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Laerte Codonho Brings New Sodas to Brazil

The business industry is a tough world. An individual can not just walk on to the scene with a product idea. They have to demonstrate their full resolve behind the product, in addition to marketing it to the consumers. In the country of Brazil, the soda industry used to face heavily restrictions on what was allowed. However, this did not stop Laerte Codonho from trying to capitalize on the market (Noticiasr7). 

He worked hard behind the scenes to bring a domestic soda manufacturer to life. A recent Chronicle of the Week article describes each hurdle he faced along the way. The first hurdle for any business man is simply getting the business up and running. Brazil has had a long standing diet soda ban in effect due to potential health issues. Codonho had to first change the law if he was going to conqueror this market second. Dolly was formally founded in 1987, and he immediately got to work on experimenting with soft drinks. He wanted to present a case to the government that would be impossible to deny. 

This phase of the company was marked by its sharp rise in popularity, in addition to new unique products hitting stores. There was one product based on the guarana fruit that especially resonated with consumers. Laerte Codonho ultimately won the case and was allowed to begin selling diet sodas around Brazil. However, this presented major challenges. The first was getting the word out that his product was safe to consume.

Overcoming public backlash and hesitation is challenging for a business leader in any country. At the same, he had to fight off overseas competition like Coke-Cola. Laerte Codonho had to fight with full force to dominate the local market, and make Dolly a symbol of national pride. The country of Brazil has never been the same since Laerte Codonho stepped up the plate. He overhauled a piece of the economy so he could bring a new product to the people of the country. Laerte Codonho is a prime example how passion and drive can push your ideas to new horizons and beyond.

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