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Hussain Sajwani – Businessman, Friend and Philanthropist

Learning from watching his family run a small shop, Hussain Sajwani became the first few students to obtain a government scholarship to study in the U.S. Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and economics from the University of Washington, he started his career in the finance department of Abu Dhabi Gas Industries by 1981. Shorty after that, he started the Global Logistics Services, a catering business, which served the likes of U.S. military and Bechtel, a construction company, amongst other clienteles.


Using his expertise, Hussain Sajwani started a real estate business, DAMAC Properties, in 2002. Capitalizing the Dubai government’s decree of foreigners being able to own properties in Dubai, Hussain Sajwani rapidly expanded the scope of DAMAC since its inception. Located in Dubai, DAMAC, in collaboration with top-notch interior designers and renowned artists, builds various residential and commercial properties in addition to special properties, such as golf courses. DAMAC has expanded to include DAMAC Hotels & Resorts as one if its subsidiaries, which constructs and develops hotels, hotel-apartments and villas. Over the years, DAMAC has constructed over 44,000 units. Learn more:


Serving as the CEO and chairman of DAMAC, Sajwani has had business relations with Donald Trump and his family long before Mr. Trump became the President of the United States. Hussain Sajwani family and the Trump family have worked closely on various business proposals in the past; recently, the DAMAC owner was commended by President Trump for his acumen in business, shortly before the opening of Trump International Golf Course Dubai in February 2017. This endeavor was the result of a combined effort of the Trump Organization and DAMAC. Another golf course, designed by Tiger Woods, is a work in progress.


In addition to keeping an eye on business deals, Hussain Sajwani looks out for the well-being of the less fortunate. Being the philanthropist he is, Sajwani donated 2 million AED during the month of Ramadan to provide clothing and warmth to more than 50,000 children around the world in 2013. The initiative, taken together by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and UAE Red Crescent, raised 120 million AED altogether. Learn more:


Lesson in Learning: A Decade with Rocketship Education

Recently, co-founder and CEO of Rocketship Education, Preston Smith was asked to reflect upon the first decade of Rocketship’s service to low-income families around the nation. As befits someone so committed to education, he presented ten lessons that Rocketship, and the communities they serve, have learned in the past ten years.


  • 1. Learning starts at home: By seeking to understand each student’s home life and family needs, education becomes more personalized.
  • 2. Create demand for change: By remaining specialized in elementary education, Rocketeer parents are becoming actively engaged in demanding change in public education outside of Rocketship.


  • 3. Parents have power: Rocketship’s educational system extends naturally outside the classroom to parents, who in turn become empowered to demand change and accountability.
  • 4. Teachers create culturally responsive schools: Having a culturally diverse faculty reflects the value that Rocketship places on student diversity.
  • 5. Actions speak louder than words: If you want to prove you believe in something, act meaningfully on those beliefs.

Potential unleashed

  • 6. Meaningful inclusion benefits everyone: Inclusion benefits all students, not just those with disabilities.
  • 7. Never stop learning: Not every plan goes the way it is intended, but you can often learn more from your failures than your successes.
  • 8. Hire for your mindset: Prevent teacher burn out by hiring people with tenacity and a thirst for learning
  • 9. You go farther with others: Building and nurturing partnerships within the community is vital to school success.
  • 10. Public and proud: Public education is paramount to a thriving democracy. Rocketship wears the “public” badge proudly.

Rocketship Public Schools (formerly Rocketship Education) believes that it is a privilege to foster every student’s dreams and unleash their potential. To this end, they have established a network of non-profit public elementary charter schools in California’s Bay Area, Nashville, Milwaukee, and Washington DC.

Coinciding with their namesake, Rocketship has their sights set an astronomical goal: the elimination of the achievement gap in education. If the past decade is an indicator of future success, they’ve set the right course.

Here’s Why The Fate Of Retail Hinges On AI Ecommerce Recommendation Engine

For the longest time, digital marketing strategies have focused on technology innovation and optimization to drive sales conversion up. While it’s been constant, it’s proven ineffective in some areas. With ecommerce recommendation engine developed on AI (Artificial Intelligence) personalization, retailers are transforming shopper experiences. Today, connected commerce has evolved in significant ways where AI-powered recommendation engine is taking consumer interaction to new horizons.

