Bring Fugitives to Jail with the Help of Securus Technologies

My job as a fugitive hunter is making sure that these criminals are back behind bars before they hurt innocent people. The issue that I have working on the fugitive task force is we have very limited resources to get a lead on these fugitives. In the past, we had a network of informants who would step up and give us information to bring these folks back to jail.


As soon as I get the word that a fugitive is on the loose, my first action is to reach out to the family and see if they are in communication with this person. We set up surveillance to make sure they are not aiding the fugitive, and then we widen the search to relatives and friends. If the fugitive is part of a gang, then we have to take different action.


My favorite resource is heading to the jail and listening in on the inmates as they talk on the phone. The old systems relied on officers figuring out what the inmates were saying, but the new inmate communication system installed in the jail by Securus Technologies has changed the way we find fugitives. This company is based in Dallas TX, and CEO Richard Smith says that he and his one thousand employees all work to the same objective, connecting and making the world a safer place for everyone.


Now as soon as I was trained to use the system and learned about the LBS software, I struck gold on the first day. The fugitive I was hunting was part of a gang, and his brothers were still behind bars and chattering about his escape. They thought we could not decipher their talk about his hiding with gang soldiers, and so did the fugitive when we rolled up on him at his hideaway that evening.


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