Bhanu Choudhrie And The Importance Of Establishing A Complete Management Team

Entrepreneur and philanthropist, Bhanu Choudhrie, founded C&C Alpha Group in 2001, viewing its launch as a natural continuation to the entrepreneurial reputation that he and his family had begun building since the 1970s. An astute businessman, Bhanu Choudhrie has helped to build an exceptional portfolio for C&C Alpha Group, predicated upon the company’s ability to find successful opportunities in emerging markets. Through C&C Alpha Group, Mr. Choudhrie has helped to establish India and the Philippines as two of the most promising regions of the future, utilizing his strategic investment expertise in a variety of sectors, including real estate, banking, healthcare, and hospitality. With a superb rate of success, the C&C Alpha group has assisted a myriad of companies, both, established, as well as up-and-coming.

A graduated of Boston University, Bhanu Choudhrie received his undergraduate degree in International Business Marketing and was later accepted to the Owner Management Program at Harvard University. In 2008, he was named the Entrepreneur of the Year by the “Asian Voice Political and Public Life Awards,” adding to the list of honors that he’s received over the course of his career as an entrepreneur and philanthropist.

As the head of C&C Alpha Group, it is imperative that Bhanu Choudhrie begins his workday early in the morning in order to gauge the markets – both local and international. In order to do so, he starts his day around 6:30 each morning, checking news outlets such as Bloomberg and CNN for the latest development. After assessing the latest global financial trends, he arrives at the office at 10:00 AM, where he then meets with his staff, discussing the global financial climate, as well as the immediate trajectory of his clients. Bhanu Choudhrie’s workday generally concludes at 6:00 PM each day, allowing him enough time to reflect on the day, as well as to ponder future ideas. Despite his dedication, he is steadfast concerning the importance of taking time away from the office, believing that it is a necessary component of his continued efficiency and success.

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