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TigerSwan: A Security Company

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Located in North Carolina, TigerSwan features a special-ops training facility which features anything from a hostage rescue mission simulator, to a shooting practice range which spans 800 meters and it involves training with live ammunition. The special vehicle used in the simulated training missions is a full-SUV Chevrolet Suburban or a Tahoe with 355 horsepower used to drive in even the most brutal terrain. The vehicle is the favorite choice for a special ops team as it can be used even in the most harsh weather conditions in order to ensure safety for any communities. The company, TigerSwan, was involved in many missions in Iraq and in Latin America. The special-ops trainees rely on the Tahoe or Suburban in helping them get from one place to another in a matter of minutes or seconds. Many employees of the security company have praised the Chevy for it’s ability in getting them out of dangerous situations, even during enemy ambushes in Iraq. Including James Reese, who is the current CEO of the company.

James Reese served as a member of the U.S Army for over 25 years, and he ended up retiring as a Lt. Colonel. Despite retiring from the military, he is currently active in helping expand the company worldwide. The achievement that the company has accomplished is simply mind-blowing as it spans today across 5 continents and 47 countries, including having more than 300 employees. This makes James Reese one of the best army colonels in recent years as an example of his amazing leadership in helping maintaining stability. TigerSwan nowadays allows many people to get job opportunities for anyone who has a desire to serve their own country. James Reese’s legacy will be highlighted with his ability to expand the company to serve the world and prevent any dangerous situations.

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Sujit Choudhry Edits a Compelling Collection of Essays that Tackle Constitutional Concerns

Sujit Choudhry, an esteemed professor of various law schools in North America and the Director of the Center for Constitutional Transformations that is known for sharing and supporting constitutional design, is now being credited for editing the newly released compelling collection of essays called the “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions”. This reading material documents in great detail the broad range of challenges that territorial disputes pose to the processes of making and designing constitutional laws. This is especially important to countries that are in conflict like Myanmar, Libya and Yemen. 

Professor Sujit Choudhry notes that the book contains seventeen case studies of various countries around the globe, which are in the process of undertaking constitutional engagement in various types of context. These scenarios encompass countries that are bi-communal, smaller distinctive territories, highly diversified countries that have numerous politically prominent regions, and countries that value territorial politics but it remains secondary to other more pressing needs. The book draws its examples from these various countries: Cyprus, Iraq, Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria, Spain, Sri Lanka, Ukraine and more.

This collection of essays curated and edited by Sujit Choudhry offers policy recommendations that is based on a realistic view of the complex territorial considerations and political climates of each country. This volume possesses a concluding chapter the synthesizes all the comparative data from the various case analysis. The findings and conclusions were related to current existing research to optimize the results; thus, making this book an essential read for scholars, government officials, students, and the general public who wants to be well-versed in the constitution.

Sujit Choudhry is the perfect editor of this book, with his expansive knowledge about the subject that stems from his decades of working on this topic. This is also well supported by his impressive academic education, with his degrees coming from the prestigious universities of Oxford, Toronto, and Harvard. He has also served as the Law Clerk to Chief Justice Antonio Lamer of the Supreme Court of Canada. Right now, Sujit Choudhry is also a contributing constitutional law professor at the University of Toronto, NYU, and UC Berkeley.

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Ryan Seacrest: Laying Down The Foundation of Success

Ryan Seacrest is today considered to be one of the most recognizable faces on American television.Seacrest’s countless hours of perfecting his craft through a wide variety of radio and television gigs have provided him with a plethora of exposure and experience, enough for multiple lifetimes. We were first introduced to Ryan as an American Idol host in the early 2000s when he the show would become the most successful singing competition on television.

After his time with American Idol was done, Seacrest would then go on to seek various projects as an executive producer. Even behind the camera, he would excel; creating hit reality TV shows such as “Keeping up with the Kardashians.” Even after his incredible and successful stint as a TV host and executive producer, Ryan Seacrest still wanted to do more. In 2014, Ryan’s entrepreneurial side would be on full display as he would go on to introduce “Ryan Seacrest Distinction,” a tailored-made men’s clothing and accessories brand that would be exclusively sold at Macy’s stores across the globe.

Ryan Seacrest Distinction has not only sold well, but it has also, in fact, become Macy’s most successful brand launches in decades. In addition to Distinction, Ryan Seacrest sought out to partner with his longtime skin doctor, Dr.Lancer to form and distribute Polished by Dr. Lancer. It is a known fact that Ryan has suffered from acne for many years, Polished, a skin care product that was formulated by Dr.Lancer is his way of being able to contribute back to those with similar problems that he had to go through (Onairwithryan).