In earlier days, online marketers and retailers relied primarily on keyword searches to predict or motivate future shopping trips. Now, e-commerce personalization/recommendation engine has stepped up gamification with visual elements. Although widespread deployment to digital platforms is still ongoing, mobile channels continue to reveal impressive conversion rates.

This concept thrives on acknowledging the uniqueness of every consumer. It’s different from traditional e-commerce personalization concepts that gave precedence to recommending products and/or services based on shopping history. In comparison, ecommerce recommendation engine powered by artificial intelligence explores every aspect of a lifestyle to suggest meaningful recommendations.

While shopping online adds convenience to a hectic lifestyle. It’s not truly balanced when shopping isn’t organized. The integration of e-commerce recommendation solutions helps a shopper achieve this balance without compromises. Retailers aim to help the consumer escape the frustrations associated with last minute shopping. With immediate access to real-time product recommendations based on lifestyle and data analysis as consumer interests evolve. What the larger retail marketing community keeps forgetting is that a consumer purchase can be influenced by changing events. Furthermore, environmental factors is another key determinant influencing when and how a buyer shops.

Internet marketers also exploit the services of ecommerce recommendation engine to harvest real-time data from consumer social media activities and updates. This strategy is quite effective because of how social media has impacted today’s ever-connected digital shopping community. The problem entrenched in common marketing strategies proven ineffective is the use of outdated consumer data. Intelligent commerce recommender takes a direct approach to analyze real-time web data. As a potential consumer choices evolve, this technology maps the activities to suggest services or products that a shopper really values.

Modern-day intelligent commerce engine exploits deep machine learning help retailers better understand consumer behavior towards certain services/products. On this account, creating a truly unique shopping experience every time a consumer visits an ecommerce storefront is light work. To create intelligent recommendations, it’s imperative that retailers virtually invade the consumer’s mind. With machine learning solutions and ecommerce recommendation, analyzing consumer real-world habits is an adventure.

The Subtle Giving To Charity by George Soros

George Soros is one of the world’s finely tuned philanthropists who believe the imperfect world can gradually be improved. He has the zeal to empower and enlighten people as a move towards enhancing their living standards. Mr. Soros lived through an era where Hungarian were captives of the Nazi about 500,000 of them perished as a result. His family, however, managed to be safe after falsifying their ethnic background and helping others through similar stunts.

Years later, George Soros managed to study economics and has since then had a successful career. He made quite a fortune from the same, enough to invest in other firms, establish his own foundations and companies. Apparently, he has given away part of his resources to good causes based on Karl Popper’s philanthropy; a society can be enhanced through the administration of justice, equality, freedom of expression, respect for human rights and good governance.

He runs the Open Society Foundations, a charity based organization empowering communities economically and intellectually. It has initiated projects in over 100 countries around the world including United States of America, Asia, and Africa. Under the apartheid in South Africa moved by a desire to end discrimination, he availed education to the student of the Black race through scholarly scholarships. Still, in southern Africa, he leads to the establishment of Movement for Democratic Change primarily focusing on enacting regime reforms and changes beneficial to the Zimbabweans.

During the downtrend of the Berlin Wall, the established the Central European University to foster good education, innovation and make it possible to transition away from communism. George Soros granted the Eastern and Central Europe about $100 million to curb the economic crisis in 2009. He, however, does follow up to ensure there is accountability, transparency, and projects implementation. He has been very instrumental in criticizing societal and government-linked ills that have a negative impact on the people. George Soros has advocated against drug use, same-sex marriage or heterosexual relationships. Read his profile at Forbes.

Politically, George Soros has given to course to bring reforms in a bid to bring the governance into an ideal level that will run public resources fairly and efficiently. Open Society Foundation has been the tool for his giving. By 2017, he had given $18 billion but cumulatively since 1984 when the organization was founded, and he has donated $30 billion. George Soros has supported activities of the International Crisis Group, Institute for New Economic Thinking, European Council on Foreign Relations and the Global Witness. Read more on

About George Soros

He was born in 1930 as Gyorgy Schwartz in Budapest but is an American national at the moment. George Soros is an alumnus of the London School of Economics a school he self-enrolled and attained a bachelors and masters degree in philosophy. He worked with Merchant Banks before founding Double Eagle hedge fund in 1969. This firm later rebranded to Quantum Fund, and he has since then left management say for his advisory role.

George Soros is the founder of Soros Fund Management established in 1970 to focused on assets and stock management. He is also the founder and funder of the Open Society Foundation. He has invested heavily in capital and stock markets and is an accomplished hedge fund manager and renowned philanthropists.

A Highlight of What to Expect in the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall

As far as we have to work hard, going out is a great work of refreshing ourselves. This is to ensure we have the energy to keep us going. It is advisable to take a break from the regular schedule. Research has shown that this helps an individual become more productive compared to a full-time program. The people of Joao Pessoa never had this luxury. This is because of the distance they had to travel to access the fun joints. Roberto Santiago saw this and decided to solve the issue for the people.

This is why he pursued Business Administration to gain the fundamentals of managing a business. In 1987, he purchased the land on which he would build the Santiago mall. By 1989, Roberto Santiago launched the mall.

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall has 280 premises. Among the buildings are, medical centers, financial facilities, colleges, schools among others. This has led to the residents branding it ‘’the small city’’. This is because you can survive in the mall for years without having to get outside to purchase anything. Manaira mall has all the basics that one may need for survival.

Many families have made this, their center for family gatherings. You cannot exhaust the fun activities at the mall in one fun day. This is why families come back to enjoy different activities. There many food courts and restaurants in the Manaira mall. This variety is to ensure that all the customers are covered. On family outings, families can engage in food tasting. They can also enjoy a meal together depending on the family’s preference.

There also gaming facilities and playing stations that children can engage in for fun. The parent’s needs are also considered. Their beautiful views that they can watch as they enjoy a drink.

Then there is the Domus Hall. This is the ultimate investment of the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall. The Domus Hall is on top of the mall. It is the most magnificent structure that the people of Joao Pessoa could have ever possibly seen.

The Domus Hall can accommodate more than 12000 people. 8000 standing individuals and 4000 sitting people. The hall is divided into two parts. The upper portion has cabins for clients who may need privacy. The lower part is used in hosting events. The auditory range and lighting system of the hall is extraordinary. Customers say that watching a 3D movie here is like being on the scene with the actors. It gives you a real experience.

Roberto Santiago has wholly brought back to life the entertainment sector of Joao Pessoa. The residents do not have to travel anymore in search of luxury joints. They are now the primary hosts of entertainment in the whole of Brazil. It is the home of entertainment.


Osteoarthritis is No Match for the Osteo Relief Institute

Arthritis sadly affects millions of people worldwide and has also been considered one of the most common disabilities in the country. Osteoarthritis most commonly affects the bones of many women and can have unwanted effects on the body without the proper knowledge and treatment. When vital cartilage that protects bone joints break down, the delicate bones rub together causing pain, swelling and oftentimes, immobility. There are many available treatment options and care centers throughout the country and the Osteo Relief Institute in New Jersey is one of the best.

This well known institute offers highly acknowledged treatment without the use of surgery and other invasive procedures. Founded in 2012, it is a independently owned center with a board of both highly trained doctors and talented physical therapists. The Osteo Relief Institute only utilizes the highest standard of assistance and care, and state of the art equipment. Their goal is to be able to provide such an exemplary amount of care that discussions of surgery are nonexistent.

With many different locations, the Osteo Relief Institute makes the treatment process convenient for patients and caregivers alike. All treatments are FDA approved and strongly supported by top medical professionals. Each patient is also given resource materials to assist them in recovery while at home.


Patients who are able to exercise are encouraged to do so as this activity works to raise the heartrate and assists with the treatment and recovery process. This light activity helps to keep stiff joints well lubricated and mobile to ensure a consistent and streamlined recovery. The Osteo Relief Institute truly cares about the patient and is there every step of the way for support, guidance and care. Follow Osteo Relief Institute on

Many osteoarthritis sufferers need not worry that this degenerative joint disease has the power to negatively alter their lives. With an abundance of research materials, treatment plans and, certified providers and physical therapists, osteoarthritis is manageable. The Osteo Relief Institute of New Jersey is there to help and understands this disease. They strive to take the guesswork out of finding suitable treatment for osteoarthritis and positively impacts the lives of many. Watch this video on Youtube.

Samuel Strauch Has Made Many Investments In Florida Real Estate

Real estate in Florida is booming and there are tons of people that want to find out how they can find their own in Miami. Samuel is one of the real estate agents that facilitates a lot of these needs for Florida real estate. He has been in the business for a while, and he has managed to help people find the perfect property for their needs when they move to the Sunshine State. Samuel has been in the business of selling real estate for a long time, and Miami is a place where he has been very successful. He has managed to provide people with a wide spectrum of homes.

