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Brown Modelling Agency:Preparing Central Texas Models For The Big Time

The Brown Modelling Agency is a full service modeling agency started in 2010 in Austin, Texas by Justin Brown in coordination with the internationally known company Wilhelmina Austin. The agency focuses on identifying and training models and finding them lucrative opportunities to work in fashion shows, newspapers, magazines, commercials, television and film. With the power of the internationally known company, The Brown Agency, behind them, Austin’s Brown Modelling Agency is providing models in Austin and throughout Central Texas the opportunity to take their talent to a higher level.


With former model Justin Brown serving as president and the resources of The Brown Agency to support their activities, the Brown Modelling Agency is helping models from Central Texas to take the national and world stage by storm. At the Brown Modelling Agency, talent, distinctive looks and professionalism are the keys to a successful career. The experienced team at the Brown Modelling Agency know exactly what to do to transform local models into international superstars. The agency has already gotten dozens of models work with some of the worlds best known brands.

The Brown Agency is an industry leader. It has been able to establish big market modelling standards and expectations in Central Texas and deliver the type of results of which local models have long dreamed. The Brown Modelling Agency gets their models work with thousands of companies the world over including Dell, Toyota, Louis Vuitton and L’Oréal. They also give models the opportunity to take the runway at Fashion Week programs all across the United States and worldwide. The Brown Modelling Agency has the make-up artists and photographers that makes models look their best and get noticed.


They find work for men, women and children of all sizes and with a wide array of unique, distinctive looks. Opportunities abound for models of all heights, shapes and styles. The experienced professionals at the Brown Modelling Agency known the industry well and have found thousands of jobs for models. Brown Modelling Agency talent regularly appear in magazines, TV shows, movies, fashion shows and a range of other venues. Every Wednesday the agency holds Open Calls where new models can get the opportunity to impress the staff and become part of the Brown Modelling Agency family.


Reno, Nevada native Justin Brown majored in business management in college. While he got lots of modelling work, Brown always had an interest in the behind the scenes action. Plus, he had a knack for ‘development and placement’. Justin Brown knew how to train models to move and act like professionals. He would then find them work and help them move on to the big time. That’s exactly what he does at the Brown Modelling Agency today. You can visit their Instagram page.





Kim Dao’s BTS fashion that won’t go out of style

In this style inspired video, Kim Dao, a beauty and fashion YouTuber who possesses over 327,000 subscribers, gives viewers a fashion show of suggestions of what to wear when going back to school. With this school year ending and warmer weather upon us, these outfits may just be appropriate for casual summer and spring attire.


The first outfit Kim Dao presents to viewers is a white off the shoulder blouse with subtle grey stripes with faded blue denim ‘jeggings’ and white sneakers to match her top. The jeans are appropriately high waisted, her blouse is conveniently tucked into the denim showcasing the front stitching. Kim Dao displays her accessories first; showing a Swarovski pendant necklace.


Kim Dao’s second outfit she displays to her 58,000 viewers is an all light colored lace-y almost conservative outfit. Kim Dao’s top is a see through lace buttoned up collared blouse from Liz Lisa. She also accessorizes yet again with a charming black sunglasses headband. Dao’s skirt is a high waisted pencil skirt in the shade pale dogwood from H&M. It includes a pop of color from the gold shaded buttons exposed up front.


Next, Dao lays out another lightly inspired look. She wear a soft pink cap backwards, reminding viewers this is in fact a back to school video by bringing back style that was celebrated in the 1980s. Her blouse is very similar to the top shown in the first outfit, but not the same. This one is powder white but still lingers the off the shoulder collar and raised sleeves. She wears yet another light pink bottom — a fringed skort with a white inlay underneath the skirt section.


The next ensemble is a bit more neutral. Dao’s top is a deceptive white Harvard Law shirt (underneath it reads ‘Just Kidding’). Again, high waisted denim shorts, this time much darker and slightly faded. Interestingly enough this outfit has no accessories.


Dao’s last unfolding is another lightly neutral concoction. She wears a shaded pink outer jacket with raised sleeves button up, and large pockets on either sides. Her white shirt is a slight low cut plain top. She wears a pair of light faded hot shorts that she tucks her H&M top into.


A New User Shares Her Wen by Chaz Experience

A recent article on Bustle chronicles a new users experience with the Wen by Chaz hair care products. Because of the price difference, the writers expressed that the common user would be unsure of the effectiveness of the product and make the purchase. After deciding to use the main hair cleaning product within the Wen hair care line, the Bustle writer proceeded to cleanse and style her hair relying only on the product. A noticeable difference to her styling routine or results were not significant, but she did note that it is recommended to use the entire hair care product line simultaneously for the best results.

Wen Hair Care products were created by hair care expert and stylist Chaz Dean. The difference between these hair care and styling products and most offered on the market is that these lack harsh chemicals and ingredients that cause damage to hair. In using only ingredients that will clean hair and nourish the scalp, the condition of the hair and scalp is improved in order to enhance the appearance of hair and build up the health of the scalp. In this way these products work with the body and hair in order to give users the best head of hair possible.

Wen by Chaz is a newer hair care product line that was created completely from scratch by its founder, Dean. After working in the industry himself, he realized that women needed products that cared for their hair while cleaning it, and opted for safe, clean ingredients. While Wen products are recommended for cleaning and nourishing hair, many satisfied customers also love that their hare is easier to maintain and style as a result of using the product line.

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Women And Their Concern For Hair

One thing that could be said for women is that they often have some of the best looking hair out of the two genders. A lot of it comes from their pride that they take in caring for their hair. However, while a lot of people may admire the hair of women, the women themselves may be frustrated with the appearance of their hair because it does not look the way they want it to. For one thing, they may notice frizz and breakage as well as other forms of damage in their hair. A lot of this is because of the hair care product they use with all of the chemicals placed in it. Fortunately, there are hair care products that are made from natural sources.
This is where Wen hair by Chaz comes in. A lot of people that have tried this new product line have noticed a difference in how their hair looks. As a result, they have found themselves very attracted to the product. The advertising and marketing has shown how effective this brand of hair care is. Women that tried the Chaz Dean product have found that their hair is better looking than before. It has more of a shininess to it as well as an extra bounce. As a result, women have healthier looking and feeling hair that they could show off to their friends.

Wen By Chaz is available in many different forms (see, There are plenty of different varieties that women can choose from so that they can make sure that they get the right product for their hair type. One of the reasons that Wen is so effective is that it provides five different formulas in one container. Among these formulas are shampoo and conditioner. This makes it so that women’s hair is under greater control as opposed to looking damaged. Check out the Wiki page of Wen hair for more info.

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