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NGP VAN And Tech In Politics

Political campaigns across the world, especially in the United States, heavily lean on political software to boost their chances of success. Such programs, devices, and applications both help organizers understand constituents of offices they’re running for better and reach out to them more effectively, not to mention educate volunteers on things related to their political causes.

NGP Software was first founded in 1997 by Nathaniel Pearlman, which became NGP Voter Activation Network – better known as NGP VAN – in 2010 when NGP Software absorbed Voter Activation Network. Today, NGP VAN is essentially the go-to software for most every Democratic campaign and such group efforts made by larger democratic PACs, or political action committees, whose overarching goals are to independently fund support messages for Democrat incumbents and office-seekers and those against their Republican or, to a lesser extent, independent counterparts.

Even though technology never resembled anything remotely similar in 2008 to where it stands today, United States President Barack Obama and his campaign managers closely associate their use of NGP VAN’s tools with Obama’s initial election in 2008 and his 2012 reelection. Further, Mitt Romney could have taken control over voters’ November 2011 opinions if he had more effectively used technology geared towards boosting politicians’ performance at the polls. Romney didn’t use his ORCA platform very well and lost because of it.

Daniel Kreiss, a prominent author, relates the use of technology in American politics – specifically a comparison of technology used by Republican and Democratic candidates on the highest levels of United States politics – presidential, Senatorial, and Representative – in his recent book Prototype Politics: Technology-Intensive Campaigning and the Data of Democracy. Mr. Kreiss also describes how much organizations like NGP VAN have helped political candidates that utilize them to their fullest.


Big data has played an integral role in modern political campaigns, too. In the past, inaccurate manual surveys were largely used to see how people felt about various issues, including their interest for candidates running for office. Today, people look for this, that, and everything on their computers. They’re far more likely to be honest in what they ask the Internet than with what they ask about other people.

Data taken en masse is known as big data and is largely accurate, truthful, and representative of the people that look for such information. NGP VAN continues to help politicians with all of the above issues as it has for the past 21 y ears.

Sightsavers on Fixing Public Health

At a recent TED Talk, Caroline Harper discussed some of the things are possible in the near future. These mentioned things are the possibility of curing one of the oldest diseases we know, and that is trachoma. Trachoma is one of the biggest infectious causes of blindness and recent talk has been discussing a cure in the upcoming years.

To begin the TED Talk, Ms. Harper came on to the stage wearing a tweezer around her neck on a necklace band. The significance of the tweezer was to show how annoying this disease can get. Girls in parts of Africa would actually carry tweezers around when they would go place and pluck their eyelashes but only to offer temporary relief. The lashes would soon grow back and now even worse than before.

Trachoma is a very old disease and as Sightsavers mentions, it has dated back and has been recorded from ancient Egypt. Now it is worse than it has ever been with 182 million people at risk for developing some form of blindness due to this disease.

But now, as of 2012, a blog post posted on Sightsavers main website says that multiple countries including Morocco have announced the end of the disease and they say that in 2017 Mexico, Laos, and Cambodia all became trachoma-free as well. This is not only a great thing but could also show the hope for the coming years.

As people develop more advancements in medicine and other things related to health, we begin to see a pattern that has developed. There are a lot of communities, generally less wealthy than the average person, who end up developing these diseases. The main thing holding these communities back is a lack of resources. Once they get the necessary resources, it’s positivity for the future.

Whitney Wolfe has Reinvented the Modern Online Dating World with Bumble

In case you don’t know, Whitney Wolfe is an amazing woman who is the CEO of Bumble. She started this online dating company late in 2014. Four years later, Bumble is a mega hit in the world of online dating. Mrs. Wolfe might operate the number dating site on the web, but she did not want to have it in the first place. Whitney Wolfe wanted to start a social media network called Merci. This social media site would have been for women only. However, Mrs. Wolfe was convinced by Andrey Andreev (owner of Badoo) to come up with the dating site Bumble.

Mrs. Wolfe went to Andrey Andreev for a loan to start Merci. However, this insightful CEO did not want to invest in a social media network for women. Instead, he told Mrs. Wolfe start a dating site that would cater to women from the modern era. Whitney Wolfe was extremely reluctant to do so. She had to talk with her former boyfriend (and current husband) Michael Herd to some perspective. Once Herd helped to convince Wolfe that Andreeve’s offer was a good thing; Wolfe jumped on the prospect.

