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A Highlight of What to Expect in the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall

As far as we have to work hard, going out is a great work of refreshing ourselves. This is to ensure we have the energy to keep us going. It is advisable to take a break from the regular schedule. Research has shown that this helps an individual become more productive compared to a full-time program. The people of Joao Pessoa never had this luxury. This is because of the distance they had to travel to access the fun joints. Roberto Santiago saw this and decided to solve the issue for the people.

This is why he pursued Business Administration to gain the fundamentals of managing a business. In 1987, he purchased the land on which he would build the Santiago mall. By 1989, Roberto Santiago launched the mall.

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall has 280 premises. Among the buildings are, medical centers, financial facilities, colleges, schools among others. This has led to the residents branding it ‘’the small city’’. This is because you can survive in the mall for years without having to get outside to purchase anything. Manaira mall has all the basics that one may need for survival.

Many families have made this, their center for family gatherings. You cannot exhaust the fun activities at the mall in one fun day. This is why families come back to enjoy different activities. There many food courts and restaurants in the Manaira mall. This variety is to ensure that all the customers are covered. On family outings, families can engage in food tasting. They can also enjoy a meal together depending on the family’s preference.

There also gaming facilities and playing stations that children can engage in for fun. The parent’s needs are also considered. Their beautiful views that they can watch as they enjoy a drink.

Then there is the Domus Hall. This is the ultimate investment of the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall. The Domus Hall is on top of the mall. It is the most magnificent structure that the people of Joao Pessoa could have ever possibly seen.

The Domus Hall can accommodate more than 12000 people. 8000 standing individuals and 4000 sitting people. The hall is divided into two parts. The upper portion has cabins for clients who may need privacy. The lower part is used in hosting events. The auditory range and lighting system of the hall is extraordinary. Customers say that watching a 3D movie here is like being on the scene with the actors. It gives you a real experience.

Roberto Santiago has wholly brought back to life the entertainment sector of Joao Pessoa. The residents do not have to travel anymore in search of luxury joints. They are now the primary hosts of entertainment in the whole of Brazil. It is the home of entertainment.


The Reward for Troy McQuagg’s Leadership – The One Planet Business Award

The highly esteemed and highly coveted One Planet Awards has come and gone; Troy McQuagge emerged as a Gold Winner of the CEO of the Year category. This award was set up to honor business and professional excellence, individually and cooperatively as a company, in every industry spread across the world. Businesses, whether private or public, for-profit and non-profit making organizations are all eligible to send in nominations.

It also accepts submissions from start-ups; apparently, the award doesn’t discriminate on the size of the business, large or small, when accepting nominations. The awards are given in different categories under sections such as: Executives, new products, and services, teams, Corporate, PR, and Marketing. Learn more about Troy McQuagge US Health:

The CEO of the Year category is one of the most prestigious at the awards and Mr. McQuagge, who’s the CEO of USHEALTH Group Inc., came out tops. He joined USHEALTH in 2010 and was immediately pushed to the deep end of the pool by being saddled with the enormous task of re-building USHEALTH Advisors, the captive distribution agency of USHEALTH Group Inc.

His massive success with that project earned him a place as the President and CEO of USHEALTH Group Inc. in the year 2004. To consolidate on his success at USHEALTH Advisors, he pushed harder into his new role and achieved phenomenal growth and profitability in a health insurance market that is highly competitive.

He declares it an honor to have emerged as the winner of the category; this resonates with his humble nature. He said he felt elated and honored to have been acknowledged by his peers in the industry. Read more: Troy McQuagge is Slated to Head USHEALTH Group, Inc.

He dedicated the award to his co-workers at USHEALTH Group Inc., and declared it as significant because it helps highlight the company’s dedication towards solving health affordability problem for healthcare users with new innovative insurance covering.

