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Brazilian Banker Igor Cornelsen offers Investing Tips in Brazil

In recent years, Brazil has emerged as one of the top nations to invest in. The country has experienced a considerable amount of economic growth and is therefore a very attractive destination for investors to devote funds to. What makes Brazil a great place to invest is its status as one of the largest markets in the world. With so many resources and opportunities to invest, Brazil has established itself as a goldmine for investors to make contributions to infrastructure and agriculture. Since Brazil has one of the world’s largest food supplies, it has become one of the very best places to invest funds in the agricultural sector on Tripod. Along with being a top destination for investing in agriculture, the nation’s large area has plenty of opportunities to improve infrastructure as well. Brazil also has an abundance of natural resources too.

Igor Cornelsen is one of the more prominent bankers in Brazil. With his wide range of knowledge about investing and the Brazilian economy, he offers a few tips for investors to follow. Igor Cornelsen’s first tip is to connect with the natives. There is a vast population in Brazil and as a result, there will be plenty of opportunities to meet lots of people on a regular basis. Since Brazil is a very social culture, it will be important to build relationships and network with the locals. This will allow investors to find a number of opportunities to invest.

When looking to invest in Brazil, Igor Cornelsen also advises investors to understand that there is a lot of red tape in the nation. Brazil has some of the most thorough regulations and highest taxes in the world. Therefore, investors will need to come to terms with the fact that there will be some obstacles that they must get through to fulfill their investing objectives.

For those who are looking to invest in Brazil, it will be important to know about the policies regarding foreign currency transactions. The nation has very strict policies when it comes to foreign currency on In order to make a transaction with foreign currency, you will need to go to a bank that is authorized to do such transactions. It will also be important for investors to know that foreign exchange rates vary depending on the type of transaction as well.

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Mike Baur The Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur is the co-founder and CEO of The Swiss Startup Factory. In 2014 The Swiss Startup Factory was born with the idea of creating global companies that are unique to the prevailing norms of business models and products. They offer a three-month accelerated program that will assist early stage startups with financing, coaching, mentoring and office space. They offer their clients access to the entrepreneurial and investment world.

The office space offered is where like-minded individuals can work and share connections. Your office space will include your own desk, access to the lunch room, free Wi-Fi, a fitness room, extra storage space, a conference room and espresso bar. These amenities are made affordable to their clients who are offered a package that is designed for his or her needs.

Financial services provided by The Swiss Startup Factory include bookkeeping, proper invoice and payroll management, financial statements, cash flow reports, tax & VAT reporting and overall financial health reviews. These financial services are important to any company whether it be a well-established firm or a startup.

Located in Zürich, Switzerland The Swiss Startup Factory has become the number one totally independent and privately funded ICT Startup Accelerator in Switzerland in less than three years. They have already launched several successful startups such as Struckd, Blinkers, Carhelper, and Beaconsmind.

Mike Baur makes his home in Fribourg, Switzerland and is strongly connected to the region. As a teenager, he was already fascinated by the world of banking and finance. Mike Baur feels very fortunate that he was able to turn his early passion for finance and banking into his lifelong profession. After receiving an MBA from the University of Rochester New York he attended the University of Bern and earned an Executive MBA degree.

Mike spent the next 20 years working in the Swiss Private Banking industry. He started as a commercial apprentice working for banking giant UBS and eventually served as an executive board member for one of the biggest Swiss Private Bank’s the Clariden Leu and Sallfort. Not being satisfied with what he had already accomplished Mike Baur decided to leave his position and began investing in startup companies, even before he co-founded The Swiss Startup Factory with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer. The three partners decided it was time to provide a platform that would offer young talented Swiss entrepreneurs with ambitious goals the tools and expertise it takes to be a successful startup.



Mark Sparks Serial Success Story

Some people are gifted at athletics, some are gifted in the arts, Mark Sparks is gifted at starting businesses and he has helped a number of successful endeavors get off the ground. His company Timber Creek Capital, which Sparks owns, has been his vehicle to become a successful entrepreneur again and again.

