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Isabel dos Santos: Empowering And Encouraging Women In Africa

Isabel dos Santos is notably known for her philanthropic efforts with various humanitarian organizations. As an entrepreneur, Isabel dos Santos leads Angola’s largest telecommunications company, Unitel. Her extensive knowledge and experience through her leadership at Unitel aided her in creating infrastructure, implementing technology, and economic development in Angola. Before her career began, Isabel dos Santos graduated from King’s College London where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering (BBC).


Today, we take a look at a recent article that includes an interview with her. The article begins to describe her as “the daughter of Angola’s former president Jose Eduardo dos Santos.” The article mentions she was also previously the chairwoman of an oil company in Angola named Sonangol. It also says that Isabel dos Santos has experienced challenges as a woman in a “male-dominant economy of Africa”. Particularly, she talks about the difficulties of becoming a successful woman in Africa.

The article moves on to the interview. She is first asked to go in detail regarding the challenges she has experienced. She indicates that women in Africa who are employed at “any level of Africa’s business world” commonly experience “discrimination and sexism”. She then describes her own experiences involving discrimination and sexism during her career. Next, she is then asked about potential industries women can “tap” into to become a successful entrepreneur. She states that the “tourism, minerals, agriculture, and manufacturing” industries are potentially good opportunities for women in Africa. Isabel dos Santos specifically identifies the agriculture sector. In it, she states “medium scale operations …” are “becoming more lucrative.” Additionally, she mentions opportunities involving “internal tourists” from other African countries of whom have “disposable income” within the “growing middle class”. This is in reference to opportunities within the tourism industry.

Further, in the interview, she is asked about her philanthropic efforts. As mentioned, Isabel dos Santos works with humanitarian organizations that improve, benefits, and supports society. These philanthropic efforts include “sponsoring charities and programs”. She is also involved in initiatives towards “improving social responsibility”. Isabel dos Santos gives the readers a few examples of her involvement in various humanitarian efforts. Supporting a pediatric hospital, financial support in combating malaria, and the distribution of clean potable water are only to mention a few of her involvements with charitable organizations.

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Greg Blatt’s Education In Law Helped Him Lead In Business

Greg Blatt has a background in corporate and entertainment law with a Juris Doctorate from Columbia Law School and a Bachelor’s degree from Colgate University. He had practiced corporate law as well as entertainment law in 2 large firms based in New York as well as for Martha Stewart’s company. While he may have begun at Martha Stewart Omnimedia as General Counsel, he ended up becoming the company’s Vice President for their Business Affairs (Crunchbase).

While working for the entertainment industry in entertainment law, Greg Blatt was hoping he would be able to get a break on his creative endeavors in the process. Currently, he is spending time writing his own novel. Even though law school is a difficult thing to complete, Blatt did not go into knowing that is what he wanted to do. He thought that he would most likely enjoy law school which is why he made the decision to go through with it even though he was not sure what he wanted to do with it in his career.

While he had spent time working at law firms during the beginning of his career, he found that working as General Counsel was more enjoyable for him as a career path. Not only did Greg served at Martha Stewart, but it was also the first position that he took with IAC. While the title of the positions was the same, his position at ILC involved working for a much larger company that was valued at around $27 billion at the time.

It’s important to ask why and he states that he and his young daughter both have a habit of doing it. Greg Blatt always wants to know the answer to “Why?” as you can learn a lot of things by requesting answers and looking for things that could be given some improvement. Meeting face to face is important for Greg Blatt as he feels that he is able to be the most perspective. With technology making video chatting more immersive and clear, it is easier to speak to someone from anywhere on the planet with ease.

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Learning About The Benefits Of Betterworks Performance Management Software

Betterworks was incepted in 2013. The firm deals with the production of employee performance management software that usually integrates with the daily operations of a company. It assists in the formation of goals. It is also possible to track progress. During the design phase, the developers made sure that the software is simple, and it would have great features that would be accessed easily.

The firms that have been using the performance management software have realized that the software easily integrates into each of the daily routines within the firm. The software also empowers people to take the results a step higher in terms of performance. Other competitors have been striving to produce software that can act as a solution to different challenges in an organization. Such firms have encountered challenges such as being unable to formulate software that can act as a solution to many problems at a go. Some of the advantages of Betterworks performance management software include ensuring that the employees in an organization are motivated.

