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The Winning Strategy of OSI Food Solutions

In every industry of work, some companies tend to come and go with the times. That’s just the way life is, but if a company can dodge the pitfalls of its industry, then it can certainly last for a long time. This is the case with OSI Food Solutions. This particular food processor has dodged many of the food industry’s pitfalls, and it has spent a considerable amount of time improving on its services. OSI Food Solutions was founded by a German-immigrant named Otto Kolschowski. This man and his sons opened a small meat locker in Oak Park, Illinois, at the turn of the 20th century. Otto’s Meat Market served high-quality meats and high-quality meats only.

As time progressed, the family decided to take their talent to the next level and relaunched the company as a wholesaler of foods. Otto Kolschowski is no longer with us in person, but his spirit remains intact with the company. The remaining members of the Kolschowski family have removed themselves from day-to-day operations, and have brought in new leadership. This new leadership comes by the names of Sheldon Lavin and David McDonald. These two professionals bring in an additional 60 years of experience. Sheldon Lavin is the CEO while David McDonald is the president.

Lavin sports an impressive resume in finance while McDonald offers top-tier logistical advice. OSI Food Solutions has its own way of doing business, and it has certainly worked throughout the years. The company closely follows consumer trends while developing specific products that goes toward specific partnerships. The idea is rather brilliant. What more could a client ever want from a food provider? OSI Food Solutions is aware of all the new flavors and cuisines. The company’s R&D specialists have remained vigilant when it comes to this, which has allowed OSI to stay ahead of the pack.

Agera Energy’s Energy Deregulation Plan Adopted by many Homeowners

Many home owners have myriad of ideas while it comes to the energy supply in their homes. However, it becomes a tough decision to decide the best supplier of energy in their homes. Through the deregulation of the energy utilities plan by Agera Energy, clients in different states in the U.S has started to have options from where they can put down their checklists. There are several states where energy consumption is regulated hence having a single supplier of electricity. Consequently, the prices are at most regulated or fixed by the governments giving them no options to choose from. Read more about Agera Energy on

Nevertheless, there is no regulation in some states thus looking for the greener energy, natural gas as well as renewable energy to mention a few. Agera Energy comes in here where clients have options and offers them with a vast of efficient energy solutions through the Pure Wind Plan. Additionally, they are deriving their energy from wind farms that are certified by the states governments. For many decades now, customers have been demanding to have sustainable energy options as Agera Energy have been there to see that their demands are met. Learn more about Agera Energy at Linkedin.

Agera Energy is today offering solutions to clients through the provision of a myriad of natural gas and other electricity options. To be noted, the services offered by Agera are cost-effective to clients such that they don’t have to pour out their capitals on same electricity solutions. According to Kerry Cassidy, Agera energy spokesperson, the company is helping its consumers in the different states make smarter choices.

Luke Lazarus Wants to Bring About Global Change

For as long as he has been involved in business, which, believe me, is a long time, Luke Lazarus has found himself focusing more on improving the state of his colleague’s careers than his own, but his reasons for doing this are quite schematic.

He wants people he works with to be able to deliver every possible skill that they will need for the future of their company. While he can always depend on himself to get things done a certain way, people are more of a variable to Luke Lazarus, and he does not want too many variables involved in his experiments. As the saying goes, if you want a job done right, you have to do it yourself.

As such, he always makes sure that the people he works with are fulfilling their careers to the best of their ability, and when they receive help from Lazarus, they find that they are able to get much more done in less time than it would have taken them prior. Read more: Luke Lazarus – and Luke Lazarus| Medium

This is one of the talents Luke Lazarus has that has aided greatly in his climb to the top of the world of business. He is capable of helping people find out the best of their characteristics, and once he does this, they become far more susceptible to improvement, which is something that he believes is necessary in the daily life of any businessperson.

If someone does not feel as though their skills are improving, they will not be compelled to put their best effort in. The issue with this is that there are often long periods of time where development slows to a crawl, but it simply must be reminded to those who witness this happen to their own growth that this is a temporary dilemma, and soon you will be faced with the rapid success that you have witnessed in the past.

Because of the state of the world Luke Lazarus has been faced with, he often has had to do extensive searches to find people truly qualified for the jobs he wants to offer.

While he has offered over a thousand jobs to people worldwide, these people took a long time to select, and they all possess talents entirely worthy of getting them to such a high position in business. It is important to him to do this because without a proper filtration system, you cannot possibly maintain your business to the best of your ability.

