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End Citizens United Amends The Broken Political System

End Citizens United is a collection of persons who are tired of the political system, and they are looking forward to adopting change on how politician’s bids are financed so that they end up being elected to Congress. It is quite clear that Russian corporations interfered in the elections that led to the success of Donald Trump. As much as there are efforts to throw the facts under the bus, companies associated with Kremlin invested in Facebook advertisements that were meant to steer the presidential elections in a particular direction.

The United States laws prohibit foreign governments from interfering with the financing of political groups. However, corporations in Russia managed to subvert the law and undertake illegal activities within a country that is considered to be a super-power. The mess was created when Super Political Action Committees were allowed to invest in the political system. The decision created loopholes within the law, thereby allowing the interference of the campaign process by different countries.

The action by Russian corporations interferes with the will of the American population. Worst of all, it paints the political system as being broken since each democratic nation should be respected, but such is not the case for the United States of America. End Citizens United is a Political Action Committee that is irked by the failure of Congress to successfully implement measures that will help to revert the situation. Republicans are at the helm of advocating the use of Big money in the campaign system.

Corporates are the most significant beneficiaries of investing in the campaign system of a country as they can influence the political decisions that will be made by the elect. As a result, such undertakings paint the entire political structure as being entirely rigged. The law is messed up, and the fact that a company can inject more than $10 million into another country in a manner that is not directed to help the whole nation, implies that steps need to be taken to correct the mistakes that were made by the court.

The Russian company interference is not the first, nor is it expected to be the last. Another Chinese corporation managed to spend over $1.3 million, which it donated to a super PAC in 2016. Additionally, a Mexican billionaire successfully invested his money in a Super PAC by making it appear as if it came from another organization. These are just a few of the donations made to Super PAC’s.

Many other contributions have been made, and they have been done in a manner that is completely untraceable. Implementation of the DISCLOSE Act as advocated by End Citizens United will ensure that the donation of finance by Super PAC’s is brought to an end, thereby sanitizing the entire country.

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