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Gulf Coast Western Making Great Strides into the Oil and Gas Sector

The main focus of the Gulf Coast western is to take the domestic oil and gas which are in the Gulf Coast region. It looks for companies that have the potential for high returns. Mathew Fleeger is the chief executive officer and focuses on having transparent relationships with his partners. The company has gone into partnerships with Orbit energy partner who enabled it to obtain property rights. Also, Gulf Coast Western was able to develop several prospects in Evangeline, Acadia, Cameron, Landry parishes and Allen.

The other partnership was with Northcote energy limited; the company allowed Gulf Coast to expand into Southeast Louisiana. The partnership has allowed Gulf Coast to develop a multi-well drilling program in Cockfield, Wilcox, and Frio. Gulf Coast so acquired working interest in salt water disposal. Some of the assets that the company acquired are operating saltwater disposal. The company has gone into partnership with collaborations they had done business with.

The company’s partners have been in more than one joint venture. Gulf Coast western has a rating of A+ with the better business bureau all thanks to its business integrity and principles of ethics. Mathew Fleeger has massive experience in the oil and gas, tanning and waste management sector.

For his hard work, he has been listed in the Who’s Who of Business professionals. Fleeger is recognized for contract negotiation, strategic planning, entrepreneurial abilities, and team building. He previously founded the med solution which is a company that specialized in treatment and disposal of medical wastes from healthcare companies.

Fleeger was the president and chief executive officer of the company for 13 years. He later sold the company to Stericycle Inc. Fleeger has achieved success as an entrepreneur in the tanning industry. As an entrepreneur, he has founded two enterprises. That have shown great success from the time they were founded.

OSI Group Success History and its relationship with McDonald’s

OSI Group is a company and family business that has been in existence since 1909 and has been committed to offering excellent services to their clients ever since. The company has grown from a small meet supplying shop to an internationally recognized company operating in seventeen countries with more than 20,000 employees serving the seventeen facilities in existence. The company was founded by a US immigrant Otto Kolschowsky as a retail butcher shop which expanded after World War 2. He changed the company’s name to Otto & sons in 1928 and utilized every opportunity he got to grow the business.

The relationship between OSI Group McDonalds dates back to 1955 when the first McDonald’s shop was opened in Plaines by Ray Kroc. They had a good business relationship which appeared as an alliance between two small family businesses. McDonald’s expanded their restaurant based in Des Plaines using franchise. There was an agreement between Kroc and Arthur and Harry who were the sons of Otto to supply the fresh beef. It was an excellent agreement that was very profitable.

In a few years, Kroc purchased McDonald’s and enhanced the great relationship with Otto & Sons. McDonald’s was expanding very fast, and Otto & Sons were the leading suppliers of the resources to the restaurants. After twenty years, Otto & Sons changed their name to OSI Group and was responsible for producing meat products mainly hamburgers for McDonald’s which could be transported to distant places. The problem was solved in 1963 when there was a significant discovery in technology that improved the relationship between OSI Group McDonalds. The invention of flash freezing, the process Iwhich uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the food provided the grounds for expansion and effective production in the industry.

OSI Group McDonalds then changed from being among a hundred McDonald’s supplier to being part of the top four suppliers after the consolidation of the franchise. In 1973, OSI Group established a store with improved machinery that was only dealing with McDonald products while Glenmark brand was for the non-McDonald’s products. OSI Group McDonalds grew to supply food in the Midwest, and the company grew by 1977 it had a facility in Chicago. OSI Group joined the international market after McDonald’s.

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Nick Vertucci making a killing in poker as well as real estate

Nick Vertucci is well known in the real estate circles as he is a self-made realtor who built his reputation by flipping houses in California. He made a debut into the industry in the year 2000 after a change of mind which saw him try out his skills in the business. He later found a mentor and after following in his path and studying consistently became active in the venture. His approach saw him found a real estate academy, an educational center for those interested in entering the world of real estate. It is not known by many, but Nick Vertucci is a well-seasoned poker player. He has competed against renowned poker players such as Kenny Tran and the likes of him.

Nick Vertucci began playing way back before he even was a real estate investor. The year 2004 saw him play in a major tournament at Commerce in California. He emerged the eighth out of two hundred and fifty-one. He bought into the table with a thousand five hundred dollars and went away with over seven thousand five hundred and some change. Over the years he has sharpened his poker game at the same time as he was building his property development business.

He has a cocktail of traits when it comes to poker as he has great emotional control, adapts to the way the game is moving and an ability to see behind his opponent’s true intentions. There is always uncertainty in any business. Variables in both his ventures cannot be realized until the end. It is in his character to still play the hand that he has been dealt and it is with this attitude that Nick Vertucci has managed to tough it out in real estate because it is not for the faint-hearted. A lesson we can all learn from him.