Today, Seacrest can be found commuting from the West Coast where he hosts L.A’s number one syndicated radio show On Air with Ryan to the East coast where he is now the newest host of Live with Kelly and Ryan. Even with all this going on, Ryan Seacrest still manages to give back to the community through his charitable foundation, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. The foundation works to create what Ryan calls media centers across multiple medical facilities. They serve to not only provide a place of fun activity for the patients but a location where students from local schools can come and experience first hand the inner workings of broadcasting.

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Groupon Founder Eric Lefkofsky Sets His Sights on Cancer Treatment

At age 47, Eric Lefkofsky wasn’t looking to build a new startup and take it all the way through the IPO process. One of Chicago’s most-successful startup founders, Lefkofsky has already founded InnerWorkings, Echo Global Logistics, and local marketing giant Groupon. But when his wife Elizabeth was diagnosed with breast cancer, his exposure to the healthcare system for cancer patients inspired him to create Tempus, a medical start-up with the goal of disrupting cancer treatment and outdated health technology models.

Lefkofsky is betting his own money on the self-funded startup. He told ChicagoInno that Tempus has a huge opportunity success because it was born out of a “problem that needed a solution.” Going to medical appointments with his wife Elizabeth, Lefkofsky was stunned to realize that the technology doctors were using to determine how to treat her cancer was much inferior to technology his company Echo Global Logistics had developed to help truck drivers.

How was it possible, Lefkofsky wondered, that truck drivers had better technology than physicians who were charged with saving a cancer patient’s life?

Eric Lefkofsky and his business partner Brad Keywell, who is CEO of predictive analytics startup Uptake, envisioned a way that genomic sequencing data and machine learning could work together to give doctors a better picture of the information they needed to make the best treatment plans for cancer patients with . After 18 months, Tempus has partnered with approximately a dozen leading organizations in cancer treatment, including the University of Chicago, Northwestern, and the Mayo Clinic. Physicians at the clinics can refer a cancer patient to Tempus. The patients will have their genomic data sequenced at Tempus’ lab. The data is then paired with clinical treatment information and historical data and returned to the referring physician, who also receives access to Tempus’ operating system.

Tempus is “the most meaningful in every metric,” Lefkofsky told ChicagoInno editor Jim Dallke. The company has the opportunity to be bigger than any of Lefkofsky’s other startups which have successfully disrupted their sectors, like Groupon with local commerce and InnerWorkings with marketing.

Kim Dao’s BTS fashion that won’t go out of style

In this style inspired video, Kim Dao, a beauty and fashion YouTuber who possesses over 327,000 subscribers, gives viewers a fashion show of suggestions of what to wear when going back to school. With this school year ending and warmer weather upon us, these outfits may just be appropriate for casual summer and spring attire.


The first outfit Kim Dao presents to viewers is a white off the shoulder blouse with subtle grey stripes with faded blue denim ‘jeggings’ and white sneakers to match her top. The jeans are appropriately high waisted, her blouse is conveniently tucked into the denim showcasing the front stitching. Kim Dao displays her accessories first; showing a Swarovski pendant necklace.


Kim Dao’s second outfit she displays to her 58,000 viewers is an all light colored lace-y almost conservative outfit. Kim Dao’s top is a see through lace buttoned up collared blouse from Liz Lisa. She also accessorizes yet again with a charming black sunglasses headband. Dao’s skirt is a high waisted pencil skirt in the shade pale dogwood from H&M. It includes a pop of color from the gold shaded buttons exposed up front.


Next, Dao lays out another lightly inspired look. She wear a soft pink cap backwards, reminding viewers this is in fact a back to school video by bringing back style that was celebrated in the 1980s. Her blouse is very similar to the top shown in the first outfit, but not the same. This one is powder white but still lingers the off the shoulder collar and raised sleeves. She wears yet another light pink bottom — a fringed skort with a white inlay underneath the skirt section.


The next ensemble is a bit more neutral. Dao’s top is a deceptive white Harvard Law shirt (underneath it reads ‘Just Kidding’). Again, high waisted denim shorts, this time much darker and slightly faded. Interestingly enough this outfit has no accessories.


Dao’s last unfolding is another lightly neutral concoction. She wears a shaded pink outer jacket with raised sleeves button up, and large pockets on either sides. Her white shirt is a slight low cut plain top. She wears a pair of light faded hot shorts that she tucks her H&M top into.


Dick DeVos Continues Charitable Giving To The Kennedy Center

The Kennedy Center for the Arts has been a major source of education and support for many years, but still relies upon the charitable donations of supporters  and philanthropists like the DeVos family for its running and expansion plans. A large expansion plan has been in the works since 2013 when a major plan was developed for developing a new riverfront pavilion that will be linked to the center by a brand new walkway. The plan initially called for a $125 million fund to be created from donations to pay for the expansion plan; the success of the fund has seen $135 million donated by supporters and the plan to be expanded to higher levels. Read more about the plans for the Center here:

One of those who has continued to support the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts is Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy. Along with his wife, Dick has developed a series of foundations and charitable giving opportunities based upon the need to assist the arts and other areas of life that are popular with people in all walks of life. The latest donation to the Kennedy Center has seen the DeVos family provide $1 million to the new fund, which is the latest in a series of donations made to the center through their self-named family foundation.