He has been able to recognize promise and help turn those select businesses into profit making machines. That is what Marc Sparks has been doing for almost four decades and he now shares his philosophies with the world through his book and business.

The formula behind the success of Marc Sparks is a simple one. He identifies potential and then creates a business model which includes all of the factors that business will need for success. Once their plan is in place, he goes about acquiring the resources that will be needed. When the resources meet the potential, the result is a success.

Timber Creek Capital is able to manage three of these projects at a time and provide the time period needed for the businesses to grow to the point that they are profitable and he can find another business to invest in. Business that work through Sparks are guided and taught how to do things in a productive and profitable manner – Marc Sparks · Profile · Disqus.

One of the secrets that Marc Sparks has discovered in his business building experience is that one of the most important factors in success is the atmosphere of the work environment. The more collaborative and positive a work environment is the better chance the business has of being successful. He believes that the atmosphere of the work place can possess as much as 25% of the ingredients for a successful venture.

People thrive and work better in an office that has open areas, windows and exposure to successful people. Sparks believes that you shouldn’t skimp on creating the work spaces of your company because your employees, the most valuable resource of your company, are going to be immersed in that milieu every day. It will be a dictating factor separating failure from success.

Maximizing collaboration between employees and production of these workers is the specialty of Marc Sparks and he has implemented this philosophy in the dozens of companies that he has brought to creation. Sparks has put his philosophies down in his book, They Can’t Eat You. Within the pages of this book there is a recap of the lessons that Sparks learned in his world experiences to ultimately become successful.

It was these business successes that were the motivation behind the foundation of Timber Creek Capital, which is a representation of his 35 years of experience on building, launching and maintaining a successful business. His mentorship has helped make the difference in many different industries including capital investment, banking and marketing –

When a company decides to enter the Timber Creek Capital program, they will have all of their needs met. In this private equity firm they specialize in allowing dreams of potential and passionate entrepreneurs come true.

They provide everything from office space, equipment, capital and all other materials needed for a business to become successful. Providing the proper nutrients to a business is the only way that Marc Sparks (according to Wikipedia) sees a business growing to its capacity. His experience has allowed many businesses to be created from conception of an idea to fruition of success.

Fabletics Gets Customer Attention With New Stores


The customer is always right. That is the old adage that is often associated with the relationship between customers and people that are selling merchandise. Customers were excited about the website for Fabletics, but many customers have said that they wanted to see a local store coming to their town. Kate Hudson was listening intently, and was wise to listen to what customers were saying about new stores. There won’t be a store on every block, but Kate Hudson definitely has her sites on 100 stores in the next 5 years. That is the speed of light type of growth that Fabletics is presenting. Many customers are impressed with this type of gear that Fabletics has for working out. This has sparked a level of growth that is utterly amazing.

Fabletics is the company that has managed to get it right. So many celebrities have tried to start companies, but many of these companies have failed to attract the crowds that could sustain the brands. Kate Hudson realized that a brand like Fabletics could stand without any help from her own name. She didn’t see the need to saturate the brand with star power. She does model the clothes, but Hudson didn’t want to be the sole person that was locked into the brand. There are other people behind the brand. She knows that they are all equal stakeholders. She also realizes just how important it is for the brand to carry on even when she is out of the spotlight.

The opening of 100 stores is a true display of how this company is catching the attention of a growing crowd. The thing that makes this a monumental event is the way that this company is able to compete with others as more stores open. There are more than 17,000 Twitter follows for Fabletics and the Facebook Fabletics page is gaining a lot of attention as well.

The variety of yoga pants and leggings are making females go on and check out the website, but the stores play another part in the equation. Women will often shop and work out in groups. When it comes to going to a gym it will often take two people that are willing to motivate one another to keep their membership current. Fabletics will have more brick and mortar stores, and this allows the company to connect with women that shop together and hit the gym together.

