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Ara Chackerian Spends His Time As A Major Entrepreneur

Ara Chackerian is an avid entrepreneur. He has been prominent in the health care and tech industries for a long time now. His most recent project is called TMS Health Solutions. TMS Health Solutions works with people that have incurable depression.

TMS is a new form of depression treatment that is now just starting to be accepted by the medical community as a valid way to treat tough depression cases. It is a new an upcoming treatment that is easy for people to undergo and maintain. Ara Chackerian became interested in the treatment because the outsourcing or radiology and other technological health solutions to private companies over hospitals is a lucrative trend in North America right now.

Taking radiology departments out of hospitals and turning them into their own entities will save money for patients and the overall healthcare system in the long run. The fact is that technology is being updated continuously, leaving this burden to large hospitals that have to spend money on other things can be costly and hold back progress in the fields.

Ara Chackerian became interested in this particular therapy because many people do not overcome depression easily with the current methods being used. TMS shows some promise for the condition by stimulating new pathways in the brain repeatedly. This stimulation allows people to experience different thinking patterns than the one that they had before. It is much easier than using talk therapy or drugs alone.

Ara Chackerian believes that this could make a real difference in creating a happier and better society in the long run. Ara Chackerian is very excited to see the future as depression treatment moves more into physical augmentation over mental and molecular augmentation alone.

Ara Chackerian other interests lie in digital medicine and telemedicine applications. These type of treatments will allow overall healthcare cost to come down for users and lower insurance premiums over the long run.

Ara Chackerian cares about people and wants people to lead better and healthier lives. He is working to do that with his entrepreneurial endeavors.

OSI Group Is A Leading Food Processing Company For Meat Products

When people go to McDonald’s or other popular food chains, they hardly think of where the beef inside their burgers actually came from. They may know it came from an animal like a cow, but in fact, there is a long process for beef to go through before it can make it to the burger at McDonald’s. OSI Group is one of the world’s leading food manufacturers and suppliers that has been in business with McDonald’s for over fifty years. So anyone who has eaten a McDonald’s burger has probably had a patty that was handled by OSI as some point through the distribution process. OSI Group’s food processing facilities all over the world today that bring food products to millions of people.

OSI started out as a small and little-known meat shop, but now they maintain nearly 70 food processing plants around the world while employing more than twenty thousand people. OSI was growing at a decent pace for several decades once Otto Kolschowsky brought in his sons, but they saw massive expansion once they made friends with McDonald’s. Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald’s, opened up his fast-food restaurant chain in 1955. Before this, Ray an Otto had already struck a deal together agreeing that OSI Group would be McDonald’s beef supplier for their franchise. McDonald’s popularity grew faster than anyone had expected, which allowed both companies to grow impressively fast together and both of them needed each other.

As McDonald’s continued to grow and opened new locations outside of the United States, OSI Group needed a way to keep up with their scale and provide beef in much more distant locations. Luckily, OSI Group took on a new method for freezing meat products which allowed them to store their meats for long distance trips. By the 1970s, OSI Group started looking towards global expansion after expanding their operations in the United States. After OSI opened up new facilities throughout Europe in countries such as Spain and Germany, they became an international food processing corporation.

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Robert Ivy Is The Best Architect Of The 21st century

Robert Ivy currently lives in the Colombian district of Washington USA. He is a very successful icon in the architectural industry. Due to his exceptional leadership skills, Robert Ivy has garnered some awards throughout his career life. Here is much about him and his career development.

Career development

He became the editor in chief of the Architectural Record. It was in 1996 after his graduation from the University of the South Sewanee with Bachelor’s degree in arts. At McGraw-Hill construction Media, he became the editorial director and vice president. This company comprised of Green Source which is in charge of China, SNAP, HQ Magazine, sweets, Sustainable Design magazines.

Robert Ivy was later appointed as a juror on the panel which selected Frank Gehry to design the National Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial. He has also worked as the principal at Dale/Dean, Ivy, and Dean and as a critic for several national publications for over 15 years since 1981. He is currently a senior member of the Design Futures Council.

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Robert Ivy’s awards

Architectural Record garnered several publishing honors. It was due to the great leadership of Robert. These awards are national magazine Award for the General Excellence, American Society of Magazine editors, the premier magazine journalism award among many others.

Robert received the Crain Award in 2009. It is an American Business Media’s highest individual recognition. He was also awarded McGraw-Hill honor for Management Excellence.

Ivy was voted by the national architecture fraternity as “Master Architect” due to his effectiveness in the communication of the design value.

He also shares the designation with Dr. Nathan Clifford Ricker. Ricker is an Icon and the first graduate of the American school of architecture. The others are Pei, Richard Buckminster Fuller. He is among the best seven to be awarded this honor for the last 100year. He is currently the best architect in the 21st century.

