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Ara Chackerian healthcare entrepreneur

Ara Chackerian is a businessman and philanthropist who is deeply involved in matters that are greatly helpful for various communities across the nation. With roots in San Francisco, Ara Chackerian has a laser focus on the healthcare system and ensuring a safer, more forward-thinking and fruitful healthcare for communities. Mr. Chackerian goes over how his life is from day to day inside and outside of his business.

Ara Chackerian worked tirelessly alongside his business partner to get outpatient diagnostic radiology into psychiatry to benefit those suffering from depression. When it comes to transcranial magnetic stimulation and other things such as this, Mr. Chackerian uses TMS Health Solutions in hopes of strengthening psychiatry. He was inspired to delve deeper into support for those with depression when he found that insurance doesn’t always cover those living with mental illness.

Silicon Valley and many other potentially successful technologies are financially supported which in turn generates copious amounts of millionaires. It is unfortunate though that their mental health is not always factored into the business aspect of their entrepreneurship. In fact, roughly 72% of entrepreneurs find themselves deteriorating when it comes to their mental health. Mr. Chackerian noted that it is vital that their mental health needs to be addressed rather than overlooked.

Thanks to individuals such as Ara Chackerian, mental health is starting to become a priority in the tech workplace. Various businesses are taking the initiative to educate and put forth meaningful ways mental health can be acknowledged and properly treated. This way, employers and employees won’t suffer negative effects of mental illness in the process and be ignored.

Ara Chackerian was a marketing major at Florida State University, loves helping the youth and providing technologically advanced healthcare. He was the co-founder of several healthcare businesses and boasts 20 years doing healthcare.

Isabel dos Santos: A Speaker with Heart

Isabel dos Santos is an accomplished businesswoman from Africa. She has used her achievements to engage others in conversations about African life, human rights, and women in business. During one part of her life, she gave many talks around the globe concerning all of these issues that have touched her home and heart. Today, Isabel dos Santos is heavily involved in her corporation, has a family of her own, and still fights for human rights everywhere. She bases her work and home life out of Portugal, the UK, and her home country, Angola.

Isabel dos Santos was invited to speak at Yale University in the United States. She received her engineering degree from King’s in Britain, so she is familiar with the college atmosphere. Her speech highlighted what she had done to promote change in her own communities. Dos Santos could talk with authority because of all of the work, time, and money she has put into Angola.

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Her message to the students was clear and contained many points. First, give back. She made her stance on the matter clear. If someone is lucky enough to be in a position to help, they should. Another aspect of business life that she morphed into service life was giving people power and responsibility. Individuals can become in charge of their destiny with mentorship, guidance, and support. Teaching people how to run their own businesses, countries, and lives is powerful, and the effects will last for generations. One of the final issues she brought to light was that most areas of the planet need access to technology today, and not just any type, but access to the internet. The information on the internet can power dreams, teach children and adults, and create work. It is a tool that Isabel dos Santos has brought to her country, and she seems to feel very strongly about the issue.

Isabel dos Santos owns a cable company that brought in the wiring so cities could receive transmissions, such as the internet and telephone lines. In addition to cable, another company of hers set up cell towers to improve satellite and cellular services.


Richard Liu Qiandong Interview

 In a recent interview, Richard Liu sat down before an audience to discuss his past, his present and future as head of Qiangdong. His professional beginnings were humble and far from the tech innovation we see from the company today. He and his wife opened a restaurant as Liu had a passion for the culinary arts growing up. After the restaurant failed, he opened a small electronics store in the 90’s that sold CD’s, DVD players and the popular tech of the late 90’s. The store eventually expanded in the early 2000’s to 11 stores, all with just a few employees so it was still known as a small, local chain.

In 2005, the avian flu catastrophe put a stranglehold on China’s economy and workforce as more and more people got sick. Liu sent all of his employees home and closed up shop to keep his employees safe. Then sparked the idea for Qiangdong. Now a revolutionary provider of on demand goods, Richard Liu discussed how the company began using shipping methods like that of Amazon and built upon that model to become China’s number one distribution company. Flash forward to today and the company uses autonomous means such as self driving vehicles, drones and robots to deliver top quality goods, same day throughout the country.

Facial recognition technology, tech that understands traffic patterns have all been implemented. Liu joked about wanting to be more well known and widely used internationally than Walmart and Amazon combined; friendly competition. When asked about his financial wealth, Liu stated that much of it can be a burden but he’s also been able to give back to causes he finds important as well as help those near and dear to him personally. He joked that many close friends of his were now very well off. Richard Liu will continue to strive for that international successful person and to be the best.

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Richard Liu Changes E-Commerce

Richard Qiangdong Liu has changed the way people think about E-commerce by changing what people thought was possible. He is the Founder of He has been the company’s chairman and Chief Executive Officer since the company first started. Jingdong was started in June 1998. It had rapid growth over a relatively short amount of time. It grew to twelve chain stores. The stores’ revenue was nine million dollars a year.