Fabletics is connecting customers to stores that are going to give people access to clearance sales and holiday sales. This expansion through the physical stores will usher in a new crowd of customers that are able to see and try on some of the garments.
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Dick DeVos Continues Charitable Giving To The Kennedy Center

The Kennedy Center for the Arts has been a major source of education and support for many years, but still relies upon the charitable donations of supporters  and philanthropists like the DeVos family for its running and expansion plans. A large expansion plan has been in the works since 2013 when a major plan was developed for developing a new riverfront pavilion that will be linked to the center by a brand new walkway. The plan initially called for a $125 million fund to be created from donations to pay for the expansion plan; the success of the fund has seen $135 million donated by supporters and the plan to be expanded to higher levels. Read more about the plans for the Center here:

One of those who has continued to support the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts is Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy. Along with his wife, Dick has developed a series of foundations and charitable giving opportunities based upon the need to assist the arts and other areas of life that are popular with people in all walks of life. The latest donation to the Kennedy Center has seen the DeVos family provide $1 million to the new fund, which is the latest in a series of donations made to the center through their self-named family foundation.

DeVos has been a major backer of many philanthropic endeavors that are funded by the profits made by AmWay under his leadership. The arts are not the only area of the charitable work of the DeVos family that has also included a major investment made in the health of young people and adults. DeVos also gives to many religious foundations as he is a man of faith. Though he is a businessman by trade, his primary focus in his philanthropy is giving to educational purposes. He has even founded the West Michigan Aviation Academy for high school students that want to learn about aviation, but don’t have the funds to do so themselves.

Dick DeVos was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and has made sure the people of this area benefit from the success of the AmWay group he provided the company with before he left to pursue his own business. He consistently gives speeches to educate local business owners about successful tactics to employ and uses his personal social media to encourage members of his local community in their business endeavors and personal efforts. He is also quick to give credit where it is due and is publicly grateful in a humble manner about all he has accomplished and been given.

I am incredibly grateful to my parents for initiating and encouraging by example the tradition of philanthropy within our family. We are happy to be a part of this great community!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Monday, January 4, 2016

The Orlando Magic NBA franchise owner has made sure a number of charter schools and educational programs are in place within Michigan to assist those within the region in making the most of their future. Watch the video below to see some of the grateful people whose lives he has affected with his generosity.


Profiling Future Business Leader Jon Urbana

He is an important figure in the country’s growth and sustainable development, and we’ve decided to profile him today. Jon Urbana is an experienced entrepreneur and also a business manager. In his entire career, Urbana has achieved so much to Denver success. Jon was born on November 15th, 1982.

Urbana’s business ventures

Jon has been involved with commercial enterprises for more than ten years now. Urbana is a professional investor, a video writer and editor, and a businessperson. He has managed to start many businesses such as Lacrosse Camps that function for the benefits of Denver people. He set up the camps at Colorado area. The camps provide education training backgrounds to the youth of Lacrosse.

He currently serves as the Executive Officer of Ellipse Technologies under the business development department.

Jon Urbana Aviation career

Jon Urbana also serves as a qualified pilot being certified by the Federal Aviation Administration. He also runs charitable works to help local organizations that work for the social wellbeing of the people. He managed to pass the FAA standards interview. He was added to the Airmen Certification Database by the administration, with a copy of the certificate posted to his website.

The Federal Aviation Administration imposes special regulations for one to qualify as a pilot. The body primary focus remains to be the protection of passengers’ safety.

Holders of student pilot certification face restriction from FAA from flying at night or carrying more than one passenger.

Urbana hit the limelight after the recognition to be included in the Federal Aviation Administration Airmen Database.

Jon Urbana’s photography

Jon Urbana has a Flickr page where he got more than 1,776 people following him. He has a total of 822 posts and 329 followers. Urbana likes posting funny pictures on his blog. For instance, he recently posted a flower that looks like a bird. He also likes posting pets photos. On 3rd December 2015, Urbana posted a beautiful picture of grapefruit salad platter.

In conclusion, based on his Twitter posts, Jon Urbana has made life changes and developments to many people in Denver. He has also widely promoted and supported the lacrosse team at Villanova since his graduation.

