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How Yeonmi Park activism came to be

The North Korean human activist, Yeonmi Park, narrated of the brutality she endured while growing up. Park was born in North Korea where they were denied freedom and made to understand there wasn’t anything much to the outside world than what they had in their country. Following the abuse of their human dignity, Park and her family would not put up anymore and escaped to China to seek refuge. They however left behind her dad who was ailing at the time of escape to join them later. China was not any better and both of them were made to survive with frequent physical abuse. Parks dad joined them later but unfortunately wasn’t well yet and succumbed to colon cancer. Left alone with her mother, Park didn’t lose hope to have her freedom one day even if it wasn’t a certainty. This was highly because of the situation they were currently exposed to. They flee from China and settled at South Korea where freedom was all at their disposal. Park lives to tell her story of all she had to go through. She recently released a book, In order to live, where she tells her story on The Daily Mail with great levels of depth. In her story, it has taken much strength to come out honest about the awful things she had to endure. In her book she makes people understand the lengths she had to go in her quest to survive and live freely. Half of Park’s life, she didn’t take any rest following her struggles to survive. She makes it clear of how time was even limited for a moment to be emotional. In each and every count of her life’s minute, she was all in struggles. Later on after she gets her freedom, Park says on youtube that she holds a great desire to save North Koreans.