with OSI Group.

Bring Fugitives to Jail with the Help of Securus Technologies

My job as a fugitive hunter is making sure that these criminals are back behind bars before they hurt innocent people. The issue that I have working on the fugitive task force is we have very limited resources to get a lead on these fugitives. In the past, we had a network of informants who would step up and give us information to bring these folks back to jail.


As soon as I get the word that a fugitive is on the loose, my first action is to reach out to the family and see if they are in communication with this person. We set up surveillance to make sure they are not aiding the fugitive, and then we widen the search to relatives and friends. If the fugitive is part of a gang, then we have to take different action.


My favorite resource is heading to the jail and listening in on the inmates as they talk on the phone. The old systems relied on officers figuring out what the inmates were saying, but the new inmate communication system installed in the jail by Securus Technologies has changed the way we find fugitives. This company is based in Dallas TX, and CEO Richard Smith says that he and his one thousand employees all work to the same objective, connecting and making the world a safer place for everyone.


Now as soon as I was trained to use the system and learned about the LBS software, I struck gold on the first day. The fugitive I was hunting was part of a gang, and his brothers were still behind bars and chattering about his escape. They thought we could not decipher their talk about his hiding with gang soldiers, and so did the fugitive when we rolled up on him at his hideaway that evening.


Kim Dao’s BTS fashion that won’t go out of style

In this style inspired video, Kim Dao, a beauty and fashion YouTuber who possesses over 327,000 subscribers, gives viewers a fashion show of suggestions of what to wear when going back to school. With this school year ending and warmer weather upon us, these outfits may just be appropriate for casual summer and spring attire.


The first outfit Kim Dao presents to viewers is a white off the shoulder blouse with subtle grey stripes with faded blue denim ‘jeggings’ and white sneakers to match her top. The jeans are appropriately high waisted, her blouse is conveniently tucked into the denim showcasing the front stitching. Kim Dao displays her accessories first; showing a Swarovski pendant necklace.


Kim Dao’s second outfit she displays to her 58,000 viewers is an all light colored lace-y almost conservative outfit. Kim Dao’s top is a see through lace buttoned up collared blouse from Liz Lisa. She also accessorizes yet again with a charming black sunglasses headband. Dao’s skirt is a high waisted pencil skirt in the shade pale dogwood from H&M. It includes a pop of color from the gold shaded buttons exposed up front.


Next, Dao lays out another lightly inspired look. She wear a soft pink cap backwards, reminding viewers this is in fact a back to school video by bringing back style that was celebrated in the 1980s. Her blouse is very similar to the top shown in the first outfit, but not the same. This one is powder white but still lingers the off the shoulder collar and raised sleeves. She wears yet another light pink bottom — a fringed skort with a white inlay underneath the skirt section.


The next ensemble is a bit more neutral. Dao’s top is a deceptive white Harvard Law shirt (underneath it reads ‘Just Kidding’). Again, high waisted denim shorts, this time much darker and slightly faded. Interestingly enough this outfit has no accessories.


Dao’s last unfolding is another lightly neutral concoction. She wears a shaded pink outer jacket with raised sleeves button up, and large pockets on either sides. Her white shirt is a slight low cut plain top. She wears a pair of light faded hot shorts that she tucks her H&M top into.


Foresite Capital continues to make headlines in the healthcare field

Foresite Capital is a remarkable healthcare growth equity company. It offers growth capital to the upcoming health care champions, in both public and private markets, with disruptive products and also services. The company is based in San Francisco and also has a workstation in the New York. Jim Tananbaum is lucky to hold the top ranks in the firm. He works as the Managing Director, Principal Executive Officer, as well as the Managing Director of this firm.

Foresite Capital is delighted to welcome a great talent into their workforce. Dr. He is the new entrant in the company. Dr. He brings her rich knowledge in genomics, and her leadership record is unmatched. Previously, she has worked at Illumina where she championed the firm’s worldwide protein reagent modernization. Prior to joining Illumina, she also championed the development of the firm’s single molecular chemistry. More so, in her early years of her career, she worked in the pharmaceutical sector where she focused on the development of molecular and antibody drugs that targeted cancer and immune ailments. She holds an undergraduate qualification from Nankai University and a doctorate in Protein biophysics. Moreover, she has over 20 publications in the field of healthcare modernization.

Being an industry leader for 25 years, Jim Tananbaum is an investor who focuses on building franchises within the healthcare sector. One of the core achievements is when he was the co-founder of the GeITex pharmaceuticals. During this time, they brought two drugs into the field which sold for $1.6billion. He is also a co-founder of Prospective Venture Partners II and III and Theravance, Inc.

Jim Tananbaum holds both Bachelor of Science and Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering undergraduate qualifications from Yale University. Also, he also holds an M.B.A and M.D from Harvard University. He is proud to have worked on the advisory committees and boards to various institutions, among them, Yale School of Engineering and Harvard. Recently, he has made a huge investment in the Allergen Research Firm. Mr. Jim continues to make headlines for his huge medical field investments which include Unicorn Intarcia Therapeutics, diabetes treatments, and Juno Therapeutics.

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