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Corporate Giving, From Stream

A large number of Americans experienced a major loss with the occurrence of the Hurricane Harvey flooding their residential homes, neighborhoods and the firms they worked in destroyed. Pets were lost to the 56-inch rain. Stream Energy, a firm based in Dallas, made use of its monetary earnings obtained through successful sale of energy business transactions, to help those affected by the Hurricane Harvey.

Corporate philanthropy is a portion of Stream’s DNA. Stream Energy is an energy-based company that performs its business operations through direct selling. Recently, Stream launched Stream Cares, a charity foundation that creates awareness on its formality in philanthropy around the state of Texas and across the country. This exercise has been a culture in the company for over twelve years.

Setting an example on behalf of Dallas based corporations, Stream Energy showed their balance between the brands philanthropic work and its charity to the Hurricane Harvey victims. Their support showed that their contribution to help those affected by the Hurricane Harvey was more than just monetary donations. A business firm coming up with a different philanthropic concept benefits a lot from the phenomenon. For instance, the firm gets an opportunity to give back to its community while still being respected and earning loyalty from the public as well as interested clients.

The act of corporate giving is characterized as profiled and publicized to a greater extent. It steps in as a buffer in the event of scandals, layoffs and a decrease in profits. From a statistical point of view, America as a corporation is widely generous. Nineteen billion worth donations were made in 2016 by businesses through several charities in America as well as outside nations. These donations are exclusive of sponsorship from corporations, employee donations in terms of effort, money and time, and cause marketing.

Stream Energy has its own business model which works in a simple way. Associates of Stream Energy are paid to create a network of clients who are loyal, and make a delivery of services and products through direct selling ranging from mobile device plans to energy at a fixed rate.

Giving Back in a Big Way: Greg Secker.

Greg Secker was born in the United Kingdom. He is an entrepreneur, speaker, and philanthropist. While he was in college he studied agricultural and food sciences. He then found his calling with learning how to trade in the Forex market. He also studied the American markets for a few years and really honed his craft. He now runs his own business out of his own home and gives back in a big way.

Greg created his own foundation in order to help people around the globe. The main purpose of the foundation is to teach people life skills and give them the education that they need in order to succeed in their chosen profession. The foundation also helps those who have been afflicted by natural disasters and are trying to rebuild their lives. In an interview with Ideanmensch, Greg talks about the future and what he would do. if he had to begin all over again.

One thing that Greg Secker would do differently if he had to start again would be to appreciate the journey that he is going on. He feels that he been rushing around during his life and not taking things in. He tells the story of climbing a pole and jumping off of the top. He was in such a rush to get it over with that he didn’t take the time to enjoy the view he had. Another thing that really excites Greg is the transfer of power from TV moguls to the people. People are willing to pick their own things instead of being told what to pick from television commercials. He thinks that technology is giving people the power to decide for themselves. The latest technology is allowing people to choose what they like best instead of companies endlessly throwing ads at consumers.

Giving back is one of the best things that Greg Secker can do. He teaches people how to live better lives and makes the trading markets understandable for the average person. Seeing people make the most out of opportunities that Greg Secker has given them is his greatest achievement