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Rebel Wilson-Isn’t It Romantic

Most people know Rebel Wilson for her performances in Bridesmaid and Pitch Perfect. She has quite a body of work and has performed on television, many different films, and on stage. In Wilson’s newest film “Isn’t It Romantic” she plays Natalie, who is a woman that unwillingly becomes the lead actress in a Romantic Comedy that becomes her life.

As a little girl, Natalie used to sit at home and watch movies in awe of people’s lives that she was watching. Her mother was sitting on the couch one day while young Natalie was watching a movie, and her mother told her that movies are not real. After that comment from her mother, Natalie lost some of her sense of fantasy that often fills children’s minds. Read more: Isn’t It Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Rebel Wilson Reveals Character Isn’t Romantic Wears Clothes Fashion Line | Daily Mail

For the next many years, she gave up on her sense of amazement and lived a pretty serious life. Natalie works in an office as an Architect. There are even conversations with her coworkers about her lack of belief in a fairy tale perfect life or relationship. One day in the train station, Natalie is approached by a would-be attacker. She quickly turns around to run and knocks herself unconscious by running right into a nearby pole.

When she wakes up, she looks around and is surprised by how perfect and surreal things around her appear. Natalie’s apartment is even larger than it used to be, it is filled with all new items! Natalie is unaware of what exactly is happening and wonders if her injury is to blame for her new reality. Learn more about Rebel Wilson:

Natalie soon figures out that she is now a leading lady in her own life which has become a Romantic Comedy. She meets and falls for Blake, who is played by Liam Hemsworth. This movie is super funny with a mix of planned, improvised and physical comedy, and it reminds us not to take things too seriously.

Rebel Wilson was born and raised outside of Sydney, Australia. Her parents were dog trainers and breeders, and she was one of four children. She is self-described as very shy as a young child, and her mother wanted to put her into acting classes to see if that would help her with her shyness problem.

She attended an all-girls high school, and what she took away from this school was to look toward the future and that she could become whatever she wanted, she then attended Australian Theatre for Young People, and graduated from there in 2003.