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Herbalife Nutrition Contributes to Blood Drive–b/

Herbalife Nutrition not only produces healthy and delicious nutrition bars full of protein, carbohydrates, vitamin B2, and vitamin B6, but the company also helps support and organize blood drives, and donates their nutritious snacks to blood drive organizations!

It may seem unlikely that a snack bar company has any sort of major impact across the country, especially when it comes to something as weighty as disaster relief. But the reality is that Herbalife is playing a pretty decent role in encouraging people nationwide to donate blood.

Every two seconds there is a need for blood in the United States; whether the person in need is an automobile accident victim, is going to the operation table, or any of the other multitudinous medical procedures that include blood loss, the need for blood donations is evergrowing. However, as the demand for blood rises, the amount of donors decreases substantially year by year. And that is why Herbalife Nutrition promotes the American Red Cross and the blood donation opportunities it provides to all Herbalife employees, customers, and even Independent Distributors.

Herbalife Nutrition, as the name suggests, does care about the nutrition and well being of Americans, which is why it understands the rising need for blood and is proud to say that in July of 2015 the company hosted a Nutrition Extravaganza where it rounded up over 25,000 eager blood donors! These donors were all Herbalife Nutrition employees and Independent Distributors, so, needless to say, it’s clear that Herbalife’s workers all understand the importance of nutrition and donation as well, and enjoy playing their role in aiding with national disaster relief.

Nutrition Extravaganza (as extravagant as it is) aside, Herbalife has hosted over 50 blood drives, and that number only continues to climb annually. And to the volunteers at these drives, Herbalife Nutrition recommends that their snack bars are eaten after the bloodwork is done in order to help speedily restore the iron lost during the donation. So, not only do the blood drive volunteers easily become helpful members of the disaster relief movement, but they also receive a complimentary Herbalife snack bar thanks to the half-a-million dollar’s worth donations of products made by the virtuous health company to the disaster relief centers!,9_IL.10,21_IC1146821.htm