The Betterworks performance management software has various features, and they include:

• Building a Feedback Culture.

• Setting Goals.

• Tracking Goals. 

Betterworks performance management software is suitable for any business. The firm and the staff members will always have a sense of direction that is strong when they are working towards long-term objectives. It will be easier to set goals that will be beneficial to the business and the teams within the firm. The staff will also be motivated. Additionally, it is good to make sure that the set goals have been prioritized.

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Ryan Seacrest: Laying Down The Foundation of Success

Ryan Seacrest is today considered to be one of the most recognizable faces on American television.Seacrest’s countless hours of perfecting his craft through a wide variety of radio and television gigs have provided him with a plethora of exposure and experience, enough for multiple lifetimes. We were first introduced to Ryan as an American Idol host in the early 2000s when he the show would become the most successful singing competition on television.

After his time with American Idol was done, Seacrest would then go on to seek various projects as an executive producer. Even behind the camera, he would excel; creating hit reality TV shows such as “Keeping up with the Kardashians.” Even after his incredible and successful stint as a TV host and executive producer, Ryan Seacrest still wanted to do more. In 2014, Ryan’s entrepreneurial side would be on full display as he would go on to introduce “Ryan Seacrest Distinction,” a tailored-made men’s clothing and accessories brand that would be exclusively sold at Macy’s stores across the globe.

Ryan Seacrest Distinction has not only sold well, but it has also, in fact, become Macy’s most successful brand launches in decades. In addition to Distinction, Ryan Seacrest sought out to partner with his longtime skin doctor, Dr.Lancer to form and distribute Polished by Dr. Lancer. It is a known fact that Ryan has suffered from acne for many years, Polished, a skin care product that was formulated by Dr.Lancer is his way of being able to contribute back to those with similar problems that he had to go through (Onairwithryan).

Today, Seacrest can be found commuting from the West Coast where he hosts L.A’s number one syndicated radio show On Air with Ryan to the East coast where he is now the newest host of Live with Kelly and Ryan. Even with all this going on, Ryan Seacrest still manages to give back to the community through his charitable foundation, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. The foundation works to create what Ryan calls media centers across multiple medical facilities. They serve to not only provide a place of fun activity for the patients but a location where students from local schools can come and experience first hand the inner workings of broadcasting.

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How Luke Lazarus is Redefining Management in World of Start-ups

Did you know that nine out of ten business created today will not survive the next five years? This phenomenon is one of the most studied business realities by pundits and economic commentators.

However, Luke Lazarus has dedicated his time in assisting start-ups in creating better policies — and therefore be part of the successful 10%. Lazarus understands what it takes for a company to be successful and more importantly — what every start-up should avoid in formative years.

First, he is one of the few experts with extensive experience in this niche. In nearly four decades, Luke Lazarus has assisted companies in creating policies and therefore, safeguarding their future. He has also created four companies, which are all successful.

According to him, the experience he has gained through managing the four companies make him knowledgeable on the subject and more importantly, passionate about success in start-ups.

Second, he is a product of the best education system in the world. He was an A student, and various journals have contributed his success in education to his unmatched understanding of different market dynamics.

Luke Lazarus points out that his education background has assisted him in understanding market trends from a different perspective. His interpretation enables him to advise his clients on the best way to handle the company’s operations and more specifically, which policies to change in the implementation stage. Read more: Luke Lazarus| Medium and Luke Lazarus –

Thirdly, he is a believer in innovations, specifically innovations affecting the company’s relationship with clients. He is a believer in client-based policies, regardless of the company’s niche. Luke Lazarus understands that if clients are satisfied, they are more likely to continue transacting with the company. Lazarus points out that most start-ups fail to reach the five-year mark into existence because they fail to understand clients and more importantly, the current trend in their respective markets.

As a results-oriented professional, he believes that market plans and evaluations are critical to every business. Luke Lazarus is a believer that having a definite market plan is a game changer for any company.

The proposed plan should, however, accommodate the market realities, and more importantly, it should put the company on a competitive space. After some period, Lazarus believes that carrying out a market evaluation is critical. In this stage, the company should evaluate whether their plan worked and if not, the reason for program failure.

