Ara Chackerian Spends His Time As A Major Entrepreneur

Ara Chackerian is an avid entrepreneur. He has been prominent in the health care and tech industries for a long time now. His most recent project is called TMS Health Solutions. TMS Health Solutions works with people that have incurable depression.

TMS is a new form of depression treatment that is now just starting to be accepted by the medical community as a valid way to treat tough depression cases. It is a new an upcoming treatment that is easy for people to undergo and maintain. Ara Chackerian became interested in the treatment because the outsourcing or radiology and other technological health solutions to private companies over hospitals is a lucrative trend in North America right now.

Taking radiology departments out of hospitals and turning them into their own entities will save money for patients and the overall healthcare system in the long run. The fact is that technology is being updated continuously, leaving this burden to large hospitals that have to spend money on other things can be costly and hold back progress in the fields.

Ara Chackerian became interested in this particular therapy because many people do not overcome depression easily with the current methods being used. TMS shows some promise for the condition by stimulating new pathways in the brain repeatedly. This stimulation allows people to experience different thinking patterns than the one that they had before. It is much easier than using talk therapy or drugs alone.

Ara Chackerian believes that this could make a real difference in creating a happier and better society in the long run. Ara Chackerian is very excited to see the future as depression treatment moves more into physical augmentation over mental and molecular augmentation alone.

Ara Chackerian other interests lie in digital medicine and telemedicine applications. These type of treatments will allow overall healthcare cost to come down for users and lower insurance premiums over the long run.

Ara Chackerian cares about people and wants people to lead better and healthier lives. He is working to do that with his entrepreneurial endeavors.

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