Richard Liu saw how well the stores were doing, so he decided to start an online version of the store, called This company has been one of the successful stores in China. They have over one billion users and the number continues to increase. Liu clearly knows what he is doing in the E-commerce space. They are different because they source directly from the supplier, so people know they are getting the real product and not something that is fake. Helps Wu Fang Zhai Reach More Customers

Dragon Boat Festival is a holiday observed annualy in China, dating back 2,000 years. It is a celebration of an ancient Chinese poet, and as is usual with Chinese festivals, a certain traditional food is eaten, in this case Zongzi, a rice dish stuffed with different fillings and wrapped in bamboo leaves. This year, on the first day of the festival, 47 tons of Wu Fang Zhai Zongzi were sold through People in Northern China have tended to prefer sweet Zongzi while those in the South usually eat salty Zongzi with meat. Working with, Wu Fang Zhai was privy to’s research which revealed that many people have moved from Southern China to the North, and so now the salty Zongzi is gaining popularity there.

Wu Fang Zhai were thus able to adjust their marketing strategy and capture more of the Northern Chinese market. also advised Wu Fang Zhai on adjusting its packaging to appeal more to customers. Heavier boxes are more impressive to the Chinese, and the new Bamboo-made boxes weigh 500g more than the usual paper boxes and contain other foods, for instance duck eggs and duck meat. The new boxes were chosen four times as often as the traditional packaging.

Jing Zhang, Head of E-commerce at Wu Fang Zhai, said that JD’s knowledge of the e-commerce market and customer preferences, along with its supply chain expertise, has taken his company’s strengths to a new level, giving customers this year a better experience than ever before. has expressed how privileged they feel to be able to work with Wu Fang Zhai, such a highly regarded brand, to help assist the company to increased exposure and profit. Ordering through ensures that customers can rely on getting their orders of Zongzi on time before the festival and can choose exactly what type of Zongzi they want.

Lifestyle Entrepreneur Blake Mallen

Blake Mallen was very early to spot the power of social media for network marketing. Back in 2005, when he co-founded ViSalus with his business partner, Nick Sarnicola, working in direct sales was seen as a stagnant industry with little prospects. But Mallen saw a challenge.

Blake Mallen was able to leverage viral marketing and capturing the explosive growth of platforms such as Facebook at exactly the right time. He was creating the gig economy before the gig economy was a thing. Today, ViSalus is the number one personal weight-loss and fitness platform in North America.

Not being one to rest on his laurels, Blake Mallen went on to found Liv. Blake realized that people were putting their dreams on hold, setting them aside for a someday that for many, just never came. Enter Liv. Liv helps people make that someday be today. As Blake says, “Our life is the collection of experiences we choose to create.”

In addition to the work Mallen has done in the business world, he is also a powerful motivational speaker. Over 15 years ago, Blake started his first personal blog, titled “Life Off the Script.” The ideas that he began developing there have grown into a philosophy that he was he able to share with the world last year in his, “Shift the Script” TEDx Talk.

In this Tedx Talk, Blake Mallen explains the reason that so many people feel stuck. They are focused on the person they have been told they are supposed to be. Instead, they need to allow themselves to become the person they were meant to be.

With all of these accomplishments, Blake also manages to make time for his family. He is married to his high-school sweetheart. They have a young son and daughter and enjoy life’s adventures together.

How Blake Mallen Capitalized On The Gig Economy Before It Was A Thing

Lincolnshire Management under the Visionary Leader TJ Maloney

TJ Maloney studied BA at Boston College and decided to pursue a J.D from the illustrious Fordham Law School. The skills prepare him for an industrious career that lay ahead of him. He acquired some experience in New York City by practicing law on securities, acquisition, and mergers. In 1993, TJ Maloney joined Lincolnshire, where he serves as both the CEO and chairman. His track record speaks for itself since he is well-versed in the investment realm. He has made the company more successful due to his strategic ways of acquiring firms and selling them.

Lincolnshire is notable due to its excellent reputation and the exemplary work it does. It invests on arrays of companies such as distribution, manufacturing and business services. With TJ Maloney as the top position, the Lincolnshire Management sold Amports Inc. to InstaAGF Asset Management. Additionally, it traded out Holley Performance to the Sentinel Capital Partners. Another remarkable sale is the Fabbric Group that was acquired by Argos Soditic. The company also has some vital firms in place such as Desch Plantpak, Allison Marine, Latite, Dalbo Holdings, Nursery Supplies, and True Temper Sports. Delloite validated Desch Plantpak as one of the most exceptional managed company in 2017 and 2018.

As part of his job, TJ Maloney commended the new staff that recently joined the company. He welcomed them with utter excitement and indicated that they were happy to have them on board. To top it up, the CEO stated that Lincolnshire had focused on recruiting new talents to increase the number of employees. The team would then strive tirelessly to bring new opportunities to the table for investment purposes. It shows that he is ready to nurture professionals to better people so that they can be the leading firm globally.

When TJ Maloney is not working, he spends time with his loving family. He also enjoys other activities, such as swimming, golfing, and reading. He also takes his family to vacations around the world to have quality time together. Thus, he can balance work and family time that is vital for any leader. Plus, he needs a break from the work environment to explore what nature has in store.