Mr. McQuagge is definitely someone who recognizes the role of his staff and management team to his various achievements at the helm of USHEALTH Group Inc. Read more: Troy McQuagge Honored as Most Innovative CEO of the Year: Insurance in the Annual 2016 CEO World Awards

The USHEALTH Group Inc. is one of the largest insurance holding company, and it’s based in FT. Worth, Texas. Its primary objective is to provide innovative health coverage for small business owners and also individuals that are self-employed. Its goal is to ensure collaboration among the numerous talented employees in the company and its agents in order to successfully market profitable and highly competitive insurance products, and not foregoing the imperative of delivering high customer value in every aspect of its operations.

The CEO of the Year award clearly confirms that Troy McQuaggge is effectively and efficiently carrying out the objectives and goals of his organization.

Troy McQuagge is definitely one of the best businesspeople in the role of CEO in the world, and his leadership continues to improve the business model of the USHEALTH Group.

Bernardo Chua is Becoming a Health Expert

Bernardo Chua has a lot going on on his twitter page. There happens to be tweets about what he is drinking as well. He is very informative on his twitter page and really lets people in on what he is doing.

He doesnt have that many tweets but the one he has are very informative. He has a picture of him and a friend at a party as well. Bernardo seems to be keeping his viewers very entertained but displaying what he is doing at the events he attending.

He really tells what he is doing and promotes special events that he is at. He talks about what he is enjoying and how. He makes sure the audience is engaged into what he is doing. Bernardo Chua is from the Philippines and worked as an executive with gano excel. He has helped expand the company through hard work and effort.

Bernado puts his heart and soul into what he does and always does his best for the company. He has founded organo gold which is a coffee company. The company does very and he has posted on his social media a tweet of him drinking the coffee.

He works very hard to keep the company going. Bernado Chua had a big vision to sell coffee and he put his whole mind heart and soul into it. He saw as the company grew and thrived.

He was able to distribute the coffee far and wide and it did very good. The distribution of the coffee did very well and he saw how the company thrived and kept moving as the coffee got more and more popular as time went buy. Bernardo put a lot of time and hard work into the company and people really enjoy it. Learn more about Bernado Chua:

He hopes to keep continuing the coffee and selling it as much as he can. Bernardo pursued his dream and was able to gain five peoples choice awards. He put a lot of effort into his work and deserves all the credit for it indefinitely. The company has revolutionized coffee and has top quality products from it.

Sheldon Lavin, OSI Group CEO

How Sheldon Lavin, OSI Group CEO achieved Success in leadership

Sheldon Lavin career was in the banking industry as he had studied accounting and finance. His life seemed to be in a determined direction because he succeeded to become a successful investor and an executive in the financial industry. He further opened a consulting firm that has been successful for many years.

Sheldon Lavin’s life changing moment came when a family firm that supplies meat in Chicago Illinois known as Otto & Sons approached his firm for financial assistance and consultancy. He worked with them and gradually took over more responsibilities in the firm. Mr. Lavin later became a partner in the business, which later changed to OSI Group where he is currently the CEO.

Once he became the CEO of OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin worked hard to make sure that the company grows to become a top food-processing firm. Sheldon Lavin was able to achieve this because the OSI Group now operates in over 17 countries around the world where they have over 70 facilities. This expansion came because of Mr. Lavin’s style of leadership.

OSI Group is ran as a family company where the top management is indirectly involved in dictating its operations. This has allowed the company to expand and become more successful in the food industry. His role in the business has earned him recognition from the world for his role in international business and job creation. Sheldon Lavin was awarded by India’s Vision World Academy a Global Visionary Award in 2016.

Previously, Sheldon Lavin received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the RSM US LLP for his commitment to Chicago business community. Other awards that he has received include the environment and sustainability awards given to the OSI Group Company because of its concern over the natural surrounding under their CEO Mr. Lavin.

Sheldon Lavin is also involved in charitable work where he partners with other companies such as MacDonald to give back to the community. He has also been a role model to the younger generation in his society and one of the most sought after motivational speakers.

