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How Does Bruno Fagali Help His Clients With Business Compliance?

Bruno Fagali helps his clients with business compliance because they often do not know what to do without help. His law office is dedicated to the Brazilian business community, and he has kept his clients on the right side of the law for many years. Read more about what can be done through Bruno’s office when a business wants advice.

Boardroom Advice

Bruno Fagali gives boardroom advice to his clients because he wants them to have a good idea of how they would remain in compliance with local laws. They often do not know how to proceed, and Bruno sits in their meetings providing them with guidance. The law office of Bruno Fagali might send an attorney to a client, or they could advise the company when they come across compliance issues they do not understand.

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On Retainer

Bruno Fagali works on retainer for many companies, and they can call him at any time for help. He prefers to give his clients advice in the middle of any situations here they feel unprepared, and he knows how to help these company get out of a problem that they might be in. The lawyer is willing to represent employees, and he works with small businesses that need advice when they are unsure of how to continue.

New Regulations

There are new regulations coming out every day that businesses must contend with. They come to Bruno for help because they have no desire to get in trouble with the government, and they allow him to show them what should be done. These companies often do not make any moves before talking to Bruno, and they allow him to give them a course of action that is safest.


There are many people who come to Bruno Fagali for help with their legal matters, and they can trust all the advice that they are given. The people who hire Bruno can keep him on retainer right now, and they can talk to him about what would be their best course of action. Bruno knows Brazilian business better than any other lawyer.

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The Early Life of Milan Kordestani

 Milan Kordestani was born and raised in Stanford, California where he joined the Phillips Brooks Elementary school. Together with his family, Milan relocated to London in 2009 after the separation of his parents. He then attended Eaton Square School and later went back to Bay Area in 2010 where he enrolled at Sacred Heart Preparatory in Atherton and graduated to high school in 2017.

Milan started horse riding games at a tender age of 10 and he was later thrown off a runaway horse as he was trail riding. When interviewed with The National Horseman, Omid Kordestani pointed out that the most momentous moment was when Milan received a backup on the horse to take him back to the comp; this was shocking since the majority of kids would have been terrified to ride on the horse again.

Betts Coup of The National Horseman adds that Milan was determined to work hard since he always wanted to ride challenging and high-class horses and he also had the inner drive to win many blue ribbons. He emerged the winner and was awarded the Triple Crown when he rode on his favorite horse CH His Supreme Reflection in 2005. Due to this victory, he was placed positionr three at the American Royal during the third leg of Triple Crown.

The primary mission of Milan Farm is to offer an honest alternative to the clients. The farm strives to using organic alternatives for their plants and they believe in openness when it comes to raising the animals. When a client knows what he or she needs, a genuine and truthful alternative is offered with no secrets on how it was created. The farm strives to provide a correct alternative to all the agricultural requirements. Milan M. Kordestani, the founder of the farm, points out that they are devoted to providing superior quality products to clients.


Ivy Robert Receives a Lifetime Award

Robert Ivy has shown exemplary architect work and he recently received the Noel Polk Award. This was the first time an architect has been awarded the Polk Award. He serves as the CEO of the AIA and he has perfected his skills in the field over the recent years. Read more about Robert Ivy at Tulane School of Architecture website.

The award, which was given by the Mississippi Institute of Arts, recognises the work of the Mississippi artisans and their achievements. There is a lot that Robert Ivy has achieved during his term as the chief executive officer of AIA. He has been helpful and instrumental in many architecture causes, which led the Mississippi Institute of arts to notice.

There is no better way of recognizing the Mississipi connected art patrons and artists who have shown incredible and extraordinary performance in art than giving them this award. Mississippi is the place that introduced him to art and literature, and he was pleased that his home state recognised him. The location made him feel that writing about architecture was easy and possible.


Robert Ivy has been recognized as a worthy architecture ambassador among his peers. Although he has only been in AIA since 2011, he has been with other institutions such as McGraw-Hill before, and he was active in helping around other projects especially in China. Robert Ivy was an editor in chief where he was behind the Architectural record. He supervised a newsletter which became a hit in the field of architecture and was read globally. He also took part in many projects in the Middle East.