Deidre Baggot: The Name of a Business Strategist

A business strategy is basically a set of statements or a specific plan of actions that are intertwined with each other and they serve as the base guideline of the particular company’s fixed goals, how it will achieve and meet its expectations and how will the company be a staple name in the industry in the future. Find out more about Deirdre at

Deirdre Baggot is a master of making a business strategy – while she was part of the University of Colorado she has published a number of researches that are hard evidence that she is an educated master of the art of business strategy. In addition to being a master business strategist, he is also a patron and champion of healthcare – she uses her god-given and self-earned knowledge and skills to help people who are in need of special medical help. Since she is a business strategist – Deirdre Baggot has partnered up with medical companies like Medicare, Maxicare and other insurance providing companies to help them reach people more people and offer better plans and programs for the less-fortunate and make their services more accessible and available to the consuming public. Her goal with her venture with medical companies is for people, especially people with less buying power to be able to afford their right to proper health care, and for them to have the best payment programs for their wage and earnings, and their lifestyle.

In her years of being a business strategist, she has already worked with over two hundred hospitals and helping them improve their payment systems to be able to provide better payment systems for their patients. With her plans being proven as effective in most of the hospitals that she has worked with- she is the only authority in the industry that has a trustful word and can be able to use as basis by other strategists and organizations.

The Impressive Career Life of Peter Briger

There are so many opportunities in the market for the people who want to make it in life. Although the challenges to success are many, few individuals have persevered, and they have a great story to tell. One of the people who have managed to have a great career life is Peter Briger. The businessman is known to many as a finance executive who helped to start one of the most prestigious investment companies in the United States. Peter Briger is an executive who holds the position of principal at Fortress Investment Group. His career life is given as an example to many young professionals who need to live good lives after completing their education.

Peter Briger set the pace for his career life when he was still in the university. His parents offered to take him to leading schools in the country, and this is how the young professional laid a very strong foundation for his career. Peter Briger chose to take a course in finance because he was always passionate about numbers and solving investment problems faced by most people in the American market. Getting an MBA from the Wharton School was one of the best things that ever happened in the life of the finance executive. The skills he got in the Wharton school have helped him to work with leading organizations in the global platform.

Before he could join the founding team in Fortress Investment Group, Peter had the great opportunity to work and impact lives in various companies. One of the companies where Peter worked is known as Goldman Sachs. The position in this company is believed to have played a paramount role in shaping the career of the successful finance executive. The businessman has been recognized because of the amount of wealth that is under his management. After working for top companies in the international market, Peter has been successful in starting a very powerful business, earning so much wealth. Forbes mentioned his name because of the success he has been getting from his investments in the recent years. Peter Briger is an expert in crypto assets too.

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Dr. Saad Saad shares insights on various aspects of medical care

Dr. Saad Saad is one person who is inspired by the desire to help others through his services. He can lessen the symptoms of many medical conditions as well as decrease risks that are connected with specific medical disorders.

He believes that when people are medically fit, they can meet many life expectations. For this reason, he has dedicated his life to helping others live longer, healthier lives. He has worked very hard to see that his mission is accomplished. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad: and

He has done a great job of helping his patients without looking at their background. He has offered free treatment to hundreds of poor people in the Middle East.

When he was young, Dr. Saad wanted to become an engineer just like his elder brother.

The two brothers were already worked in construction companies far from home. According to him, Kuwait is a very hot nation with temperatures that go beyond 110 degrees Celsius.

After some time, he realized that he wanted to work in an environment that was not hot. He looked forward to working in offices that have air conditioning available.

So he made up his mind not to become just a doctor but a surgeon. He knew that the surgery rooms were always air-conditioned.

Children with stuck objects

Some of the examples of objects that mostly get stuck in the esophagus or the trachea are coins, hot dogs, and peanuts. Read more: Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

Big objects such as hot dogs and coins usually get stuck in the food pipe with smaller ones being stuck in the windpipe like peanuts.

The first thing to do if an object has been stuck in a child of less than 6 years is to turn the kid upside down while holding the legs. While in that position, tap their backs and the object will come out.

In a case where the child is older, it is necessary to perform the Heimlich maneuver to remove the object. This happens by standing behind the kid and wrapping around their waist by your hands.

Thrust the abdomen with your hands just under the rib cage. The child will cough out the object in most of the times. However, if the maneuvers do not work, it is important to rush the kid to the hospital.

How to deal with concussions

According to Dr. Saad, concussions are very dangerous. Although most doctors describe it as a mild brain injury because it does not threaten life, it has more serious effects on an individual.

N rare cases, there may be a collection of blood which is very dangerous to form on the brain after the blow, jolt, or bump. When it happens, it is necessary to rush the individual to the emergency room immediately.

Shervin Pishevar says financial innovation just increases risk for investors

Since the 1970s, financialization has turned much of the U.S. economy from being based on real productivity into a gigantic craps game. The casino-like nature of the modern equities markets, coupled with the fact that in order to avoid steep depreciation of money people are forced to play these games, has meant that the risk associated simply with saving money has skyrocketed.

But the systemic problems associated with financialization are mild when compared to the serious problems that investors can face if they are not extremely careful about what funds they choose.

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Shervin Pishevar says many funds are outright scams

Shervin Pishevar is one of the foremost financial experts in the world of tech finance. He runs Investment company, one of the most respected venture capital firms in the world of technology. Shervin Pishevar also regularly tweets to his more than 100,000 followers on Twitter.

