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Philanthropy Is A Team Effort for James Dondero And The Staff Of Highland Capital Management

James Dondero is the president of a Dallas-based asset management firm. Highland Capital Management was founded by Dondero and co-founder Mark Okada. He is as dedicated to many of the worthy causes in Dallas as he is to his valued clients.

James, also known as Jim Dondero, is a philanthropist. He has been assisting the not-for-profit organizations in Dallas, and his generosity has helped these organizations achieve their goals in large scale. Jim is generous with his time and his contributions. He helps out at the University of Texas Center for BrainHealth. James Dondero also supports the Bush Center of the Southern Methodist University. Highland Capital Management donates funds to aid the operations of the Dallas Zoo.

The philanthropic efforts of Highland Capital are highly focused on improving the lives of people. The Family Place provides relief for victims of domestic violence, and Jim Dondero is a donor to the charitable cause. Other non-profit recipients of funds from the Highland Capital Foundation and James Dondero include the Dallas Symphony and the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. James was also pleased to commit to a $10 million endowment for the benefit of the Bush Center. The Bush Center was able to begin a series of free Engage lectures thanks to the generous endowment.

Jim Dondero works closely with many of these organizations. His Highland Dallas Foundation works along with the Dallas Foundation for which Mary Jalonick serves as its CEO. Jim and the staff of the company give of their time to achieve the goals of the Highland Capital Management Foundation.

The headquarters of Highland Capital Management has been situated in Dallas for over 20 years. James and his team are proud to be a part of the community’s efforts to help move the city’s social initiatives forward.

The Business of Dermatology: Dr. Tim Ioannides Talks Treasure Coast Dermatology

Tim Ioannides, M.D. isn’t your average dermatologist. Early in his career, Dr. Ioannides knew he wanted to dedicate his life to treating skin related conditions with his expertise in medical dermatology. After completing medical school at the University of Miami, interning at the University of Florida, finishing up a residency through the University of Miami, and taking a job with a plastic surgeon, Ioannides knew he was destined to start his own business.

A Passion for Medical Dermatology

Dr. Ioannides’ time working with a plastic surgeon showed him that the medical industry was sorely lacking in dermatologists that specialize in a medical approach to dermatology. While most dermatologists choose to use cosmetic procedures to treat their patients, Ioannides strives to focus on medical dermatology in his own practice.

With the passion to take the focus off plastic surgery and cosmetic dermatology, Ioannides’ company Treasure Coast Dermatology was born. As he started his practice, Ioannides’ goal was to create an environment that focuses on treating patients solely with medical dermatology. Though Ioannides funded his new business venture by offering cosmetic procedures, he was soon able to specialize in his niche practice of medical dermatology.

A Day in the Life of the Dermatologist

As a dermatologist with five thriving practices, Tim Ioannides, M.D. is a busy man. However, he finds a way to balance his time between his personal and professional life. Beginning each day with a workout, Ioannides likes to start his mornings with high-energy and adrenaline. Before heading to work, Ioannides spends time with his children and wife as he gets them ready for school.

Though Ioannides has multiple locations for his practice, he spends his workday traveling to each one. This way, Ioannides can see each patient individually. Devoted to building and maintaining long-term relationships with his clients, Ioannides is truly committed to making his clients feel as though they’re part of the Treasure Coast Dermatology family.

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Entrepreneur Nitin Khanna Discusses His Love For DJing

Many entrepreneurs have mentioned the importance of having work life balance. One hobby that is emerging as a popular choice for entrepreneurs to participate in is electric DJing. Nitin Khanna says that DJing allows him to express his passion for music.

DJ Kitten

Nitin Khanna’s professional stage name is DJ Kitten. Khanna has performed at live events all over the United States. Khanna says that he is a late bloomer in regards to enjoying electronic music. Khanna discovered electronic music through meeting with representatives at Burning Man. He releases shows to his Soundcloud every month so that people can easily listen to his music. While music is his passion, Nitin Khanna still finds time to run multiple multi-million dollar organizations.

