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Bernardo Chua Is A Master In Direct Sales

Bernardo Chua has been a fixture in the direct sales industry for many years. He specializes in distributing teas, coffees and various organic products to consumers on an international level. Bernardo is the driving force behind the success of Organo Gold and Gano Excel.

He began his business career in the Philippines where he was involved with introducing Ganoderma to the North American market. Chua likes to be called Bernie. He spent his childhood in the Philippines. However, Bernardo is thankful for his Chinese heritage because it made him aware of the potential that Ganoderma offers.

Mushrooms known as Polypore grow on logs worldwide. Asian culture has held this substance in high regard for hundreds of years. Chua immediately realized the potential of this natural source as a potential sales product. He was able to offer it in in common forms of consumption to people. These forms resulted in coffees and teas which were sold throughout the Pacific region.

Chua’s chose direct sales as the method to bring his product to the rest of the world. He figured this was the best business model to push Granoderma products. The company grew very quickly using the direct sales techniques. They started in the Philippines and continued to press forward throughout the Pacific Rim. Chua believes in direct sales as the primary way to introduce products throughout the world over various consumer bases.

Bernardo Chua has received several awards throughout his tenure as a businessman. He was recognized for displaying a high level of quality assurance while running his businesses in 2014. His company was awarded the National Shopper’s Choice due to its clever direct sales techniques. The organization also received the Direct Sales Company of the Year Award on several different occasions.

Organo Gold now has its offices in Canada and boast over 1 million international distributors. Chua is dedicated to staying ahead of the competition by keeping his team focused on the primary objectives. Growth is important while competing in any industry. Being based in Canada has given Organo Gold a unique edge over competition because of the strict guidelines there are for production.

They have acquired credibility with customers that is hard to attain in other regions of the world. Consumers are more trusting and feel more secure about purchasing the products because they understand the high level of scrutiny Organo Gold products go through.

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Boraie Brings Modern Real Estate to Atlantic City

Atlantic City will get a surge in the real estate market. In the first market-rate development in almost 25 years, a new 250 apartment complex building will open up next summer. The Beach at South Inlet is a Boraie Development project is a 81 million dollar project that will cover Atlantic, Pacific, New Jersey, and Connecticut Avenues. This project will serve 50,000 people who currently work and or are moving there.

This project will show optimism in the community’s growth after the economy has been going down over the last ten years due to neighboring casinos. New non-gaming projects, such as the Atlantic City Gateway project, are seen as a way to stabilize the economy of the area. Boraie development says the new project will add more modern real estate options, because the real estate market has 40 year old plus stock. This new project will have the more modern amenities. For more details visit Bloomberg.

Boraie development has a history of invigorating communities. They focus on the urban real estate market and help to bring new projects in to revitalize communities. They cover all aspects of the real estate market. From real estate development to property/sales and marketing, they work on the project from the beginning. The company even focuses on the management and upkeep of properties. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms to know more.

New Brunswick is a community that has benefited from Boraie development’s vision. The Aspire, a luxury high rise, is the latest project in a forty year plan to overhaul the community. He has turned the deserted, vacant town into a thriving residential and commercial enterprise. His company works towards the improvement of communities and the idea of economically stabilizing them. Boraie development has and will continue to work towards revamping Atlantic City into its full splendor. This is according to State Theatre New Jersey. The newest project, the South Inlet, is just one step in a much larger plan.

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Giving Back in a Big Way: Greg Secker.

Greg Secker was born in the United Kingdom. He is an entrepreneur, speaker, and philanthropist. While he was in college he studied agricultural and food sciences. He then found his calling with learning how to trade in the Forex market. He also studied the American markets for a few years and really honed his craft. He now runs his own business out of his own home and gives back in a big way.

Greg created his own foundation in order to help people around the globe. The main purpose of the foundation is to teach people life skills and give them the education that they need in order to succeed in their chosen profession. The foundation also helps those who have been afflicted by natural disasters and are trying to rebuild their lives. In an interview with Ideanmensch, Greg talks about the future and what he would do. if he had to begin all over again.

