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The Work of Richard Mishaan, Designer

The office of Richard Mishaan Design is a place of bold originality combined with a love of classical art and history. All of these elements work together to create some of Mishaan’s most beautiful interiors, which always combine a feeling of serenity with one of passionate creativity.

Originally from Colombia, the designer’s background in classical art is obvious in his work. His great feel for combining classical, antique pieces with modern art has earned him a nickname as a “mixmaster,” as he is truly a master of combining beautiful but disparate objects to creative a visually stunning whole.

Mishaan started his career working in the architectural offices of Philip Johnson in New York. From there, he launched himself, drawing on his knowledge of art, fashion and architecture to influence his work in creating beautiful interiors for his clients.

A Lab At Home

The designer’s home on 5th Avenue in New York, which overlooks Central Park, is a showplace in itself, and a bit of an experimental lab for Mishaan. It is there that he and his wife raised their children, all the while combining architectural and design styles that could work for his home as well as for his client base. By working and living in the styles he loves, he has gained an even greater understanding of what can work for his clients, and how he can work in a way that is ever more bold and beautiful.

There’s no doubt Mishaan is one of New York’s top designers. As he continues to explore the world of art and design, there’s no doubt he’ll continue to be a force to be reckoned with.