The Melbourne Business School graduate is also a believer in a motivated workforce. Luke Lazarus believes that the difference between brilliant policies and the company’s success is — an inspired workforce.

In the three decades Lazarus has been in business , he has been keen on working with self-motivated talents and more importantly, professionals that are motivated to create better environments in their respective departments. The two factors, according to him, should guide every company’s executive when hiring.

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Zeco Auriemo – Taking the Legacy of His Family Forward

Zeco Auriemo is one of the most dynamic businessmen in Brazil today and has helped JHSF Inc, one of the premium real estate firms in the country, to expand massively under his leadership. Zeco Auriemo studied engineering and business administration from Sao Paulo University and FAAP University, respectively. He has been active in his father’s business from a very early age, and after the completion of his studies, he joined his father’s company officially. He was able to work in various positions and learn the business machinery of the company before being promoted to the position of CEO.

Zeco Auriemo has made JHSF a household name in the country through the massive development and expansion the company has gone through under his leadership. The good thing about Zeco is that he is a new age leader and believes in aggressive business and marketing strategies, which has helped JHSF Inc to go beyond the country’s horizon. One other sector that he has been focusing on is the construction of shopping malls. Cidade Jardim and Santa Cruz Shopping Malls have been developed under his supervision. The mall has become popular and attracting world brands in it for the local and the tourists too.

Zeco Auriemo is always looking for investment opportunities in the real estate sector as he believes that only through futuristic investments can a company overcome the volatile market and get an edge over the heavy competition. He is not afraid to take risks and believes in doing what no one has ever done before. He understands that for a business to grow, some amount of calculated risk is absolutely necessary even if other people do not believe in you. One has to be confident enough so that other people will believe you too and support you in every way they can.

Corporate Giving, From Stream

A large number of Americans experienced a major loss with the occurrence of the Hurricane Harvey flooding their residential homes, neighborhoods and the firms they worked in destroyed. Pets were lost to the 56-inch rain. Stream Energy, a firm based in Dallas, made use of its monetary earnings obtained through successful sale of energy business transactions, to help those affected by the Hurricane Harvey.

Corporate philanthropy is a portion of Stream’s DNA. Stream Energy is an energy-based company that performs its business operations through direct selling. Recently, Stream launched Stream Cares, a charity foundation that creates awareness on its formality in philanthropy around the state of Texas and across the country. This exercise has been a culture in the company for over twelve years.

Setting an example on behalf of Dallas based corporations, Stream Energy showed their balance between the brands philanthropic work and its charity to the Hurricane Harvey victims. Their support showed that their contribution to help those affected by the Hurricane Harvey was more than just monetary donations. A business firm coming up with a different philanthropic concept benefits a lot from the phenomenon. For instance, the firm gets an opportunity to give back to its community while still being respected and earning loyalty from the public as well as interested clients.

The act of corporate giving is characterized as profiled and publicized to a greater extent. It steps in as a buffer in the event of scandals, layoffs and a decrease in profits. From a statistical point of view, America as a corporation is widely generous. Nineteen billion worth donations were made in 2016 by businesses through several charities in America as well as outside nations. These donations are exclusive of sponsorship from corporations, employee donations in terms of effort, money and time, and cause marketing.

Stream Energy has its own business model which works in a simple way. Associates of Stream Energy are paid to create a network of clients who are loyal, and make a delivery of services and products through direct selling ranging from mobile device plans to energy at a fixed rate.

The Winning Strategy of OSI Food Solutions

In every industry of work, some companies tend to come and go with the times. That’s just the way life is, but if a company can dodge the pitfalls of its industry, then it can certainly last for a long time. This is the case with OSI Food Solutions. This particular food processor has dodged many of the food industry’s pitfalls, and it has spent a considerable amount of time improving on its services. OSI Food Solutions was founded by a German-immigrant named Otto Kolschowski. This man and his sons opened a small meat locker in Oak Park, Illinois, at the turn of the 20th century. Otto’s Meat Market served high-quality meats and high-quality meats only.