One thing that Greg Secker would do differently if he had to start again would be to appreciate the journey that he is going on. He feels that he been rushing around during his life and not taking things in. He tells the story of climbing a pole and jumping off of the top. He was in such a rush to get it over with that he didn’t take the time to enjoy the view he had. Another thing that really excites Greg is the transfer of power from TV moguls to the people. People are willing to pick their own things instead of being told what to pick from television commercials. He thinks that technology is giving people the power to decide for themselves. The latest technology is allowing people to choose what they like best instead of companies endlessly throwing ads at consumers.

Giving back is one of the best things that Greg Secker can do. He teaches people how to live better lives and makes the trading markets understandable for the average person. Seeing people make the most out of opportunities that Greg Secker has given them is his greatest achievement

Experienced investment guru Paul Mampilly

Financial freedom is the dream of any person. As we all dream of making investments in various industries in the economy, there are important points that we should learn about investing. Investment is not just investment. Investment is about putting money in sectors of the economy that have a high probability of growing. While making decisions about investments, there is a need for people to concentrate on markets that are untapped. Untapped markets are the best since they offer higher returns. What’re untapped markets? These are markets that are about to explode. When people embrace consumption of a new product that product is headed to making huge income for the company that is producing.

To take advantage of such scenarios, one need to buy shares in companies that are manufacturing such products. Take a case of the cell phones, before they came into the market, there are people who had analyzed the markets has found that they would lead to a revolution in the communication sector. Years later, this is the biggest investment decision that one could have made. It has rewarded the investors very well. This is a perfect scenario for an industry that has managed to reward investors very well. This is what we call a good investment. You analyze the markets long before the impact happens.

There are many other sectors that have high probability going into the future. Since the cell phone industry is already behind us, the new sextets that people should be looking to invest in are mainly in the line of technological advancements. Technological innovations that have been taking place recently have a huge impact on the lives of the people. It is for this reason that people are leaving the traditional products and embrace recent and advanced products that can reward very well. Going into the future, it is the responsibility of every person to, makes sure that to invest in industries that matter. The right decision when it comes to investments means everything.

About Paul Mamplilly

Paul Mampillly is an investor a d a former hedge fund manager. He is also the owner of two trading platforms as well as the author of an investment newsletter called “Profits Unlimited”. Paul Mampilly is one person who can provide information that is dependable in the investment field. He has been in the industry long enough to know what is needed for one to succeed.

Paul Mampilly holds masters in business administration from the University of Fordham. This means that he has the educational qualifications to be an investment advisor.

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A Heavenly Place Called Might Fortress Church

Mighty Fortress Church is a place of worship located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is a place where people can come together in ministry to one another and study the word of God. It is a place where people passionately believe in living the proper living and caring for those who may need help.

The church is headed by a man named T.R. Williams. He is the Senior Pastor of the church. He is a man who has been very active in ministry during the past three decades of his life. He is one of the most respected pastors in the state of Minnesota and is deeply committed to helping those who want to find out what God and His Word are all about. He is married and has three children who love to minister to people. Visit to know more.

One of the most striking things about this particular church is that it accepts people for who they are. Anyone is welcome in the doors of Mighty Fortress Church. The goal of the church is to bring people together for the love of Christ. The aim of the Senior Pastor is to make the Bible and the teaching of it relevant to today’s society. Mighty Fortress Church tries to instill the principles of the Word so that people can live the most positive life and be the person that God intended them to be.


The commitment of the Mighty Fortress Church is simple and straightforward. The Church believes in preaching and teaching people about the Word of God, being accountable to God and others around us in all things, and leaving a legacy for the future generations of children. This is a commitment to help those around us live the best lives we can. Mighty Fortress Church is there to help people in whatever way they can.

It is one thing to say that a church is part of the community. The people of Mighty Fortress Church don’t just say it, they mean it and live by it wholeheartedly. This is what makes the Mighty Fortress Church one of the most enigmatic parishes around. Watch this video on Youtube.