Besides the awards, Robert Ivy has written several books that have been published in significant publishers. He wrote “Fay Jones: Architect” which was published in 2001. This biography is now on its third edition. The highest standards of scholarship, design, and production.” Among many others.

Papa John’s Executive Steve Ritchie Reveals Focus On Diversity

2018 might turn out to be a bad year for Papa John’s. The sales in the past three quarters are not what they used to be and it has been a concern since the beginning of the year. Papa John’s CEO, Steve Ritchie, is trying to find a way to make things better for the company. After all the searching and planning, he revealed what’s on his to-do list for the company’s future.

After the effort to revamp advertisement, Steve Ritchie decided to follow up by penning a letter and making it available online. According to the letter, the company audited and investigated the company’s inside to discover and weed out bad diversity and inclusion practices. The auditing reached out all the branches of Papa John’s, including Los Angeles, Detroit, Chicago, Dallas, and Atlanta. During the visits, Steve Ritchie and some of the executive members of Papa John’s asked all members for suggestions on how to improve the chain. Steve Ritchie also revealed in the letter that all the members are undergoing an “unconscious bias training” alongside his effort to add more diversity in both staff and leadership positions. With this program, he hopes that there will be more cooperation among the members of the company. This program is said to involve a special advisory with experts and nationally respected members. In addition to this, Steve Ritchie revealed two long-term focus of the company. The first one is to expand Papa John’s influence on the minority-owned franchise. The last one is to build a framework that will make the members work together harmoniously.

Steve Ritchie tried to make things more favorable for Papa John’s in the past three quarters. One of his efforts is to make the fourth quarter work. This includes more advertisements and new marketing campaigns. It has yet to be seen if the company managed to get the fourth quarter favorable to them. It is possible that they finally have gained redemption because of their latest efforts. The fourth quarter financial documents are expected to come in next year This will determine if Papa John’s will still have to redeem itself after a very bad 2018.

Hyland’s Teething Tablets

Since 1903, Hyland’s has seen the value of using homeopathic remedies for basic needs. Known for helping relieve teething babies and their families, Hyland’s began work on this pain suffered by the littlest people in 1925.

Tablets are one of the easiest forms of medication for a baby to use, and Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets make that teething relief easy for baby and for mom. Tablets are convenient to throw in a diaper bag or keep in a cabinet and can be given anywhere, at any time.

Teething can cause a baby to be grumpy and restless, but with use of these homeopathic tablets, families can enjoy the milestone of teething more, rather than dread it. Hyland’s homeopathic tablets can help give baby relief from swelling, irritation, and discomfort that is so common when teeth are breaking through their gums.

Because Hyland’s believes in homeopathic treatments, families can rest assured that baby is getting the best and fastest relief without the use of dangerous ingredients. These ingredients are specially chosen to be assured that only the symptoms that baby has are treated and that ingredients are used in the smallest amount possible in order work.

Hyland’s is a family company, and because family is so important in the work that they do, they know how important family is to their customers, as well. These Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets can help families enjoy one another more during the stressful time that baby has while teething, and do so in a manner that families can be confident in. Hyland’s Teething Tablets work to assist baby’s needs.

Clay Hutson About His Journey In The Music Industry And Current Trends

Clayton Hutson made a name for himself in the music industry as a sound engineer as well as a business owner. He attended college for theater design, and then worked at various companies that provided live entertainment. His seeks aesthetic perfection as well as an unparalleled live music experience. Throughout his career he worked with important names in the music industry, such as Kid Rock, Guns ’n Roses, Garbage, and Pink.

The idea behind his company came as a result of amassing a large amount of experience within the field of live entertainment and tour production. He worked in the music industry for many years, and perfecting his skills enabled him to successfully navigate through all aspects of live entertainment, thus allowing him to venture out on his own. Once the recession hit and the company that he worked for had issues, Clayton Hutson decided to take a leap of faith, and he felt ready to take on the task of having his own production management company.

Due to the fact that he works in the “spectacle” side of the industry, he considers wowing clients to always be a goal. He points out that he is excited about the technological advancements that are happening in the live music genre and the fact that the industry is always cutting-edge. Hutson notes that while everyone focuses on video and it is an element present on every tour, he believes it to be a dead horse. Despite the fact that the video walls are getting bigger and more advanced, he hopes that it is a trend that will run its course sooner rather than later, which will enable the industry to learn how to wow the audience without relying on projecting images onto a surface.

He expressed appreciation for artists like Lady Gaga and Pink, who incorporate aerial stunts and acrobatics into their routines. Clayton Hutson considers that artists pushing their art, and not making it just about the music, to be a great thing, due to the fact that they are making it about the art form as well, and how they are expressing themselves.