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TJ Maloney: A Top-Notch Investment Expert

Thomas Jay Maloney, fondly known as TJ Maloney, is a top-notch, talented, and forward-thinking entrepreneur who has leveraged on his ingenuity in investment to become the Chief Executive Officer of the Lincolnshire Management. Lincolnshire Management is an individual equity firm that specializes in controlling investment in growing middle-market companies. The company prides itself on separating a collaborative approach to private equity investment and slowly on an extensive investment from a host of industries and many cycles.

TJ Maloney began working at the Lincolnshire Management in 1993. He later served in the position of the managing director before becoming the president as well as the Chief Executive Officer in 1998. He has played a vital role in becoming part of the Lincolnshire core financial transaction, which ranges from working with Component InterTechnologies Inc., PADI, Prince Sports, ., Kathryn Beich Cybernetics Corp., Credentials Services International, AMPORTS, and Transcraft Corp. Under the leadership of TJ Maloney, the company has registered a remarkable improvement over the past years. He has dedicated most of his time at the Lincolnshire centers in enhancing the operations of the company’s portfolio. His vast knowledge of the value of the operations expertise was obtained in nurturing the middle market companies in the early years of his career. He believes in collaboration as well as doing extensive research while carrying out an investment process.

Before joining the Lincolnshire Management, TJ Maloney was serving as the acting Chief Executive Officer at the credentials services international. He is a recognized lawyer who has practiced mergers and acquisitions as well as securities law based in New York for many years. Additionally, he was the chief operating officer of the TGB Corporations working as an inter dealer broker.

 He is currently serving on various boards, which includes the Board of Trustees of Boston College and a previous member of the Board of Trustees of Fordham University. TJ Maloney has been involved in extensive teaching in different universities, which consists of universities, including Columbia University.

 He went to Boston College to pursue his bachelor’s degree in 1975 as well as Fordham Law School attaining his J.D. In 1979. Besides, he received the Richard J. Bennett Memorial Award for his exemplary performance in the corporate world.

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Entrepreneur Nitin Khanna Discusses His Love For DJing

Many entrepreneurs have mentioned the importance of having work life balance. One hobby that is emerging as a popular choice for entrepreneurs to participate in is electric DJing. Nitin Khanna says that DJing allows him to express his passion for music.

DJ Kitten

Nitin Khanna’s professional stage name is DJ Kitten. Khanna has performed at live events all over the United States. Khanna says that he is a late bloomer in regards to enjoying electronic music. Khanna discovered electronic music through meeting with representatives at Burning Man. He releases shows to his Soundcloud every month so that people can easily listen to his music. While music is his passion, Nitin Khanna still finds time to run multiple multi-million dollar organizations.

Business Ventures

Recently, Nitin Khanna helped re-designed one of Portland’s historic attractions, seeking to create appealing night life entertainment. The building re-opened as the No Vacancy Club. Khanna says that No Vacancy was created to serve mature crowds. He envisioned live music becoming a centerpiece of the experience. Nitin Khanna says that No Vacancy gave him the opportunity to pursue his musical interests while also spending time with his friends.

Nitin Khanna hopes to be an example for both his employees and other entrepreneurs that people can find the time to enjoy their hobbies without negatively impacting their careers. Research has shown that many people experience burnout from working long hours at their jobs. Without having a way to reduce the stress and tension, people risk becoming mentally exhausted.

Why DJing Is Becoming Popular

Many entrepreneurs believe that DJing suits their fast paced lifestyles. They also enjoy the non demanding nature of the job. Disk jockeys can perform their jobs at a high level without using a lot of energy. Nitin Khanna says that there is also respect for the level of focus that it takes to complete a performance.

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Niranjan Shah: Globetrotter and Philanthropist

Niranjan Shah is the founder of Globetrotters International, Inc., an architecture and engineering firm based in Chicago, Illinois. Globetrotters also provide consulting services and construction management services. Niranjan Shah grew up in India, where there was no electricity and no running water. Despite this, Niranjan Shah earned his bachelor of engineering degree from a university in India. Niranjan Shah immigrated to the U.S. and earned a Master’s degree in civil engineering. After this, in 1972, Chicago became Niranjan Shah’s home where he later founded Globetrotters engineering Corporation and was its only employee.

Globetrotter engineering Corporation has since grown to over 200 employees and is a prominent engineering firm in the United States. Niranjan Shah earned professional licenses from Indiana, Kentucky, Wisconsin, and Illinois. He has since complemented engineering education with management training from Harvard Business School.

Niranjan Shah is involved in politics and philanthropy. His involvement in philanthropy is based on providing to those who are less fortunate than he. Niranjan Shah involves himself in giving to the community, both in the United States and India. He has been involved in several fundraising activities for the Democratic Party, including Hillary Clinton and Rahm Emanuel. In 1994, Bill Clinton appointed him to the Goldwater Foundation for Excellence in Technical Education. He was subsequently nominated by President Clinton to the Institute of Building Science.

Mr. Shaw has received awards for his philanthropic and civic contributions, with the awards being from the United States and India. These awards include the Ellis Island Medal of Honor and the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman award. The Indian president said Niranjan Shah has made India proud and increased Indian and American prestige throughout the world.