It is simply too limiting to have to deal with all the inconsistencies presented in everyday business life on your own. A system must be in place to keep those without passion away from businesses like Luke Lazarus’ that desire nothing less than a global change.

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Barbara Stokes And Her Woman-Owned GSH

Barbara Stokes started her woman-owned business at Green Structure Homes to help people change their lives through her building principles. She wants to reach out to all the places where people have been put out of their homes, and she wants these people in homes where they can recover. She has advice for anyone who would like to start a business as a woman, take charge of their life, and get the benefits of running a business like this. Visit PRNewswire to know more about Barbara.

1. Her Principles

Barbara Stokes runs a woman-owned business, and she has tried to show people that there are many government programs for people just like her. She wants her company to have all the support that it can get, and she continues to look for new ways for her company to grow. The company gets new tax breaks and funding options because she has a woman-centric company, and this could help other women start a business. Read more about Barbara Stokes at Chronicle of the Week.

2. Conclusion

Barbara Stokes is a great executive who is trying to make it possible for people to recover from natural disasters. She has other interests that make her company more diverse, and she is partnering with FEMA to make as many new homes as possible.


Top Food Supplier Company in the Meat Processing Business- OSI Food Solutions

How the Company Began

Currently ranked as one of the largest privately owned meat processing company in the United States, OSI Food Solutions was started in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky. Mr. Kolschowsky was originally from German and started his meat business two years after settling down in his local area in Chicago. The business continued to flourish and with time he expanded to open another of its branch that would supply both in retail and wholesale at Maywood, Chicago. What’s more, as a determined businessman, Mr. Kolschowsky would then transform his business into a fully-fledged company in which he did in 1928, branding it as Otto & Sons.

Moreover, Otto & Sons Company continued to grow exponentially and focussed in providing quality meat products, which saw it become a major partner to one of the largest food chains at the time. This was a game changer for the company as having partnered with the McDonald’s, a strong food chain brand that is successful to date, meant favorable outcomes for the business. Besides, the deal was closed in 1955, after a businessman by the name Ray Kroc from Illinois acquired the rights to franchise for the McDonald’s through his business that involved selling of burgers. Otto & Sons Company again benefited from this as they became the primary supplier of ground beef patties to the business that was based at Des Plaines, Illinois.

The Growth and Expansion of OSI Food Solutions

Otto & Sons Company opened its first meat plant in 1973 with its main aim as the processing of higher volumes of the meat products in West Chicago. The plant included an additional mechanism of freezing the meat with liquid nitrogen for better preservation and an introduction of a better design to shape the meat patties. Currently, OSI Food Solutions, which rebranded to its current name in 1975, has its presence in 17 countries and in three of the world’s continents. The company further has employed more than 20,000 employees who are based in its over 65 business premises. Also, as a global leader in the meat processing business, OSI Food Solutions continues to grow its business where an example is when it recently doubled its capacity to process chicken in Spain.

Barbara Stokes Involvement in Charity and Disaster Relief

Barbara Stokes has proved to be the lead in the construction of a temporary and cheap shelter in the region. She has led her company to offer these housing solutions to disaster victims for over 40 years now. Barbara Stokes has also donated quite a lot for the same. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

About Barbara Stokes

Barbara Stokes is a graduate of the University of Mercer. She graduated from this university in 2001 with a degree in Biomedical Engineering and Physics. She also pursued management and manufacturing, thermodynamics, material properties, technical communication, and structures.

She has worked for Pisces Corporation and Boeing and gained enough experience before coming to GSH of Alabama. She has extensive knowledge in government contracting and proudly leads GSH to support the mission of FEMA together with the government of the United States. She is also a volunteer in the Community organization, Huntsville besides serving as a capable of three.


 Her contribution to the disaster victims

Barbara Stokes has led GSH of Alabama, LL in Huntsville to donate immensely to the victims. Alabama has been offering homes that can be easily assembled on the site. It is very, especially for the landscape diversification. She began this company with the help of her husband, Scott Stokes. It came after seeing the writings on the wall.