In a recent spate of tweets, Shervin Pishevar discussed the nature of compensation plans for fund management. He said that much financial innovation is actually just the creation of more risk. But this is disguised as being somehow good for the individual investor or the markets. The conceit is that these instruments increase liquidity, provide more secure or higher returns or provide a means of diversification. In fact, the overall effect of many financial innovations, like credit default swaps, is simply to increase the volatility of the funds under management.

Shervin Pishevar says that this increase in volatility benefits managers because they are often compensated in a way that allows them to participate in the upside while not assuming any downside risk. Pishevar says that this amounts to a classical principal-agent scam where one party maximized their profits by simply creating as much risk as possible, thereby maximizing their payoffs when they get lucky and double the funds’ money.

But Shervin Pishevar warns that investors should not be fooled by these arrangements. He says that there is virtually no evidence that hedge funds or other actively managed funds are able to outperform simple index funds. He says that the only active investing method that is shown to work is value investing.

The New Management Advisory Council for FAA Meets with Dick Devos

Dick Devos is one of the most prominent businessmen in America. With his former status as President and CEO of Amway, he was able to transcend global marketplaces and rake in record-breaking sales for the company. His business acumen is legendary in other circles as well, and it’s one of the reasons that he was named to the Federal Aviation Administration’s new council in September 2017.


For many years, Devos has worked alongside the aviation industry. All of this started in the 1990s when he was trying to help his hometown rapidly grow into a predominant city in Michigan. The Devos family has always donated to the area, contributing over $134 million. Philanthropy has been their way of helping with cultural arts centers, medical facilities, education, and other community organizations.


However, Devos has always been a fan of aviation as well. In wanting to grow his home city, he looked for ways to strategize a new industry, a new way of bringing people to the city he loved so much. That started with the Devos Performance Hall and Devos Place Convention Center. Then, he looked to the Gerald R. Ford International Airport as a way to solidify that strategy. He talked to the CEO about expanding what the airport was doing, including new flights that would increase the likelihood of Grand Rapids becoming a place where business conferences were conducted.


He started by working with airlines like AirTran Airways. The CEO was a friend of Devos’ and he was able to help by opening up new destinations to some of the prime business conference cities, places such as St. Louis, Vegas, Orlando, and Denver. Once those terminals were opened, new ticket sales were up as well, and the growth became easy to see for the airport.


The airport had many changes that were still necessary to make it a business traveler’s airport, but those would not come until much later. In 2018, an estimated $45 million would be put into renovations that would include a business traveler’s center and food court upgrades, as well as new technology throughout the airport. It was these types of changes that would solidify Grand Rapids airport as a place where business travelers were welcome, and it would help set up the area as a business destination.


Strategies like this are what the FAA is looking for in order to grow and upgrade airports throughout the country. Their plan for the council was to help with policies and regulations that were receiving updates throughout 2018. This came after President Trump criticized the aviation industry in America, stating that it had fallen behind in other markets.


Now Devos will be working with the FAA for another year, meeting with the council every quarter to help decide on future budgets and regulations. His insight will come from his business acumen, but also from his education within the industry. He has co-founded a pilot training school in addition to being a pilot himself. It’s this passion that has made him such a good candidate for the civilian board.


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Drew Madden warns of dire need to save U.S. from threat of rising healthcare costs

Within the world of healthcare IT, one name stands above the crowd. Drew Madden has spent more than 15 years in the field, helping to grow one firm from a small boutique consultancy into one of the largest and most powerful players in the healthcare space. Now, Madden has taken his years of expertise and channeled it into creating an entirely new paradigm in healthcare IT. His latest company is called Evergreen Healthcare Partners. And his firm is looking to shake up a cartel-run industry and change the world for the better.

The biggest industry is also the most expensive

In the world of business, there is a sharp distinction between an investment and an expense. Ideally, the business of healthcare should always be the former. Unfortunately, throughout the last few decades in the United States, healthcare has increasingly become nothing but a naked cost, with only questionable value being delivered.

And this is a serious problem for an industry that accounts for more than $1.5 trillion per year in government spending alone. Drew Madden says that the benchmark healthcare expenditures, representing real case-studies from actual OECD countries, are only a small fraction of this figure when adjusted for the size of the U.S. He says that the difference represents nothing but pure rent-seeking by monopolistic and cartelized capital. Madden says that this is an outrage to the public and should be reined in. But unlike many others who pay lip service to the idea of reducing healthcare costs, Drew Madden has some concrete ideas about how these reductions can be achieved.

But before anything can even start to get done, Madden says that more Americans need to recognize the full breadth of the threat that out-of-control healthcare costs pose to the nation. Health insurance costs have been recognized as a chief reason that many small businesses go bankrupt. And eventually, the largest business in the country, the federal government itself, will face the same fate if costs continue to rise far above GDP growth.

Madden says that the first step in fixing a problem is recognizing it exists. In the United States, it is high time that we all recognize the dire threat that healthcare-sector greed and rent seeking pose to the country.