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Lincolnshire Management under the Visionary Leader TJ Maloney

TJ Maloney studied BA at Boston College and decided to pursue a J.D from the illustrious Fordham Law School. The skills prepare him for an industrious career that lay ahead of him. He acquired some experience in New York City by practicing law on securities, acquisition, and mergers. In 1993, TJ Maloney joined Lincolnshire, where he serves as both the CEO and chairman. His track record speaks for itself since he is well-versed in the investment realm. He has made the company more successful due to his strategic ways of acquiring firms and selling them.

Lincolnshire is notable due to its excellent reputation and the exemplary work it does. It invests on arrays of companies such as distribution, manufacturing and business services. With TJ Maloney as the top position, the Lincolnshire Management sold Amports Inc. to InstaAGF Asset Management. Additionally, it traded out Holley Performance to the Sentinel Capital Partners. Another remarkable sale is the Fabbric Group that was acquired by Argos Soditic. The company also has some vital firms in place such as Desch Plantpak, Allison Marine, Latite, Dalbo Holdings, Nursery Supplies, and True Temper Sports. Delloite validated Desch Plantpak as one of the most exceptional managed company in 2017 and 2018.

As part of his job, TJ Maloney commended the new staff that recently joined the company. He welcomed them with utter excitement and indicated that they were happy to have them on board. To top it up, the CEO stated that Lincolnshire had focused on recruiting new talents to increase the number of employees. The team would then strive tirelessly to bring new opportunities to the table for investment purposes. It shows that he is ready to nurture professionals to better people so that they can be the leading firm globally.

When TJ Maloney is not working, he spends time with his loving family. He also enjoys other activities, such as swimming, golfing, and reading. He also takes his family to vacations around the world to have quality time together. Thus, he can balance work and family time that is vital for any leader. Plus, he needs a break from the work environment to explore what nature has in store.

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Luke Lazarus on Assisting Firms to Gain a Proper Market Presence

Throughout the processes of advancement in the world, there are low chances of establishing new businesses and assisting them to develop prior to getting blown into smithereens by the hurricane waves released by the marketplace. In an estimate, approximately 90 percent of new startups fail in the first six years of the outset.

In a world where the growth of employment opportunities has vastly declined for decades, this is strange news. However, for individuals who follow news posted regarding business, there’s a major surprising trend appended in the dismal data.

Although most of the new businesses fail in the long run, there’s a minority of these startups that end up becoming successful. This is with the assistance of a golden touch from a mature business professional. There are people known as serial entrepreneurs. They are revered business owners who have mastered the value of being consistent in business.

The persistence is useful in helping businesses to become successful. It’s by knowledge and skill that these businesses have succeeded. Such individuals have chosen to assist emerging entrepreneurs and other business professionals to be successful. One such person is Luke Lazarus, who was born in Melbourne, Australia.

He first established his business at the age of 8. Over the years, he took up various entrepreneurial roles in the startup world. Lazarus was a standout student. In school, he scored an A and excelled in different scholastic sports. Luke Lazarus also proved his academic and business talents, thereby becoming a major prospect for a significant number of higher learning institutions. Read more: Luke Lazarus| Medium and Luke Lazarus Profile |

He made it to the Ivy League Group of Schools and took leadership roles in various sectors prior to joining the Melbourne Business School for an MBA. Although local, the institution was highly regarded. After graduating from college, Luke Lazarus spent a decade establishing four companies.

Each of the firms would be sold for significant sums of money. At 35, he was independent financially. He then started to work as a startup consultant. After a long search, he realized that he wasn’t driven by money anymore. Therefore, he was no longer keen on the amount he earned. He moved straight into the workforce and took up leadership roles as a financial consultant.

Luke Lazarus invested his funds into other business intending to develop elegant solutions based on their success. He, therefore, became a respected business professional as well as a consultant. Lazarus has supported more than ten startups in developing a viable business plan that leads to success.

He has also been helping them to analyze their reports and assess their success. Lazarus is focused on assisting such brands in delving into the launch of new products in the consumer market.

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How Luke Lazarus is Redefining Management in World of Start-ups

Did you know that nine out of ten business created today will not survive the next five years? This phenomenon is one of the most studied business realities by pundits and economic commentators.

However, Luke Lazarus has dedicated his time in assisting start-ups in creating better policies — and therefore be part of the successful 10%. Lazarus understands what it takes for a company to be successful and more importantly — what every start-up should avoid in formative years.

First, he is one of the few experts with extensive experience in this niche. In nearly four decades, Luke Lazarus has assisted companies in creating policies and therefore, safeguarding their future. He has also created four companies, which are all successful.

According to him, the experience he has gained through managing the four companies make him knowledgeable on the subject and more importantly, passionate about success in start-ups.

Second, he is a product of the best education system in the world. He was an A student, and various journals have contributed his success in education to his unmatched understanding of different market dynamics.

