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A Look At Some Of The Care Homes Under The Sussex Healthcare Network

Sussex Healthcare is considered one of the top care home networks in Sussex, England. Thanks to Sussex Healthcare unique care philosophy and exceptional customer service over the years, Sussex Healthcare now operates over 10 facilities throughout Sussex. Here is a look at some of the homes in the Sussex Healthcare network. Visit CV Library to know more.

Horncastle House

Horncastle House is located near East Grinstead. The setting includes lots of gardens and fountains. There are gorgeous views of South Downs. There are over 20 living spaces at Horncastle House. Private suites are available. The rooms have been amended to assist people who are handicapped. The Horncastle House specializes in assisting the elderly. The staff also helps people who are dealing with multiple learning disabilities. Horncastle House provides residents with multiple activities to help support each resident’s cognitive health.

Sycamore Lodge

The Sycamore Lodge is a small building that hosts people with neurological conditions such as autism and Huntington’s disease. The lodge has a dining facility and game room. There are multiple physical activity programs in place to help residents. Read more about Sussex Healthcare at

Clemsfold House

Clemsfold House is in West Sussex Healthcare Shared and private rooms are available. Clemsfold House treats elderly residents. Residents can walk around and enjoy the scenery by the lake. The staff is available to assist at all times. Residents can interact in multiple activities in order to stay physically fit while also improving their cognitive functions.

Beechcroft Care Centre

The Beechcroft Care Centre is in East Grinstead. Beechcroft primarily assists young adults who are dealing with learning disabilities and limited physical mobility. Beechcroft provides residents with fun activities, including swimming and games. Private transportation is also available. There are five multi-purpose rooms at the Centre.

Wisteria Lodge

Wisteria Lodge is in the Nutley area of North Uckfield in East Sussex. Wisteria Lodge has over 20 private rooms, each with its own bathroom. Residents can participate in special programs and physiotherapy. The staff will assist those who have physical disabilities.


Appreciating the services of InnovaCare Health and its leaders Penelope Kokkinides and Rick Shinto

InnovaCare Health is a company that is dedicated to solving issues affecting the health sector. They have been doing this by coming up with innovative solutions that are changing how services are delivered in the health sector. They have implemented these solutions because they embrace change and they want to take the healthcare sector to the next level. They also want to act as role models for other companies that are in the healthcare sector. By performing well and offering advanced services, other companies can learn from them and follow the right steps when delivering their services. InnovaCare uses modern technology and techniques when it comes to the treatment of their patients. The aim of doing this is to reduce the cost of operation and run their activities with efficiency. You can visit



The company has been effectively working with agents to ensure they can provide the best and quality services. They do this with the aim of achieving their objectives. These agents operate in different areas, and they have implemented the best standards according to the requirements of InnovaCare Health. The policies of the company that should be followed are done from the offices located in Fort Lee then they are spread to reach all the agents operating in different parts. The agents are supposed to work under these guidelines to ensure all the services delivered are of the same standards. Although the company has achieved such great success, it is private, but it has been recognized through the dedication and hard work of the leaders and employees who work together to ensure the company achieves its objectives. The firm has been an inspiration to others by considering innovation. Others are also working hard to ensure they achieve the same success like that of InnovaCare. Check out





InnovaCare Health has been offering its services to the residents of Puerto Rico, but it has also expanded its services to other parts. Locals who were not happy with the services they were getting from other companies can now appreciate that InnovaCare is now providing the services they have wished to get. The success has not been easy because it took the partnership of several companies to come up with an organization that can offer the right services. The partnership is essential as it combines resources from different companies and also the right skills. InnovaCare can now provide various healthcare services with efficiency because they have the resources and expertise to do so.


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Shervin Pishevar Puts His Famous Audacity On Display On Twitter

Consider that Iranian-American super angel investor Shervin Pishevar was the keynote speaker at President Barack Obama’s 2008 Summit on Entrepreneurship in Algeria. He was also one of 10 members of the United Nation’s Global Entrepreneur Council.

That would suggest that Shervin Pishevar is a man with views on business and world economics that are highly valued. So when such an esteemed personage goes on an intense 21-hour Twitter rant, people tend to listen, even if what’s being Tweeted seems downright outrageous.

Mr. Pishevar had been relatively silent on on Twitter account for months. Then, suddenly, the Twitter floodgates opened and Mr. Pishevar spilled forth with dozens of observations. He talked about everything from the fundamentals of the economy and cryptocurrency to the fate of Silicon Valley and the “death” of inflation.

About inflation — Shervin Pishevar said that America has essentially solved its inflation problem by “exporting” it to other countries via trade policy. He pointed out that mainstream economists have been making one erroneous prediction about inflation after another. None of their forecasts have ever come true. So is inflation a relic of the past for America? Time will tell.

What about Bitcoin? Shervin Pishevar says the cryptocurrency has been wildly overvalued of late. He thinks it price will plummet, but also that it may stabilize at a value of perhaps $2,000 to $5,000.=

Shervin Pishevar had much to say about Silicon Valley — a place where he himself made a fortune backing an array of high tech start-ups. The opinions of Pishevar Tweeted about Silicon Valley paint a rather dire picture for this vaunted California corridore of extreme innovation and advanced tech advancement. In short, Shervin Pishevar thinks the best days of Silicon Valley are well behind it. He said Silicon Valley has become more of an “idea” than a specific location.

Pishevar also threw some shade at such giants as Microsoft, Amazon, Alphabet and others. He said these behemoth business models have been allowed to become too big and powerful. That stifles new innovation from “the small guy,” and this ultimately hurts all entrepreneurship and innovation.