Carsten Thiel Is A Leader In The Biotech Industry Who Knows How To Get The Most Out Of The Teams He Leads

As a youngster, Carsten Thiel knew he would end up working in the health care industry one day. His parents were both doctors, and once he began school, he realized he had a love for science and especially biology. Today, he is excited about the many ways that modern technology is making patients’ lives easier.

He is happy to be alive during a time when things that seemed impossible just a few years back are now becoming realities. Carsten feels we are entering a new era of biology where innovation in the field is going to be powered by technology.

Carsten Thiel has learned that as a leader, it is his job to take the work he does seriously. He spends quite a bit of his time ensuring that the people who work for him have all of the tools they need to get the job done. He knows that every team member offers something unique, and for this reason, he always focuses on helping them to reach their highest potential.

Thiel feels that more CEOs should pay attention to the needs of their employees or team members and deliver what they need. They can discover their needs by learning how to ask more questions and by paying close attention to their answers. Visit This Page for more information.

Carsten Thiel is an icon in the biotech industry who serves EUSA Pharma as its president. In the past, he has worked with Abeona Therapeutics as its chief executive officer as well as Alexion as its EVP chief commercial officer. Carsten Thiel studied at Philipps University in Marburg where he focused on chemistry and biochemistry. He also attended the Max Planck Institute in Goettingen where he received his Ph.D. in molecular biology. His first job was with Hoffman la-Roche, and he served as the company’s communications and product manager.

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