Luke Lazarus points out that his education background has assisted him in understanding market trends from a different perspective. His interpretation enables him to advise his clients on the best way to handle the company’s operations and more specifically, which policies to change in the implementation stage. Read more: Luke Lazarus| Medium and Luke Lazarus –

Thirdly, he is a believer in innovations, specifically innovations affecting the company’s relationship with clients. He is a believer in client-based policies, regardless of the company’s niche. Luke Lazarus understands that if clients are satisfied, they are more likely to continue transacting with the company. Lazarus points out that most start-ups fail to reach the five-year mark into existence because they fail to understand clients and more importantly, the current trend in their respective markets.

As a results-oriented professional, he believes that market plans and evaluations are critical to every business. Luke Lazarus is a believer that having a definite market plan is a game changer for any company.

The proposed plan should, however, accommodate the market realities, and more importantly, it should put the company on a competitive space. After some period, Lazarus believes that carrying out a market evaluation is critical. In this stage, the company should evaluate whether their plan worked and if not, the reason for program failure.

The Melbourne Business School graduate is also a believer in a motivated workforce. Luke Lazarus believes that the difference between brilliant policies and the company’s success is — an inspired workforce.

In the three decades Lazarus has been in business , he has been keen on working with self-motivated talents and more importantly, professionals that are motivated to create better environments in their respective departments. The two factors, according to him, should guide every company’s executive when hiring.

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Luke Lazarus Wants to Bring About Global Change

For as long as he has been involved in business, which, believe me, is a long time, Luke Lazarus has found himself focusing more on improving the state of his colleague’s careers than his own, but his reasons for doing this are quite schematic.

He wants people he works with to be able to deliver every possible skill that they will need for the future of their company. While he can always depend on himself to get things done a certain way, people are more of a variable to Luke Lazarus, and he does not want too many variables involved in his experiments. As the saying goes, if you want a job done right, you have to do it yourself.

As such, he always makes sure that the people he works with are fulfilling their careers to the best of their ability, and when they receive help from Lazarus, they find that they are able to get much more done in less time than it would have taken them prior. Read more: Luke Lazarus – and Luke Lazarus| Medium

This is one of the talents Luke Lazarus has that has aided greatly in his climb to the top of the world of business. He is capable of helping people find out the best of their characteristics, and once he does this, they become far more susceptible to improvement, which is something that he believes is necessary in the daily life of any businessperson.

If someone does not feel as though their skills are improving, they will not be compelled to put their best effort in. The issue with this is that there are often long periods of time where development slows to a crawl, but it simply must be reminded to those who witness this happen to their own growth that this is a temporary dilemma, and soon you will be faced with the rapid success that you have witnessed in the past.

Because of the state of the world Luke Lazarus has been faced with, he often has had to do extensive searches to find people truly qualified for the jobs he wants to offer.

While he has offered over a thousand jobs to people worldwide, these people took a long time to select, and they all possess talents entirely worthy of getting them to such a high position in business. It is important to him to do this because without a proper filtration system, you cannot possibly maintain your business to the best of your ability.

It is simply too limiting to have to deal with all the inconsistencies presented in everyday business life on your own. A system must be in place to keep those without passion away from businesses like Luke Lazarus’ that desire nothing less than a global change.

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Gustavo Martinez Finds Himself In An Exciting New Venture:

Using ones time wisely, knowing how to listen and understanding how to learn are three suggestions that Gustavo Martinez will testify are great ways to help an individual to find success in the world of advertising and marketing.

Though he has been in business for more than three decades, Gustavo Martinez still gets going early every day. After a bit of family time, the long day at the office begins. He generally makes it there by 9 am and often isn’t leaving the place behind until as late as 9 pm.

Gustavo Martinez suggests to young entrepreneurs that they need to learn how to listen to others but they also need to learn how to learn from others. There is always something that can be learned and keeping an open ear and open mind are critical elements to being able to constantly learn. These are principles that have served Gustavo Martinez well over the course of his long career in major positions within the advertising and marketing industry.

Gustavo Martinez is known as an individual with a wealth of different ideas. He is not someone that is afraid to take up a stance that is contrary to what many might believe.

He is particularly outspoken about his position on charity. Gustavo Martinez is a huge proponent of philanthropy and loves to give back, but he believes people should do it for the sake of charity and not more so for the sake of advertising. Though many disagree with him on this point, this is something that Gustavo strongly believes.

One piece of advice that Gustavo Martinez is noted for giving out is in regard to the topic of growing a business. He points out the fact that a huge difference maker for him has always been to make sure he is hiring the best possible candidates to fill positions that he has.

It is always worth it to invest in the best talent that you can find as it pays off greatly in the long run with helping your business to grow. Gustavo has utilized this particular principle to great effect in the businesses that he has built over the years. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Crunchbase

A major project that Gustavo Martinez is currently involved in is known as UV Business Acceleration. In this venture, he is trying to help startup companies to get past many of the pitfalls that they face in their early years.

The fact that as much as ninety percent of startups fail is enough to intimidate many aspiring entrepreneurs. This is why Gustavo is trying to help with this latest project. The extensive experience that Gustavo has been able to lend is making a big difference with the startups that he currently works with.

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