Keep in mind that Whitney Wolfe used to work for Tinder. She was one of the key figures that helped to launch this dating site. She was in charge of the marketing department. Her marketing efforts helped to make Tinder successful. While Whitney was essential to the success of Tinder, she was sexually harassed during on her job. Not only did she endure sexual misconduct by her co-workers, she was also discriminated against because of her gender. Wolfe ended up suing Tinder and won a huge amount of money for troubles. Tinder was not happy with this outcome.

Whitney now spearheads Bumble which is a successful online dating site. Since dating sites are now the modern way that people meet and connect, this site is a good thing for people looking for love. Whitney is truly committed to Bumble and she wants it to succeed. Ultimately, she wants her company to be a major force for feminism and for advancing the causes of women.

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Alex Pall Writes About What He Feels

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, the musical duo of The Chainsmokers are well-known for some of their hits like “Young and Free,” Don’t Let Me Down,” and “Roses,” just to name a few. They sing about what they know and about their life experiences rather than trying to produce hits, and it has proven to be effective. they have a huge following, and the ages of their fan base vary widely for adolescents to the age of their parents.

When they decide to leave behind the kind of lives that they could have lived but really weren’t passionate about, they found their true happiness through their music. They are able to be themselves and to express how they really feel through their lyrics while creating hits that others can enjoy.

Their music is very relatable and popular because people can listen to the lyrics of their songs and be like, hey, I’ve been through that or I can totally relate.

Pall and Taggart have pretty similar background, love music, and both are passionate DJs. Music is a big part of their lives, and they like to collaborate while they create new music. The duo recently created “Closer,” a hit song, with Halsey which they found to be a fun experience.

Pall and Taggart love to tour together because they get to meet some really amazing artists and it is a memorable experience. The two are always working on reveling a little more about themselves through their music all while still keeping it fresh.

Social media has played a big part in their success, and they use it to keep in touch with their fans as well as to promote their music. Once Taggart and Pall decided to just sing about what they know and feel, they were able to let loose really and shine through what they thought their fans wanted and they were able to produce music that was real. They stepped outside the restrictive lines of dance music and could combine many music styles such as hip-hop, poop, and indie to create an entirely new and catchy sound.

NewsWatch TV: Reviews and Information

NewsWatch TV, founded in 1989, has provided thousands of episodes of a thirty minute segmented television program across over 200 broadcasting networks around the United States. Airing on ION Television as well as AMC, the content ranges from new products, political events, travel and tourism to the latest medical information and breakthroughs.

In the last few years of the NewsWatch TV programs, several celebrities have served as guests on the show. Ranging from actresses, to olympians, to performers, there continues to be a large variety of guests which has the potential to appeal to several different audiences across the United States. Some celebrities on past episodes of NewsWatch TV include performer Carrie Underwood, actress Julianne Moore, Nascar racer Dale Earnhardt Jr., and Olympian Carl Lewis.

One of NewWatch TV’s latest efforts is the Avanca Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign. The original goal of this campaign was to raise $10,000 over a span of thirty days. Avanca was in need of heavy marketing efforts in order to reach this goal. Therefore, Avanca hired NewsWatch TV in order to produce a sixty second promotional clip in order to promote their campaign to a larger audience base.

In conclusion, the campaign was largely successful. The orginial goal of $10,000 was shot out of the water by the end amount skyrocketing to $456,551 in the timespan of thirty days. The effort provided by NewsWatch TV Reviews reached over 96 million households, which ultimately gave Avanca the platform it needed to promote the successful and overachieved crowdfunding campaign.

OSI Group Has Doubled The Amount Of Chicken Output In Spain

Chicken products appear to be on the rise in Spain, or at least that is what’s happening with OSI Group and their sister company OSI Europe. They’ve now finished construction to upgrade a meat plant in Toledo, Spain that now has its previous capacity for chicken doubled from 12,000 to 24,000 tons. The cost to upgrade the facility was €17 million and OSI Group President David McDonald said it was in the company’s best interest to upgrade that facility because now more regional customers than ever can be served with chicken products. Beef and pork have made the plant’s total production to 45,000 metric tons.