Kenneth Griffin Is Living His Dream

Ken Griffin on valuewalk is the founder and CEO of Citadel LLC, a hedge fund that is based in Chicago. The firm has acquired more than $26 billion of investment capital. They have designed strategies that cover fixed incomes, commodities, equities, quantitative strategies and credit. The Citadel hedge fund is the second largest multi strategic alternative investment firm in the world. The firms’ financial sensors’ for investments are wide and long, and they reach into managing the assets of university endowments, pensions and sovereign wealth funds. Their offices are located in London, UK, Central, Hong Kong, Shenzen and Shanghai, China, Dallas and Houston, Texas, Denver, CO, Toronto Canada, and San Francisco CA and Boston MA.

Citadel Securities were launched in 2002, and this sector makes the trade executions for the institutions and the retail markets. The company charges you less so you can get more for your money, are the reason for using an automated system. The spreads are tighter and the cost of the trade is lower, because the information is obtained quickly.

The state-of-the-art tech, accompanied by thorough research, and a strong risk management team, results in successful ventures.

Citadel Technology is owned, operated and is an affiliate of Citadel. Its investment management technology was introduced in 2009 and is used by various funds and financial firms. The inventive imaginations at Citadel, designed and developed this technology. The company continued to strengthen their investment capabilities.

In 2013, Citadel Technology announced a partnership with REDI, a high speed trading platform.

Citadels Order Management System coupled with a REDI’s trading platform, will increase the number of investments to become limitless and at the company and clients’ fingertips. This is an ingenious coupling that will cross all the time zones, manages the risk during the life cycle of the trades, and access to more than 150 execution brokers across the globe. These systems can collect information for equity, index, spreads and what options are available on futures.

In 2014, the Chinese investors were allowed to invest in an overseas hedge fund due to a yuan fund-raising event as part of a program that Citadel developed.

Ken Griffin earned his degree in economics from Harvard University in 1989. The $265,000 he raised from friends and family, enabled him to start his entrepreneur career in trading in 1987.

Immersing himself in the trading business, he was hired by Glenwood Partners, which was another hedge fund that was based in Chicago.

The Citadel firm believes in helping the community. The company gives contributions to the Greater Chicago Food Depository, and lends their help to children and families with severe medical needs. The National Museum of Mathematics is one of Citadels’ partners, and the museum has developed a program to support math and science students from low income communities, tutor, and prepare them to enter universities and the business world.

Kenneth Griffin Helps Citadel LLC To Succeed

Citadel LLC is a globally known company that has been doing amazing things because of the dedication of those who are working for it. It is thanks to the way that those who are behind it have put their all into it that it has succeeded the way that it has, and those who depend on it to help them with their money can be grateful to the one who have worked hard to make it as great as it has become.
There aren’t too many companies that have succeeded as greatly as Citadel LLC has, and it is always a good thing to see a company start off with such ambition and become something so powerful. Citadel LLC was a company that had goals in mind when it first came to be, and it has seen those goals come to life through the years. Those who depend on Citadel LLC for all of their financial help can be grateful for that.
One man who has been behind Citadel LLC’s success is Ken Griffin. He’s someone who would never stop at anything less than success. He wanted perfection for the company, so he did all that he could to make it into something that closely resembles that. He wanted it to be something that people would trust, and so he did all that he could to make that happen, as well. He is a man who knows that it takes a lot of work to get places in life, but who is willing to give his all to getting to where he wants to be. He is a man who cares greatly about the work that he is doing and the life that he is living, and that is why he has been so valuable to Citadel LLC.
Beyond being a great worker for this company Kenneth Griffin has also been a good example in other things. He has donated much money to charity because he cares about the needs of others, and that is something that is always good to see in businessmen. He has a heart for those who are trying to get the kind of education that he was able to receive from Harvard College and he has donated a large sum to the college to help them to receive it. He is a man with heart, and that just might matter more than anything else.
So, Citadel LLC is able to do well because of the way that their employees work. It is because of ambition and smarts that the company has been able to have so much success.