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Organic Pet Food Sales Surge

Over the past decade it has become increasingly apparent that the average person is far more health-conscious than ever before, particularly when it comes to the types of food that they buy and eat. Recently it has also become clear that the health trend is also spreading to pets.

The dog and pet food market is a large one, with around $24 billion in sales each year. Since 2009, the percentage of pet food that is considered a health or organic pet food has increased dramatically, up 45% in that time. In the next couple of years, it is expected that health and organic pet food will account for more than half of all pet food sales.

The types and range of pet food has also continued to increase. There are more speciality and organic varieties than ever before and many healthy pet food stores are opening up in strip malls across the country. Some of the more recent trends are refrigerated pet foods and those loaded with healthy proteins, including lamb, chicken, and salmon. The major pet food chain, Purina, is also expanding into the market with their purchase of the Merrick Pet Care brand, which was one of the first organic distributors of pet food and supplies.

For those that are looking for a healthy version of dog food for their pets, a great option would be to purchase some Beneful dog food, which is available in many different retail locations. Beneful is a product of Purinastore, one of the international leaders in dog food and pet food sales.

There are many different types of Beneful products available to consumers today. The most common type of pet food is the base dog food, which is ideal for dogs that are more than a year old. However, there are types of pet food that are available for puppies and even much older dogs. The product line also includes dry pet food, wet pet food, and some pet toys. Those that are looking for organic options will also have several Beneful brand choices to choose from.