OSI Group has been outstanding in meat processing and packaging for over 100 years. What they’ve always looked to keep is a company whose values are rooted in family and building relationships with customers. Otto Kolschowsky began this by opening a butcher shop in Chicago and delivering some of the region’s best beef and poultry to local businesses. His shop became a company known as Otto & Sons, and he and his sons kept it running even during the hard times of the Great Depression and second world war. After the Kolschowsky sons took over management, they made their biggest partnership in 1955 when they signed the agreement to provide McDonald’s restaurants with the meats for their new specialty burgers. With this new partnership, Otto & Sons now had a goal to grow with their fast food friends and become something special.

The late 1970s and early 1980s was when Otto & Sons became a global company with a few large processing plants constructed around the US and then in Europe. They soon changed their name to OSI Group and in the next three decades purchased several subsidiaries. They currently own, Select Ready Foods and it’s Canadian companies, K&K Foods in Taiwan, Baho Food in the Netherlands, Flagship Europe in the UK and domestic farms Amick and Fair Oaks. They are ranked number 10 in the top 50 meat companies along with Perdue and Tyson, and number 54 in overall food companies. Along with McDonald’s, OSI Group has been supplying their meats to Wendy’s, Subway, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut and even a few meats to Starbucks. OSI Group has also shown they value employee safety and do as much as they can to eliminate employee injuries, and the British Safety Council recognized them for that by giving them the Globe of Honour.


Richard Dwayne Blair: A Successful American Investor

Richard Dwayne Blair is an American entrepreneur and investor who is based in Austin Texas. His main objective is to persuade the public to invest in a lot of investment options, while at the same time informing them about the risks. He is honest in stating that not all are optimistic when it comes to investing their money, but he would always tell them about the positive effects when they do trade their money. He established the Wealth Solutions to help the people decide which type of investment plan they would have to choose. Wealth Solutions has a comprehensive planning that Richard Dwayne Blair is applying. Being in the business since 1994, the financial planning firm owned by Richard Dwayne Blair managed to grow tremendously, and they have acquired a huge number of clients through the years. He also stated that it is his passion to see the people that they help become successful, and he revealed that this inspiration came from his family who were mostly teachers. He wanted to teach the public how to be financially literate, so that they can succeed in life. Richard Dwayne Blair introduces his clients to three pillars that will allow them to do successful financial planning.

The first pillar talks about the financial roadmap that his clients must create. They would need to have a definite timeline and a target amount of the investments that they wanted to start. For example, the client should be able to pertain how much money he would want to make in a certain period. Knowing how the stock market works, Richard Dwayne Blair can advise him on where he should be putting his money for it to grow.

The second pillar talks about the different strategies that an individual must apply when he or she would be investing in long-term investments. Richard Dwayne Blair would always tell his clients that the profit made from investments could not be created overnight, and it requires a huge amount of patience. He would direct his clients to different investment options that would surely give them huge profits after a certain amount of time, lasting for years.

The final pillar from Richard Dwayne Blair talks about the strategies that would ensure them to reach their financial goals, either by monitoring their investments and working with professionals in guiding them how to become successful.

How the Academy of Art University Has Transformed Local Neighborhood

Different people have a passion for different careers in life. If one follows their career in the right way, they end up happy and with exceptional fulfillment. However, the passion you have would be fruitful, and more productive if coupled with professional training. When looking for a college or university to go to for your training, it is important to ensure you choose one with innovative systems. The Academy of Art University is the place to be for everyone passionate about liberal arts, fine arts, entertainment, and design. Since 1929, the university has been on the lead when it comes to offering quality training on these careers.

The university has a wide range of specializations when it comes to designing smartphone applications, video games, as well as, other interactive applications. The students from this university presented their work to the Chief Innovation Officer using augmented reality. On 28th November, he visited the School of Game Development in The Academy of Art University to discover a new smartphone application. The name of this new application is Tenderfeels. If this application will be adopted, Tenderloin District in San Francisco will be safer than before.

Some people have described San Francisco as disgusting and unsafe despite having Downtown and Nob Hill as its neighbors. Within the area’s quarter-square mile, about 25,000 people live there. The neighborhood is said to have the highest violent crime and poverty rate. The Tenderloin District is known to be rich, and with a fascinating and seedy history. The Academy of Art University is located in the heart of San Francisco, and it is offering many youths with numerous opportunities to utilize their artistic talents. This way, the university ensures the classic locale is properly refurbished.

