Airman, Photographer, Lacrosse Coach – Jon Urbana’s Life

People are looking to do more and more activities and live a fuller life than ever before with the ability to embark on a much more varied lifestyle thanks to the Internet and technology. Urbana is an active participant on Facebook and blogs like Tumblr where he spends a large amount of his time publishing and uploading his own artistic work. Music and photography play an important part in the leisure time of the man who acts as the lacrosse coach for his own camps each summer and still finds the time to remain one of the best qualified pilots in the world.

Jon Urbana has spent the majority of his life dedicating his time to his business and sporting interests, but has also been rewarded with a place on the list of the world’s best qualified pilots. The FAA publishes a database of pilots who have the skills, education, training, and good health to work as respected pilots in commercial work. Urbana is one of the latest entrants onto the database, which is generally reserved for commercial pilots with many years of service.

Alongside his abilities as a pilot, the founder of Next Level Lacrosse is also a dedicated photographer who excels in producing images based on nature and still life.

The influences in the life of Jon Urbana are many and varied, including a number of photography and musical experts who are detailed on his many social media accounts. Music is now playing an even greater role in the life of Jon Urbana than ever before, which is shown in the work he has uploaded for public consumption. Urbana has extended his musical talents beyond the guitar he has played for many years to include electronic music that has developed his largest following.

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