Robert Ivy said that he was honored and he felt grateful that his efforts in the architectural field were appreciated. AIA was also pleased that their CEO was recognised and they were confident that this would boost the confidence of other architects to motivate them and work harder. The award is also excellent in adding credence to the organisation.

Today, he serves as an aspiration to the youths in American who have a dream of joining architecture someday. Since he started his occupancy as the vice president in AIA, Ivy Robert has expanded his influence in the organisation. He was officially acknowledged on 2nd June. Visit Archinect to know more about Robert Ivy.

Proof That PSI-Pay’s Contactless Payment Observes Payment Security

When it comes to the use of the contactless pay by PSI-Pay, the payment method is secure and should not be compared to the chip technology that consumer is aware of being less secure. New studies show that in today’s forms of payment in the United Kingdom, in every for transactions that are made, one of them involves the contactless method. There is the need for consumers to understand that the rising number of “taps’ among clients does not come with risk in security. The following reasons show that there are no security threats when it comes to using the contactless form of payment.


First, it is essential to understand that all the payments using the technology are intentional. There is nothing like accidental payments when it comes to the tap-and-go technology when you get close to the POS terminal. The payment technology is well protected by the Europay MasterCard and Visa (EMV) standards which are responsible for the technical standards for payment terminals and all ATMs across the globe. The customer’s payment card has the Near-Filed-Communication (NFC) technology that ensures that they are safe. As long as the customer does not bring the card close to about an inch, they do not have to worry about accidental payments.


The other measure that PSI-Pay has taken to ensure that the contactless payment is secure is the limited transaction value that a customer can make. For instance, if you use the payment technology in the United States, you cannot exceed the 25 dollar limit. On the other hand, when in the United Kingdom, the payment cannot go beyond thirty pounds. The sales that exceed these limits are not accepted in any Point of Sale, or else the client produces their signature or PIN for identification. The technologies are supported by industry groups such as the Smart Card Alliance Payment council that believes that the encryption technologies are secure for use by customers.


PSI-Pay is an e-Money institution that is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority of the UK to issue e-money in the SEPA region. The firm is also a principal member of MasterCard, and it is licensed to give Debit and prepaid payments card all over EEA.

Ara Chackerian- An Entrepreneur, Investor and philanthropist

Ara Checkerian is a man who wears many great hats. He is an entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. Ara is more known in the healthcare sector as managing Partner of ASC Capital. This is a firm focused and dedicated towards early stage healthcare. Ara is also one of the co-founders of TMS Health Soloutions. TMS offers magnetic stimulation to patients suffering from treatment related depression.


Background and Career


Ara has always had a keen eye for the health sector and has always sought to be a health solutions provider. His focus and interests can best be described as health care solutions entrepreneurship. Before joining TMS, Ara had put his investments in health care services field and health tech. In fact, he has more than two decades of experience in developing healthcare companies key among them, PipelineRx, BMC Diagnostics, Embion/Provider Links and TMS. Ara Chackerian sits in several healthcare company boards in San Francisco.


Ara has also invested in environmental welfare issues. He has an investment in reforestation plantation which is located in Nicaragua. His environmental interests also extend to youth development non-profit projects such as CREA Nicaragua, JUMA Ventures and Nor Luyce.


Ara Chackerian ideologies


In his interviews, Ara has held onto different ideologies that he says have contributed to his success. His greatest mantra has been that his ideas are drawn from experiences. He advises upcoming entrepreneurs to engage more in life, and this is bound to inspire them with great ideas. He attributes this mantra to his parents who taught him to make a conscious effort to participate in life fully. He also adds that he was raised in an environment that always encouraged him to think about life issues and how to be a solution provider. You can visit their website



Ara’s outlook on trends that will shift the market


Decades of being in the healthcare sector have given Ara a broad perspective and an extensive wealth of knowledge. In his interviews, he has said that he is closely watching the telemedicine and healthcare apps and that these will set the trajectory in the healthcare sector. Ara Checkarian has made critical contributions in the healthcare sector that will have an impact on future generations. His success story is not only inspiring but one that provides us with many great lessons.