Samuel knows that there are an abundant number of properties, and there is a wide scale of prices when it comes to homes. Since Miami is an area where celebrities are also relocating he knows that there are multimillion-dollar homes as well as homes that are still within the $100,000 range. According to, Samuel prepares daily in order to take care of the wide spectrum of potential customers that he may acquire through properties in this area.


Samuel Strauch is selling properties in Aventura, Margate, Sunny Isles Beach and Miami Beach. He has been selling homes for more than 14 years. That allowed him to become someone that is able to help people find the condominiums and town homes that are going to be suit their needs. There are a ton of properties to consider, and Samuel Strauch is giving people a lot of opportunities to explore different areas in Miami.

Strauch knows that it is important to strengthen relationships in Florida. He started his own company, and he has been active in many other areas of business such as restaurants and Internet services. Strauch has is hands in many investments.

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The Work of Richard Mishaan, Designer

The office of Richard Mishaan Design is a place of bold originality combined with a love of classical art and history. All of these elements work together to create some of Mishaan’s most beautiful interiors, which always combine a feeling of serenity with one of passionate creativity.

Originally from Colombia, the designer’s background in classical art is obvious in his work. His great feel for combining classical, antique pieces with modern art has earned him a nickname as a “mixmaster,” as he is truly a master of combining beautiful but disparate objects to creative a visually stunning whole.

Mishaan started his career working in the architectural offices of Philip Johnson in New York. From there, he launched himself, drawing on his knowledge of art, fashion and architecture to influence his work in creating beautiful interiors for his clients.

A Lab At Home

The designer’s home on 5th Avenue in New York, which overlooks Central Park, is a showplace in itself, and a bit of an experimental lab for Mishaan. It is there that he and his wife raised their children, all the while combining architectural and design styles that could work for his home as well as for his client base. By working and living in the styles he loves, he has gained an even greater understanding of what can work for his clients, and how he can work in a way that is ever more bold and beautiful.

There’s no doubt Mishaan is one of New York’s top designers. As he continues to explore the world of art and design, there’s no doubt he’ll continue to be a force to be reckoned with.

Jim And Michael Are Supporting The Civil Rights Of Immigrants

The Human Rights are being supported through the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. This is because it is a foundation that looks into civil, immigrants as well as human rights. It is playing a civic duty that includes promoting as well fostering acceptance along with human protection. It is also focused on promoting peace all across the globe. This is because civil and human rights have always co-existed. Read more: Michael Lacey | Facebook and  Michael Lacey | Twitter

These are two elements that have been designed in a way that would allow people to live as they would want to. These two initiatives are meant for promoting co-existence in different people, without any fear of getting persecuted due to these differences. All these rights must be made accessible to all no matter which nationality, or state they belong to.

Human rights are those fundamentals that have been developed by the society over all these years. These have been continuously generated over time. Both these initiatives have received support from all across the world. It was in 1948 that the United Nations set up the global declaration of human rights. After that, many organizations have come up that have been fostering human rights along with freedom and civil rights. This was an era that marked the start of several organizations that were more localized. All this was initiated by The European Convention.

One such organization that is fostering human and civil rights of the immigrants is the United States Human Rights Network which comprises of over 200 organizations. All of them are focused on promoting these human and civil and immigrant’s rights all around the world. It was in 2003 that this organization was established.

This Human Rights Network was based on a leadership summit. This was aimed at addressing several issues that included poverty, discrimination, besides immigration, and the death penalty, along with incarnation. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

This Network was launched officially on 10th December 2003. The issues being addressed by the United States Human Rights Network and its affiliates include affordable housing besides Criminal Punishment. They are also looking at Death Penalty along with Discrimination. Other issues being considered include Immigration along with Right to Healthcare.

Behind the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund are Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. They have established this organization that is focused on fostering civil and human rights. They are the co-founders of Village Voice Media and Phoenix. These two have committed the funds that they had received from their court settlement.

They are using it to fund several organizations that are focused on immigrant’s rights in Arizona. This agreement was a result of their arrest by Joe Arpaio. These two had been arrested in 2007. This was due to their action in which they had revealed a sensitive case which was about the proceedings of a grand jury. This amount which they received totaled $3.75 million.

Additionally, this grand jury had asked for the identities of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey as a proof of their innocence. These two have now committed to asserting as well as defending of human rights all across the United States of America.