 The company has manufacturing facilities to offer a solution to temporary housing needs. The company has designed houses for many people in the region especially those in emergency needs. The homes are cost-effective and flexible. Read more about Barbara Stokes at is an Essential Tool to Manage Emails

An email is very important in the current times. This is an effective communication platform that has been used in many departments and it does not disappoint. Everyone has an email account, and they are always happy when using the communication platform because it is cheaper compared to the other communication methods that are available. People have become their own enemies when using the emails. Everyone is complaining that their inboxes are always filled with so many emails that are unnecessary. Whenever people come across an email subscription service online, they quickly subscribe to the service, forgetting that they will be receiving emails from all corners. Before they start to realize, the inbox is cluttered, and it becomes extremely difficult to find important emails that could be communicating an emergency. Marketing agencies are using emails to reach out to their customers in the world. Whenever a company has a special deal, it notifies its customers through emails, and this leads to unread mails each day. Shopping is an important part of every day’s life, but believes that you should attend to the important matters first before you can start shopping. is a simple platform that wants to manage your emails, especially during the working hours of the day. This is a tool that is transforming the lives of many individuals in the global market. Jojo Hedaya is the professional behind the big company. is offered completely free of charge, and it is one of the things people in the corporate world want to be associated with. The service let’s all its customers to unsubscribe to any email subscriptions that are not important using just one single click. The company has served customers for several years, and the review it is getting is prove that its services are the best in the market. is not complicated to the users, and it doesn’t need training so that the customers can understand it. knows that there are some special subscriptions that its customers want to keep and revisit when they have time, and this is why they have introduced an option to enable the clients to achieve their goal.

Improving Human Resource Management through the Betterworks Software

Betterworks software is a human resource technology that helps managers and top officials of organizations and companies to better their business outcomes. The software basically encourages continuous performance management of all employees making them be aligned at all times. Betterworks software also enables the top officials to receive ongoing feedback from different managers within the organizations. The software is able to do this via its different functionalities and features.

Betterworks Software is basically designed with agile methodologies in mind. From the beginning, when a user is logged in, the platform is fluid and flexible. Betterworks provides easy navigation to its users and gives them the ability to change and update goals at any point in time. This goes a long way in ensuring that teams are motivated to complete the set tasks and achieve the overall goals.

Many human resource technologies are usually separate from the employee’s communication technologies and tools like project management, emails and even direct messaging platforms. The Betterworks platform, on the other hand, seamlessly incorporates different communication technologies. It comes in handy when sharing changes, updating performance and keeping on top of the results of one’s team. This makes sure that performance management is directly included in the flow of work from time to time.

From the different functionalities and tools incorporated into the Betterworks platform, it is safe to say that the platform basically thinks of everything. In addition to all that, Betterworks can also be used on a mobile phone in the form of an application. Whether you are using an Android or IOS device, you can easily keep up with what your team is doing at any time and from anywhere you are.

Marketing trends that excite Gustavo Martinez

When you are working in the marketing and advertising industry, you should always be on the lookout for new trends. This is a profession that is dictated by the changing behaviors of consumers. If you look at the way companies used to market their products several decades ago, you will notice that things have changed.

In fact, if you try any of the things that they were doing, you will notice that nobody even understands what you are doing. For Gustavo Martinez, most of the trends that excite him are related to technology. He has been in this profession even before technology sprouted and so, he has seen it all.

The Internet of Things

Gustavo Martinez is fascinated by the fact that modern technology can be used to link several appliances even when they are not in the same location. For example, a marketer can link a computer at the office to their car in the field and their mobile phones in the hands.

This means that they are able to manage all these things in one place. When it comes to marketing, the Internet of Things has made it easy for marketers to run multiple campaigns. They can manage several manages with one device even when they are working miles apart.

Artificial Intelligence

It is not possible to talk about the Internet of Things without mentioning Artificial Intelligence, and this fascinates Gustavo Martinez too. He says that the ability of computers to recognize the things that only humans could do is amazing.

Computers are not being used to do the tasks that were dedicated to humans. They can write, relay information, plan for the day, and carry out a long list of activities without being monitored. When you use Artificial Intelligence in marketing, you will notice that you will have less work to do and your costs will reduce significantly.

Better and faster marketing applications

Another trend that makes Gustavo Martinez happy is the fact that there are applications that speed up marketing activities. He says that when he was starting out almost four decades ago, he had to do many things that took up a lot of his time. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Crunchbase and Gustavo Martinez | Ideamench

As a result, it took him too long to complete one project. Fast forward to today, and he has noticed that he can automate most of the tasks that used to exhaust his energy and so, things are now easier.

If you have been following marketing and advertising news, you must have heard about Gustavo Martinez. This is the experienced marketer who has spent 35 years working in this industry.

Over that period, he has made contributions that helped to change this industry. He says that he is almost at the end of his career and so, he is thinking about new angles in marketing.

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