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OSI Group’s Keys to Success

OSI Group is a leading company in the food distribution industry. The company specializes in providing a wide variety of food products to businesses in the food industry. By providing a number of products to restaurants and grocery stores, OSI Group helps these businesses better satisfy the demands for customers. For several decades, OSI Group has been able to achieve very high levels of success due to a number of key factors. These include frequent expansion, offering a variety of quality products, acquiring other food distribution businesses and also partnering up with top restaurants.

Throughout its existence, OSI Group has offered a number of products that have been able to meet consumer demand. Each year, the company provides many foods such as baked goods, vegetables and meats to grocery stores. It also provides these foods to restaurants as well. With this wide selection of products, OSI Group helps restaurants and grocery stores with the products they need in order to sell to consumers.

Along with offering a vast selection of food products, OSI Group has also looked to develop long term relationships with each of its customers. During the past three decades, OSI Group has expanded to international markets by developing trust with foreign companies. One of the markets that it succeeded at developing trust was in China. The company spent a few years interacting with Chinese businesses and finding out about their needs. OSI Group learned about this and began to successfully complete its expansion once it was aware of what Chinese customers wanted from a food distributor.

A number of partnerships with companies such as McDonalds has been a key to the success of OSI Group. One of the most notable partnerships has been the OSI Group McDonalds partnership. For several decades, the OSI Group McDonalds partnership has been one of the most efficient in the food industry. When the OSI Group McDonalds partnership was formed the purpose was to distribute hamburgers. Once the OSI Group McDonalds partnership was formed, both companies were able to satisfy the demand of consumers who were looking to buy this specific product.

In recent news, OSI Group has acquired the Dutch food supply company Baho Food. By acquiring Bahoo Food, OSI Group has been able to expand its geographic presence and selection of food products. As a result, it will be able to further its expansion in the European and other international markets.

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Serge Belamant Recap

Serge Belamant, an entrepreneur and computer scientist, helped create numerous cryptocurrencies. He developed programs that allow companies and individuals to process quickly deposits, investments, and payments. All in a secure environment. He was born in France in 1953. At age 14, his family moved to South Africa. During and after this move, Serge learned how to converse as well as read and write English. He learned English well enough to go to high school in Johannesburg, South Africa. He was involved in many activities but loved rugby. He was also Captain of a couple of clubs at high school in 1970 – the science club and the bridge club.

Besides athletics and his work in class, he loved to play chess. He was good at it. He participated in the South African chess championships in 1972. Serge Belamant then proceeded to engage in a college career where he studied multiple things. However, he never earned his degree. When he was 22, he decided that he was going to work. He found employment very soon. At one of his first jobs, he created applications to find the ideal water levels in dams. This helped cities and countries predict and prevent future droughts. In his employment, he fostered the development of digital mapping, various statistical methods that enhanced road network analysis.

At one workplace, he also developed a scientifically based financial management system. He was appointed to Bancorp Corporation to help with risk management and analysis. Further in his career, he invented a national ATM switch and was able to get contracts that provided him with hardware and computers for that ATM system. Serge Belamant came to the United States. He invented the COPAC, which is a security feature for credit cards against fraud, PINS, etc. Wherever Serge Belamant works, he wrestles with the status quo and invents new tools that have helped the banking world. Without his creativity and knowledge, certain sectors of the world might still be behind the times.

Vijay Eswaran Remains At the Top of the List of Online Motivators

People that want to get motivated do not always have to get access to someone that is personally in their lives. There are a lot of motivators like Vijay Eswaran that can actually motivate people that he has never even seen. This is the great thing about social media and eBooks. People can discover new authors and speakers without being fully vested into what these people do. Vijay Eswaran is one such person. I didn’t know much about his company or anything that he did for a profession, but he certainly has been very motivational.

I use Twitter, and Vijay Eswaran has been a source of positive quotes and inspiration through his tweets. This is such an awesome way to start my day. There are all types of ways to engage people and inspire them, and this is just a small portion of what Eswaran does. He has had so many tweets that I decided to look and see if he had a book. It was to my surprise that he has several books that were available. He has books on Amazon that were even more inspiring than the tweets that he has sent out. I feel like he has completely transformed himself from a no name entrepreneur in Asia into one of the wealthiest. There is strength in Vijay Eswaran that is shown through his dedication to excel in his field. He has been able to master many different areas of business, but he has become the expert in leading his team in direct selling. This is what he does right now, and he has become quite masterful in this.

I would follow the advice that Vijay Eswaran has given even if I was not one of this employees. This is how I know that he is providing superior knowledge. There are some leaders that can lead within their organization, but they do not have principles that apply outside of their company. Vijay Eswaran, however, has given listeners of his speeches and readers of his books universal truths that apply to work. These are also truths that apply to life outside of work. I have found this refreshing because so many people that are in a CEO position have a pigeonholed mentality. They can only give advice inside of the workplace. Vijay Eswaran has been able to help people build better lives by inspiring them inside and outside of the workplace.

Vijay Eswaran has thousands of Twitter followers. I discovered him through Twitter, and I have continued to follow him. He also has great quotes. I am especially fond of his quote where he states that nothing that you do benefits anyone else. His statements are always profound insights.