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Life Line Screening is a committed company that aims to help its patients prevent vascular related diseases. With millions of individuals already offered the services, the agency continues to pursue the commitment to provide certified board professionals capable of reviewing every ultrasound to guarantee correct test results and accurate readings.

Andrew Manganaro is the head expert and takes upon himself to make sure that all protocols put in place are followed to the later. Andrew Manganaro’s idea for his agency came long back when he used to serve as a cardiovascular surgeon. During that time, he witnessed the often fatal and devastating effects of cardiovascular diseases. He saw many patients succumb to heart illness and he came up with the ingenious idea of reducing heart disease risk factors before they could take over the lives of many patients.

Basically, at the hospital, several daily tests can be performed to evaluate the body pressure and the idea here is to get consistent results. Individuals with high blood pressure have a greater risk of experiencing a stroke, besides; high blood pressure can also reduce cardiovascular resistance, affect certain organs and also promote chronic stress.

Revealing Symptoms during the doctors’ engagements

Patients need to schedule at least a couple of annual medical appointments, and before foreclosing to the doctor what’s up, the patients have to create a record of all symptoms that were experienced. The patient may also need to establish a catalog that indicates the severity and frequency of the particular symptoms. The record may also show the individual’s commonly taken foods and supplements, sleep quality and even the patient’s regular activities.

Thyroid Gland Monitoring

All patients experiencing weight gain or chronic fatigue are often prescribed to a blood thyroxin screen. The screening is mainly for establishing triiodothyronine quantity. This hormone’s supply significantly affects the blood pressure level. Patients found with a lower concentration of the hormone are prescribed to green tea extracts, tyrosine, and magnesium and cyanocobalamin supplements. At the agency, patients can also get recommended to selenium products, the most common antioxidant that promotes blood triiodothyronine that in turn reduces cardiovascular disease risk factors.

Brian Torchin-A Medical Recruiting Icon

Brian Torchin is a accomplished healthcare staffing industry professional and Chiropractic practitioner, who is Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Health Care Recruitment Counselors in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

He is known world-wide for his staffing abilities in the medical industry and has been featured on CNN IReport. At HCRC he works in the role of matching and staffing Chiropractors, Chiropractic personnel and other medical professionals with medical practices around the world.

The advantages and goals of working with the Health Care Recruitment Counselors is that they provide and match quality applicants to health care practices throughout the United States, Europe and Asia.

They also offer prospective applicants career counseling which can build a long trusting relationship with clients for years to come. It is this level of Customer Service that makes Brian Torchin and HCRC stand ot from the rest.

As a practicing Chiropractor, Brian Torchin knows the importance of having the aid of an agency to help find the perfect institution in which to practice medicine in their field. Whether it be a doctor, nurse, office manager, or even administrative personnel, Brian knows the importance of each role, and can provide that personnel whether it be on a temporary or permanent basis.

Because there is not a central location for all of the open positions available to applicants and some applicants are practicing and short on available search time, they need a staffing agency that can work in their favor to find the perfect position.

According to Glassdoor, Brian Torchin graduated with a degree from the University of Delaware and New York Chiropractic College. He has been featured on CNN IReport and other mass media outlets.

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Mike Baur’s Career Progression from Banking Industry to Entrepreneurship

Mike Baur is a Zurich based entrepreneur and co-founder of Swiss Startup Factory. Prior to switching to entrepreneurship, Mr. Baur was a banker for about 20 years, serving at Clariden Leu and UBS. In December 2014, Mike Baur, Max Meister and Olive Walzer partnered and co-founded the Swiss Startup Factory. This is a privately funded accelerator that aims to help Swiss startup firms of tomorrow. According to Mike, there are several publicly funded accelerators, but Swiss Startup is independent with entrepreneurial structure.


Mike Baur’s Career Profile


Mike Baur began his career at UBS as an apprentice. He served as deputy managing director at the bank. After eight years, Mr. Baur was named as Clariden Leu’s Chief Executive Officer. This firm was formed following the merger of numerous privately owned banks. When Mike left UBS in 2008, the bank was hit hard by the financial crisis. Mike took advantage of the situation and hired former staff of UBS who move with their clients to Clariden Leu. According to Mike, the crisis offered them the opportunity to grow their firm. Mike believes executives in the private banking sectors are reluctant to accept change and it is killing the industry. He cites the digital transformation that is being experienced currently in the industry, and many are still acting in denial.


In 2011, Mike was appointed as the director of Clariden Leu, and a few months later Credit Suisse acquired the bank. Mike was not prepared for that acquisition, and was added more responsibilities that risked the entrepreneurial network he had build while serving at Clariden. He decided to call it quit following the advice of Jean-Claude Biver, his mentor, and from the support of his wife. Mr. Baur then met the other co-founders of Swiss Startup Factory, and the same time he started to offer advisory mandates for some of the Switzerland’s largest assets. According to Mike, he has invested 35% of his time to these mandates today, and the rest to the accelerator.


