Article Title: The Influential Woman: Susan McGalla

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Susan McGalla is the P3 Executive Consulting’s founder. She has many years of experience in fashion, and she offers expert insight that she gained from working in that industry. She is now known for being among the leading consultants in the corporate fashion and marketing strategies.

Women in Business

In her line of work, Susan McGalla meets many people, especially women with great business ideas and who want to succeed in their careers. She says that most of these women do not want to be labeled as working women but as professionals. She says that it’s very encouraging meeting many professionals with practical business ideas.

Early Life

Susan is the youngest in a family of 3. She has to older brothers. Her father was a football coach and brought her up to believe that she should never consider her gender or that of others hindering or helpful in her life. She learned the importance of being confidence at a young age. Regardless of those around her, she knew that she had to present her ideas confidently. She knew that confidence is vital to success. Because of that upbringing, she always comfortable working with both women and men. Susan McGalla went to Mount Union College where she got her BA.


Susan McGalla’s career began while working at American Eagle Outfitters from 1994-2009. While there, was tasked with various managerial roles. Before leaving American Eagle, she served as the company’s president. Her determination to yield results wherever she goes has earned her a reputation that many can’t forget. Susan has also been at Wet Seal as the company’s CEO. Her major role at this firm was to provide consulting services to various corporations. Susan also offers retail consulting services to businesses and individuals in the financial sector.

Experience at American Eagle

When Susan started working at American Eagle, all the executive positions and the board were male-dominated. However, she was able to work hard and rise through the ranks within no time. Susan says that her experience at that that company is one she’ll never forget. She is the representation of culture change where both men and work alike worked together to bring that company to the limelight. She eventually rose to become the company’s chief merchandising officer and president.

Susan says that she did not want to get favors as a woman to advance in her career. She did that through hard work and determination. She hopes that every woman can take the same approach in life.

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