As time progressed, the family decided to take their talent to the next level and relaunched the company as a wholesaler of foods. Otto Kolschowski is no longer with us in person, but his spirit remains intact with the company. The remaining members of the Kolschowski family have removed themselves from day-to-day operations, and have brought in new leadership. This new leadership comes by the names of Sheldon Lavin and David McDonald. These two professionals bring in an additional 60 years of experience. Sheldon Lavin is the CEO while David McDonald is the president.

Lavin sports an impressive resume in finance while McDonald offers top-tier logistical advice. OSI Food Solutions has its own way of doing business, and it has certainly worked throughout the years. The company closely follows consumer trends while developing specific products that goes toward specific partnerships. The idea is rather brilliant. What more could a client ever want from a food provider? OSI Food Solutions is aware of all the new flavors and cuisines. The company’s R&D specialists have remained vigilant when it comes to this, which has allowed OSI to stay ahead of the pack.

Agera Energy’s Energy Deregulation Plan Adopted by many Homeowners

Many home owners have myriad of ideas while it comes to the energy supply in their homes. However, it becomes a tough decision to decide the best supplier of energy in their homes. Through the deregulation of the energy utilities plan by Agera Energy, clients in different states in the U.S has started to have options from where they can put down their checklists. There are several states where energy consumption is regulated hence having a single supplier of electricity. Consequently, the prices are at most regulated or fixed by the governments giving them no options to choose from. Read more about Agera Energy on

Nevertheless, there is no regulation in some states thus looking for the greener energy, natural gas as well as renewable energy to mention a few. Agera Energy comes in here where clients have options and offers them with a vast of efficient energy solutions through the Pure Wind Plan. Additionally, they are deriving their energy from wind farms that are certified by the states governments. For many decades now, customers have been demanding to have sustainable energy options as Agera Energy have been there to see that their demands are met. Learn more about Agera Energy at Linkedin.

Agera Energy is today offering solutions to clients through the provision of a myriad of natural gas and other electricity options. To be noted, the services offered by Agera are cost-effective to clients such that they don’t have to pour out their capitals on same electricity solutions. According to Kerry Cassidy, Agera energy spokesperson, the company is helping its consumers in the different states make smarter choices.

Maarten De Jeu: Grow and Learn with the MSI and Farrell Fellowship

The Museum of Science and Industry is the biggest science museum in the Western Hemisphere and they were able to utilize the internship of Farrell Fellowship to help the youth engage in scientific and technical learning. The internship allowed teenagers across Chicago to be productive during the summer for more than five weeks. It will help them develop their public speaking skills, enhance their knowledge in science, and develop their leadership skills. They are expected to handle and manage interactive science activities inside the museum and throughout the community before the program ends. Five years ago, 40 teenagers were able to collaborate and educate their audience about the history and chemistry of bubbles. They visited over 15 public libraries across the state and taught other people about what they have learned. The participants in the program were able to teach the younger generation to build objects such as carnival tents made out of newspaper and how to launch rockets.

The Managing Partner and Founder of the SVM Business Advisory is known as Maarten De Jeu. He is notable for being a strategic financial and business advisor who specializes in corporate development, mergers and acquisitions, financial planning, project management, and more. De Jeu and his corporate background have enabled him to succeed in financial services, insurance, commercial real estate investments, and international business transactions. He is based in Chicago and a lot of people look up to him because of his extensive skills, outstanding strategies, and strong abilities. Maarten De Jeu has extensive expertise with international business networks in Asia, Europe, and North America. He has a piece of in-depth knowledge about international cultural and institutional settings.

In addition to this, he has been a financial advisor to a number of start-up businesses, high net worth individuals, big organizations, and senior executives. People were able to see the intelligence and expertise of Maarten De Jeu when it comes to making decisions and building effective plans. He helped companies and start-ups to grow and to evolve by sharing his pieces of advice and strategic insights. Maarten De Jeu has experienced working as a Management Consultant, Analyst, Senior Associate, Director of Corporate Development, and more.

Working for companies has enabled him to develop numerous strategies and initiatives for the growth of a company particularly in Asia and Europe. He is held accountable for various business portfolio reviews, assessment of unique business opportunities, mergers and acquisitions support, and the overall strategic planning of a business. Maarten De Jeu is an asset who knows how to successfully lead a company by thinking of strategies that are beneficial and advantageous in the long run. Successful companies in Asia and Europe who have been working with De Jeu are now industry giants. Learn more: