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Doe Deere of Lime Crime Featured in Inspirey

Doe Deere and Lime Crime were both recently featured in Inspirey where she discussed how Lime Crime became such a success. She also shared advice for others as well as a brief recap of how Lime Crime came into existence. According to Doe Deere, Lime Crime started out as a clothing line. She has always designed and sewed her own clothes since she was a little girl. She wanted a career designing clothing and was studying at the time she founded Lime Crime to become a fashion designer.


However, after doing some soul searching she realized that her true path was in cosmetic design. As she states, it was the pot of gold at the end of her career’s rainbow. Doe worked extremely hard to get Lime Crime off the ground. She left the fashion institute she was studying at to get the business rolling. She also changed the Lime Crime domain to highlight her beauty products. The company originally launched in 2008 as a simple eBay web store. Within one year, Lime Crime had gained a wealth of followers and shortly after that the company was profitable.


Doe Deere then moved the company to a professional web store. She grew her fan base through a series of web videos she created. In the web videos she provided tips and tricks to do makeup professionally. As I mentioned, Doe Deere has always been an incredible makeup stylist and the videos garnered a great deal of traction and customers. The company quickly grew and currently has over three million Instagram followers.


The brand continued to grow and relied heavily on social media to grow the brand. Lime Crime is famous for sharing its follower’s submitted content. For example, the company reposts photos of its followers that they share wearing the actual Lime Crime products using a specific hashtag. The website also has an entire portion dedicated to real user’s submitted photos of themselves rocking Lime Crime makeup.


The article also highlighted what made Lime Crime such a success. She shared that her main piece of advice would be to stick to your company’s original brand mission. Lime Crime has always had a main company mission. That mission was to realize that beauty should make you feel awesome. Her other focus is to help women everywhere to express themselves and their personal style. It is for that reason that she has a line of colors that vary so wildly. Her lipsticks come in everything from a traditional light pink to rich blues and deep reds. She created Lime Crime because she was unable to find the bright, bold colors that she wanted. She also wanted her makeup to be free of any cruelty to animals and vegan friendly.


Lime Crime has become a global success and continues to grow daily. Doe Deere has become an icon for women everywhere to be able and empowered to express themselves through the power of creating their own personal style utilizing beauty products. Her motto is that if her team isn’t crazy about it, they won’t bother making it. Learn more:


Doe Deere: A Leading Force in the Unique Makeup World

Doe Deere is the creator behind Lime Crime, a beauty supply that focuses on the unique items that people can use to express their true self. The Lime Crime makeup brand is one that has grown exponentially in the past few years, with many finding makeup colors that are not your typical shades of browns, blacks or pinks. Lime Crime was actually launched in 2008, however, the name “limecrime” was registered on eBay in 2004 as a DIY fashion line.

Deere started the line simply because she was inspired and also felt the need to provide unique colors to the public, colors that she herself wanted to wear. Deere was born in Russia, but grew up in New York City which helped to fuel her love of makeup, sewing and other beauty related hobbies. She turned these hobbies into a hugely popular makeup line that is cruelty free, and allows a person to make their own taste individualized.

Doe Deere has several fond memories that are centered around makeup, however, her first real memory of this is at a slumber party at the age of nine. Her and her friends made their faces to look dark and mysterious to match their clothing options, which were all an effort to conjure “spirits”. Deere remembers the event fondly, stating that her friends may have thought she was crazy, but the makeup just made this that more memorable.

Due to her success, Deere is one of those women in the market who has been named to the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made magazine. It is from this role that Deere hopes she can be an inspiration to other young women out there, just as she herself was inspired to think big. Deere’s brand is based on the Internet, and this is one aspect that has helped Lime Crime to become a brand that listen to their customers. As Deere pointed out, being internet based means having instant feedback on products. And since the desire of Lime Crime is to provide products that consumers want, this allows the company to do this with ease. It is clear to see that Deere is one of those women to watch, as her ethics, desire to give the consumer market what they want, along with the way her business is ran is going to keep turning heads.