Tech in the Tenderloin had organized an event whose main aim was to use virtual reality or augmented reality. This was meant to get social and civic solutions, which were to be specific to Tenderloin District in San Francisco. Students from The Academy of Art University had an opportunity to compete with students from other universities such as Penn State University, California Berkeley University, and Stanford University. The School of Game Development in The Academy of Art University helps the students to succeed in visual effects, rigging, animation, UX/UI design, concept art, 3D modeling, and in other emerging technologies.

Top Charitable Organizations for Migrant Rights

There have always been charities that help with human, civil, and migrant rights progress, but recently, with the Trump administration targeting immigrants and the freedom of the press, these organizations are needed more now than ever. Read more: Jim Larkin | Twitter and Michael Lacey | Twitter

The Frontera Fund

The Frontera Fund is a somewhat new organization, dating back to 2013. In the 5 years that The Frontera Fund has been active, they have partnered with dozens of organizations in order to make a change in hundreds of immigrants lives.

Michael and Jim, the founders of The Frontera Fund, aren’t Hispanic, but they focus their organizations efforts on the grounds of common enemies.

Joe Arpaio treated Hispanics horribly during his time as Sheriff Of Maricopa County. Sheriff Joe also targeted Michael and Jim with illegal arrests and unjust subpoenas. This is why Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are helping Hispanics.

The Frontera Fund works with charities such as the ACLU. The official Frontera Fund website also houses a variety of information an immigrant may find useful.

Make the Road New York

This organization is another charity that works in order to advance migrant rights. Make The Road New York specifically addresses the Trump administration in its mission statement, creating solutions to deal with Trump’s harsh policies towards immigration.

Make the Road New York is fighting for the rights of migrants with the organization of mobilization efforts. They also provide legal representation for immigrants and provide housing. Over 17,000 people benefit from the altruism of Make the Road New York every year.

Make the Road New York also has adult literacy programs, children’s education programs, and encourages leadership development by providing skill training and mentorships.

Mariposas Sin Fronteras

This organization’s goal is to assist detained LGBTQ immigrants in being released from these detainment facilities. The title of this organization translates to Butterflies without Borders. In the last six years, Mariposas Sin Fronteras has worked to release 27 detained immigrants from custody. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Michael Lacey | LinkedIn

The International Refugee Assistance Project

This charitable entity brings together a network of lawyers to provide pro-bono representation for refugees. The International Refugee Assistance Project is doing all they can to keep these refuges away from the dangers of their own country.

The International Refugee Assistance Project cites its values as accountability, innovation, and candor.

About Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

Philanthropy is not the only noble venture of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. For years, at the Phoenix New Times, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin worked to expose the brutal Sheriff of Maricopa County. In addition to owning The Frontera Fund, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin currently own Front Page Confidential together.

Malcolm CasSelle – Meshing Gaming with Cryptocurrency

The world of gaming and cryptocurrencies collide in one major aspect: virtual assets. The application of gaming assets was introduced with amongst many different gaming platform genres, with role player and progressive games marketing the two biggest competitors for virtual assets. These assets consist of map packs, experience boosts, and other such unlocking capabilities that further the game play experience for the user. The cryptocurrency market was a little further behind in development, but the full circle showcasing has brought this influence to life. Users can exchange funds, sell virtual assets, and trade from their virtual wallets. Malcolm CasSelle, the owner and operator of OPSkins, is bringing his WAX technology to the gaming platform.

WAX stands for Worldwide Asset eXchange. This company was developed by Malcom to operate as a blockchain marketplace for trading virtual assets. Originally run as a cryptocurrency agency, this platform has now been transformed to meet the gaming community. The same properties, security measures, and blockchain capabilities will crossover into the gaming platform for the very first time. Users will be able to trade assets within the pace of play, preventing from having to pause or stop a campaign to make these transactions. This type of fluidity keeps the system working in a consistent basis and the blockchain protection reduces upon the notion of fraud and security breaches.

This recent creation comes from a long list of accomplishments for Mr. CasSelle. Malcolm majored in computer background allowed for Malcolm to takeoff in the field of entrepreneurship. He has been featured as the Chief Operating Executive for companies that helped bring a Groupon comparison to Japan. His history of science, obtaining degrees from prestigious establishments like MIT and Stanford University. Holding a well-versed schooling achievements shine bright in the online and virtual space, allowing for his latest creation to takeoff and stun the marketplace with the new features and opportunities it allots for users.