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Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff- A worth while 2018 read

In deciding to become a writer, Sean Penn has given upon his long career in the Hollywood industry, or so it seems after watching his recent interview with Vogue magazine. In a sense, Sean is doing good for himself by bringing out his hidden skill in writing with his new novel called Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. In other words, it all seems like he is looking for an exit strategy from all the controversies and rumored talks he has been involved in and made headlines about lately.

And no matter which strategy Sean is following, he has been increasingly involving himself with people who are interested to hear about his new gig. They all have different understandings and misconceptions, but Sean has made it clear through this interview that his intention was straightforward and not meant to gain public accolades. Yet, he is optimistic about his new skill and do not want to return to Hollywood anytime in the near future.

Sean Penn is not put off by series of controversies that were directed towards him either, such as #MeToo movement and an interview with drug cartel El Chapo. He says it was an eye opener regarding what to say and what not to say when you are in the public eye and that he has learned his lesson the hard way. He also cites his frustration with Hollywood’s social setup as well and notes the combined efforts to tarnish his image in the industry; a need to have enormous courage to handle this leg of the journey in life. Yet he is undeterred and wants to shape his new career as a writer. A work in progress, he says he has many more novels in the making and would like to talk about them in subsequent interviews. As to his novel Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff which is a story about a man who leads a double life as a septic tank salesman in the day and hired killer in the night, he says his work of imagination is clearly depicted in the book and wants everybody to read it.