Alexis Kennedy Thrives as an Independent Game Writer and Developer

Naming his former company “Failbetter Games” proved appropriate. Founder Alexis Kennedy revealed he almost went bust when venturing out on his own to become a gaming writer and developer. Leaving a stable job as a software consultant comes with risk. Kennedy took the risk and established Failbetter Games. Incredibly, he chose to leave Failbetter Games behind and create the London-based independent gaming company Weather Factory.

Weather Factory is referred to as a “micro-company” because its size and scope are far smaller than a standard business. Don’t think the small company hasn’t delivered sales and success. Through a Kickstarter campaign, Weather Factory unleashed the strange game Occultist Simulator. The game makes the player a student of the occult who puts together a jigsaw puzzle to discover mysterious secrets.

The combination of Kennedy’s reputation and Occultist Simulator’s concept drew interest from gamers. The Kickstarter campaign went past expectations and earned almost $105,000. The game hit the PC and Mobile markets and did well. Kennedy wasn’t sure how well things would do since the game had to compete with so many free games on the mobile platform. The game sold, thankfully. Alexis Kennedy now thinks about coming up with a less-difficult follow-up game to Occultist Simulator. Supposedly, the new game will take place in a library dealing with occult books. The idea has spooky potential.

When asked about his attitude for running an independent gaming business, Alexis Kennedy mentions he has a lot of fun in the role. He even suggests fun can be more important than profit, but each individual makes his/her priorities. Choose between profits, fun, and safety, he says. Picking one and achieving the desired outcome may lead to realizing the other two. That is, striving to have fun with work may lead to performing so well profits follow. With profits, you end up with safety through job security.

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