DeVos has been a major backer of many philanthropic endeavors that are funded by the profits made by AmWay under his leadership. The arts are not the only area of the charitable work of the DeVos family that has also included a major investment made in the health of young people and adults. DeVos also gives to many religious foundations as he is a man of faith. Though he is a businessman by trade, his primary focus in his philanthropy is giving to educational purposes. He has even founded the West Michigan Aviation Academy for high school students that want to learn about aviation, but don’t have the funds to do so themselves.

Dick DeVos was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and has made sure the people of this area benefit from the success of the AmWay group he provided the company with before he left to pursue his own business. He consistently gives speeches to educate local business owners about successful tactics to employ and uses his personal social media to encourage members of his local community in their business endeavors and personal efforts. He is also quick to give credit where it is due and is publicly grateful in a humble manner about all he has accomplished and been given.

I am incredibly grateful to my parents for initiating and encouraging by example the tradition of philanthropy within our family. We are happy to be a part of this great community!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Monday, January 4, 2016

The Orlando Magic NBA franchise owner has made sure a number of charter schools and educational programs are in place within Michigan to assist those within the region in making the most of their future. Watch the video below to see some of the grateful people whose lives he has affected with his generosity.


Airman, Photographer, Lacrosse Coach – Jon Urbana’s Life

People are looking to do more and more activities and live a fuller life than ever before with the ability to embark on a much more varied lifestyle thanks to the Internet and technology. Urbana is an active participant on Facebook and blogs like Tumblr where he spends a large amount of his time publishing and uploading his own artistic work. Music and photography play an important part in the leisure time of the man who acts as the lacrosse coach for his own camps each summer and still finds the time to remain one of the best qualified pilots in the world.

Jon Urbana has spent the majority of his life dedicating his time to his business and sporting interests, but has also been rewarded with a place on the list of the world’s best qualified pilots. The FAA publishes a database of pilots who have the skills, education, training, and good health to work as respected pilots in commercial work. Urbana is one of the latest entrants onto the database, which is generally reserved for commercial pilots with many years of service.

Alongside his abilities as a pilot, the founder of Next Level Lacrosse is also a dedicated photographer who excels in producing images based on nature and still life.

The influences in the life of Jon Urbana are many and varied, including a number of photography and musical experts who are detailed on his many social media accounts. Music is now playing an even greater role in the life of Jon Urbana than ever before, which is shown in the work he has uploaded for public consumption. Urbana has extended his musical talents beyond the guitar he has played for many years to include electronic music that has developed his largest following.

What You Can Learn About Success From Ken Griffin

This is something that has been overlooked in many ways and people should come to terms with facts that can help them run successful ventures. As much as everyone wants to run a successful business, the search for invaluable information has been rife and different people have been able to set up strong businesses. Achieving success is something that may not come overnight and this is something Ken Griffin has clearly emphasized. It takes dedication and time to ensure one gets the right results. The learning process is also endless and each day one needs to adjust to fit with the needs of the market. Ken Griffin is a well trained professional and CEO of Citadel who has maintained his influence in the business world. His decisions and guidelines have been instrumental in offering different solutions for business stability and success. Ken Griffin is a great scholar and a graduate of economics, something that has placed him among well established professionals who are dedicated to offering the best to their clients. He has helped many young entrepreneurs to get facts about the market and to match up with the ever increasing rate of competition. He has been an active participant in different forums that have helped to address business challenges and his input has been noted by many and appreciated. Among things that have contributed to the success of Ken Griffin is research and constant zeal for learning new concepts. From the time he joined school; he has been inquisitive and sought to find the reason for certain behaviors of the market.  Ken Griffin spent much time reading about successful entrepreneurs and upcoming businesses. He gave much emphasis on information that touched on market changes and how one could adjust to ensure a business does not lose due to changes. After he completed high school successfully, Ken Griffin joined the Harvard University, where he would open up his dream and explore different business options. He took this as a prime chance that would help him understand about different strategies that are relevant to the business world, and which could help make life more interesting. In his pursuit for knowledge, he came across an article in the Forbes Magazine, which sought to address different questions young entrepreneurs want addressed. He realized that most of the issues addressed therein were relevant to the kind of business he wanted to start. This offered him motivation to launch his first hedge fund investment, which was funded by classmates through sale of shares. Having received some experience in the business world, Ken Griffin was able to get the strength to face a bigger market. When he graduated, he proceeded to nurture his dream and established Citadel, the most reliable hedge fund that has been awarded severally for the great service and management they have managed to offer.