Business Ventures

Recently, Nitin Khanna helped re-designed one of Portland’s historic attractions, seeking to create appealing night life entertainment. The building re-opened as the No Vacancy Club. Khanna says that No Vacancy was created to serve mature crowds. He envisioned live music becoming a centerpiece of the experience. Nitin Khanna says that No Vacancy gave him the opportunity to pursue his musical interests while also spending time with his friends.

Nitin Khanna hopes to be an example for both his employees and other entrepreneurs that people can find the time to enjoy their hobbies without negatively impacting their careers. Research has shown that many people experience burnout from working long hours at their jobs. Without having a way to reduce the stress and tension, people risk becoming mentally exhausted.

Why DJing Is Becoming Popular

Many entrepreneurs believe that DJing suits their fast paced lifestyles. They also enjoy the non demanding nature of the job. Disk jockeys can perform their jobs at a high level without using a lot of energy. Nitin Khanna says that there is also respect for the level of focus that it takes to complete a performance.

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Who is Organo Gold?

Organo Gold is a company that produces Ganoderma products. Such products produced are green teas, hot chocolate, supplements, and latte blends. However, their first based products are their branded coffee sold through distributors. The company was first founded by Bernardo Chua in 2008, alongside co-founder Shane Morand. Visit Bizfluent to know more about Organo Gold.

How does Organo Gold Operate?

 The company doesn’t have any coffee houses or retail stores of their own. In fact, they have their products massed produced in factories and have them shipped it individual distributors from Organo Gold wholesale. The distributors then sales the products to consumers while the distributors gain fifty percent of commission from the profits. Visit Facebook to know more.

Profits Recorded

 This company has grown tremendously on a marketing level. The company estimated profits worldwide in 2010 were recorded to be in the $35 million. Organa Gold has been offering their products and sales system to countries such as the United States, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, the Philippines, Jamaica, and Peru.


Highland Capital Management Founder To Retire From The Company

Highland Capital Management has been a major part of the alternative credit sector for 25 years and has continued its consistent growth regardless of the financial cycles affecting the U.S. and global economies.

The firm was responsible for designing the first software to electronically track loan portfolios, which is used by a majority of loan managers. They sold the software to JPMorgan Chase in 2003.

James Dondero and Mark Okada came together to form the investment management company in 1993 when they had already found success working with other financial institutions. Mark Okada recently revealed he is stepping down from his roles with Highland Capital Management as he looks to expand on his other interests in the future.

Over the last few years, the rumor mill has been going into overdrive with Mark Okada handing over many of his day-to-day duties at Highland Capital Management to other senior members of the brand. On September 30, 2019, Mark Okada released a statement explaining the how and why of his decision to retire from his work with Highland Capital Management.

In the past, Mark Okada maintained some executive roles at Highland Capital Management, including the leadership of credit research and structured product teams that have played an important role in the development of the financial brand. Go Here for more information.

Fellow founder, James Dondero was quick to heap praise on Mark Okada following the announcement of his decision to retire from the daily operations of the brand. Dondero explained the company has only benefitted from the work of Mark Okada in the alternate credit industry that has seen Okada develop his career as a leading financial analyst. Read This Article for related information

Despite the decision to retire from daily activities, Mark Okada is not completely leaving the management of Highland Capital and James Dondero praised this decision. Dondero explained he was looking forward to working with Dondero in the coming years as they explore new opportunities for finding success in the future. Mark Okada did not refer to his departure from the daily running of Highland Capital as retirement and stated he was looking forward to a new phase in his career.

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Bhanu Choudhrie And The Importance Of Establishing A Complete Management Team

Entrepreneur and philanthropist, Bhanu Choudhrie, founded C&C Alpha Group in 2001, viewing its launch as a natural continuation to the entrepreneurial reputation that he and his family had begun building since the 1970s. An astute businessman, Bhanu Choudhrie has helped to build an exceptional portfolio for C&C Alpha Group, predicated upon the company’s ability to find successful opportunities in emerging markets. Through C&C Alpha Group, Mr. Choudhrie has helped to establish India and the Philippines as two of the most promising regions of the future, utilizing his strategic investment expertise in a variety of sectors, including real estate, banking, healthcare, and hospitality. With a superb rate of success, the C&C Alpha group has assisted a myriad of companies, both, established, as well as up-and-coming.

A graduated of Boston University, Bhanu Choudhrie received his undergraduate degree in International Business Marketing and was later accepted to the Owner Management Program at Harvard University. In 2008, he was named the Entrepreneur of the Year by the “Asian Voice Political and Public Life Awards,” adding to the list of honors that he’s received over the course of his career as an entrepreneur and philanthropist.

As the head of C&C Alpha Group, it is imperative that Bhanu Choudhrie begins his workday early in the morning in order to gauge the markets – both local and international. In order to do so, he starts his day around 6:30 each morning, checking news outlets such as Bloomberg and CNN for the latest development. After assessing the latest global financial trends, he arrives at the office at 10:00 AM, where he then meets with his staff, discussing the global financial climate, as well as the immediate trajectory of his clients. Bhanu Choudhrie’s workday generally concludes at 6:00 PM each day, allowing him enough time to reflect on the day, as well as to ponder future ideas. Despite his dedication, he is steadfast concerning the importance of taking time away from the office, believing that it is a necessary component of his continued efficiency and success.

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Tim Ioannides on Finding Purpose in Medical Dermatology

A passion for treating skin and unparalleled business acumen is what sets Tim Ioannides, M.D. apart as a dermatologist. Founder of his own enterprise, Treasure Coast Dermatology, Tim Ioannides is a beloved member of the Treasure Coast Community. In a recent interview, Ioannides describes his path to success and what he envisions for the future of his industry.

Branching out in Dermatology

In the world of medicine, there’s no clear-cut path for dermatologists to follow. While many recent medical school graduates interested in dermatology leave school to work at practices, Tim Ioannides knew he wanted more for his career. After taking a job at a practice that championed cosmetic dermatology procedures, Tim Ioannides decided to create his own future in the medical industry–a future that focused on medically driven dermatological services.

Tim Ioannides began the path of entrepreneurship by launching Treasure Coast Dermatology. Relying on clients he formed relationships with at his former job, Ioannides and his staff initially offered cosmetic treatments to clients until they could afford to transition into a practice that solely provided medically driven procedures.

A Passion and Purpose

Today, Ioannides’ passion for medical dermatology is as strong as ever and he has a steady following of committed clients to prove it. When asked about the secret behind his successful business ventures, Ioannides holds that it is his dogged commitment to proactive treatment, preventative education, excellent customer service, and intentional relationship building with every client that are the keys to his thriving company.

Those that visit Treasure Coast Dermatology today will find that Ioannides’ passion and patient-first mentality echo throughout each one of his five locations. With a supportive team of dedicated staffers and a welcoming and proactive atmosphere, Treasure Coast Dermatology has established itself as a place for health and wellness for those that champion skin-care. With Ioannides and his team dedicated to constantly pushing the envelope in his practice and dermatology itself, Treasure Coast Dermatology is truly an invaluable part of the Florida medical community.

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Igor Cornelsen Gives Great Investing Advice To Everyone Who Needs Help

Igor Cornelsen has learned all about investing through the experiences that he has had in his career. He went to college in Brazil for engineering and then economics and the jobs that he had when he first got out of college taught him a lot. He worked in management and investment banking and did well in his work. He has made many great decisions during his career and all of the jobs he has held and decisions he has made have helped him become the successful entrepreneur that he is today.

Igor Cornelsen enjoys sharing his investment advice with others and he does that through public speaking and in a variety of other ways. He believes that there are many great opportunities for investment in Brazil and encourages others to invest in his country. He also knows about the investment opportunities in other countries and what the currency exchange rates are like in them. He knows how to help investors generate passive income and much more, and he wants to help as many people as he can to succeed in their investments so they can have the money that they need to have good lives.

Igor Cornelsen knows that he has to use his personal experience when advising others about investing. He got his experience through his education, the first few jobs he worked, and through all of the investments that he made with his own money. The thing that he believes is the most important for anyone who is going to be investing is to listen to the advice that someone like him has to give. People have recognized his potential and all of the good things that he can do for a long time, and Igor Cornelsen’s advice about investments comes from experience and a lot of research. Find out more about Igor Cornelsen:

Jason Hope

He is known as a qualified futurist by Jason Hope. With his enthusiasm for technology and his straightforward understanding, he utilizes this knowledge to look to the sector and to predict where technology’s future lies.

Jason Hope thinks that the Internet of Things’ energy (also known as IoT) could be an significant player in contemporary culture in terms of future technological developments, as increasing numbers of machines develop connected devices.

Jason Hope’s advice and insights into technology are useful for contemporary enterprises and people who look to make best use of the technology in future. Jason Hope, a native of Arizona, graduated in finance from the University of Arizona and obtained an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business.

From where did you come up with the concept for your program?
I know it is hard for young learners or entrepreneurs to get a business idea off the ground. Some young people have incredible ideas, but they wouldn’t save sufficiently cash to start with the state of the economy. Even the $500 I donate to SENS has gone a long way.

I use my official website to select company thoughts and cherry select the most exciting thoughts I see. The future of the technology sector is determined by the great ideas our young entrepreneurs have developed.

How do you make it productive? What is your typical day like?
A good breakfast and physical activity begin every day. When first logging in to my laptop, I have a regular checking routine of my emails, posts and social media. I regularly take breaks to keep composure from the laptop.

How can you give life to thoughts?
I like to begin by maintaining fundamental stuff. Excessively complex concepts will waste time and promote failure. I also convey my thoughts to individuals very close to me for feedback. Each job or project on which I operate is step by step.

What is a trend that excites you so much?
I am really excited that IoT technologies are becoming feasible (also known as the’ Internet of Things’). It won’t be long before each house in the developed world depends on its IoT systems. Many excellent goods are already in preparation for release in 2017.

IoT systems are available which monitor and adjust illumination and room temperature with sensors. In addition, there are IoT devices to track biometrics and fitness –I see IoT as a major factor in our culture. Jason Hope loves sharing his knowledge and kindness with the world.

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SudhirChoudhrie Life Characterized By String of Business Successed

In 2013, British MP Theresa May, who would one day become Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, awarded SudhirChoudhrie the Asian Businessman Lifetime Achievement Award. It was a distinct honor for the Indian-born entrepreneur who had become a British citizen in 2010. Born in 1949 during the tumultuous days of “The Partition” in India, SudhirChourdhrie faced numerous challenges in addition to the political upheavals that followed Indian independence in 1947. He lost his father while still a boy. He was also diagnosed with a heart defect, a condition he would struggle with for the rest of his life. But nothing would prevent SudhirChoudhrie from pursuing his entrepreneurial dreams.

After graduating from the University of Delhi with a degree in economics, he established an export business along with his brother. The business involved buying television equipment in the U.K. and selling it to the burgeoning Indian broadcast industry of the 1960s. SudhirChoudhrie’s early success with bilateral trade between the U.K. and India would become a lifetime pursuit. But he would also expand his trade activities to many other nations, including the former Soviet Union. Mr. Choudhrie facilitated a robust import-export trade with the Russians for agricultural equipment. By 1975, he had founded the Magnum International Trading Company, a firm which is still thriving today more than 44 years later.

In the coming years, SudhirChoudhrie would expand his interests to a variety of other sectors. For example, in 1995 he established a joint venture with Taj Hotels Resorts to create Taj Kerala, one of the most successful resort complexes in the world today. He also delved into the aviation industry. In 2003, Mr. Choudhrie liked what he saw in the potential of Air Deccan, the first airline in India to operate on a “budget” model. When Mr. Choudhrie came in as an expert investor, Air Deccan had just a single plane. Five years later, the aviation firm has carried more than seven million passengers and conducts 200 flights per day. SudhirChoudhrie is recognized as among the most innovative and successful international businessmen in the world today.

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