Allegations and the Rebuttal

In the technology world, changes and new developments are constantly happening. With all the changes and new technologies, patents come into play. Holding a patent allowing a company or an individual to have the rights to create and market a specific product or service. When multiple companies are working within the same industry and are working to create the same technology, patents and who has access to them can become very competitive.


This is the case between Global Tel Link, or GTL, and Securus Technologies. GTL recently put out a press release claiming that Securus Technologies is violating many patents and that the have no rights to them. They also claim that Secures is too willing to sue anyone who challenges them.


Within days, Securus Technologies fired back and made many corrections to the press release put out by GTL. Securus went issue by issue and stated their case on how the allegation was false. They used facts and a lengthy explanation to back up every correction that they were making. Securus Technologies claims they have done nothing wrong and that they are well within their rights to be using the patents that they are using. They also stated that they are anything but sue happy and that they only bring lawsuits when they feel it is absolutely necessary. View the company profile on


All that is playing out between Securus Technologies and GTL may take many years to resolve. Patent litigation can take years to try in a court of law and Securus Technologies is ready for that battle.


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