OSI Group Superhero, Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin is the superhero of OSI Group. Coming from a strong financial and investor background, he accepted OSI’s request to become CEO in 1970. It all started out with the bank offering him an “ownership position in Otto & Sons.” ( Mr. Lavin’s business knowledge proved to be successful since a big corporation like McDonald’s requested to work full time after Lavin joined in. He helped OSI Group go from a small company to one of the world’s top food suppliers. Fast forwarding to the 21st century, Lavin has helped build OSI to a company with almost “20,000 employees globally.” Treating employees right has been one of his key focus as they have expanded in multiple countries.

Speaking of all of his successes, he was honored with a Global Visionary Award around March 2016. The Global Visionary Award is one of India’s way to honor key leaders around the world. Those leaders who have “turned their dreams into reality” during the ups and downs. They are recognized for never giving up and succeeding greatly. OSI Group has also been recognized for a wide array of awards.

Some for community involvement and others for different business tasks. Forbes recognized OSI Group for being a billion dollar company in 2011. Mr. Lavin still controls business transactions with OSI Group til this day. It is amazing to see a company with so many loyal employees and business relationships. Mr. Lavin has impacted so many people lives in a major way since he became Cheif Executive Officier with OSI Group.

Don Ressler’s Life and Entrepreneurial Journey

About Don Ressler
Don Ressler is an entrepreneur behind the success of a series of startups. Don Ressler is instrumental in the success of Intelligent Beauty and its affiliates. Don Ressler’s first start-up was FitnessHeaven. In 2001, it was acquired by Intermix Media prompting Ressler to team up with Adam Goldenberg to start Alena Media. Alena Media’s performance advertising and e-commerce division generated revenue to the tune of a hundred millions. Nonetheless, the firm was acquired by New Corp in 2005 leaving the dual without an option than to explore new opportunities.

Intelligent Beauty
Leveraging their skills in the thriving online performance industry, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg decided to create a brand that they would execute autonomously. They gathered a group of former Alena workers and held a brainstorming session at Goldenberg’s home to develop a new brand. As a result, Intelligent Beauty was formed. Intelligent Beauty is a direct-to-consumer brand building business specializing in online cosmetics and skincare and weight-loss systems. The formation of Intelligent Beauty brought in the founder of Intermix Brett Brewer as the CEO and Dr. Alan Hirsh as product developer. Although Intelligent Beauty does not release its financial report, its weight-loss system and online cosmetics site seem to be highly profitable.

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JustFab’s funding history
JustFab is a subsidiary of Intelligent Beauty that specializes in subscription e-commerce fashion retailer. After bootstrapping most of its funds within the first two years, JustFab received $33 million in funding from Matrix Partners. Kimora Lee Simmons served as JustFab’s head of creativity, and by the end of 2011 they had over 4 million subscribers. After reaching the targeted six million subscription mark, Adam Goldenberg Don Ressler raised a second round of funding. As a result, they secured $76 million from JustFab’s parent company, Intelligent Beauty, Matrix Partners, Rho Ventures, and Crossover Ventures.

Benefiting from the success of its first two years, JustFab decided to expand its addressable market. Recognizing that most of its existing customers were parents, JustFab acquired FabKinds, a children’s fashion subscription. Later on, JustFab acquired Fab Shoes, a European fashion e-commerce site bringing with it 500,000 subscribers from Spain and France. As of December 2013, JustFab had over 3 million subscribers across Europe. In October 2013, JustFab teamed up with Kate Hudson to start Fabletics, an athletic wear site. Furthermore, it acquired ShoeDazzle, a rival shoe subscription in August 2013. Besides diversifying its services to European markets, kids’ wear, and athletics, JustFab took its services offline by opening a flagship store in September 2013.

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Adam Goldenberg Believes Staying True To Your Mission Is Important

Many companies will pivot at some point, or change features of how they run their company in order to jump on board a new trend that’s being talked about in the social media community. But Adam Goldenberg doesn’t approach it that way. Instead, he cares about how his customers are experiencing the features that JustFab provides. According to VatorTV, Goldenberg talked about how ShoeDazzle phased out its VIP membership program, but how JustFab was not going to do that because its customers were happy with it. Goldenberg acknowledges that sometimes new trends can enhance company platforms better than before, but that the old axiom of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” holds true in this as well.

