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Barbara Stokes And Her Woman-Owned GSH

Barbara Stokes started her woman-owned business at Green Structure Homes to help people change their lives through her building principles. She wants to reach out to all the places where people have been put out of their homes, and she wants these people in homes where they can recover. She has advice for anyone who would like to start a business as a woman, take charge of their life, and get the benefits of running a business like this. Visit PRNewswire to know more about Barbara.

1. Her Principles

Barbara Stokes runs a woman-owned business, and she has tried to show people that there are many government programs for people just like her. She wants her company to have all the support that it can get, and she continues to look for new ways for her company to grow. The company gets new tax breaks and funding options because she has a woman-centric company, and this could help other women start a business. Read more about Barbara Stokes at Chronicle of the Week.

2. Conclusion

Barbara Stokes is a great executive who is trying to make it possible for people to recover from natural disasters. She has other interests that make her company more diverse, and she is partnering with FEMA to make as many new homes as possible.