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Remaining Fresh and True

It often can be hard to part with cosmetics that you have kept in your purse for a long time. Certain pieces can hold attachments to certain memories like a peach lip gloss for summer walks along the pier, long black lashes looking up demurely from a glass of wine, green neon nails that you couldn’t wait to take to the amusement park. Sooner or later however this attachment must end you must move on and toss out old cosmetics, even try different brands.

By trying to keep a relationship going with old cosmetics you are bringing bacteria to skin, lips and eyes (this also runs the risk of acquiring pink eye). Most cosmetics lack an expiration label so here is a general guide to use to give you an idea of when to throw out cosmetics and exchange them an up-to-date group. While you are at it, consider that your look a bit and perhaps change to a brand that doesn’t experiment on animals.

Liquid foundation should be immediately tossed out if its texture or smell changes, but usually it should last one year. Since mascara and liquid eyeliner are placed so near the eyes, replacement should be about every six months. You might want to strike up a new friendship with Lime Crime’s selection of liquid eyeliners in innovative colors like Reason and Blue Milk (Lime Crime only makes cosmetics that are cruelty free and vegan). Swap lip gloss for a fresh tube yearly and if summer nears its close; opt for a darker shade.

Some feel that nail polish can last for years and years, however it really only retains its quality for about two years, then its texture surely changes. Lime Crime offers a stunning Peaches and Cream, Parfait Day and more colors to give you a carnival-ice cream shop feeling! They go on smooth, colors are true to photo, they work for males and females of a variety of ethnicities and packaging is pink and adorable.

Lime Crime founder was established by singer, designer and now business executive Doe Deere after discovering there were no cosmetics that allowed one to express their own style. As a small child, she immigrated to New York City with her parents from Russia. After singing with the band Sky Salt, Ms. Deere realized her passion for innovative cosmetics was not something she could ignore so she went to work on creating the beauty products of her dreams, filled with practically every color of the rainbow. Deere was concerned that Lime Crime focused on fanciful colors yet remained cruelty-free which is also something that she was passionate about. Plus she wanted women and men to become excited about makeup when they were youngsters, as often as we age we grow bored with our beauty rituals.

By tossing out expired cosmetics and even trying some new brands, you will always feel fresh, a bit more up to date and you will not grow bored of your make-up routine!

The Beauty Of The Makeup Industry

Every woman loves makeup. They love how they look when they put makeup on. Makeup makes a woman feel beautiful and happy. There are different types of makeup brands, so figuring out what is the best can be difficult. Many of brands are categorized by quality, price, the maker behind the brand and the benefits. Many makeup products these days are backed by celebrities. This gives the makeup brands an advantage because many women find inspiration from certain celebrities. In addition to backing other brands, many celebrities have gone the extra mile and have made makeup lines of their own. The celebrity owned makeup brands have become very popular with young women wanting to look like their favorite musician or actress.

Doe Deere is a female entrepreneur that became a celebrity due to her makeup line Lime Crime Cosmetics. Lime Crime is a makeup line like no other. It is unique and it draws many young women due to the many interesting products available. Doe Deere started Lime Crime Cosmetics because she was looking for a certain type of makeup product and the brands available could not fulfill her needs. Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Cosmetics is filled with products that have interesting colors, glitter and products that are not tested on animals.

In the makeup world there are two types of makeup brands, high-end makeup and affordable makeup. High-end makeup is usually from expensive brands. The products from these brands are usually very good quality and they last longer than most. While high-end brands have great quality products, the affordable makeup brands have products that are good quality for a low price. Currently, many women have been venturing away from high-end and moving towards affordable because the quality is exceeding the price.

Independent makeup brands are creating their own lane in the beauty industry. Indie brands are makeup companies created by individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit. Many indie makeup brands create the makeup products themselves, using natural items. There is such a huge variety of makeup out there in the world that no one should ever get bored. Women have so many options and they have the resources and the ability to try anything they desire. Makeup allows any woman to be glamorous all in a couple of minutes. Simple products such as foundation, concealer and powder can tone the face, create angles and brighten the eyes.