Adam Goldenberg has done something quite remarkable with his company, JustFab. About 5 years ago when he started, he knew very little about what he was getting into, so much so that in his words, he didn’t know “the difference between a peep toe and a Mary Jane.” But Goldenberg and his partner, Don Ressler know how to listen to others’ ideas and take them to concept. JustFab has become a company that sells hot new women’s clothing, but at a price that most people can afford. It offers an enhanced social media platform where users can rave to their friends about the experience, and a subscription model to tailor the experience to each user’s need.

Adam Goldenberg has always loved to try new business ideas ever since the day he started his first business. He was only a teenager at the time that loved marketing and selling things to people around him, but he got the idea to startup an advertising network for gamers called Gamer’s Alliance at It was Intermix Media who bought this company and took Adam onto their team, and with his help the company became a dynamic force, eventually starting MySpace.

Goldenberg was the youngest Chief Operating Officer while at Intermix Media, and he met Don Ressler who shared much of the same goals that he did. The two worked at Intermix Media on Pando until 2005 when it was bought out. They then started up several independent beauty and health product companies, and then got into the fashion industry in 2010 when JustFab was started. The company has raised over $300 million in venture capital funding, expanded into overseas markets, and even now opened local chain stores in various cities.

Josh Verne: How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Succeed in Life and Business

Josh Verne: How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Succeed in Life and Business

To succeed in business and life often requires a keen understanding of your self, as well as your role in each situation. To succeed in your life and business, Josh Verne, CEO of and 20 year entrepreneur in starting, growing, and selling businesses, offers the following tips:

1. Seek Balance in Your Life

A successful life requires balance. For example, you can have all the money in the world, but if your health and home life are out of balance, you will suffer. Likewise, if you have a loving family and good health, but your finances are out of order, you will also suffer.

In this regard, balance is not about devoting the same measure of time on each aspect of your life, but rather making improvements in all aspects of your life.

Ensuring that you progress just a bit each time in your personal growth, health, relationships, and wealth will help ensure that you are living your best life, and those around you will benefit from it.

2. Find Out What You are Passionate About

To live a good life, find out what you are passionate about.

You need to find what gets you out of bed each morning with a fire deep down in your gut.

Something that wakes you up early and makes you work late. Something that makes you want to skip parties. Something you would do even if you weren’t getting paid.

Neglecting to do so, ultimately means living a life that brings you drudgery and the same uninspiring disorder day after day, sort of like groundhog day. So find your passion, and do what feels good in life.

3. Understand Your Role as Manager

There are two types of managers: bosses and leaders. Bosses often rely on their title to get things done. This type of manager may demand respect and typically does what is in his own best interest.

A leader, on the other hand, earns respect by putting his people first. In addition, he uses respect to accomplish the goals he and his team have set together.

To truly succeed in life, you need to be a leader and forego forcing your will onto others and demanding respect. In other words, if you serve the people, they will follow you, and your team can accomplish any goals you put your mind to.

4. Speak Less, Listen More

This goes without saying. The more you listen, the more in control you will appear, and the more people will be alert when you have something to share, which gives what you have to say more power.

5. Strive for Win-Win Situations

Always strive to achieve a win-win deal or plan of action. This means, a win for you, a win for your employees, a win for your clients, and ultimately, a win for society.

When you settle to situations that are not win-win, you will not be forced to find the very best solution for all parties involved. This will reflect on your business, your team, and your reputation in a non favorable way.

No matter how bad a situation may appear, there is always a way to create a win for everybody.

Mike Baur The Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur is the co-founder and CEO of The Swiss Startup Factory. In 2014 The Swiss Startup Factory was born with the idea of creating global companies that are unique to the prevailing norms of business models and products. They offer a three-month accelerated program that will assist early stage startups with financing, coaching, mentoring and office space. They offer their clients access to the entrepreneurial and investment world.

