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Ann Scango Culmination Of Connections

Art, sculptor, visual and talented or just a few words that describes Ann Scango. Ann masterful knowledge is texturally expressed and her brilliant 3D creations which are renowned and cheered throughout the state of Texas. Ms. Scango has a unique way of melding together her unique methods of touring the various aspects of industrial materials. Ann’s range of industrial materials as a medium stretches far and wide. Ms. Scango material range can be as simple as procuring something from her garden, sprigs from a park, to crafting something from polyurethane foam. By dealing with out-of-the-box materials Ann has no limitations on how she deals with the world of sculpture.

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Ann Scango finds inspiration from how a Texan relates to his or her environment and combine it with her vision to help yield a beautiful art interpretation. Ms. Scango tries to find a balance between industrial and natural materials to formulate an awakened homogenized consciousness of humanity in order to see how it fills and connects to its place on the Earth.


Anns background and expressing the questions of the diametrically opposing non-conscious nature that’s wrapped in a sense of optimism with a culture of consumerism. The undeniable connection between nature and human importance theme is the prime expression that flows through both 2D and 3D via objects of her choice.


Ann Scango planes that her intense link to the environment inspired her actions to safeguard it. It would seem the Fondling The Scango Collection (Austin) is a culmination of desires that involve taking care of the environment, the empowerment of women, art, motherhood and awakened artwork pieces.


As any artist knows, it’s a difficult start when it comes to getting a genre that you operate in established. Ann had the great fortune of getting the necessary support from her friends and family along with generous donors who bought into her vision for her gallery. She was able to sustain a solid profit model from her artist consulting and classes which afforded her the latitude to purchase a variety of artwork from establish women artists and other artist that don’t have a footing and the art world yet.