Mike Baur says he could still be working at Clariden Leu if the merger had not taken place. Today, Mike is regarded as one of the most successful entrepreneurs. In fact, he had been offered several chances to address emerging entrepreneurs and learners at several universities. In early 2016, CTI and Swiss Startup partners and Baur was named deputy MD of CTI Invest. Last year December, Mike career from the banking industry to startup investments was profiled by the Wall Street Journal.


Tony Petrello, Propelling Nabors Industries To Success

According to Lloyd Grove, he considers Anthony Petrello to be a math genius, whose ability and expertise in the field of mathematics cannot be matched to any other he had ever seen. Having spent time with him in college as his roommate, Lloyd Grove believes that Tony is a gifted person, and the great success that he has been able to achieve is truly worthwhile. Since the time he was young, Anthony G. Petrello was naturally attracted to challenges that were mathematical in nature. After high school, Tony continued his education and gained a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics.

As if the challenge was not enough, he continued with Masters in mathematics. Upon completion, Tony progressed attained a degree in law, thereby ensuring that he had established a stable educational background, which would enable him to maneuver efficiently and successfully in the corporate world.

Tony Petrello worked at McKenzie and Baker law firm when he finished his education before joining Nabors Industries, which had just changed its name from Anglo Energy in 1991. He carried the expertise that he had gained while at the law firm, and his skill was quickly noticed. He was immediately assigned various managerial tasks to a point where he became the Chairman of Nabors Industries in 2011.

Upon taking the leadership position of the company, he immediately became the highest paid Chief Executive Officer in 2013, due to the lack of definitive rules on various roles that should be undertaken by the Chairman of the organization, a situation which changed in 2014. As the manager of the Nabors, Anthony Petrello significantly ensured its growth to the point that it has managed to perform operations in over 25 countries and conduct more than 400 drilling operations. Additionally, the share of the company has gone up by over 180% which indicates proficiency with which he manages operations within enterprise.

Anthony Petrello is not only in charge of Nabors Industries, but he is also the overall chairman of the Stewart and Stevenson board of directors and Texas Children’s Hospital. Anthony substantially supports efforts to conduct research on various neurological disorders that affect young children in the society tp learn more: click here.

Trustworthy Goettl Services Customers

The Bro Talk did an article on HVAC company Goettl’s High Desert Mechanical, Inc. titled “Goettl’s Tell All Secrets to Staying Energy Efficient This Summer.” In this article, the leaders of HVAC, Goettl’s, share how to keep your utility bill from soaring as high as the temperatures do in the middle of the summer. The first revealed secret from Goettl’s is to keep up with your AC maintenance. Eventually even the best and most expensive AC units require some maintenance to perform at top efficiency. Replacing your AC unit’s air filter’s once every 90 days helps insure it is running at top efficiency. Use your ceiling fan to help circulate the cool air from the AC unit. Additionally, adjust your thermostat when you aren’t home. The house doesn’t need to be kept at real low temperatures if nobody is home. To help prevent your AC unit from straining any more than necessary to cool the air around it, ensure that your AC unit is kept in the shade. If an AC unit isn’t shaded then it has to strain more to cool the air, a greater strain leads to greater costs. However, if you decide to keep your AC unit shaded using vegetation, make sure that the vegetation is located at least two feet from your AC unit.

Goettl originated in Mansfield, Ohio in 1926, created by brothers Adam, Bill, and John Goettl. Not long after the company packed up and moved to Phoenix, Arizona where it became a forerunner in the HVAC industry, holding over 100 patents. Goettl’s services both residential and commercial customers. Services include but are not limited to: air condition installation and repair, duct sealing, geothermal installation, HVAC installation and repair, heat pump installation and repair, as well as repair and preventative maintenance.

Sheldon Lavin, OSI Group CEO

How Sheldon Lavin, OSI Group CEO achieved Success in leadership

Sheldon Lavin career was in the banking industry as he had studied accounting and finance. His life seemed to be in a determined direction because he succeeded to become a successful investor and an executive in the financial industry. He further opened a consulting firm that has been successful for many years.

Sheldon Lavin’s life changing moment came when a family firm that supplies meat in Chicago Illinois known as Otto & Sons approached his firm for financial assistance and consultancy. He worked with them and gradually took over more responsibilities in the firm. Mr. Lavin later became a partner in the business, which later changed to OSI Group where he is currently the CEO.

Once he became the CEO of OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin worked hard to make sure that the company grows to become a top food-processing firm. Sheldon Lavin was able to achieve this because the OSI Group now operates in over 17 countries around the world where they have over 70 facilities. This expansion came because of Mr. Lavin’s style of leadership.

OSI Group is ran as a family company where the top management is indirectly involved in dictating its operations. This has allowed the company to expand and become more successful in the food industry. His role in the business has earned him recognition from the world for his role in international business and job creation. Sheldon Lavin was awarded by India’s Vision World Academy a Global Visionary Award in 2016.

Previously, Sheldon Lavin received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the RSM US LLP for his commitment to Chicago business community. Other awards that he has received include the environment and sustainability awards given to the OSI Group Company because of its concern over the natural surrounding under their CEO Mr. Lavin.

Sheldon Lavin is also involved in charitable work where he partners with other companies such as MacDonald to give back to the community. He has also been a role model to the younger generation in his society and one of the most sought after motivational speakers.