The office space offered is where like-minded individuals can work and share connections. Your office space will include your own desk, access to the lunch room, free Wi-Fi, a fitness room, extra storage space, a conference room and espresso bar. These amenities are made affordable to their clients who are offered a package that is designed for his or her needs.

Financial services provided by The Swiss Startup Factory include bookkeeping, proper invoice and payroll management, financial statements, cash flow reports, tax & VAT reporting and overall financial health reviews. These financial services are important to any company whether it be a well-established firm or a startup.

Located in Zürich, Switzerland The Swiss Startup Factory has become the number one totally independent and privately funded ICT Startup Accelerator in Switzerland in less than three years. They have already launched several successful startups such as Struckd, Blinkers, Carhelper, and Beaconsmind.

Mike Baur makes his home in Fribourg, Switzerland and is strongly connected to the region. As a teenager, he was already fascinated by the world of banking and finance. Mike Baur feels very fortunate that he was able to turn his early passion for finance and banking into his lifelong profession. After receiving an MBA from the University of Rochester New York he attended the University of Bern and earned an Executive MBA degree.

Mike spent the next 20 years working in the Swiss Private Banking industry. He started as a commercial apprentice working for banking giant UBS and eventually served as an executive board member for one of the biggest Swiss Private Bank’s the Clariden Leu and Sallfort. Not being satisfied with what he had already accomplished Mike Baur decided to leave his position and began investing in startup companies, even before he co-founded The Swiss Startup Factory with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer. The three partners decided it was time to provide a platform that would offer young talented Swiss entrepreneurs with ambitious goals the tools and expertise it takes to be a successful startup.



Don Ressler, The Brain Behind JustFab

Update: JustFab becomes TechStyle Fashion Group

There are a number of successful business start-ups that owe their success to Don Ressler. Many of these start-ups, including, are always sold to the willing buyers. Alena media, which was part of the intermix media-buyer of FitnessHeaven generated lots of millions and become the main profit centre at intermix. The division was later sold to News Corp, which later ignored it, leading to the departure of Ressler and Goldenberg to seek for other opportunities.

Their departure from news corp led to the formation of Intelligent Beauty an online advertising platform, which could be executed independently. The platform, which mainly deals with beauty products, saw the creation of DERMSTORE, which is mainly a marketplace for cosmetic and skincare products. A weight-loss system called SENSA was launched two years later. Intelligent beauty is profitable, although it does not release its financial reports to the public on In 2008, the group got a funding of 43 Million dollars from technology crossover ventures.

The company launched a third subsidiary in 2010. JustFab was launched as an online fashion retailer by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, enabled with subscription options. Matrix partners gave a funding of $33 Million dollars to the new company in 2011, the same year that saw Kimora Lee Simmons join the company as its creative director and president. The company did well in its first year, and by December of 2011, a total of 4 Million subscribers had been registered on the company’s website. By March 2012, the company had crossed its 6Million mark. It managed to secure a funding of $76 Million from its parent company’s intelligent beauty, crossover ventures, Matrix partners, and Rho Ventures.

The impetus of the first years gave JustFab the motivation to seek more opportunities. It bought Fabkids, a subscription service that deals mainly with children’s fashion after they realized their existing clients were mainly parents. In May 2013, the company acquired another entity called FabShoes, an e-commerce site with its origins in Europe. This new acquisition was advantageous because it brought with it, existing 500,000 members in Spain and France. This strengthened the group’s European presence to 1.5 million plus membership according to Don Ressler. After the completion of its 40 million dollars funding, the company launched Fabletics to cater for the needs of athletes. A rival group known as ShoeDazzle was acquired in August 2013, and by September; JustFab opened their first offline store. The company got another funding of $85 Million dollars in August 2014, which brought its total capitalization to 250 million dollars.

Don Ressler of Fabletics